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  1. Do you think they will use him at WR, or possibly a DB. Looks like he had 4 picks his Junior year, possible safety?
  2. If you are found guilty, yeah that is another thing. The one article said 'allegations', so my comment was in reference to allegations. I guess I missed the post, link or whatever about him being found guilty.
  3. If they are proven false, I could see someone making an offer. Somebody's life/career shouldn't be drastically affected or ruined if false allegations are made. To make it clear I'm talking in general, I'm not defending Weah or anything as I have no idea as to what happened and I'm not saying the allegations are false.
  4. 8/10 is pretty good...yes. But I was shocked when saw he is going to Northwestern. I don't think he would even be close to one of the top kickers we've had in the past 25-30 years. But maybe he just never had the shot at the long one....or the game winning FG like other kickers...I dunno, haven't looked at his stats. I've always thought kicking was kind of goofy when it came to college football. Over the years seems like I remember seeing big name teams like Florida or LSU etc.....that seemed to have very average to sometimes crappy kickers.....where many times I thought we had as good or better kicker than they had. There was quite a long stretch there where we had a very solid and dependable FG kicker.....where you expected they would make it, and all of the extra points. The last few years I get nervous just on extra points.
  5. Well at least we shouldn't have to hear about their tough schedule this year, since ours is tougher than theirs. They don't play NDSU this year and I see Utah Tech on their schedule, never heard of them. But somehow I think we will hear throughout the year how tough their schedule is.........and that they sure play tough against NDSU when they do play them!
  6. We have a tough first part if our schedule....Nebraska, Northern Iowa, Northern AZ, Southern Illinois, and then you guys. But the first half of your schedule.....dang looks pretty brutal: UT Martin, Arkansas, South Dakota State, North Dakota, Southern Illinois. We would probably be considered the easiest on that schedule....so I'm sure you guys are thinking that is a must win game. I think both teams will see it as a must win. It's going to be a physical game....I agree!
  7. I can also see Otis laying a good thumping on a dback, given the size of Otis and the size of dbacks that is probably more likely. While our players will be jacked, Otis will also be extra pumped up playing in the Alerus again. Hope we are able to contain their ground game overall that day.
  8. Yeah after reading that article and him saying that, I hope he never makes the playoffs with Misery State......and I hope we kick their F'ing ass this year! You gotta know after him saying that.....the whole damn team is going to have a little extra fire for that game. Thanks in advance Otis....for getting our guys jacked for that game....not that they wouldn't have been already....but no way they won't be completely jacked for it now.....I am already jacked for that damn game!! And yeah no surprise it Petrino that picks him up.
  9. No that is not what I was saying or meant. If our WR running a deep route has pretty good coverage, Tommy often plays it safe and leads him a little too much to avoid the interception. I just meant he needs to throw it and let our WR make a play even if the coverage is good, not overshoot him by 2 yards to be safe. Maag should be able to make a play if it's one-on-one. But I'm hoping due to scheme and maybe Dennis or the transfer, or Maag can get some separation and make some big plays deep. We need to hit on a few of those.
  10. IMO we should be better at WR this year. We didn't lose any big producers from last year, sucks that Boltmann wasn't himself until the last couple of games. Maag will hopefully be healthy next year and be much more of a true weapon. The portal transfer Wilson sounds like he has solid speed/shake/burst to be that quick playmaker type hopefully. Dennis as a true freshman could maybe give us a little deep threat? Then of course Wright and Belquist as possession guys and maybe Klein with his height emerges. We do for sure need to improve on the deep ball. While Tommy doesn't have a rocket he can throw it 45-50 yards accurately. We may need to just take a few more of those deep shots next year and Tommy just throw it up for a jump ball if single coverage and have our guy make a play or draw an interference call. With Otis gone and Smith getting a lot more reps, wonder if we will run more screens this year.
  11. Yep 2nd and 2 or less was our kryptonite last fall.
  12. I agree, and we were not a in the playoffs last year so I wasn't really expecting to be ranked. We haven't been good consistently enough to get any benefits of the doubt from most. If we have a decent showing at Nebraska and beat UNI we will be ranked. If we lose to UNI and we were ranked #20 at the start of the season we would drop out of the poll anyway. Need to go 2-1 to start the season. I will not be surprised though if UNI is ranked ahead of us the week after that game even if we beat them.
  13. Will true freshman Dennis get his shirt pulled this fall and be that burner option we need?
  14. The Northern Iowa game will be huge, if we win we can get some early respect and jump into the polls. If we lose we will have to eat a little internal crow since we all love to take jabs at UNI and it will be an up hill climb to get into the polls. Even though this is a different team the Northern AZ game scares me after that pathetic debacle up there last time. I'm hoping we make it worth the drive up this year!
  15. Keep forgetting we got him as a transfer, definitely will be valuable having that type of back in the arsenal. With him, Smith, Ziebarth and then still have Skokna and Mitchell. Will Smith get the start? Seems like Smith may have a tendency to get dinged up so maybe they try to limit him to 15 carries or so a game?
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