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  1. I was honestly never that crazy about the green jerseys we had in our last uniform set. When playing at home, I like us primarily wearing green top with the white pants. I think these new Uniforms are pretty clean as others have mentioned, I thought the numbers were maybe a bit big at first but I'm sure after seeing them a few times I won't notice it. Hopefully these fit better and they don't have to put their shoulder pads in after every play like it seems like we had to do with previous uni's. The new logo on the helmet and on both sides....MUCH better. New field....new unis...new logo on helmet.....put together I think it will be a good look for us. Now just can't wait for some games! Totally agree about the replica uniforms, we need some replicas with the new/current versions. I think these are nice enough where they will be around for a few years.
  2. Look again, Otis is #2 when I look at the Fall Camp media guide. There is a long way to go before there is an actual game. By the time spring season starts, Weah will not have played in a game for over 24 months. I'm sure once things get going he will end up #1 and/or get the most carries.
  3. On paper I agree. But if Weah can stay healthy I think we will be ok. We were much weaker 5-6 years ago.....when we had to start a projected WR moved to RB Santiago at RB at Wyoming and ended up having another guy named Brady that year too. I think between Weah, Skokna, and Mitchell we will be fine. We don't have a big back though. Young guys need to step up and make a name for themselves!
  4. Burian ahead of Cochran, that is one that surprised me. Was thinking Cochran was going to be that 'betweener' WR we've needed....not tall/slower, short/fast.....but a little height with some good speed. Hopefully it just means that Burian...is just that good. Nice to have the line all at 300 lbs again, hopefully they can stay pretty healthy.....for once.
  5. Agree on the conjecture part about Quincy, he will be staying at QB. Plus nobody loses a year this year anyway so I'm quite sure he will see the field. Although I have to say....saying Quincy will be playing on Sunday is a lot of conjecture, but now that I think about it.......you are probably just saying that in jest.
  6. Did Danny say this in one of your dreams? I can't imagine Danny saying this. I do think Danny should have used him on the sweep though, that one was baffling to me why he didn't use him on the sweep more last year. Other than that I think Danny did a great job as offensive coordinator for his first year especially given that our OL was subpar because they were all under weight and couldn't get a push.
  7. I agree, that isn't ideal. The good news though is I just checked USD's schedule and they play UNI the week before, which will be a tough game. However, they play on Friday though...so they will have one extra day to recover. We are part of the MVFC, so by default now we get to use the word brutal about our schedule every year
  8. Good point, glad we are playing on the road for the 2020 season and get them at home for 2021 season.....hopefully things are a lot more normal by then and it will be packed at the Alerus! I guess NDSU is allowing 10k fans for their game this fall.
  9. Three home games to start it out will be nice, and helpful to whichever young QB ends up being the starter. Hopefully we can get it started out right with a win on Missouri State and get some confidence and pull off an upset against SDSU. It's a long ways away, but at least it's something to look at and think about to start getting excited about UND football season again.
  10. Totally agree with you. Unless Boltmann was much better than the others, makes sense to keep him at WR and gadget guy. Even if he was equal to Schuster at QB, then might as well play Schuster at QB and utilize Brock like last year. He made some nice catches last year and we are short on WR experience. Plus he is just a playmaker and a great athlete so get him on the field in various ways and make the defense have to prepare for him. Now that he has a full season practicing at WR and getting that down, maybe they will work in a few more passing plays for him in practice at QB. If he is able to connect on some passing plays in a game and get that on film, it will make the Brockstar more effective. It will become less and less effective if he never completes a pass. He'll likely be good for one or two trick WR passes during the year. Thank god we now have an offense where the defensive coordinator has to prepare for, instead of just put 8 guys in the box and rush them all. This year will be the first time in 5 plus years that the QB spot is truly wide open. We pretty much knew it would be Studs and then Kett the past 5 years. I'm nervous about it...yet excited.
  11. No, looking at the pics the regular logo will now be on both sides, but it will be black.
  12. Totally agree with all of that. Cochran will hopefully step up and make a name for himself this year. With Maag, Cochran, and Boltmann, we will hopefully be just as solid with the starting three at WR this year....and maybe a little more explosive than last year with getting a little more speed from Cochran.
  13. I follow UND Football on FB, but I don't have Twitter. I haven't seen anything posted anywhere about practicing since the fall season was cancelled. I'm glad they are practicing, wish there would be more updates or stories on them then.
  14. No doubt. Hell I wish we would have scheduled Mayville State.....at least the team would be getting some additional practice and we'd have something to talk about. You have to admit, NDSU did it right....scheduled one game....so they could have a fall practice and then basically a Live scrimmage game. Our young QB's could have used the practice. Is there a rule from preventing them from practicing? It seems totally unfair that some teams get to practice both in the fall...and the spring, should there be a season in the spring. Are there any rules around practicing? The way it sounds....almost anything goes. What the hell.....we should just practice in the fall even without a game, what are they going to do?
  15. Moving to MVFC is already paying dividends. Let's hope there aren't too many articles on this kid until after Signing Day. “Just going over everything, from the conference that they play in being a big factor, and having a lot of games in the Midwest was important to me,” he said. "They play in a good conference. I like my dorm living area and the facilities.
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