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  1. The fact that he tried to explain his tweet with 5 “if” statements is very laughable. I kind of get his point but it’s a stupid argument and it deserved the backlash it got.
  2. Was looking forward to attending these games…
  3. Does anybody remember if Ket audibled at all? It could be on Danny and they might not have as much control as we think.
  4. Brutal sequence to end this game, technically not over but still…
  5. Good start to 2nd half, please stay in the zone
  6. Mismatches all over the place, we can’t guard them man to man.
  7. Spread is at -18, has it ever been that bad?
  8. I feel like there should be exceptions made when two teams are close to each other. Make it a doubleheader at the same place maybe?
  9. Saw a lot of the FB coaching staff there, did not see Chaves but maybe I missed him
  10. 44 for Mayville actually played for the bison for a couple of years before transferring.
  11. I’m guessing there’s still a chance they get that OL transfer from Northern State?
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