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  1. It will be interesting to see how often they run the Brockstar this upcoming year, and/or if they tweak it and expand on it. Whichever QB ends up being the starter will already be way more mobile and more of a running threat than Kett. Does the novelty and success of the Brockstar from last year wear off and be less successful this year as teams are prepared for it? Or will Danny come up with some new wrinkles with it and continue to use it and continue to be successful? Definitely need to get Boltmann some touches either way.
  2. https://herosports.com/fcs/football-2020-preseason-no-2-jmu-sdsu-uni-bzbz
  3. I see Montana just got a QB transfer from University of South Florida. No clue if the guy is any good or not, but sure wouldn't be bad if we were able to get some type of transfer. Our QB's have a total of roughly......3 quarters of collegiate game experience? I think they can be potentially be good, but we would probably be on the short list of teams with the least experience (or unproven and young) QB's in the FCS.
  4. Some love for Maag. Edit - not sure, maybe this was already posted and I forgot lol. https://herosports.com/fcs/football-2020-countdown-best-players-und-garett-maag-bzbz
  5. Any news on how Weah's spring semester went and/or if he will likely be eligible? Not sure if it helped or hurt having things go all online mid semester.
  6. Skokna and Mitchell seem to be somewhat similar backs as McKinney, as in they are all smaller and pretty quick. I think Cam might be the fastest of them though, but having Skokna and Mitchell certainly dampens the impact of McKinney leaving. That said, I don't know why Danny didn't use him on the sweep last year. I'm not sure if he even got the ball once on a sweep, he probably did I just don't remember, but it was few and far between. That was one of the few things Rudy did right....was give it to Cam on the sweep. It seemed like easy money, I don't know why Danny didn't use him like that, truly mind baffling. I think McKinney had the talent to get the ball more than he did (certainly not the 20-25 times a game), I'm not too surprised by him looking to go somewhere he gets the ball more. They way things were going for him, he probably saw himself getting 5 our less touches each game going forward and wanted to be more involved. Good luck to him.
  7. https://herosports.com/fcs/football-2020-team-wins-2010s-bzbz It's a new decade, would like to see us in the top 10 here for the 2020's, top 20 minimum.
  8. Watched the first half of his hudl tape.....looks like he has some nasty in him.....and thoroughly enjoys getting the opposing defenders on their back, love it.
  9. No Thanks, I mean it probably wouldn't be as bad or hard on the eyes as EWU's red field, but let's just stick to green. I don't like the blue, red or whatever color fields there may be.....just harder to watch games on those fields. Maybe you get used to it, I mean maybe EWU's fans are so used to it that it doesn't seem ugly or annoying now when they watch and now they like it. But I'm still a no thanks on any other color than green!
  10. I like the North Dakota in one end zone, Fighting Hawks in the other, and the logo in green. I like the green letters in the end zone out lined in white like he as it.
  11. Perfect timing with starting in a new conference this season too. Let's hope there will be games played this fall!
  12. Wentz is still a capable NFL QB, he led them to playoffs last year. He was on a roll the year they went to the SB and likely would have finished that season out with a SB just like Foles did. It is unfortunate he has gotten hurt though. I think thinking he isn't a capable NFL QB is maybe just too much hatred with NDSU and looking at glass half empty. I don't think the Eagles would have let Foles go if they didn't think Wentz had it in him. I just wish he hadn't gone to the Eagles, as a Cowboys fan.....it's harder to root for him. I certainly don't root against him, just the Eagles in general since I hate the Eagles. If he continues to be injury prone though, then you are right and he may not be around for too much longer as a franchise QB anyway.
  13. We will never take the next step until our OL improves and becomes much better and more consistent. We could change our offense every year trying to figure things out but until we get a good OL we won’t go much further than we have. We scored six points against Nicholls State in the playoffs, six.
  14. Ever since we started talking about new uniforms and/or another helmet color a couple of years ago....I've always thought white should be our next helmet color, would look sharp!
  15. I agree with you, I'd much have him stay on the roster this year. He did get thrown in as a true frosh before he was ready, has made a lot of improvement since then. Sometimes I think he loses focus a little bit however. From going from a starter to a backup your senior year, that wouldn't be fun for any player. I hope he stays, but I can kind of see why he might want to leave. Grass often looks greener on the other side. I think he should finish out his college career as a Fighting Hawk though. Fortunately we do have some nice young talent and depth now at this position.
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