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  1. 5 game series was tough. They couldn’t add the postponed game on to a 3 gamer later on in the year?
  2. I think he has to, sounds like they don’t have much left.
  3. This quote shows that they are just trying to stir the pot.
  4. Just missed it… I always think it’s gone because Dick always gets excited
  5. Agreed, he hadn’t hit a fastball all game.
  6. Thought they were going to go Duran for the 8th and 9th. Too bad Pagan didn’t show up tonight
  7. Are the games he missed last year related to any of these allegations or was it actually the “late” to practice?
  8. It’ll go both ways, I think the comments made by Otis will give our boys fuel as well. You gave us Petrinos list of accomplishments but do you want me to give you Petrinos list of controversies? That list goes on for a while so I will spare you the time.
  9. This guy obviously does not the whole story with Otis. Also, if Otis is taking a shot at a program that helped him and gave him lots of chances, then it’s foolish to expect there won’t be any shots back.
  10. Carroll looked tiny at the spring wrap up, even at center I would think he needs another 10-15 pounds
  11. I would have rather had 2nd and 5 last year than 2nd and 1 or 2.
  12. Great comeback yesterday
  13. The Athletics lineup is so brutal… Duran looked good today, need the bats to fire up again when they face better teams.
  14. Yep, so many different lineup combinations they can go with next year.
  15. Probably not a lot, could see Sueker at the 5 some.
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