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  1. ND1

    Shaw's gone.

    Not sure he is still married as she moved to Vegas with the kids when he left for the east coast.
  2. ND1

    2020 FB Recruiting

    He is good, he dominated for the most and was only a junior... good get by UND
  3. ND1

    Future Schedules

    For 2020. We only have 10 games listed. I assume we have an opener at home that is not listed ?
  4. I agree, but remember this is nothing more than a “promise ring” at this age. Either party can change directions at anytime
  5. ND1

    Spring Ball

    "It's about building our team day by day." Relive UND's spring season with a special Spring Ball episode of the award-winning web series #DayByDay: Inside @UNDfootball! watch the full episode here: https://gomid.co/DBDSpring19 #MidcoSN | #UNDproud
  6. ND1

    Spring Ball

    Grover looked good at QB, made the best throws of all QBs Otis weh runs hard and explosive, will be fun to watch The new offense likes to spread things out with 5 wide formations TE are out wide used as blockers. Kind of reminds me of how the Green Bay packers used their spread formations. Remember Danny is a Wisconsin boy and loves the packs!
  7. ND1

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Good question, great kid and high school athlete But never struck me as D1 player. Pretty lanky and not that fast.
  8. ND1

    Spring Ball

    Very true, if he was a few inches taller he would be in the Big 10
  9. ND1

    Spring Ball

    Kett is #1 and it sounds like Grover #2 at least For spring ball
  10. For away games, why does dr Greek stand next to the coaches... bugs me
  11. ND1

    UND vs DU

    I see the interstates into Denver and are still closed.
  12. ND1

    UND vs DU

    They were planning to fly this afternoon I believe , but the Denver airport is now closed
  13. ND1

    UND vs DU

    It’s expected that Midco will pick up the feed
  14. When the parents advise the AD of what the lines should be and then the said AD informs the coach of the line up... you have problems and eventually no coaches.
  15. Sorry hockey parents, but overall you guys are the worst group, it’s a wonder we still have coaches voluntarily wanting to coach and officials willing to work anymore. Parents of all sports are creating a shortage of officials and coaches willing to volunteer, but sorry hockey moms and dads you guys top the list!
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