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  1. It was in that linked KNOX article.
  2. So, if I am understanding this right, the Mexican restaurant (Charras & Tequila) going into the old Ruby Tuesdays is set to open in July, El Roco will also become a Mexican restaurant (La Cantina), and there will be an Indian restaurant (House of Punjab) at 3000 32nd Ave. (the same complex as Noodles & Company - perhaps in the Spicy Pie spot?)?
  3. Speculation, or confirmed?
  4. No, I'm saying IF he changed his name and/or avatar.
  5. It absolutely does, until your true identity as a Bison fan manifests.
  6. I've been a big fan (and defender) of Schuster, but you're absolutely right @Midwestern Hawk that Tommy could have had Maag on that play and should have gone to him. @homer, you are also absolutely right in that that is a freshman mistake that will hopefully go away with experience.
  7. God, don't we know that in Grand Forks this year. A redshirt freshman starts every game and leads the team to 5-2, but yet, let's see what the other guy can do.
  8. Ok, so it's the VT transfer that's suppose to resurrect the Bison offense. The Graetz kid seems like a kid we lucked out on by not getting.
  9. So, was Graetz the one that was supposed to take over the Bison offense next fall, or is that somebody else?
  10. Not surprised there. He was still worthwhile to recruit, though, IMO.
  11. Someone refresh my memory on what happened here. I remember the Omaha kid going to Texas St., but not this guy.
  12. Absolutely. Until we beat you, NDSU fans won't take UND seriously.
  13. This may the X-factor to an even more unpredictable offense to defend against.
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