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  1. Looks like Ramsey landed on something called Highland Community College in Northwest Illinois. Best wishes to him on his future with the Cougars and beyond. https://highland.edu/athletics/mens-basketball/
  2. They were not typical SHSU strong in2019, I'll give you that, but that bad team finished 7-5 and shut out the team that cleaned our clocks in the playoffs. I don't know if that's saying much about us, if SHSU is/was as "bad" a team" as you say. I'm giving the kid a little more credit for holding his own against a team that came into the Al with a lot of confidence in early 2019. He was a lot more poised in his first action than I thought he'd be. He's got a lot to build upon.
  3. https://www.kxnet.com/sports/local-sports/centurys-jocelyn-julson-signs-with-und-volleyball/ UND signs 5-8 defensive specialist out of Century, also played basketball for the Patriots. When I saw the last name, I thought we might be getting a front row player, as there was a Jackson Julson, who grew up out in Dickinson and who at 7 feet played center for Cincinnati under Bob Huggins. His dad was also a tall Class B bb stud for Leeds way back in the day. Don’t know if there’s any relation here. Jocelyn is thinking med school, so must havens good head on her shoulders.
  4. Moody’s been held out due to COVID protocol reasons recently, according to press clips I’ve seen.
  5. No crowd. Just players, coaches, officials, and media until after the New Year.
  6. You mean driving his target into the turf? Yes, me likes!
  7. Bump A big salute to my brothers and sisters in arms today as we celebrate all of our Veterans and all those who have served this great nation. Happy Veterans Day!
  8. Caleb Nero = Transfer Tyree IHENACHO = New freshman
  9. I've seen mostly upperclassmen. i.e. Holm, Canady, Brock, etc.
  10. Good way to accentuate and promote the current brand and retain control/ownership of the old.
  11. They are saying the players weren't all symptom free. That's all.
  12. Interesting article on MVFC Athletics programs. WARNING: there’s an equestrian reference in Buuny Town. https://www.postguam.com/sports/nation/sports-column-todd-hefferman-the-haves-and-have-nots-of-the-mvfc/article_a518fb95-59ec-58b3-946e-e6f295608085.html From the article: No. 2 — North Dakota's money train NDSU's football team made more money than any other program at any other school in the MVFC, and still lost money. The University of North Dakota men's hockey team made almost as much, $5.69 million in fiscal year 2019, and had a profit of a whopping $1,230,719. The UND
  13. You forgot the part about how some of these players are out with “vagina pulls“ ...etc. IALTO. Oh and how The Eags need to trade him to the Vikes ASAP and the Vikes need to get Bohl on board to be his QB whisperer. Holy snikeys, never thought I’d say that Bozoville is turning into a bigger excuse factory than a UND FB Game thread. I say that last part with much love in my heart.
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