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  1. Let's play with two pucks... WAY more excitement! In all seriousness, I have tailgated at the Ralph, it was fun. But nobody is going to tailgate Nov-Mar. Perhaps the Ralph should get that jukebox app where people can pay to play a song (or snipit of in this case). Extra income, people will be more involved in songs they pick. The on-ice projection is cool but how's that going to help the atmosphere? It's not like they use it during breaks in play (I've only seen it as the Pepsi Center - used at intermission). And why? Why does it all start and end with the students. Season ticket holders and fans are allowed to start cheers and increase the energy just as much as everyone else. Get out of your seat (or stay sitting) and cheer...
  2. Not at all conducive to flying. You're expected to fly three days a week every week.
  3. Will those of us in Denver (and at work) actually get to watch this game on TV anywhere?
  4. WiSioux

    UND vs DU

    Anyone actually know where the team is?
  5. This thread is so off track...
  6. So apparently having two men in the box is bad... UND 1 UNO 1
  7. Wilke is out. Got injured in the game against DU on Tuesday.
  8. And here I thought we were going to talk about Nashville...
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