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  1. forksandspoons

    Idaho State

    Win the lines of scrimmage all game and we will have a good result
  2. forksandspoons

    North Dakota Hawks look-a- likes!

    Dancing Bengal
  3. forksandspoons

    2018 attendance

    And the people who wanna see the greatest coach in NBA history
  4. forksandspoons

    2018 attendance

    Probably 150 tickets gone since around 7 p.m. yesterday
  5. forksandspoons

    ISU @ UND Predictions

    UND 31, ISU 24
  6. forksandspoons

    Idaho State

    You could always head to The Bun for one
  7. forksandspoons

    Idaho State

    Is it tomorrow yet?
  8. forksandspoons


    Just reposting the link to donate: undalumni.org/Bubba2
  9. forksandspoons

    2018 attendance

    I'm guess over 11,000 at least
  10. forksandspoons

    2018 attendance

    A lot of people figure it's cheaper at the box office than paying extra fees online
  11. forksandspoons

    2018 attendance

    There might be a bigger walk-up crowd than most games as it is a 4 p.m. start and homecoming/Potato Bowl. I'd hope so, at least.
  12. forksandspoons

    2018 attendance

    Decent amount disappeared since yesterday. Hopefully a packed, loud house on Saturday.
  13. forksandspoons

    Grand Forks Economy

    County commissioners approve two new projects for Grand Sky http://www.grandforksherald.com/business/4501712-county-commissioners-approve-two-new-projects-grand-sky
  14. forksandspoons

    Idaho State

    Good to see Jade Lawrence back in the two-deep
  15. forksandspoons


    Gershmans donate $3 million for restoration of historic UND building http://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/4501527-gershmans-donate-3-million-restoration-historic-und-building