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  1. Tommy is a calm leader and will only get better. If he completed two more balls the comments on him would look completely different. He’s young with a high ceiling! Team needs to use this weekend to rest up and get better. Go Hawks!!
  2. Great win!!! Rest up this weekend and work for the first road game!
  3. Just seems weird to punt from their 33 yard line
  4. Good blocking!!!! Let’s go again defense!
  5. Otis!! Let’s go again defense!!
  6. Need to come out and score out of half time!
  7. What a punt. Need to get out of this!
  8. Our guys were not set before that play
  9. Let’s get in the end zone this time!
  10. That was a catch. He literally had it tucked
  11. Looks like the fans are underestimating the Yotes. I hope the team isn't! Too many Idaho State nightmares.
  12. Armacost did say applications for next year are up and seems optimistic for next fall.
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