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  1. Yep, other than fans of FCS schools nobody cares about FCS football. Just like none of us care too much about what happens in DII now. It's not going to happen, but if NDSU and UND moved up to FBS, we'd go back to not caring about FCS football, although we'd still recognize the games when we see them roll across Sports Center. Growing up I knew there was a Division I-AA, a gap between the big schools and UND/NDSU. I grew up in Western ND and have always loved football, and had not much of a clue that Montana was a top team in I-AA. I remember after graduating I worked at place in mid 90's and he was from Montana and telling me about how good the Grizzlies were in football. I had no clue if they were Montana or Montana State. That's where I find it funny about NDSU fans. Not all, but some really think the football world revolves around Fargo ND. That Iowa reporter that mocked them was spot on.
  2. 1000% all of this post, totally agree...particular the end result of competitive gap widening significantly.
  3. I'd say 7-4 is the most probably best case scenario also. However I'd say 8-3 could happen if everything went near perfect. Loss to K State, Loss to NDSU, one other loss. If we did that, that would be a great year.....assuming we didn't then follow it up with a loss in playoffs.
  4. Even going back to the glory DII days.....there are times where we lost to teams we shouldn't have, or had really close games with teams we were much better than. But actually I think this happens to 95% of teams out there. Heck even NDSU lost to USD when USD wasn't very good. I remember Weber taking NDSU into the 4th quarter within 7 points, and that was when they were still bottom of the Big Sky in around 2013 or something like that. It happens in football, it will happen continue to happen to UND on occasion. I just hope we don't find that one crappy team in the MVFC that gives us fits every year....like Idaho State.
  5. Hopefully we don’t find an Idaho State in the MVFC.
  6. We do, and so does everybody else or NDSU will continue to win it all, 8 out of 9 years, or whatever it is. I'd say realistically it's probably 75% chance they win at least 2 out of the next 3. This was the year they were supposed to be vulnerable, and ended up undefeated. Hell, even with how good JMU supposedly is, NDSU beats them at least 3 out of 4 times.
  7. Hopefully Bubba wasn't watching how the JMU coach handled the game. The clock management the last drive was piss poor. How about that double pass play on the last drive, reminiscent of our double reverse except the overcame it and got the first down. I only watched the last few minutes of the game, I guess there was a fake field goal, also NDSU QB ran for a TD on 3rd and 23. We'd be calling for a coaches heads if all of those things happened in one game.
  8. Perhaps we need to start a new thread called 3-4 vs 4-3
  9. I agree with this, we weren't going to get some big splash of a coach. If they felt confident in him, hire him and don't give any new recruits to have any doubts. Really hope he can step up and be solid!
  10. He also got out of his comfort zone and hired Danny as OC, and got up with the times. I think if he finds somebody who he thinks will be really really good, if that guy's style is 4-3 I think he'd go with it. Bubba is head coach right, he's not calling the defensive plays. I get your point though, but I think Bubba would be smart enough to catch on the ways of the 4-3 as long as he isn't the primary implementer of if. All that said....I could be totally wrong lol
  11. Condolences for the Schweigert family. This sure hasn't been a very good Christmas break for UND Athletics
  12. Wow seeing that pic really brings it home and makes it more real, best wishes Hunter!
  13. Yeah I am waiting for when NDSU starts losing a few games and goes two straight years without winning it all, then we will see what they are like. I’m so sick of NDSU fans thanking other teams for putting up a good effort and making the game close, acting all friendly and stuff. Wait until they lose a couple, many will become unhinged. It’s easy to be nice when every other fan base has to kiss your a$$. Although the way things are going that will be a while. With Lance only being a freshman, can almost pencil him in for playing in three Championship games.
  14. We held MSU to 12 points with a lot of reserves starting on the DL. NDSU will have no trouble containing them when needed. NDSU’s offense will likely wake up this week. I’ll say 31-17 NDSU. That is giving MSU benefit of the doubt, could be down 21 by halftime.
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