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  1. Heck ya, with Boltmann at QB.......Skokna and McKinney in backfield with McKinney as the option back.
  2. I agree with your version more. I don't see SDSU as a Push....unless they are graduating a LOT. Losing Rodgers is going to be a big loss for us, obviously Bennett too but I think our biggest lost will be Rodgers.
  3. No doubt, not one part of today's game was fun to watch. And honestly, by mid 3rd quarter I stopped yelling at the TV and getting worked up, just felt like we had nothing today. By the end of the game I wasn't even pissed anymore.....I was over it...in a sense. Don't get me wrong, I am pissed in general, but not like pissed when you lose at the end of the game. It's sad when by the end of the game your emotions are already gone because you are so use to this.
  4. So who does Bubba let go to try and show he is making a change. Six years in and no playoff wins. Should be written in stone in contract, if you coach six years and have zero playoff wins, you are let go.
  5. This game wasn’t fun to watch, not at all. Really no part of the game seemed fun to watch or did it look like we were going to win. The whole game we kept waiting for something to happen, but it never did. Nicholls controlled the game from start to finish.
  6. Yeah that was ridiculous but sums things up!
  7. Embarrassing once again, but this is what UND football is, bubble playoff team.
  8. #20incountry#isthebestwecaneverdo
  9. Was this only Cochran’s 4th game?
  10. Again, good thing we took the wind, maybe it lightened up a bit? That’s deep ball was perfectly thrown. Hold had good coverage was just s perfect ball.
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