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  1. Heard the Ralph and one other arena put in bids to host all the teams
  2. Heard half the team .. better now than in November
  3. Message to all the UND students on campus ... STOP going to get tested when you fell fine !
  4. It’s the trey lance sweepstakes ... just watch the hype about to descend on him and the bison for this game
  5. Sorry folks, just another way NDSU football remains on top and relevant in this area while UND sits at home and wonders what if....... For the next month all you will hear is NDSU football
  6. Good kid, but he was trackster not a football player
  7. High school will not be proactively testing healthy students, up to the parentsnif the kid should be tested. Just finishing up the bb AAU season with tournaments in Minneapolis, Sioux Falls and Iowa with teams from all over the Midwest at every tournament. Not one player or parent missed a game If the colleges wouldn’t test healthy athletes there would be A season and turn out just fine.
  8. Season is done boys ...sucks ! big sky is canceling and Missouri valley has now canceled their media day scheduled for Monday.
  9. In all honesty FCS football this fall is hanging by a thread right now after the Colonial league said they are not playing this fall. Best case scenario is we play a conference only season with no playoffs or wait until spring and try it again. We should have the answer within 2 weeks
  10. Just a guess, but I wonder if they won’t limit the first few home games to 50% capacity or to season tickets holders only ... 6k range. This tends to be the trend in the Big 12 at least.
  11. It’s Minnesota, wouldn’t be surprised if the bars are still closed in the fall.
  12. I tend to believe there will be a season of some kind, but wait until that one kid on one team some where in the country comes down with something more than the sniffles. Panic and hysteria will rain down upon the althletic directors and college presidents to protect the poor kids .
  13. Hate to put some negativity into this, but right now some insiders are saying there is a 50/50 chance of a season this year. As the next month or two goes on you will see more talk of this. If there is a season I wonder if it might be delayed to perhaps starting in October. Think about it we are only 4 months away from opening fall camp. God I hope this blows over in the next month or two.
  14. ND1

    Bubba extension

    Had a hip replacement earlier this year
  15. ND1

    Bubba extension

    Football coaches are moving temporarily to Starcher hall until phase 2 is announced/completed.
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