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  1. 3 Facebook posts on the UND hockey page in the last day, but 0 for football
  2. Athletic department should be standing outside the Alerus before the concert tonight selling tickets for tomorrow. Where has all the social media promotion been?
  3. Yet another mission for Grand Forks Air Force Base. How much these benefit the economy remains to be seen. Future satellite mission added to Grand Forks Air Force Base's responsibilities https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/government-and-politics/7199629-Future-satellite-mission-added-to-Grand-Forks-Air-Force-Bases-responsibilities
  4. Probably at NCHC media day. Chaves hasn’t tweeted since June 2020. He used to be very active on social media.
  5. From the UND Athletics social media pages, you’d hardly know there was a game this weekend…
  6. what the new West and McVey halls will look like:
  7. Unfortunately it’ll be around 9k https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/7196857-Potato-Bowl-tickets-are-still-on-sale-as-attendance-could-rival-2019-game
  8. Tons of tickets left. Hopefully und pushes hard these last few days to get some more fans in the seats
  9. Gassed the whole game but saved 5 or 6 timeouts??
  10. How is the snap low every other time? That slows schuster a lot
  11. Led with the helmet then we get held the next play lol
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