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  1. Kudos for reviewing it. Make sure you get the right call.
  2. Hit looks fine. Just caught Pinto with his head down. Stupid rink design.
  3. So now we just move on as if the allegation was never made?
  4. Sure didn't take him long to make an appearance on The View and Don Lemon's show...
  5. It's completely possible and that's what she's claiming. Time for somebody to do some investigating.
  6. I mean, hacking snapchat can be something as simple as trying to log onto somebody else's account. Not exactly rocket science.
  7. Agreed. But like UND, they won't, in fear of the social justice mob.
  8. Jussie Smollett is so last year. It's now a Bubba Wallace. And yes, it appears he does.
  9. The Spicy Pie in Fargo was/is ten times better than the one in Forks.
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