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  1. JMU took it to the bison on their first drive, nearly a 8 minute drive
  2. I was hoping UND would get their 295 pound nose, Joe Carpenter. He has already committed to Winona State.
  3. He will take over kickoffs for sure, the UND 360 guys tweeted out that he had 26 touchbacks last season.
  4. https://twitter.com/AdamStage/status/1206627712913330176?s=20
  5. I’m pretty sure it was because he bitched out the fans at the Alerus, don’t remember what game it was exactly
  6. He’s not a captain anymore
  7. Yes, could easily had a bunch more to this list
  8. Our lack of size on both the dline and oline was our biggest weakness this year IMO. Also: Punting and kicking issues
  9. Multiple, most of them in the first half, don’t think we completed any of them though
  10. Maag has been terrible today
  11. Bubba not happy with one of the officials
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