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  1. In college hockey there is no difference... Except that Big 10 schools may be inferior.
  2. If you're complaining about food prices, eat before you you come to the rink. If you're complaining about parking prices, zip your coat put on a hat and get some exercise. I have literally never paid to park for a hockey game at the Ralph. There are PLENTY of side streets if you're willing to walk. Smoking inside is never gonna happen. Lower food/drink/parking prices is never gonna happen. And the NCHC is a far superior league as long as you don't base it on name recognition and actually consider talent/skill/national championships.
  3. Fans in general aren't coming to the games. It isn't limited to students. Unsold student hockey tickets turn into general admission seating for the public I believe on the Thursday of game week so clearly there wasn't a demand by non-student fans either.
  4. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4754933-Joel-Janatuinen-opens-up-on-health-issues-last-season-It-was-so-crushing Excellent article on Joel Janatuinen and all of the health issues he struggled with while at UND. Sucks that he couldn't have remained healthy as he could have had a big impact on the team. Glad he is feeling better now.
  5. Nobody should go to London. London is an absolutely terrible idea unless it is London, Ontario.
  6. Didn't the AD already say there has been no discussion of moving the students? So really this is all just what is message board gurus think should happen. I doubt the students will be moved.
  7. WiSioux

    Kato GDT

    Also saw Bast leave the game early... Did anyone hear anything about a potential injury?
  8. WiSioux

    Kato GDT

    Just got back to the car from the game.... What was the extra Mankato penalty called at the end, couldn't hear the announcement but was guessing facemasking?
  9. So any place in the Cities that will be able to show this? I heard a rumour about it being in Charter?
  10. A different song after every goal? No thanks. Chelsea Dagger and the Beer Song after every goal has been tradition for like ten years.
  11. What's Western Michigan got to do with this?
  12. I'll be there Saturday night! First time in Mankato, ever.
  13. Oh baby! Free on sight parking tonight!!!
  14. People love Sweet Caroline because they get to participate and sing along....
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