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  1. It's been a struggle, but we knew it would be. Limited recruiting and some big unplanned losses really didn't help. Next year will be a better indication of where we are going as a program. I'm still hopeful they'll start to right the ship by then. To be fair to coach I think we owe him next season for sure to see where we are going. They've been better the second match of every series. Could be some letdown by the other team, but I also think there is some growth. But I see way too many tips and rolls, struggles between setters and hitters. No way they get better until they fix that. I d
  2. I don't think it's time to bail on Coach Tiffin quite yet. It's only the start of his second season. He's lost of bunch of experience in the past 6-7 months that wasn't part of the plan, and one could argue, not his fault. The timing of his hiring meant he didn't get a full shot at recruiting his first summer and this past summer had to be a mess for recruiting. Not being competitive against SU doesn't help, but I don't think it's fair to give up on him right now. He's got some of his people in the pipeline, let's see how they do with some experience.
  3. Morgan Hunt is not listed as well. She was a redshirt freshman, so not a lot of court time last year, and with the new middle on the roster maybe it's not surprising. Rutten had a ton of experience (appears to have played in all but one set last year), and will be missed. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out between Ahrens/Wall/Albinson for the two middles, especially for M1.
  4. I haven't seen the video myself, but I was told they were singing/syncing along with a song that featured an abundant use of the n-word. And now reading it's more than just the supposed song. Regardless, whatever it was isn't good.
  5. My mom played for the Wheelock Wolves a very long time ago. How many know where Wheelock is located (without consulting the Google )? I wouldn't spend any time working on a shirt, I can't imagine there are many around anywhere that went to Wheelock. And as I think about it, they wouldn't fit into this category. I seem to recall her saying they were Class C.
  6. Not that this is news right now, but yes, we have a winner. https://www.jamestownsun.com/sports/volleyball/4847938-Top-transfer-Hegerle-joining-GPAC-champion-Jimmies#.Xg6uy4tkB88.twitter
  7. Good for her, that's a very grown up decision. You don't always see smart, big picture decisions made from young adults her age. At her age I was just trying not to get kicked out of school, so I guess she's doing OK. UJ would be an option. They generally run a 6-2, and whether they thought they needed another setter or not, every team will find room for a quality addition. And the coach is probably familiar with her and her talents. UJ had a nice run, making the semis of NAIA, so the level of success there would definitely be appealing.
  8. To comment on several other posts: My earlier comments about a coaching change appear to be nothing. I hadn't heard anything, there were a couple of sightings and other occurrences made me wonder if something was in the works. It appears not to be. Unless it does happen later. :-) Again, I haven't heard anything. Wow, Plummer and Stanford were good, real good. The rest of the world has to be happy she's done with her eligibility. Seeing her run the BIC reminding me how much UND counted on Merseli (sp?) in the pipe as a nice outlet when the pass wasn't there. And sometimes as a first
  9. It definitely wasn't the year anyone was hoping for, but I wouldn't throw in the towel on everything quite yet. I can't imagine my whole professional career riding on the whims and emotions of 18-22 year-olds. Not too much would have to be different for everything to have worked out much better this year. If a couple of players stick around from a year or two ago all of a sudden we have an experienced team. CSP picked up a setter from us, Liberty got an outside hitter, the Connecticut experiment could have worked out, or a libero could have decided that is wasn't more important to just be a st
  10. There is no way for a coach to really predict what will happen over 4-5 once players get to campus. I suspect the coaches would love if they had 3 seniors, 3 juniors, and such every year, but it doesn't work like that. Players get injured, move (closer to) home, get tired of the grind, or get beat out by younger players and don't want to be practice players for the rest of their careers. There a lots of reasons why programs end up looking like this, and UND seems to have had a little bit of all-of-the-above. If everyone sticks around in a year or two we'll wonder why we have all the seniors. :
  11. undVBfan

    New Coach?

    I agree that Canada has been largely untapped, except maybe for the most elite players. And given the financial benefits of playing in the US (full ride and maybe COA, does volleyball offer COA?) vs. Canada (I believe tuition only, and likely limited $$$ at that) you would think we would be more successful.
  12. undVBfan

    New Coach?

    I feel good about the selection. I think we would have been good either way, but I really like the choice. Recruiting is going to be key, as in all college sports. It sounds like he has that background to do well. I think recruiting is less about having "connections" and "knowing the region" and more about the person being able to sell his vision, and by association, the program to perspective student-athletes. Everyone needs connections, but the coach still has to seal the deal. I also like the choice because he gave up a head coaching position to come here in December to be an assistan
  13. undVBfan

    New Coach?

    Do you live in Grand Forks? It's not a big place. And I think he really liked driving the Bronco. :-)
  14. undVBfan

    New Coach?

    I wish we Let's be honest, we're North Dakota. It's not a bad job, but someone who thinks they have a realistic shot at a P5 school isn't going to apply here. Someone who wants a stop to show that they should get a chance at a P5 school will apply here. We need to be realistic. And I don't know why you seem to think the current applicants won't be good. What would we have said about Hardee or Pryor before they ended up here? To us, they were no-ones until they had a nice runs here. Why can't Lamppa or Tiffin be the next guy you never heard of until now who did well here? And if either
  15. undVBfan

    New Coach?

    I've met Lamppa. He had a nice run at USD, then went to Washington State with the then coach from SDSU (Palieo, or something like that). That guy didn't last long in Pullman, and it looks like he's been doing the assistant routine waiting for his next change. Got to say hi when ISU was in town. Nice enough guy, would likely do well in the community. That's not to say Tiffin wouldn't also do well, I just have no personal knowledge about him.
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