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  1. Hardee had the program going well. Funny thing about that is, he did it initially with Katy and Kari Peterson's players. He also did very well with his own players. And I always loved talking to him. Pryor did the same thing, initially doing well with Hardee's players, and then with his own players. And I loved talking to him as well, very engaging. Say what you want about his Bronco, we did well with him at the helm. And it's hard to fault a guy for going where his family wants to be. In fairness, Tiffin came in when the team was in need of rebuilding, but it's been a downhill slide since his arrival. I don't know that I've every had a actual conversation with him. I'm of zero importance to the program, and I definitely don't write big (meaning any) checks to the U, but it's strikes me as frustrating that the face of the program doesn't seem to the have presence in the community I would like to see. I could see Hardee or Pryor getting a recruit excited about playing at UND, I struggle to see that in the current situation. I would not say that about the assistants, but they are not the head coach (the bottom line). It's fair to say that his overall record isn't entirely on him. The social media issue didn't help, but a lot of players with experience who would have had considerable court time choose not to finish playing here, whether they switched schools or just quit playing. That happens for a lot of reasons, but mostly with the first and second year players, much less so with the upper class players. Not much was said in the past, but there is/was a trend that wasn't positive, and I wonder if it was a precursor to the recent events, whatever they were.
  2. I commented earlier this year that coach didn't have to win big this year, but had to show improvement. We knew they'd be young, but had to get better as the season progressed. It seems clear that the ship is not only pointing in the wrong direction, but taking on serious water as well. I'm going to take that not hearing much about the reason for the administrative leave as a good thing. I suspect if it was something "really" serious (see past events) there would be a lot more word getting out. I'm speculating tough practices, lots and lots of frustration from everyone (any maybe things being said that shouldn't be said), and a booster or two that's had enough. To quote Sergeant Schultz, "I know nothing!" I'm just guessing and hoping for the best. We need someone to inspire, to motivate. We've been there before. I'm hoping the administration will step up and do what needs to be done to get that type of person here again. And no, it won't be "that" person from the Cities. He has too good of thing going at CSP. If he wanted to leave, he would have been gone long ago. And to a more high profile job (with better pay) than UND.
  3. I would think 1-19, or whatever it ends up being, would be an end-of-the-year issue. It doesn't seem like a mid-season issue. I hope this ends up being someone with clout whose had enough, only because every other option seems much worse. I'm sure we'll hear more soon enough. I wonder how long it will take before this makes it to VolleyTalk?
  4. It would seem reasonable to assume Kortney has 3 years left, good catch. I don't know anything about Sierra, the grad transfer. If she graduated in 4 years, and didn't have the COVID year count, maybe she has 2 years left? Grad school generally isn't finished in a year, even for someone without the athletic schedule. I can't remember if beach volleyball is considered a different sport for eligibility reasons, so maybe it's a moot point. I also can't remember the age restriction for NCAA, when do the age limitations kick in? It seems to me this is an issue for hockey if a player seems too much time in juniors.
  5. Signees have been announced. Taylor Pribyl - OH/MB transfer (didn't see her listed in 2020 stats, so likely 3 years left) Jocelyn Julson - DS from Bismarck Century (Chwialkowski and Hart are Srs. and Damon is in the portal) Sierra Ellett - OH grad transfer, so I assume one and done. Played beach, not indoors, at ASU; also mentioned in an earlier post. Father played in the NHL for 16 years, 7 in Winnipeg. Kortney Carney - Setter from NDSCS, so should have 2 years left. Peyton will be a Jr. and Norris will be a So, so an interesting recruit. Competition never hurts. Julianne Carlat - MB. Hope this brings better passing and the ability to terminate a high ball from the outside. Of course, every team ever wants better passing and the ability to put away a ball out-of-system. Riedl and Antic, both OHs, were 2nd and 3rd in Kills last season, so it'll be interesting to see who steps up this year.
  6. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, but it looks like a grad transfer with some beach experience is heading to UND. This might be the vague twitter reference from early April. I wonder if a hockey/Winnipeg connection has anything to do with it?
  7. I'm not dead yet, said with my worst English accent. Coach's Twitter post read like it would be an assistant, but there doesn't seem to be a reason to delay that type of announcement. That is all I have to go on, maybe others have heard more. Could it be a transfer player? When can they announce signings?
  8. Yeah, you're right, masks were the problem this year. The players probably also wear their seat belts when driving. Pure craziness...
  9. I commented about this earlier, but this year seemed doomed long before the season started, and not of coach's doing. Given the volume of experience that was lost, mostly unplanned, a shortened season was not what they needed this year. At least they had sort-of a year, but not the number of matches that would let us see some real growth over the course of the season. Next year needs to be better, everyone needs to see the ship is pointed in the right direction. I still think, and really hope, Coach can get it done, but he'll be running out of chances soon if this next year doesn't show promise. Hardee has been busy since leaving UND. Several assistant positions, including beach, a cup of coffee at an NAIA school, and now a high school coach. Lucky high school. I know he graduated from somewhere on the east coast, so hopefully he's happy being closer to "home."
  10. It's been a struggle, but we knew it would be. Limited recruiting and some big unplanned losses really didn't help. Next year will be a better indication of where we are going as a program. I'm still hopeful they'll start to right the ship by then. To be fair to coach I think we owe him next season for sure to see where we are going. They've been better the second match of every series. Could be some letdown by the other team, but I also think there is some growth. But I see way too many tips and rolls, struggles between setters and hitters. No way they get better until they fix that. I don't know if it's the setting or the hitters timing, I'm not in the gym. Likely a combination of both that hopefully gets helped with time and practice. Let's try not to be fair-weather fans and support the team during the last home series against NDSU.
  11. I don't think it's time to bail on Coach Tiffin quite yet. It's only the start of his second season. He's lost of bunch of experience in the past 6-7 months that wasn't part of the plan, and one could argue, not his fault. The timing of his hiring meant he didn't get a full shot at recruiting his first summer and this past summer had to be a mess for recruiting. Not being competitive against SU doesn't help, but I don't think it's fair to give up on him right now. He's got some of his people in the pipeline, let's see how they do with some experience.
  12. Morgan Hunt is not listed as well. She was a redshirt freshman, so not a lot of court time last year, and with the new middle on the roster maybe it's not surprising. Rutten had a ton of experience (appears to have played in all but one set last year), and will be missed. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out between Ahrens/Wall/Albinson for the two middles, especially for M1.
  13. I haven't seen the video myself, but I was told they were singing/syncing along with a song that featured an abundant use of the n-word. And now reading it's more than just the supposed song. Regardless, whatever it was isn't good.
  14. My mom played for the Wheelock Wolves a very long time ago. How many know where Wheelock is located (without consulting the Google )? I wouldn't spend any time working on a shirt, I can't imagine there are many around anywhere that went to Wheelock. And as I think about it, they wouldn't fit into this category. I seem to recall her saying they were Class C.
  15. Not that this is news right now, but yes, we have a winner. https://www.jamestownsun.com/sports/volleyball/4847938-Top-transfer-Hegerle-joining-GPAC-champion-Jimmies#.Xg6uy4tkB88.twitter
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