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  1. No you don't. You'll go from knowing everything to being completely clueless about everything in a New York minute.
  2. Once a skywalk is built over 2nd Ave N to connect to the Hawkway, a person would be able to walk totally under cover from the the new Memorial Union to the existing HPC (Pollard Center). I don’t believe that the new law school addition (from a few years ago) was built with a connecting skyway in mind to connector to what is now the new union. That said there will be a skywalk connecting the new Nistler building and the Chester Fritz Library, with future plans to connect Nistler to Merrifield and Merrified to a renovated Twamley.
  3. Teeder's 7 keys to a happy Saturday 1. Control the lines on both sides -- hope for usual second half surge. 2. Establish the run ... probably w/ Skokna as they'll key on Weah (bonus if it's there for Otis, too) 3. Play action and quick hitters/screens to keep front 7 honest. 4. Need to block CBs way better on the edges. 5. Play with confidence, presence and intelligence -- not too high, not too low. 6. No bone-head drive killing penalties (false starts, chop blocks, illegal procedures, too many men, etc.) 7. Special teams excellence on offense and defense.
  4. Looks like Roach was waiting for UND to commit to Coach Bernhard.
  5. A link will be sent (this morning) to media members wishing to attend the press conference and ask questions of Bernhard, Chaves, per UND Athletics.
  6. 1440 AM in the mornings with Paul Ralston and Tim H. KNOX-1310 with an occasional plug KFGO-AM in the Fargo market does a lot of UND stuff, too.
  7. He was pretty busy the last two weeks on the Memorial Stadium beat too. Lots of good information and stories on that. He combined all that with UND football, UND pressers, and tourney time in North Dakota. He was everywhere.
  8. Still a lot of days out but my weather app currently forecasts 48 degrees and a 40 percent chance of rain in Macomb on Saturday.
  9. Penguins up 12-zip over No. 11 Slaw Dogs early in the game.
  10. Penguins up 12-zip over No. 11 Slaw Dogs early in the game.
  11. As long as were peeking into next fall.... how do the Utah State Aggies (our FBS matchup) look going into 2021?
  12. Wright's full bio at Fighting Hawks.com still makes the hair on my neck stand up as to what's to come. And two more coming in this fall who don't look to shabby. Wright: One of the best wide receivers in the history of high school football … A four-year letterwinner for Regent Prep … Finished with the most receiving yards in the state of Oklahoma in 2016, 2017, and 2019 ... Earned district player of the year honors in 2018 … Named a finalist for offensive player of the year by the Tulsa World … Finished his career with 276 catches for 6,227 yards and 112 touchdowns … The 112 touchdowns ar
  13. Not sure of his status.
  14. Correct. Believe both are nursing injuries. Nit sure how mild or serious.
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