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  1. Completely true. But if I may offer a modicum of defense for McFeely -- opinion columnists are not supposed to be balanced (or even truthful). He can think, write and espouse whatever he wants in this country of ours, short of harassment, libel, etc. On the flipside, you never saw Hennen, Shapiro, Cal Thomas, etc. share any serious criticisms of Trump or Bush when their administrations were at the helm. It's how it is. There is no excuse, however, for anyone getting facts completely wrong or just being careless with the facts -- that goes for both the news side journalists and opinion writers (right and left) alike.
  2. Not a rumor as much as Chaves is actively pitching the idea to donors. It's part of his vision to put softball on campus directly north of Pollard, between University Avenue and 2nd Ave N. on the east half of current parking lot.
  3. I see what you did there.
  4. Chief of U.S. Space Command and Molly Yeh headline this year's spring commencement events. http://blogs.und.edu/press-releases/2022/05/u-s-space-force-chief-to-give-main-address-at-und-commencement-may-14/
  5. it’s still around.
  6. Scoff! Failed plays are all on coach. Positive plays are all on player. You should know this by now. (sarc.)
  7. Crowd calls for "Fenney's" head before week 2....
  8. Portalitis — a relatively new affliction characterized by the intense desire to be in a constant state of recruitment; or a chronic need to be wanted; also a deep aversion to commitment.
  9. Flash-in-the-pan Hawk DB Jeremie Dominique is projected as a fourth rounder in the CFL draft (30th overall, Edmonton Elks), by one source. https://3downnation.com/2022/04/12/john-hodges-2022-cfl-mock-draft-2-0/
  10. A Ty Boyle sighting. https://coffeeordie.com/best-ranger-competition-final-day/
  11. Unfortunately, I wasn’t around yesterday. I would have liked to take it all in.
  12. Really a great guy. Loved chatting with Kyle about all things sports and life in general.
  13. Bump. I know hindsight is always 20/20 but what were the feelings based on that Bruns wouldn't give the SD schools a look when I alluded to the possibility back in January? It just felt to me like the stars were aligning in that direction at the time. Like every night in a Hawks uni was turning into an audition for his home state programs.
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