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  1. Nice to see a commit on the defensive side!
  2. It looks like they’ve put on some decent weight in the off season, and one more year of experience than last year.
  3. Article says 8 of 11 MVFC teams bought masks like this. Did we? https://www.inforum.com/sports/football/6596653-Bison-add-cloth-facemasks-to-football-helmet?fbclid=IwAR3gbaE1oKLqgZarFlVL8KgASXKOJZZgzc9iYRqTdyWmTgpUPJQjkbby5fk
  4. With that RB transfer, and if Weah is eligible....I think we are looking pretty good at RB this year. Will be fun to see who ends up getting the most carries. WR is wide open for some guys to step up. That is one fun aspect of college FB over the NFL, each year there is always a little anxiousness wondering and waiting to see how the new guys will step up. I sure hope we have a season so we can watch in unfold!
  5. Great to see the OL got their size back! The Pandemic 15 may have help some of the other players too, a handful of guys put on 20+ lbs since last season...which some of the younger guys really needed it, great to see! Devore up 26 lbs too, he was already quite productive....should only be better this year. Great move moving him to DE.
  6. Just to strike up some conversation, outside of QB, what position would you say we are the most vulnerable at....when thinking about talent, experience, and depth?
  7. Defense only has 1 commit so far Not sure if it's partly due to having new DC, or to the weird recruiting situation with no camps etc..
  8. I say find a way to keep it in the fall if they can. A big Hell No to that idea of making FCS permanent in the spring.
  9. Overall I think that looks pretty nice! I slightly prefer the non alternating shades of green, and also maybe regular font for the yard line numbers. The new ones do seem to be the same font as the helmet. I like the color scheme in the end zone and in general. Sioux701 you were damn close!!
  10. So if nobody else holds until the spring, I guess they just play themselves......no post season....and call it a season.
  11. Having freshman QB’s, sure would have been nice to have gotten them some action in non conference games before the conference schedule started.
  12. Sioux94

    Buy or Sell

    That's a bold statement Cotton, but I like it.
  13. Sioux94

    Buy or Sell

    I would also say Boltmann. He could really turn out to be a stud at WR as a full time starter at WR. Hopefully the other QB's are playing really well, and we don't need to use him in the Brockstar, or at least not very often...and he can concentrate on WR. The kid is fun to watch with the ball in his hands.
  14. Sioux94

    Buy or Sell

    Based off this and the receiving yards out there to be had in 2020, Buy or Sell....does another WR other than Maag get over 500 yards this year, and whom is your guess it would be? I'd say either Boltmann or Cochran have a chance.
  15. Sioux94

    Buy or Sell

    Yep I'll definitely buy that. I'll go with 800 yards and 8 TD's.
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