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  1. forksandspoons

    Downtown Grand Forks

    Counting all the current and potential projects downtown over the next couple years: Arbor Park, Lyons Garage redevelopment, Hugo's/Alerus development, apartments next to the Townhouse, corner of Demers and 4th? Missing any?
  2. forksandspoons

    Downtown Grand Forks

    A six story building is being proposed where Lyons Garage currently sits (across from city hall) https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/government-and-politics/4541817-grand-forks-city-council-gets-update-growth-downtown
  3. forksandspoons

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Any offers out to nose guards? EDIT: I should say are there any nose guards we could possibly see commit soon?
  4. forksandspoons

    Grand Forks Economy

    Looks like LM will add 200 jobs LM Wind Power to expand production in $2.5 million project https://www.grandforksherald.com/business/manufacturing/4538337-lm-wind-power-expand-production-25-million-project
  5. forksandspoons

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Who is going to play NG next season?
  6. forksandspoons

    UND (4-2) @ MSU (1-6) 11/27 8 PM

  7. forksandspoons

    UND (3-1) vs Concordia (NE) (4-3) 11/20 7 PM

    Sounds fun
  8. forksandspoons

    Facilities Master Plan

    The new union will help so much with prospective students' first impressions of the school. I haven't been to many other student unions, but the ones I have been in or seen pictures of are much nicer than UND's current one.
  9. forksandspoons

    Facilities Master Plan

    Yes won
  10. forksandspoons

    Time For Some New Blood

    Really hope we look outside for the OC job for someone with a proven track record...
  11. forksandspoons

    UND - Northern Arizona Game Day Thread

    Everyone here shares that sentiment
  12. forksandspoons

    UND - Northern Arizona Game Day Thread

    Not proudly. We are bad. But it’s sad when the anti-football crowd shows up
  13. forksandspoons

    UND - Northern Arizona Game Day Thread

  14. forksandspoons

    UND - Northern Arizona Game Day Thread

    There are more und football fans than all of college women’s hockey
  15. forksandspoons

    UND - Northern Arizona Game Day Thread

    Women’s hockey was a bigger mistake than waiting to move up to D1