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  1. Yep, you've gotta think big and try. We offered him first, so that also means something to kids sometimes too. I at least feel we have a better chance than we did a year ago with Danny talking to the kid and a more exciting offense (hopefully). He has made a lot of trips to bigger schools, so we probably won't get a real early commitment but you never know. Hopefully his trip to UND goes well! We seem to be getting some good hogs (OL) to commit early....would be nice to add a QB to that mix.
  2. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    Does anybody know if they are still trying to find some type of transfer at NG yet? Or are we just gonna roll with undersized NG all season long. Given the DL as a whole with the starters and 2 deep, we loose Tank, Greer, and Ceislak (sp) but of course have Bennett back. Thoughts on if the other guys are going to step up and we will end up being just as good overall on the DL this year as we were last year?
  3. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    Danny will certainly take a few lumps his first year, and probably look back at the end of the year and think of some things he could or should have done differently. and learn for the next year. As others have eluded though, the bar was so low after Rudy....particularly those last 3-4 game last year, that was simply pathetic.....almost anything will be an improvement. Was a good post by whoever it was that pointed out that if we score 1 more TD a game last year we are in the playoffs. 7 point jump on average points a game is a lot, but I think with a good OC we may have gotten close to that last year. Lets just hope the OL excels in this new offense, if they can be successful we will have a good year.
  4. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    Exactly. At first I was ok with two bye weeks, since we had....three years in a row I think without a bye week during the season. But I'm thinking if we had an easy game scheduled, we could have gotten to 8 wins and given the strength of our schedule been in the playoffs. If we go 7-4 I'm not sure what will happen, with most teams playing 12 games I wonder how that is going to play out come playoff time. We can't have any bad losses this year, and need to knock off a few of the top teams we play.
  5. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    McKinney does have a lot of god given natural talent and he will be important to the teams success this year. However due to his size I'm not sure if he is the type of back we want to give 20-25 carries to like a featured RB may get. He is going to be VERY important to our offense, therefore I want him healthy all year long. I actually didn't like it last year when they put him in at the end of games to run the ball when we were running the clock out, I was afraid he'd get hurt running up the gut when the game was already over. He was money on the sweep last year and we need him in there. He definitely needs 10-15 touches again, some rushing the ball, some sweeps, some screens, some out wide. I think that is how Danny will use him this year. I think we also need JJ and Gordon to also get 10-15 touches each game. JJ can be a bulldozer and wear them down, Gordon is mix between JJ and McKinney, then McKinney can run right by them. If McKinney, JJ, and Gordon all get 10-15 touches a game, that means we are likely being very successful moving the ball and we are winning games. I like having three different styles of RB's, gives us lots of options. I think we are all curious to see how the knew offense plays out and how each RB will fit into the offense. It may take a few games for Danny to get a feel for what works well and what doesn't work so well. Only problem after our first game the competition gets stiff so hopefully he figures it out quickly! Win or lose week 2, we will have a pretty good idea after that if our offense has taken a step forward.
  6. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    Yeah forget about him sometimes, hopefully he is back to 100% this year as it will be nice to have him back to help stretch the field at the WR position.
  7. Murray won't be with MSU this year. While not that great of a passer, man he was hard to contain. At least we won't have to worry about that against them this year. http://406mtsports.com/college/big-sky-conference/montana-state-university/bobcats-notebook-qb-chris-murray-won-t-return-to-montana/article_5219f232-21bc-558e-9b22-540ea5f97ece.html
  8. 15 players with eligibility remaining for Montana have left the team. http://406mtsports.com/college/big-sky-conference/university-of-montana/griz-football-notebook-seven-more-players-gone-from-roster/article_680ef036-7423-5910-b2e8-6ba4173df6a7.html?utm_content=buffer40b90&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=LEEDCC&fbclid=IwAR2snear3AqH3WGUD8JTvaichGNtDHQ82BBTpm0QQ2GtY_ARlxlGuNDkdw4
  9. Looks like he likes to finish his blocks and plays up to the whistle, but not in a dirty way, and enjoys putting the defender on the ground. Looks like he has the frame to put on some more weight too. Nice to get some early commits!
  10. Nice knowing that Danny is going to try and work to his players strengths, game plan around it, and capitalize on them. Sometimes I wonder how we even got decent recruits at a few offensive positions given our offense. New Chapter now though, get it done Danny!
  11. This must be fake news. There is no way a kid would pick UND over NDSU, I'll give it about an hour or so before we get an NDSU poster to post how they didn't really want him or only offered half a scholarship etc.. Go Hawks!
  12. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    I think we will still be ok at RB this year and I don't think the sky is falling. McKinney will certainly be a little better fit at RB in this offense than last year, however I still have concerns that he is a bit small to be the #1 back or featured back. However i think he should still get 10-15 touches a game in some fashion. Once Gordon gets back in the groove of the RB position I think he is going to impress. I think Gordon, JJ, and McKinney can all split reps pretty evenly. I'd probably prefer to start the game with Gordon and JJ, then mix McKinney in. Obviously once we get started we'll see which back seems to fit best in the new offense. God forbid if the first three are all hurt at the same time, we still have 3 RB's. Certainly would like to not have to pull the redshirt on Skokna, but he will be able to play 4 games. We haven't really seen Sherva and Gee in live action at UND, so hard to be 100% sure how well they would perform. Weah would have gotten a lot of touches this year no doubt, and helped, but it is what it is. I'm not going to sit and moan and blame everything on the coaches if the kid didn't pull his weight on the academics. Hope he gets it figured out though and is eligible for next year, but am not going to completely hold my breathe either. Gordon - 1A JJ - 1B McKinney - 1C Sherva - seems servicable Dalton Gee - transfer Skokna - Can play 4 games without burning his redshirt.
  13. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    I think Gordon is a pretty darn good RB and just never had a chance behind Brady and John. We will see how good he is this year, and i think we will find out he is pretty good! Isn't Johanneson like the all time record holder in ND, or something like that. The freshman coming in this year is supposedly really good. McKinney is good. Weah definitely would have contributed a lot this year, but even without him I think we will be formidable at RB and I don't think RB is our problem. I'm really looking forward to what our RB's are going to do in a more diverse offense this year.
  14. Dang, too bad he wasn't with them again this year, would have really given us a reason to watch the Bombers with 3 guys playing. Looking forward to trying to check out some of Brady and John playing though.
  15. Sioux94

    2019 Season

    We face two of the top FCS 10 QB's to watch in the first half of our season. That string of four games after Drake is tough. Wait....I'll call it brutal, since we will be moving to the MVFC I want to use their proper terminology for discussing their strength of schedules. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/fcs-football-top-10-quarterbacks-watch-2019?fbclid=IwAR1eJszfBOsaeXTJ3StVnmuZTBDZ1VDN_A6O-m2GxQrWLYbLRMZmzCRi4Z4#1
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