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  1. Developers plan to add a fifth floor to the Hugo’s development downtown. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/government-and-politics/2720635-County-approves-tax-break-amendment-for-downtown-Hugos
  2. Looks like Danielson had a walk-on football offer from Nebraska. Must be a pretty good athlete
  3. Another building on the lot two doors down from the condos you referred to above, on the corner of Demers and 4th. Also a six story building near the Herald with commercial space and a couple hundred apartments. I think the St Johns building (across from town square) is getting a complete overhaul. Another apartment building near the Townhouse Hotel. And a complete revamp of the street and town square. I think there's more i am missing.
  4. They demolished tens of buildings over the past few years.
  5. I know I missed a few: Old president's building. The building being turned into the new data science center or whatever - Babcock? I thought there was talks about Merrifield being renovated as some time, too? And then there is talk about a new STEM facility in the Hyslop, and a few multi-use, private-public partnership buildings along university.
  6. Sports were cut years ago due to budget reductions from the state. UND is building a brand new union, renovating the library, will get a new business school, and that's on top of new Wilkerson, med school, HPC, Engineering school, education building, Robin Hall, among others in the last 5 years. Med school enrollment is increasing as is aerospace. A lot of what you said is based on perception of those certain situations..
  7. Most American cities the size of Grand Forks would love to have the type of transformation going on, especially downtown, that Grand Forks has seen and will continue to see over the next few years. It just so happens that the cities in the region that Grand Forks is being compared to are experiencing far above average growth.
  8. Excited to see how he develops
  9. I think Sather will be an upgrade! Welcome, Coach!
  10. Possibly talking about some funding?
  11. The first call the interim pres needs to make is to KEM
  12. Looks like the Redskins have a lot of DBs on the roster currently. Deion's size is what's going to set him apart.
  13. Anyone have her cellphone #??
  14. Should be interesting to see where Brady O goes tonight in the CFL draft. This article mentions him among the top RBs: https://www.cfl.ca/2019/05/01/primer-need-know-2019-cfl-draft/
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