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  1. A one year stop gap for the program (for now) so they will play this season. What that means for the kids that already transferred, idk. I guess only part of the team comes back?
  2. This is going to be an utter failure.
  3. It still doesn't sound overly well thought out to me. When Penn State or ASU announced they were starting hockey did they already have a coach selected? I can't remember that far back...
  4. This is so weird. Per the other thread the season starts in 160 days... They have no coach, no team, no schedule... How???
  5. Delta had waived all change and cancellation fee I believe through Sept... You probably wouldn't get a refund and would only get a credit but I think it's pretty safe that if you didn't go to wouldn't be out the money
  6. Similarly I asked Brad what happens to all the host cities for this year's tournament. Nobody hosted. Do they put down any money that was lost? Would they consider pushing all hosts back a year and having a do over or is it just to bad, bid again?
  7. Let's sell the tickets first... I'm not convinced UND football is still a very big draw. It'll just reorganize the fans that are there... I doubt opening these new sections is going to bring in new fans.
  8. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard
  9. What happens to classes that can't be online? Like a flight school...
  10. We are all one big family, right?
  11. For real? Can you imagine being a senior....
  12. Italy's "quarantine" where you can still go to work and stores... Restaurants are open 8am-6pm. Realistically all their doing is asking you to self quarantine and if you need to go out stay a meter away from others. We're only going to allow three people in the store at a time but feel free to form a line (one meter apart) outside for your turn to get it. Quarantine doesn't mean nobody is allowed outside.
  13. I'm not one of them but there are so many people in this country that cannot afford to take 2-3 weeks off of work. I say let everyone run free, if you've got a weakened immune system you can stay home and the rest of us will get the virus and get over it. *Shrug*
  14. If they don't restrict basketball then they better not restrict hockey.
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