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  1. Perhaps it's been discussed earlier in the thread, but has the NCAA announced how it will pick and seed teams for the tournament?
  2. Yeah, kind of a sad state of affairs.
  3. Probably my favorite (possibly only) memory of him. That was so much fun to watch.
  4. Glad we stole this one. We got lucky with those 2 missed shots at the end regulation.
  5. Man I feel bad for these girls. Great effort to make a comeback both nights, but fall just short.
  6. I would say 4-4 is the break even point. Anything less would be a disappointment. A fifth win would show we are making positive strides, even if 5-3 leaves us out the playoffs. A sixth win could potentially get us in the playoffs, and would go a long way in proving our program is MVFC level. If we get 7 wins (or 8), we should be good enough to make a run to the semi-finals or even championship game.
  7. That's kind what my benchmark was; 5-3, win one of the wins against a Dakota school. Competitive in every game would be huge (no blowouts).
  8. Pretty tall order. So are we sitting out the postseason?
  9. Sooo, here we are just over 1 week away from camp (Jan. 22) and just over 5 weeks away from opening game (Feb. 20). The schedule is for 8 games, all MVFC. NCAA bracket is 16 teams, 11 auto-bids, 5 at-large. With all that laid out, what is a successful season this time? Or maybe a better question, assuming we don't win the conference auto-bid, what is it going to take be an at-large team?
  10. Gotta say, I don't mind at all playing on odd days/nights of the week as long as the games are televised. The pod was awesome having games every 1-3 days. There's enough football on Saturdays and Sundays in January to keep my sports watching wires happy, so to have UND hockey to watch on a Monday night is great.
  11. I'm no hockey mind - never played, just a lifelong Sioux fan, but I find it interesting about all the comments here regarding poor play, yet coach Berry said this: "It was a one-goal game tonight, but I thought we played better than we did last night in a 3-0 win"
  12. Working great. Wish I had come to SS earlier in the night.
  13. I read that. Pretty crazy to make that jump. I suppose with no college ties, there was no real pull towards coaching at that level. (BTW, I was born in 1982, so I've been oblivious to this story my whole life)
  14. On the broadcast last night the announcers mentioned that Nate Leaman joins Mike Eaves and Dean Blais to coach an NCAA champion and WJC Gold Medal. (They also threw Bob Motzko a bone by saying he could join the club if he takes the Gophers all the way this year - uff). But anyway, 2013 coach Phil Housley appears to have never been involved in college hockey as either a player or coach. I found that interesting.
  15. That's why I am not a fan of the half-shields.
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