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  1. When it comes to kicking FG's, I think a kid either has it or he doesn't. Sure the coach can try and help with technique and what not, but either he is accurate or he isn't. Seems like a lot of our kickers from 1990 on that I remember, kicked as freshman and for the most part were pretty good right out of the gate. They didn't need to be coached up for two years first. We did have a pretty good run of about 25 years of always having a solid kicker and we probably took it for granted. Hope one of them this year can become pretty reliable. In previous years with kickers like Glass etc if we
  2. Yes, thanks for posting the article. VERY good to see that Waletzko appears healthy.
  3. Thanks for posting that Riverhawk! Will be interesting to see if they continue to give Boltmann the 2nd string reps.
  4. What did Miller have to say in his article today about the first practice? I don't have an online subscription to the Herald so it won't let me read it.
  5. It's nice to finally see some actual good competition at QB, and a QB group that all show potential, although we'll wait to see which of them reach it. We have finally taken the QB position seriously, has only taken 6-7 years. I never want to see such a wounded duck 3 yard TD from a backup coming off the bench like we saw a couple of years ago.
  6. I think if Rudy was still the coordinator you are right, he'd be a lot like Studs, not lose games but probably not win you games. I think in Danny's offense Schuster can win us games. Looking back at stats from Sam Houston last year, he was 17-33 with 1 TD. That is a lot of passes for only 3 quarters. Danny won't wait until 3rd and 7 to call a pass play so he'll have more opportunities to throw it on pass friendly downs. I see that Schuster went 13-13 in his HS state championship game, zero incompletions. I also agree that this spring the job is probably pretty firmly his, but next
  7. That is what I would bet as well. Definitely will spread out the touches though I'm sure. Only 30 days away from game day....definitely ready for some UND football news! Brees likely played his last game Sunday. At only 6'0 tall he put up some impressive numbers and was a winner. Hopefully Shuster can be our version of Brees and turns some heads this year.
  8. I think 6-2 can still be considered somewhat of a successful season. In a normal year with 3 out of conference games, assume we go 2-1 out of conference, that is an 8-3 record which is pretty good considering we are playing in tough conference. I think a lot of it will also just depend on how we look, and the way games go. I mean do NDSU and SDSU both beat us by 30 points, then yeah 6-2 probably not feeling very good after that. If we go 6-2 with very competitive games and close losses to NDSU and SDSU, that is marked improvement. Although it would be nice to make our mark early in the MV
  9. At the end of August, these were the top 4 schools he was focusing on. Not sure if the other schools ended up withdrawing their offers later or not, but pretty good company with those other 3.
  10. Yep for sure. While we lost Bennett on the D line, I think with the other guys gaining more weight and having another year of experience, I think it could bet a net positive for the D line this year, we'll see. I'm really anxious to see that new freshman NG getting a few snaps. He's going to be the type of guy we need in the middle once he gets some reps and experience.
  11. With a year under his belt as offensive coordinator, I'm guessing Danny has reviewed what worked well and what maybe didn't work as well and he'll likely be an even better play caller this next year than he was for the 2019 season. I'd say he was a success and was a good choice for the position. If our OL can actually get a push now that they have some size, that will only make his job easier. Should be lots of good NFL playoff games in January to tied us over until we get to February and some UND football!
  12. Sounds like a score from the 4th grade elementary school C team.
  13. Props to him for putting in the work off the field.....to get back on the field. Looking forward to watching him this spring, we'll need him!
  14. I know it's only 9 man ND football......but some of those plays look like if a 6th grader was playing tackle football with the 3rd graders.
  15. He definitely verballed. He even commented on the article about him on the UND360 site. This is at the bottom of the article about him.
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