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    The Yotes

    Pick to click: Isaiah. Get him some touches please.
  2. Smart coach. Wo unto us all... Beware the coach speak.
  3. Teeder11

    UND @ ISU

    I like your moxy, but let’s adjust our expectations a tad. SDSU is better than us, right now (No sneaking up on them this year). And it appears Utah State is not as horrible as Colo. St. Let’s get a W however we can, and get the heck out of Logan. Crossing fingers on health of Maag and Haas.
  4. Teeder11

    UND @ ISU

    Kupfer was always Tom Miller’s “pick to click” when we were watching fall camp. Kupfer and Overby had the same build, height and wore the same number. We had to tell them apart by Overby’s long locks compared to Kupfer’s more cropped do. Kupfer looked good at camp but it remains to be seen if that will translate on the field of play.
  5. Teeder11

    UND @ ISU

    When we played them last, Matt Struck was their QB. But Matty didn't do so hot last spring against us at the Al when he was with Mo St. He got "Struck" all over the place. I don't know that the Bengals protected Struck better than Mo St. did, I just think that our personnel on the field was night-and-day different and more seasoned against Mo. St. (and Struck) than the 2019 game in Pokey Town. Our backfield in 2019 comprised Austin Gordan, Dalton Gee, McKinney and a depleted Johanneson. Mikey Greibel was among the starting WRs (along with Toiv, Wanzek and Maag). Schuster didn't play and Kett made all kinds of questionable decisions in the 2019 game. And Waletzko was hurt and out early in the 2019 contest. On Defense, Hayden Blubaugh was picked on all game in 2019. I don't think the tandem of Blubaugh and Lenny Nelson on the right side of the field frightened them all that much. The OLBs were Jade Lawrence and Turner... no disrespect to Jade but I like what we have now at outside a lot better with Turner, Navratil, Haas, Shannon and MVJ. All of this, plus in 2019, everything was compounded by the blizzard and the hellacious travel schedule that messed everything up.
  6. Good question. I’ll wait your enlightening. I don’t want to get in the way of a good story.
  7. You're correct. The Herald didn’t even do the story.
  8. Who went running to the Heraldo? Curious sounds like you're totally in the know.
  9. Fan fest! 8 more days and a wake up until Pokey Town! Woo hoo. Hope springs eternal
  10. Access becomes tighter after camp concludes, and they start installing the offense and defensive schemes, and preparing for Idaho State. Not Miler's fault.
  11. You weren’t seeing things. You are correct. I saw it too and commented about it to the guys I was standing with. Very interesting. I also noticed MVJ has some nice size to go with his speed. Could be a nice positional fit.
  12. First, I have to encourage everyone to check out Herald sportswriter Tom Miller's daily practice logs from Memorial Stadium. They are excellent, such as today's piece on Jack Wright, and they, alone, are worth the modest price of admission for a subscription to get the inside daily scoop. Look for more stories like that in the future... including one on stellar Offensive Tackle Matt Waletzko and his road from Cold Springs, Minn. (Rocori) to UND. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/football/7144713-UND-football-fall-camp-Day-3-Jack-Wright-starts-to-carve-a-role-following-injury#.YRAH04rKWDM.twitter Thoughts from today: 1. Red shirt freshman WR Jack Wright has good hands... that's not a news flash as he is considered one of the best H.S. receivers ever. I have also been mildly surprised by by his quicks after he catches the ball. He's like a bit bigger version of Josh Seibel. 2. Freshman WR Nate DeMontagnac was good early in catching drills but struggled a bit later on 11-11 with difficult low balls. He looks the part early but will need time to season. 3. New Freshman WR Owens still not practicing with the team, though he's on the field, eagerly helping out coaches with drills. 3. The aforementioned Waletzko is an absolute stud. Best next-level prospect since Chris Kuper IMHO. Should be getting visits to Memorial Stadium from NFL scouts soon. 4. Maag and Chrysten Cochrane had the bulk of the nice grabs (Wright was active too) during skelly type and 11-11 drills. Feeney and Vaughn both hit CC on perfectly placed out routes. Vaughn also connected with Maag on a nice out route. 5. OL #1s continue to be the law firm of Walezko, Lavell, Lotysz, Kilty and Ventrelli. Lotysz is at center, with Fenton, Neustel and the Portland State transfer backing up that spot. 6. Defense, as a whole, had noticeably nice pursuit to the ball today, especially on screen pass scenarios. 7. Boltmann and Bequist seem to be coming along but no one is rushing their progress. Belquist looked especially fine running routes and cuts on non-contact drills. Remember give Tom Miller's articles a click!
  13. I think Tom Miller’s report covered it pretty well. Not really anything I would have written that he didn’t have already. QBs rankings today IMHO: 1. Quincy 1a. Schuster 3. Trey 4. Romfo Distant 5. Postler Young QBs heads are swimming right now. Trey looks the part; he will be really really good some day. Another note: OL looking good early. Love how we have become more plug and play with lots of ready young talent, under Pawlak.
  14. ^^^ this. He wasn’t even the best QB out there today.
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