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  1. So does Wanzek have any type of realistic shot at the NFL? He has made tons of great highlight catches at UND and will be a WR we will all remember. Does he have the speed to make it at the next level? We complained about our WR's not being able to get separation, wouldn't he be covered like a wet blanket in the NFL? Perfect route running and help offset lack of top end speed, but is it realistic for him? Would love it if he did especially since he is a ND native.
  2. Would be great to finally get a tall WR with top end speed again.
  3. It's certainly going to look a lot better on TV as well.....not having tons of empty seats on the 50 yard line like before. Great move all the way around. We have a more exciting offense, we are now playing the other Dakota schools and other teams people are more familiar with. This should definitely help our attendance going forward. Still have to have the W's though to make it all work.
  4. We will be starting either a redshirt freshman or true freshman this year, I’m ok with an easy first game. Heck NDSU has scheduled cream puffs games in week 1 before so it’s not like we are the only ones. It will still be considered a DI win. Hopefully the second string QB gets to to play the whole 4th quarter to get some reps. SDSU and USD will be packed house and good games. SIU with the controversy about them missing playoffs and us getting in, and that it could be a swing game will make it a good game. Bubba formerly coaching there too, maybe this game ends up stirring a bit of a rivalry depending on how it plays out. Much too soon to spend a lot of time thinking about the entire season being cancelled.
  5. Sioux94

    Spring Ball 2020

    It's all good...I was just having a little fun, the boards have been so quiet lately. I certainly don't don't follow all proper grammar rules when posting on here either. Definitely meant more in fun, than trying to be grammar police.
  6. Sioux94

    Spring Ball 2020

    Two questions..... 1. Who is Regularity 2. Why are they in touch with him?
  7. Sioux94

    Spring Ball 2020

    Certainly not the year we want spring ball to be cut short, when we have three freshman battling for the starting spot. However, thankfully we are able to start spring ball earlier than we were before due to the indoor practice facility so the true freshman did at least get some reps. It will be interesting to see what they do, I'm sure some teams hadn't even started practice yet. Will they maybe be able to have early summer practices, or just add more practices on to fall practice so that all schools get the same amount of practice days?
  8. Think I'll go do something and check back at halftime and see if we've hit 10 points yet. A high school team could have scored this many points so far.
  9. Why are our starters still in with a minute to go and a 16 point lead
  10. All we do is pass the ball around the perimeter.
  11. Doesn't seem like our offense is generating that many good looks....other than 3's. I guess as long as they keep knocking the down.
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