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  1. It's all good. Loose vs lose always drives me crazy.
  2. Yeah. Hopefully nothing's LOOSE. Would like to be tight. Can't afford to lose that game.
  3. To nobody's surprise, NDSU fans feel the need to defend a personal foul.
  4. Haha sure man. Whatever say.
  5. Blindside block. Stood over him afterwards. And getting a sideline warning while up 31.
  6. Classy NDSU. What do you expect though?
  7. Good stand by the defense. Really like CJ.
  8. Only reason that ball was un catchable was because the db was dragging Maag away from the ball. Woof.
  9. Shockingly we pick up the first flag against NDSU.
  10. To his credit, he stood next to Beth Hoole longer than most people can.
  11. Kyle Emanuel is so awkward in the booth. Oof.
  12. NDSU getting away with holding is just something we're going to have to fight through.
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