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  1. Three Minnesota teams in the frozen four, just for the team from Mass to win. State of hockey lol...
  2. Imagine getting shutout in the national championship, could never be my program.
  3. GOHUSKIESWOOOOO.... Get fucked.
  4. Everybody knows that the NCHC is the best conference. This result doesn't change that. !@#$ St. Cloud
  5. You genuinely could not pay me to cheer for that piece of !@#$ fan base to win a title. Go UMASS.
  6. Go UMASS. !@#$ St. Cloud
  7. Jason Gregoire also wore an "A" when Genoway got hurt.
  8. I don't want to speculate on injuries, especially when the rumors I've heard aren't completely reliable, but I've heard he might not be able to go this fall.
  9. No meltdown yet. They're actually incredibly optimistic. Program is so far in the dumps that they are going after moral victories now.
  10. Crazy to think that the gophs aren't even a top 3 team in their own state.
  11. Hockey gods weren't too happy with gophers celebrating Duluth's win last night..
  12. First complaint on GPL about Mankato players being "older" lol
  13. espn is so bad at this !@#$ lol
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