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  1. Looks like Harris had two tackles yesterday and the Redskins cut a corner.
  2. Solid idea. I hope that's something they're considering.
  3. He's wondering if those of you who have recently joined had any trouble registering? Thank you!
  4. UND Alumni Association and Foundation raises $67.7 million, sets fundraising record https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/4607349-UND-Alumni-Association-and-Foundation-raises-67.7-million-sets-fundraising-record
  5. The Cay Darcy's (breakfast) Fat Albert's (subs) JL Beers, although there are a few locations. Up North Pizza Hub Pub I've heard great things about Scotty's Deli
  6. Feel free to join and start some threads up!
  7. My friend is in the process of creating a message board dedicated to the Summit League and asked if I could post it here: http://summitfans.com/ Not much going on yet but he says he's got almost 20 people to register - just needs some chatter.
  8. Hopefully no bad surprises
  9. UND SMHS nets $10M for gene research http://blogs.und.edu/und-today/2019/07/und-smhs-nets-10m-for-gene-research/
  10. In the next 2-3 years, downtown will have at least 225 more apartments and condos between this, Lyons Garage, Arbor Park and 4th and DeMers developments.
  11. And, though off University, the HPC Phase II.
  12. Video of what it will look like here. That stretch of University is going to look great.
  13. "Congratulations to all ATO current members and alumni on the ground breaking of their new house!" This is right on University, too. You can see the union in the background.
  14. That, along with the new union, is going to be a huge upgrade
  15. A couple of players I expect to have breakout seasons, just to get this conversation going: Offense: Cam McKinney, Alex Cloyd Defense: Noah Larson, Engwall/Seguin/whoever is at NG as the focus will be on Bennett True freshmen that make an impact: Luke Skokna, Chandon Pierre, Caleb Nelson
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