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  1. Teeder11

    Day By Day

    Two things: First, the Sam Houston running back was down on that goal line run, right? Finally got to see a reverse angle on it in this clip. His abdomen at least bounced off the turf before he was in. Secondly, that botched punt was so close to being disastrous. Again, nice to see a reverse angle on it finally -- you could see that his knee was down and hand on the ball with contact from the defender. Good call by stripes.
  2. Teeder11

    What do you think of the logo now??

    ^^^^^^He/She's right, you know
  3. Teeder11

    Students Spearhead Effort for Fighting Hawks Mascot

    Thought they'd sand do something that was actually clever like photoshopping some "Texas Hook'em Horns" on ol' Mike. Guess I gave them too much credit.
  4. Teeder11

    2018 Season

    Shep, hopefully, we can secretly have a Rah Rah session over our offense in Secton 215 on Saturday.
  5. Teeder11

    FCS Football Polls

    Craig Haley of STATS FCS has us at #22: 1 NDSU 2 JMU 3 SDSU 4 Kennesaw 5 NC A&T 6 EWU 7 Wofford 8 Maine 9 McNeese 10 Nova 11 Elon 12 Jacksonville St 13. Weber 14 SHSU 15 Samford 16 Ill St 17 Central Ark 18 Griz 19 UC Davis 20 Rhody 21 S Dakota 22 N Dakota 23 Mercer 24 Nicholls 25 Towson EDIT: SHSU falls to #14
  6. Teeder11

    FCS Football Polls

    With a ranking comes a target on the back. Two edged sword. This year could be fun!
  7. Teeder11

    UND Soccer 2018

    Coach said they were ticked off from last home game and took it out on Steve McNair U.
  8. Teeder11

    Sam Houston

    How Prairie View look for speed in comparison to them/us?
  9. Teeder11

    2018-19 Season

    Jury's still out on Geno, too.
  10. Teeder11

    2018 Season

    Thanks for the info and insight! Sounds like both our teams are very very young. Good luck, Yotes
  11. Teeder11

    2018 Season

    Love this quote about UND from the La. Tech coach. Wasn't long ago that this is what folks would have been saying about the team from Fargo, and not us. Word is getting around. "Tonight our team showed togetherness and the desire to compete for every point against a very talented team – a team with a very strong volleyball history," head coach Adriano de Souza noted. "Even trailing 2-0 in the match, we were still leading in kills. Missed serves, some hitting errors and missed opportunities in counter attack were what hurt us tonight. I like the steps our team is taking in order to consistently compete intelligently and harder for every point."
  12. Teeder11

    2018 Season

    The new Williams kid, transfer from UCONN, is a treat to watch. If you can get out to the Betty this year, she is worth the price of admission, and the way she tandems with Jordan is lethal. The new setter from Finland is getting in sync with the others. Nieukirk and Ahrens are learning fast on their feet... both can kill with authority. Also, the game has really slowed down for Lydia Rutton, and she is far more dominant than she ever was last year. Lastly, pay attention to Williams (No. 0) when Pryor lets her jump serve, which was basically all match today. Her serve is almost impossible to handle. Two times she rattled off like 8-9 services in a row with 2-3 aces each time. Pryor tried this a couple years ago with the young Dominguez defensive specialist. Whereas, she was 50/50 to put it in the net, Williams will put it in the net now and again -- but she is far more consistent with a lot more heat behind it.
  13. Teeder11

    2018 Season

    You're not wrong. I was there. WCU made it interesting at times, when UND would lose focus... but basically it was a run-away.
  14. Teeder11

    No Confidence on DiLorenzo... Again

    At least people can comprehend his messages.
  15. Teeder11

    No Confidence on DiLorenzo... Again

    FWIW ...Here is President Kennedy's response to the Aviation Department faculty. http://blogs.und.edu/und-today/2018/08/president-kennedy-open-letter-to-aviation-department/