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  1. I cannot wait to see the camera angles for our regional... I can't imagine with how small the rink is that there would be many options. I hope I'm wrong.
  2. Okay I'm late to the game but where are the fans? Is there UMass the host school? Why is nobody there. I picked UMass thinking it was going to be a home game
  3. Still so proud of my 2015 win!
  4. Omaha goal. Backdoor wide open. 1-1 1:30 remaining in the first.
  5. Penalty kill coming up. 3:21 left in the first. 1-0 UND
  6. I think we've settled in a bit. Our passing could use some improvement but it's better than earlier in the game. I like that we seem to be playing to the puck if we don't have it. We've had some good opportunities
  7. Gaber got an assist and is the new NCHC point record holder
  8. For the love of God does the camera not zoom in???
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