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  1. Teeder11

    NDSUCKS Dump Thread

    For the win!
  2. Teeder11

    2019 UND Recruiting

    True that!
  3. Teeder11

    NDSUCKS Dump Thread

    Might have to stock up on more of the good stuff, I mean, the Clean stuff... nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
  4. Teeder11

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Count me in the delusional camp. As a fan of my beloved University, I wouldn't want to be any other way. Always hopeful is far better to me IMHO. If not, you might as well just be a dispassionate, third-party observer or an analyst. But what fun is that!? Crazy delusional fandom is where it's at, I say. I am delusional and proud of it. God Bless the Fighting Hawks!
  5. Teeder11

    UND (8-13, 2-6) @ WIU (8-13, 3-5) 2/1 4:30 PM

    Just beat a team twice that beat some very good conference teams of late without Avants and shooting crappy from the line. Take it and run!
  6. Teeder11

    UND (8-13, 2-6) @ WIU (8-13, 3-5) 2/1 4:30 PM

    Win on the road. Take it and run! No such thing as style points.
  7. Teeder11

    2019 UND Recruiting

    And here is another: In high demand UND student-nurses, grads highly sought after by nation’s elite medical centers http://blogs.und.edu/und-today/2018/10/in-high-demand/
  8. Teeder11

    Moo U Dumpster Fire Thread

    Kind of. Those in the know can correct me if I’m wrong. But heard that AG’s infraction may have had more to do with using something that other non-athlete students unfortunately use all time to help them be more alert and stay up longer during finals week. The better question for me is whether SU will suspend Robbins for all of 2019 akin to what UND imposed on AG. Even after his return, AG was relegated to a backup OLB role and has yet to get a sniff back at running back.
  9. Teeder11

    Hakstol out in Philly

    Hak is back! Enjoying a beverage out here with Bubba and gang.
  10. Teeder11

    UND (3-1) vs Concordia (NE) (4-3) 11/20 7 PM

    Ralston said last night on the radio that, at this point, it's more precautionary and he would have dressed/played last night only if needed. Sounds like he could be back for the next stretch against the non-con D1 teams.
  11. Teeder11

    Facilities Master Plan

    Some context for what it's worth... and yes, I too wish more people would participate in voting in all facets of society: 1,306 (53.54%) YES - in favor of the construction of a new Memorial Union 1,133 (46.45%) NO - not in favor of the construction of a new Memorial Union Grand Total = 2,439 Total Students Voting As a point of reference, 2,278 students voted in the most recent Student Government Election and 2,326 students cast ballots over a much longer period of time for the Fighting Hawk Mascot Selection.
  12. Teeder11

    UND - Portland State Game Day Thread

    You must be new here. ( ; No. 1 rule of Sioux Sports: the injury “excuse” can only be applied when it pertains to our opponents* when we beat them. ACCEPTED USAGE ADDENDUM: It can be used by our own fan base ONLY when referencing that we beat a team that was missing its star players; it can also be used by the vanqished teams’ representatives, stakeholders and fan bases to defend their teams’ ineptness, and/or it can be used by trolling instigators from third party rival fan bases to water down the value of a Hawks victory. It can NEVER be used by our own fan base to add context to a loss. Such usage is usually followed by snarky retorts to the tune of “should have had more depth, then ... horrible recruiting.” Other teams are never expected to overcome injuries with depth if we beat them. The injury excuse works fine for them. Prple * Mainly pertains to FB and BB program opponents. Just thought you should know. Signed, MGMT wannabe
  13. Teeder11

    What do you think of the logo now??

    IF the shoe fits, wear it....if no, then move along; nothing to see here.
  14. Teeder11

    UND vs Northland 11/6 7:07 PM

    Ouch. Hey, I resemble that remark!
  15. Teeder11

    UND vs Northland 11/6 7:07 PM

    True. If it hadn't been a run-a-way, I think we would have a lot more to talk about on here. Carry on!