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  1. Based on the records now that appears to be the case. Twins need to take advantage.
  2. #6 Sewell had another nice string of serves. Overall just better play, but nothing stood out in set 3. UND 25-17 to take the match.
  3. Erin (Joki) Green is watching as a spectator.
  4. Set 2 was plagued by some mistakes and sloppy play, but UND prevailed 25-23. #4 Norris had the best spike of the set, though had errors too. #6 Sewell had the best serves, though she had an error her next time up. Good fight in the squad; they’re chasing balls all over.
  5. At the game vs. MSUM. UND wins first set 25-14(?). (Not sure of the score because the scorekeeper reset to 0 so quickly). I’ll write more on the actual play after full match assessment.
  6. That tells me that Tupac believes he has a starting setter for next season. On the surface, this part is concerning. Perhaps he's on top of their fundamentals and things are coming along. Otherwise, he would have had to address this.
  7. Totally agree. He gave an example of Qpac playing SCSU in the Eastern. I told him that that's only 2 teams fan bases - there's still 6 more teams. Plus better venues in better cities. And twice as much hockey.
  8. Schlossman doesn't think my idea will solve attendance issues.
  9. Shouldn't this spot be all covered with daisies?
  10. Thinking about my idea some more, to help even more with attendance, you could still have a school host a regional, and if that school's team makes the tourney it would assure their placement in that regional. This would be helpful to make sure Denver plays in Denver, Michigan plays in Detroit, Minnesota plays in St. Paul, or BU/BC plays in Boston. Obviously other schools would be interested in hosting as well. I could see UND wanting to host in both St. Paul and Denver. Having host schools may result is seeds being switched (much like seeds are switched to avoid inter-conference match-ups) if the two host schools would otherwise be on the same side of the bracket (and thus the same regional).
  11. Exactly. Plus if you put them in the right cities (like the ones I've been mentioning - St. Paul, Denver, Detroit, Boston), think of how many fanbases live in or close to those cities, so travel is much less of an issue than trying to decide if you want to go to Allentown or Fort Wayne.
  12. I hadn't thought that each regional could have games on each day, but it works.
  13. Haha. I am emailing Schlossman, though. (Unless one of you knows he checks this site??)
  14. I think the idea would be looked upon favorably by all. For players, as long as make the tournament, you get to play in an NHL arena. For fans, the locations are much more palatable than recent regional sites. Plus, you'd get to see twice as many games in one spot. With 8 teams coming instead of 4, chances are one (or more, or several) of the 8 teams has/have large followings that will vastly improve attendance and atmosphere. For small schools, it would still be a neutral site. Think of this scenario: UND, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are all on the same side of the bracket and are placed at a super regional in St. Paul. Could college hockey really get any better than that?
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