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  1. You're pretty much screwed unless the people you bought them from are very nice
  2. Told you they wouldn't refund our tickets
  3. Okay I will admit that I haven't read the article but I have a question. I read a headline that MN schools (or some of them? Whatever) aren't requiring SAT/ACT scores anymore... So what is used to determine who to admit? Does anyone who applies get in? I don't get it.
  4. Not if it is postponed and not cancelled
  5. Okay so thoughts... As much I hate to say it, let's just imagine the game does not happen this year. We don't host the HOF game again until 2022. I'd imagine they'd go rig back to Nashville. Do they cancel all tickets and refund them? Or do they tell us to hold our tickets for two years and everyone who already has tickets keeps them?
  6. Troy Stecher's father has passed away. Condolences to the family.
  7. A one year stop gap for the program (for now) so they will play this season. What that means for the kids that already transferred, idk. I guess only part of the team comes back?
  8. This is going to be an utter failure.
  9. It still doesn't sound overly well thought out to me. When Penn State or ASU announced they were starting hockey did they already have a coach selected? I can't remember that far back...
  10. This is so weird. Per the other thread the season starts in 160 days... They have no coach, no team, no schedule... How???
  11. Delta had waived all change and cancellation fee I believe through Sept... You probably wouldn't get a refund and would only get a credit but I think it's pretty safe that if you didn't go to wouldn't be out the money
  12. Similarly I asked Brad what happens to all the host cities for this year's tournament. Nobody hosted. Do they put down any money that was lost? Would they consider pushing all hosts back a year and having a do over or is it just to bad, bid again?
  13. Let's sell the tickets first... I'm not convinced UND football is still a very big draw. It'll just reorganize the fans that are there... I doubt opening these new sections is going to bring in new fans.
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