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  1. Question for those who watched the game online (I was at the rink but other end) and the rule experts... at any point in time between the "life ending" hit and the goal did we touch the puck? Does it matter? In any other instance after a delayed penalty when the offending team touches the puck play is stopped. Is there any way in a review they would say it's a penalty but you lost possession before score so play would have stopped and the goal doesn't count?
  2. Matching minors on the board at the end of the period. #21 for SCSU #3 for UND
  3. Maybe we should start a new 2022 thread as none of this has anything to do with Nashville... Just saying...
  4. Is it time to go to Nashville yet?!?

  5. Just got two tickets for Friday this afternoon so myself and @siouxforce19 will be in attendance! Hopefully it goes better than our trip to Mankato...
  6. This is what I expected last night
  7. Thome has indeed earned a second start. I too hope to see more offense tonight and am hoping for a sweep.
  8. That seems like WAY too many subtopics, many if which would be relatively dead for the majority of the year.
  9. https://www.inforum.com/sports/hockey/4873948-Former-UND-All-American-goalie-Shelby-Amsley-Benzie-hospitalized-after-being-hit-by-a-bus Please leave your opinions about women's hockey out of this thread. Former UND women's hockey goalie Shelby Ansley Benzie has been hospitalized after being hit by a school bus while snowblowing. I haven't seen anything official saying what sorts of injuries she sustained but she was initially in critical condition. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family in hopes of a speedy and full recovery.
  10. I hope Thome plays... Something isn't right with Scheel.
  11. Sightlines will be terrible at a baseball stadium.
  12. Man what is up with St. Cloud? They throttled Mankato then lost to the Gophers...
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