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  1. Just a guess, but I wonder if they won’t limit the first few home games to 50% capacity or to season tickets holders only ... 6k range. This tends to be the trend in the Big 12 at least.
  2. It’s Minnesota, wouldn’t be surprised if the bars are still closed in the fall.
  3. I tend to believe there will be a season of some kind, but wait until that one kid on one team some where in the country comes down with something more than the sniffles. Panic and hysteria will rain down upon the althletic directors and college presidents to protect the poor kids .
  4. Hate to put some negativity into this, but right now some insiders are saying there is a 50/50 chance of a season this year. As the next month or two goes on you will see more talk of this. If there is a season I wonder if it might be delayed to perhaps starting in October. Think about it we are only 4 months away from opening fall camp. God I hope this blows over in the next month or two.
  5. ND1

    Bubba extension

    Had a hip replacement earlier this year
  6. ND1

    Bubba extension

    Football coaches are moving temporarily to Starcher hall until phase 2 is announced/completed.
  7. ND1

    Bubba extension

    Hearing phase 2 should be announced very soon, primary donor locked in
  8. Maybe job security ? Who knows how the season will play out and the future of bubba as its his last year under contract.
  9. ND1

    2021 FB Recruiting

    Remains to be seen if he plays football as I hear he is one hell of a thrower in shot/discuss With his dad coaching at UND, you would think he would stay here. Pure optics alone, it wouldn’t look good to go elsewhere for football
  10. ND1

    2021 FB Recruiting

    He is an impressive player, one on one he dominated both sides of the ball
  11. Good for him, I don’t know much about him but brown needs to go. We did to inject some new life into this city !
  12. Tellmans are not opening it themselves , they are looking for a renter speaking of restaurants, anyone been to ground round lately? The place is a dump.. wallpaper falling off the walls the floor crumbing in places. Used to be a great spot
  13. JMU is making the bison look like a JV team right now... loving it
  14. A press conference/news release is supposedly scheduled for early next week...
  15. 6-4, 230...yikes Can’t wait to see these QBS compete in spring
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