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    Why not take a covid test within 72 hours then? Seems like a better option than canceling.
  2. Also I feel like every picture I see he looks slightly more red... what color is this hawk anyway?
  3. The arms and wings creeps me out. Is it a statue of a person dressed as or mascot or a statue of our mascot?
  4. Simone just withdrew from the individual all around event and will not defend her title. Still evaluating her for next week's individual events finals.
  5. I'm torn. Good for Simone for knowing her own mental limits. But its a poor look to withdraw from the team competition after starting it then stating you still intend to compete in the individual competitions in two days. She's been off since at least the Olympic trials making mistakes she does not normally make. Yes, she's the best gymnast in the world and she's under immense pressure but at the same time maybe you shouldn't have been wearing a leotard and flip flops with a goat on them if you didn't want the additional media attention and pressure. Saying she's got a lot going on in her life, mind, and body is an understatement and I will be interested to see if she actually competes on Thursday.
  6. So glad to hear he is recovering and back on the ice!
  7. Anyone know how big the other schools ticket allotment typically is? Penn Stats at Nashville would likely be a good comparison as opposed to the Gophers in Vegas because of the arena size difference. T Mobile Arena holds 17,500 I believe article said.
  8. Didn't Oshie say he wanted to stay in Washington not go to Seattle?
  9. Brad Miller took some sort of job with Nashville.... didn't fully understand his tweet but good for him
  10. So what happens to players that go into the transfer portal and aren't picked up anywhere? Players going for their free fifth year probably just don't play but what about underclassmen? Do you just go back to your school?
  11. There is a third one in GF too... although I do not believe there is an upstairs
  12. Gophers up 1-0 and Abate with a penalty lol. Game over for Omaha
  13. Are the Gopher uniforms always this ugly???
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