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  1. ND1

    Weber St GDT

    What the hell was that
  2. ND1

    Weber St GDT

    Mason Bennett looks good jumping around on the sidelines
  3. ND1

    Weber St GDT

    Down 3 at half with the ball to start the 2nd ..will take it
  4. ND1

    Weber St GDT

    FYI. ... punter was all state sprinter in high school
  5. ND1

    Weber St GDT

    Game at 2 or 3 pm our time in GF?
  6. ND1

    Weber State

    Heard McKenney was a full participant at practice Today and looked good
  7. EWU SOS is awful, I believe one of the wins was against a division 2 team so probably won’t count. The only ranked team they have beaten is us.
  8. The problem was it was an awful sports bar with small TVs and an awful menu. Went there on a recent Monday night to watch football and have a beer and they had swimming on most TVs and staff didn’t know how to change the channels. Tellmans will do better, heard they are upgrading the TVs !
  9. ND1

    2020 FB Recruiting

    He is good, dominated the line on both offense and defense. Was injured and didn’t play the last half of the season, ACL?? very good thrower as well
  10. ND1

    Weber State

    The difference with Weber is not many people are expecting a UND win, maybe we go into this one with a bit different mindset than EW and Idaho State. Many were predicting a win at EW and ISU and maybe we were a bit over confident ?
  11. ND1

    2019 Season

    Any update on mason Bennett? I heard it was a season ending injury but he looked pretty good in street clothes on Sat. No brace and moving around well.
  12. ND1

    Montana State

    Surprising, saw Morrison with a boot on the other day. I heard zim is done for the year
  13. ND1

    Montana State

    I like this coach ! ”I am sure the students will be tailgating by 6am and shotgunning a few beers”
  14. ND1

    Montana State

    I agree they are one of the better rushing teams in the FCS, I believe top 10 and our rush defense... well let’s not go there
  15. ND1

    Cal Poly gdt

    My god what a play !
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