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  1. And 550 yds came against Valpo…
  2. And 550 yds came against Valpo…
  3. This is surprising as a couple of good sources said Q was taking snaps yesterday. Not sure what to believe, will see tomorrow I guess.
  4. 100 spots ! … ha ha poor bison fans
  5. I remember that game… insane !
  6. The sad thing about this is Midco has agreed to provide WDAY a few of their camera feeds … not sure why
  7. 2 hrs before kickoff… 12 noon baby
  8. I don’t think it was ready for the Drake game, will be for the bison game
  9. The alerus has sold these areas as additional seating, I believe the new bar rails are going in this week.
  10. With UND going fully digital tickets this year, Saturday’s game with be interesting. This new concept hasn’t gone to well with the over 50 crowd and that’s an understatement.
  11. ND1


    Ok where can one purchase a negative test??? Bought one from the bartender in Cancun for $50.00. Shouldn’t be that hard, come on big money to be made !
  12. Any word on Maag or Haas ?
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