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  1. For the time being, I've given up on saying we need to get a statement/blowout win on the road. Just win the damn game. Yes I'd like a nice 20 point win, but given our history I'll just take a win and a likely home playoff game. Hopefully after being off for a while they are able to be sharp, focused, and motivated just like the first game of the year. That is what I want to see.
  2. Since just started practice back up don’t think it would have been wise to have a game this weekend after they had to shut down practice for a while, would have certainly been rusty with just a few days of practice. The only way it would have benefited us is if our last game gets cancelled. Otherwise if we win that last game we should be in. Some people are concerned about wear and tear on the bodies, so one less game in this case may not be that bad of a thing.
  3. It's probably hanging by a few threads right now. However if you think about it, none of the recent opt outs were ever going to make the playoffs, so in that regards it's not affecting the quality of the top teams in the playoffs. It does suck though that there are less games to get a better picture of how good teams are and where they should be seeded. On the other hand, people worry about too much wear and tear on the kids, a game or two less than originally scheduled during the regular season could end up being a good thing. If the JMU, NDSU, SDSU types start having Covid issues and opt
  4. And NDSU took us to the wood shed. Just because you beat a team, doesn't always make you the better team, as Geaux Sioux eluded to a while back. I think the ranking is quite fair, there have been limited games so you also somewhat have to go on the eye test, and we didn't look that good in our last game. The loser of NDSU/SDSU game will drop, if we win we will be in top 4. Or who knows, maybe there won't be any more games or playoffs.
  5. Maybe you should take your own advice......and you should do you. He never said anybody should do anything or recommended anybody do anything. All he did was answer a question with what his experience told him about testing positive when already having the vaccine. Let's talk football.
  6. If there does end up being playoffs this spring, if a team tests positive before the playoff game, I'd guess they would just get the loss then. Couldn't start rescheduling playoff games or it may never end. We'll see what happens, hopefully there isn't a lot of Covid crap that causes more havoc towards the end of the season and during playoffs.
  7. Finally did that with JohnGirl. Not sure if he has still been posting or maybe admins gave him a short suspension after last Saturday. Interesting how there were no NDSU people over here the first three weeks of the season....now they are everywhere you look.
  8. One good thing about the games prior to NDSU, the scoring drives we gave up were quick. Which really IF the team is going to score, it's better that it's quick instead of a 11 play 8 minute drive wearing us out. If we only have one NG this Saturday, man this will be a gut check on defense. Canady with a potentially significant injury too the way it sounds. Ugh.
  9. Otis not getting as many reps as we all want, might be partly because there is another season coming this fall and Bubba wants to somewhat limit his load? Maybe somebody like geaux_sioux who played at this level, can chime in on how hard it will be on their bodies to play a spring season and fall season.
  10. So I guess in your mind Alabama's win over Ohio State this year has an asterisk.
  11. Are you on the FCS Fans Nation page on FB? The question about if this season should have an asterisk on it was posed last week, most everybody said no it shouldn't and a lot of those people were NDSU fans. If all sorts of teams start shutting it down, then maybe. But if it's teams that have losing seasons shutting it down, they wouldn't have been in the playoffs anyway.
  12. I'm quite sure if NDSU ends up winning it, you nor any other Bison fan will say there should be an asterisk after it.
  13. He has done that all year, literally almost never runs even when there is room. Teams don't have to even respect it at all. He isn't that fast and usually only gets a few yards when he does run, even when it's open. But sometimes you just have to make the other team think about it. Maybe it will all come together in a critical 4th down play late in year or playoffs and he runs a naked bootleg for a first down.
  14. What I thought might happen is, if a team was definitely out of it with a few games to go, they would just start playing mostly underclassmen to get them some experience. I didn't anticipate teams just flat out quitting. Lame.
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