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  1. Looks like he was one of SCSU’s best defenders. Good get!
  2. As season ends, UND High Performance Center 2 needs focus https://www.grandforksherald.com/opinion/editorials/4806027-Our-view-As-season-ends-UND-High-Performance-Center-2-needs-focus
  3. And everyone I've talked to says they have the best S&C coach in the country.
  4. If anyone is trying to unload tickets for this Friday (2 or 4) let me know!
  5. People are going to have to start dropping their ask price
  6. Seems like a lot went UNDs way today
  7. How’d we score? The Pluto stream keeps cutting out
  8. We are losing at home to a really really bad team....
  9. 17-0. Maybe I should start worrying about UND winning, though?
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