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  1. Not a peep on the Twitters from Brad.
  2. Here is a birds-eye-view of University Avenue from a few days ago.
  3. This is a fairly good summation but still doesn't capture everything. The campus is under complete transformation right now. http://blogs.und.edu/und-today/2019/05/under-construction/
  4. Yes, I was curious why there is a perception that UND is a "failing" cornerstone? In comparison to what, who? By what metric is UND failing in comparison to regional/national peers? UND is booming with construction right now. A new interim president with a lot of support, enthusiasm and momentum is about to take the helm, and there is an opportunity to build on what has been a very successive strategic plan, moving forward, as we pick a new permanent leader? Hardly failing. Not directed at you... just agreeing with your post.
  5. 6-5, 185# WR out of Mandan.
  6. Teeder11

    2019 Season

    Good lookin back out of Illinois named Luke Skokna.
  7. Grass is always greener .... syndrome.
  8. As far as I can tell, Deion is wearing No. 23 -- at least at rookie camp he was. That may change. Good for him to get signed!
  9. Man, I'd take that gig in a heart beat! Will be lots of fun keeping track of Johnny and Tank, hopefully for a long while.
  10. News Flash: Higher ed enrollment, in general, is in decline. You can surely find isolated cases of increases but generally fewer and fewer people are taking the traditional path through colleges and universities. This is why Kennedy spent so much of his time finding innovative ways to meet student needs to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow, as well as online education growth to serve job changers, people who needed additional skill sets or training to get promoted and the thousands of on campus students who take online courses on the side to graduate faster.
  11. If they're lucky. He's one of the nation's best in the areas UND needed help in. Another thing that is the norm across the nation but not in small minded N.D. When something like this becomes a major controversy, North Dakota becomes a laughing stock again. Same with airplane-gate (Bresciani) of a few years ago. A lot of passive aggressive back stabbing jealousy masked as humble ahh shucks populism in this region. EDIT: Point of clarification, Kennedy never hired Horwitz initially. SMHS did.
  12. True, he did more to set the University up for success in less than 3 than Bakker, Kupcake and Kelley did in 20 combined.
  13. But he got paid on July 1, 2016, and was officially large and in charge... so, nope, ceremonial inaugurations won't cut it here.
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