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  1. Since we had an FBS game scheduled this year (likely loss), an easy winnable game is not a bad thing for all the reasons others just mentioned.
  2. See the first picture I posted, CJ was outside of the blocking WR but got yanked by shoulder pads back inside. Either way, yes lesson learned.
  3. My opinion is in that split second of the first screen shot I showed, Coley thought CJ was going to break free and had the sideline covered. By the time he saw that he got held up, it was too late. He obviously made the wrong choice, but I can see more now why in that split second he tried to go under because he thought CJ was about to break free and had the sideline covered. Anyway....on to Drake
  4. I think you are referring to Schuster right? He is saying Quincy should have gotten into the game more because he can run.
  5. Siegal was going to, but got held bigtime. I don't think our guys were out of position at the start of the play, they just didn't make the play, which a lot of it was due to holding. If anything CJ needed to try to break harder to the sideline and somehow make it more obvious he was totally getting held.
  6. I agree, and I think we all want to see Quincy in and actually run the offense. Not just when there is 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter and we are up by 20 plus. I doubt we will see Trey in this game, but I sure hope we see Quincy get in before the 4th quarter.
  7. Watching that one long TD again in slow motion tonight, the blocking wide receiver definitely had a big time hold of Siegal and totally pulled him back inside. The first screenshot attached Siegal is set to break out towards out of bounds hashmark to make the tackle, but the defender totally pulls him back inside. In the second screen shot you can see the defender is all of the sudden on the outside, there is no way he could get back to that outside angle without grabbing Siegal and pulling him back in. It looks like Coley takes a super dumb angle to cut up inside. But I can see why he did that because in his mind Siegal was about to break out towards the out of bounds area to make the tackle so Coley cut under in case the WR cut under. However the blocking WR totally held up Siegal and left the sideline completely open. Our guys were in the right spot and that would have been a 5 yard gain without the severe holding
  8. I'm dissappointed, frustrated, and pissed just like everyone else. We had a crappy start to the transition to DI and it took forever to be decent. We have been a punching bag for jokes from other fanbases who always say we are paper tigers, so games like this help feed into that and it is frustrating as hell. However for those of you who say we aren't no SDSU, NDSU, of JMU.....here is a news flash....nobody else is either, and there are 100 FCS teams that wish they were as good as us and in our position. We knew our interior line was young, new, and needed some time to gel and it totally showed last night particularly on those 2nd and 2's. We have a lot to work on but I still think we'll be a good team and can make some noise in the FCS and I'm still looking forward to this season. This game no doubt has left a sour taste in our mouth, but I'm not about to throw in the towel on our players and coaches yet, which in reality I know most of you aren't either. Hope Turner's injury isn't serious, that would be a big loss.
  9. That damn muffed 3rd down where they ran into each other was the turning point. If Otis busts that whole, we may go on to score and go up 28-10. It likely would have still been a 4 quarter game and still may have lost, but damn that play HURT.
  10. Hope Turner's injury isn't serious. Will suck to lose two starting LB's in two weeks.
  11. We have to find a way to beat SU this year.
  12. We punch it in on that last drive we lose by 10. Now we lose by 24.......$&#&#&#(Y%Y
  13. The only saving grace in this one is.....that we don't have a kicker with the last name Nimrod.
  14. Have we already forgotten the SDSU game last year when we were only at like our own 30......down....SDSU had all the momentum, and we called a ballsy fake punt that change the game. Let's not say he never does it. But yes...he is more on conservative side.
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