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  1. ND1

    SH Game Day

    Why no runs to the outside? where was Austin Gordon ?
  2. ND1

    SH Game Day

    All camp I heard how great Grover was...
  3. ND1

    Onto Sam Houston

    Just once can we stop a dual threat QB, come on Smidtty it’s time !!
  4. ND1

    Onto Sam Houston

    Here is the link to Sam Houston forum...they still think we are running the same offense as before, run up the middle on 1st and 2nd down and pass on 3rd...any chance their coaches are as clueless as their fans ? http://www.katfans.com/katsforum/forumdisplay.php?28-Bearkat-Football-and-the-Southland
  5. I think zim fits Danny’s offense better than kett. Hard to judge when playing the top team though.
  6. ND1

    2019 Attendance

    Potato bowl and a big time opponent... close to a sell out I bet
  7. My biggest concern as well
  8. The problem with FCS football betting is Vegas very pays very little attention to it. Your major sports books usually don’t even touch a FCS/FBS matchup. I believe 5dimes is the only one covering FCS football and sometimes questionable at that as UND was only favored by 8 points last week. I assume the line this week and last week are based more on last seasons teams and performance and nothing else. I doubt there is a lot time invested into FCS football research.
  9. Holm should be back, sounds like he could of played this past weekend. No idea on Rooney
  10. I was too, what a day. They didn’t have to look to far for the goal posts, they were at the old ATO frat house ... what a party !!
  11. I personally think zim is a better QB, plays more aggressive and moves better than kett
  12. I see bubba has closed practice to the media and fans this week... good idea
  13. One thing that caught my attention was the bison secondary. Only one player on the 2 deep is over 6’ I believe. Don’t get me wrong they are good, but with our 4 WR at 6-4, we might have some good match ups next week
  14. Hearing the initial report is a sprain only and should be back within a couple weeks. Regardless I think Zimm did just fine and there would be little drop off with him playing
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