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  1. The job description was probably based on his list.
  2. Surprised that they would just be interviewing this week, especially for the VB position.
  3. Dustin

    New Coach?

    You would think. It'd be a mistake to announce the basketball coach decision ahead of (or on the same day), because that would overshadow the VB decision.
  4. My thoughts exactly. Just wish they would have been honored back when it really counted.
  5. Hadn't thought about that angle, but even an away game against UNC would be huge.
  6. The Boschee hire is one too intriguing not to do, IMO. If he is interested. Big splash with the media in ND. Played DI BB at one of the most premier college basketball institutions, under one of the most premier college basketball coaches. Probably could even get KU back in Grand Forks. I don't see any other candidate that could inject that much dosage into UND's arm.
  7. Dustin

    New Coach?

    Our successful volleyball era is pretty short, only about 10 years, so having deep rooted connections like that would be pretty unlikely.
  8. Dustin

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Also happy to see we’re going deep into Canada. Impressive offers, especially for a Canadian. Seems like he would be a huge get.
  9. I think that's the reasoning behind having North Dakota ties - we want someone who knows what he's getting into and going to be happy. I am pretty satisfied with the names that have risen to the top on this thread.
  10. Dustin

    New Coach?

    This job closed yesterday, so I would expect something soon.
  11. Digging up more facts. Roy Williams (Boschee's collegiate coach) was 38 when he was named HC at Kansas (first collegiate HC job).
  12. Probably not a fair comparison, but Coach K was 33 when he became the head coach of Duke. (Previously had 5 seasons of DI HC experience at Army)
  13. All right, you sold me.
  14. I was out of touch with UND BB when Herbst was on staff, so when that name was brought up, it was unknown to me. He does seem like a good candidate, and I would be excited for the Herbst era. I am also very intrigued by Jeff Boschee. To have a coach that has played in the Final Four and under legendary coach Roy Williams would definitely be a real shot in the arm on multiple levels - media, recruiting, donors. My only concern - with those experiences, why hasn't he gone further than Missouri Southern HC already?
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