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  1. ND1

    2018 attendance

    Sorry, I believed he flew out already. They wanted him to do the coin flip and he declined.
  2. ND1

    ISU @ UND Predictions

    UND 29 ISU 14
  3. ND1

    FCS Football Polls

    For what’s it worth, the bison media poll (Fargo media guys) have us at 16th
  4. ND1

    2018 attendance

    It’s Potato Bowl and Homecoming, we could be 0-3 and there would still be over 10k. With the added hype this week, I say 11,300.
  5. ND1

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    He plays with an edge and has only played 3 games in his short career. He will be a fun one to watch for many years!
  6. ND1

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    Great win!!! Hello rankings ...say 15th??
  7. ND1

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    Let’s go D .. tighten up
  8. ND1

    UND @ SHSU predictions

    Rain = UND +6 No - rain = Kats +8 God I hope it rains !
  9. ND1

    Sam Houston

    Last week vs P5 FBS Washington, we held their hyped up Heisman QB and potential NFL receivers in check for 3 quarters and stopped their rushing game. We picked off 2 passes and had great pressure on Jake Browning for 3 quarters... which lead to the fans booing at halftime! SH is fast, but not a P5 FBS playoff contender fast. We held our own last week and shall again this week!
  10. ND1

    UND - Washington Game Day Thread

    Brady = hyper extended his knee in practice last week
  11. ND1

    Sam Houston State Viewing Options

    Wdaz/wday 2nd channel is carrying it
  12. ND1

    Sam Houston

  13. ND1

    Bubba and his band of coaches

    The hockey team plays in the “FBS” division of hockey, the football doesn’t
  14. ND1

    UND - Washington Game Day Thread

    Overall, we competed well for 3 quarters. funny, go to the Washington fan forums and they are in complete melt down right now. puts things in perspective
  15. ND1

    Viewing the Washington Husky game

    Works well... at least for now!