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  1. Hopefully the excitement keeps building and we can see some sellouts next fall.
  2. Pretty sure Otis caught that, unless he was out of bounds
  3. Thanks for sharing. Got there just in time for the kickoff, did not get to see the anthem. Impressive way to handle the situation!
  4. I really hope they announce the bison score at the game right now...
  5. A&M already got blown out by Alabama, but I don’t think Notre Dame has much of a chance either so I don’t even know what to think.
  6. Anyone remember when Jeremy Chinn was committed to UND?
  7. Harbaugh might be able to avoid losing to Ohio State this year if the game gets cancelled...
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/tommillergf/status/1324016235072364544
  9. If it comes to it, Romo or Duffey would be fine.
  10. It’s also a unique situation as there isn’t as many jobs open because of the virus.
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