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  1. If eligible, hoping the flashes OW was showing in 2018 will re-emerge in 2020 as a tough, fast bowling ball.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/SkylineSportsMT/status/1199107732210511872
  3. I see SUU QB entered the transfers portal. Wonder where he’s looking to go?
  4. Teeder11


    Unfortunately, no. Oh welp.
  5. Teeder11


    Even the FCS national scoreboard considers it a loss. Pay attention to the arrows.
  6. It really was never closed as the law prescribes. The new law doesn’t mandate that we know who the six currently are at this point. In years past, airport interviews would have been conducted to conceal the identity of the 6 current candidates. But since NDUS opted for on-campus visits, the identies had to be revealed, even though by law, names don’t have to be divulged until 3 finalists are chosen. I am sure the search firm had to let potential candidates know this, and is most likely why sitting presidents such as Shirley didn’t even apply this time. I shudder to think how much worse the clown show would have been had it been completely wide open like it was in the past . Gross.
  7. My main point, which I did a poor job of laying out, is that we seldom hear about local market factors from us fans when it comes to finding/paying our coaches.
  8. Some would argue we are settling for what we can get at those salaries. But if we COULD pay more to get better candidates, would we stand for it?
  9. Yet many of us sports bros would relish in the ability to pay a coach top dollar to attract the best if we could. Would $400-500 be too rich for our blood if we could get a football coach with the right stuff to get us to be a legit perennial Top 10 FCS program with a legit shot to go deep into the playoffs...or a Ben Jacobson type coach who could replicate a UNI type scenario right here at the Betty? But when it comes to the most important hire for a University, we start to hear about the need to be compensated based on the local household median income. We would never stand for this conservative philosophy coming out of Hyslop. Would we?
  10. Yes. That would make the most sense.
  11. http://blogs.und.edu/cobpa-faculty-research/?wysija-page=1&controller=email&action=view&email_id=124&wysijap=subscriptions&user_id=3798 Great news for UND! What a great family.
  12. We’ve officially jumped the shark on this thread. Saturday can’t come soon enough.
  13. Fargo-Moorhead isn’t any better with America Crystal Sugar and the West Fargo landfill book ending the “metro.”
  14. It’s embarrassing to the entire state.
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