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  1. ND1

    NDSUCKS Dump Thread

    Bison have 3 freshman QBs already along with a transfer from Iowa state. Greatz only job with the bison will be holding a clip board for 4 years.
  2. There big man is the #1 shot blocker in college basketball.. nba prospect
  3. ND1

    Filling the Ralph

    Hugo’s are handing out coupon vouchers for $25.00 ticket today
  4. ND1

    Filling the Ralph

    My work is a big supporter of UND and course they have tickets to all events. In the past hockey tickets were drawn for while FB and BB tickets were thrown on the front desk for anyone to have. The hockey tickets have now become the same fate of bb and fb tickets... just laying there hoping someone will grab them !!
  5. ND1

    WR and OL Coaches

    Making 350k at an FBS gig and going to FCS position coach at perhaps 70k , weird ...
  6. ND1

    2019 UND Recruiting

    The SD Qb committed to SD state
  7. ND1

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Klieman is gone!
  8. ND1

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Twitter is starting to blow up...sounds like Klieman might be heading to K State
  9. ND1

    UND vs. DU

    Bought a couple more seats for Friday night game, said they still had over 500 seats for sale
  10. ND1

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Gordon is going back to RB
  11. ND1

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Heard this morning we are close to getting FBS drop down/transfer running back and should be here next semester. No idea who or from what school
  12. ND1

    2018 Season

    Bubba is on the radio now... admits he should have paid more attention to the offensive schemes in the past and says going forward will .. interesting
  13. ND1

    2019 Attendance

    Home games against UC Davis, Sam Houston and Montana State along with a new offense, what’s not to love! IN !!!
  14. ND1

    Who would UND hire?

    Randy Hedberg QB coach at NDSU. with Klieman perhaps moving on, Randy and Bubba go way back
  15. ND1

    2019 Season

    Absolute killer schedule