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  1. F'n Hawks

    NDSUCKS Dump Thread

  2. F'n Hawks

    Future Schedules

    Reread the quote from Dave St Peter. Future games at Target Field will likely be in November
  3. F'n Hawks

    Former Players

    Yep. Disappointing how he was utilized in his time here. He did great things at RB but he should have an extra 3 minutes on his highlight tape of him catching passes
  4. F'n Hawks

    Former Players

    John ended with 3 carries for 36 yards and 5 receptions for 39 yards
  5. F'n Hawks

    UND (2-4, 8-11) @ NDSU (2-3, 8-11)

    Call a timeout just for Marlon to dribble into a contested three??? Avants actually had a chance for the board but wasn’t even close with the put back
  6. F'n Hawks

    UND (2-4, 8-11) @ NDSU (2-3, 8-11)

    Grey unis are ugly...
  7. F'n Hawks

    2019 UND Recruiting

    A kicker
  8. F'n Hawks

    UND (2-3, 8-10) vs SDSU (4-1, 14-6) 1/16 7 PM

    At least 3-4 times
  9. F'n Hawks

    2019 Season

  10. F'n Hawks

    2019 Season

  11. F'n Hawks

    Moo U Dumpster Fire Thread

    And they give it back again...
  12. F'n Hawks

    Moo U Dumpster Fire Thread

    Good fake. I was really wondering why the heck they weren’t going for it
  13. F'n Hawks

    What's Needed At The Alerus?

    Or when we are in the huddle
  14. F'n Hawks

    Christmas Wish List for 2019

    Wasn’t near capacity if I remember correctly but it was very ugly to watch
  15. F'n Hawks

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Stop it. I am 99% sure you are a bison fan