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  1. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/football/5021045-Park-River-lineman-is-UND-footballs-first-2021-commit Article says his parents went to NDSU.
  2. Beat the Bison in '20 and won't have to worry about that
  3. I would be cool if other sports starting implementing football's 4-game rule (could be even more for sports with more games).
  4. As much as they are our rivals, sad to see Minnesota and Wisconsin in disarray with hockey. They are two proud programs. College hockey as whole needs good Minnesota and Wisconsin teams.
  5. Wow, that is a damning article.
  6. Who had the record? Huff?
  7. That's my assessment as well.
  8. I see that the Denny holds 12k for BB. would be awesome to be a regular contender in this tournament and just plan on going, kind of like the hockey conference tournament. This could be the new Final 5.
  9. Excited to see what a healthy Moody brings. Will he get a medical red shirt?
  10. It was miserable to watch, but I think Paul Sather has sparked a bit of basketball revival at UND. Hopefully we will be cutting down nets in one of the next two years. Will Moody get a medical red shirt?
  12. Wayne Nelson even used that word in his article of last night's game.
  13. I agree. Don’t let them get into the game.
  14. This season, my most-hated opponent is Minn-Duluth. They are back to back NCAA champs, and we cannot let them have 3 in a row. They must be stopped at all costs. If it came down to an NCAA game between the Gophers and Bulldogs, I would root for the Gophers.
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