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  1. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    Ditto. Who is going to organize a pool where we can bet which game we get a punt blocked?
  2. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    Makes me nervous too....if Bennett goes down and we have an injury at NG......we may be in trouble. Here is praying we don't have any injuries at either of those positions!
  3. In my mind I'd like to score at least 40 points and win pretty handily. However I guess what really matters is that we pass the eye test and just look better than them and still win, it doesn't necessarily have to be by 25 plus points. Last time we played in Fargo it was 35-9, which is not close but yet it's not 52-6 either, but yet the game felt more like 52-6. You never know if fluky weird things are going to happen where a tipped pass gets returned for a TD or whatever which could make the score look better or worse in one direction. But I sure as heck hope we are not sitting mid third quarter wondering what the heck is going on like last time we played them.
  4. Seems like I had heard or read somewhere that Drake is returning quite a few starters, but I can't remember if I'm dreaming that or not. Either way we better put up 40 points or I will likely be disappointed.
  5. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    The below was from the North Dakota Facebook page. I think our completion % will almost automatically increase this year with the type of offense are running. Percentage completion on 3rd and 7 usually isn't very high. UND Moments: 2008 was a strong year for Danny Freund, as he completed a school record 71.9 percent of his passes, throwing for 2,379 yards and 23 TDs on 217 completions.‬
  6. Definitely not good news. However lets remember that Greely and Dranka both played a lot of minutes as true freshman and were pretty successful, and I don't think they thought of as being impact players right away that would normally play as true freshman but they had to out of necessity. The young guys are going to have to step up!
  7. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    I think it helped they were already running the new offense in spring ball, I think they will feel pretty comfortable going into the first game. There will still likely be some kinks with new offense and first timeoffensive coordinator that they will be adjusting throughout the year. From reports it sounds like the offense is having success against the defense already early in camp, to me that is a good sign! Our more diverse offense actually will probably help the defense as well, they are now practicing against a legit offensive scheme, the type they will see during the season. It won't be a shock to the system now when they practice all week against a boring offense and then have to play Eastern Washingtons offense. Although I guess scout team is supposed to run opponents offense or similar to help prepare each week? Either way I think our new offense also helps our defense practice. An offense that can hopefully be more productive, and ability to kick FG's longer than 30 yards this year......thank god!!
  8. Our defense should be good, so I like the fact that our offense is able to produce against them......and sounds like they had a slight edge.
  9. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    Hopefully Canady has a big year this year. Lots of football articles this fall camp...it's been great! https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/football/4603308-UND-searching-for-the-next-Cole-Reyes-at-safety
  10. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    Some day 5 notes on Maag. Maag impressed as a true freshman, is he poised for a bust out year? Is it possible he ends up with more receptions than Wanzek? Loving the talent and depth we finally have at WR this year. Garret Maag had a big day in the passing game, showcasing his overall skill set deep down the field and short underneath. UND is deep and experienced at wide receiver with Travis Toivonen and Noah Wanzek leading the way but Maag might have the highest potential ceiling of anyone in the group.
  11. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    This ranking looks slightly different than some of the others. We are the last honorable mention on the list. It's time for our team to take a big leap this year and get back on the radar.....permanently! https://thefanatic.com/college/football/2019/08/the-fanatics-top-25-jackrabbits-lead-our-preseason-fcs-ranking/?fbclid=IwAR2FO7hwySTCF98JCjMHuT0F5wD_5Re6LXJsjktIDsi-9NxDUlmTkYpwR-8
  12. Since we seem to have some decent depth at DB, would be nice to not have to pull the shirt on Fort?
  13. Have they had McKinney fielding punts? I'd think he would be a great returner just like Dressler and Santiago, as long as he is sure handed enough and confident enough to field them under pressure.
  14. If only 1 or 2 of our WR's could also play NG for depth....we'd be set!
  15. Thanks again for the write up guys, I'm so pumped for this year! Nice that we finally have some good depth and a number of positions. Can't wait to see the new offense in action. I would expect success against Drake, it will be interesting to see how well the offense will do against NDSU in week 2. So thinking about areas of concern or lack of depth.....NG would be #1, what are the next areas of potential concern? Sure hope the special teams is drastically improved this year. Hopefully we actually feel fairly confident when we need to attempt a 42 yard field goal. I don't have much confidence though that we won't get a punt blocked, I just hope it doesn't come at a crucial time. Kostich has proven he doesn't know how to get his guys ready to handle punt protection, I doubt the light bulb magically came on for him this year. If I was a Vegas odds maker....I'd say about 80% chance of us getting a punt blocked this year. I'm thinking normally this should be around like 10% or something. Sounds like Fort is a stud and the real deal and will get his shirt pulled. Sure would have been nice to keep it and get a true senior year out of him where he is dominating, but I want to win now!
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