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  1. Teeder11

    UND (3-1) vs Concordia (NE) (4-3) 11/20 7 PM

    Ralston said last night on the radio that, at this point, it's more precautionary and he would have dressed/played last night only if needed. Sounds like he could be back for the next stretch against the non-con D1 teams.
  2. Teeder11

    Facilities Master Plan

    Some context for what it's worth... and yes, I too wish more people would participate in voting in all facets of society: 1,306 (53.54%) YES - in favor of the construction of a new Memorial Union 1,133 (46.45%) NO - not in favor of the construction of a new Memorial Union Grand Total = 2,439 Total Students Voting As a point of reference, 2,278 students voted in the most recent Student Government Election and 2,326 students cast ballots over a much longer period of time for the Fighting Hawk Mascot Selection.
  3. Teeder11

    UND - Portland State Game Day Thread

    You must be new here. ( ; No. 1 rule of Sioux Sports: the injury “excuse” can only be applied when it pertains to our opponents* when we beat them. ACCEPTED USAGE ADDENDUM: It can be used by our own fan base ONLY when referencing that we beat a team that was missing its star players; it can also be used by the vanqished teams’ representatives, stakeholders and fan bases to defend their teams’ ineptness, and/or it can be used by trolling instigators from third party rival fan bases to water down the value of a Hawks victory. It can NEVER be used by our own fan base to add context to a loss. Such usage is usually followed by snarky retorts to the tune of “should have had more depth, then ... horrible recruiting.” Other teams are never expected to overcome injuries with depth if we beat them. The injury excuse works fine for them. Prple * Mainly pertains to FB and BB program opponents. Just thought you should know. Signed, MGMT wannabe
  4. Teeder11

    What do you think of the logo now??

    IF the shoe fits, wear it....if no, then move along; nothing to see here.
  5. Teeder11

    UND vs Northland 11/6 7:07 PM

    Ouch. Hey, I resemble that remark!
  6. Teeder11

    UND vs Northland 11/6 7:07 PM

    True. If it hadn't been a run-a-way, I think we would have a lot more to talk about on here. Carry on!
  7. Teeder11

    UND vs Northland 11/6 7:07 PM

    Bunch a queer eyes for the straight guy on here! Talking fashion instead of Xs and Os, what gives? Maybe with some stiffer competition we'll have substantive things to complain about other than threads and shoes.
  8. Teeder11

    What do you think of the logo now??

    I really like the new nickname, but then again, I really liked the Fighting Sioux name, as well ...because.... well, it was UND — the school I love and cherish. End of story for me.
  9. Teeder11

    Weber State

    Agree. But the criticizer should also have thick enough skin to take it when they’re criticism is blatantly knee jerk and uninformed, and others point that out. Not pointing at you, so don’t get excited. Just in general. Oh and sometimes it’s just fun to be a fan of a team, and, I know God forbid, borderline on delusional and develop a hankering for the Kool aid, rather than be forced to be an unsympathetic objective observer of a team. Might as well just be a bizon fan in Fighting ng Hawks clothing then. For me, I say, screw that! I like a little delusional hope and passion through thick and thin mixed with my realistic hot takes. Otherwise college sports becomes just a business and not a passion. Might as well be an analyst rather than a Hawks fan. I love being the latter.
  10. Teeder11

    UND forms partnership with Sun Country airlines

    Sun Country, United and Delta.
  11. Teeder11

    Weber State

    Totally get that. I was as frustrated as most, but it was a phase, obviously... sometimes I wish we'd pump the breaks when we have a situation like that. That's just my wish... people can feel free to say what they want, within reason. For instance, I said early on, based on what I saw at practices, our kicking situation was going to be a rough adventure moving forward. And that has held true. I am not all about sugar coating things, but sometimes these young players just go into a temporary funk. I was just surprised that so many painted with such a broad brush when TT went into his (despite the fact that he was pretty darn good before that).
  12. Teeder11

    Weber State

    No worries at all. Everyone has a right to an opinion. I just have a hard time with how quickly some fans jump on these guys in an attempt to be the first to post some hot take or another. I was perplexed at the criticism of TT even when he was struggling because I have seen him in practice and game days do so well. A big agile multisport athlete is never a bad thing to have. The same goes for Aplin. The kid is a beast, he's durable and quietly gets the job done on the line. He's always looked agressive, mean and good to me, even at practice, yet some want to throw him under the bus for some reason or another. Is it because he was a walk-on? Don't get it.
  13. Teeder11

    Weber State

    Nice to have some depth for a change. Izzy and Toivonen presumed questionable at best. Time for Maag to take another step. McKinney on sweeps and screens If he can play, put Santiago out wide and get him in space. Stanley only a few games left ... make them count! Greibel introduce yourself to the Big Sky and show us why you were recruited so hard by us and others. (FWIW, I think Mikey is faster than some are giving him credit for. Just hasn't shown it yet. And yes, I have seen him in practice but mostly with a big old cast on his arm, so he was never at full speed) Let's go, Hawks, beat Weber!
  14. Teeder11

    UND- Sacramento State Game Day Thread

    Izzy not so good? Gotta get Greibel going for Weber.
  15. Teeder11

    UND- Sacramento State Game Day Thread

    It’ll be online tonight. Get with the times!