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  1. zonadub

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Will start with a disclaimer... Would have preferred UND stay in the Big Sky disclaimer #2... Would prefer Mankato to Augustana, but this can apply in either case, or Northern Colorado it seems that the solution to the Augie football problem is actually not that difficult. Adding Augie, MSU Mankato or UNC would give the Summit 6 football schools. Then the Summit starts a football conference (for Yote, the real power of the MVFC lies in the Dakota schools, with a nod to No Iowa, Ill St and occasionally YSU). Then set up a scheduling alliance with each other. Play 5 games in your own conference, 3 games against half of the other conference on a rotating basis, and viola! An 8 game schedule with 2 auto bids. Ready... Aim... Fire. Put all the holes in this idea you want.
  2. zonadub

    Augie announces they are examining the move to DI

    Would actually prefer to see Mankao move up, but UM-TC will block that one. UMKC? UNC? What are your thoughts on this?
  3. zonadub

    Augie announces they are examining the move to DI

    You really think Douple has a plan that is not just reactionary?
  4. zonadub

    Let's Help Bubba Initiatives

    pretty sure this is not unique to ss.com
  5. zonadub

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    Mom's not here
  6. zonadub


    Agree that it is time to look outside the UND connection. Fresh ideas are needed.
  7. zonadub


    Of course you do. Time for the #gobc to step aside.
  8. zonadub


    Faison had Lowell Schweigert and the #gobc telling him what to do. Time for the gobc to step aside.
  9. zonadub

    2018 Season

    This is not just on Rudy. Rudy is running the offense Bubba wants, or he would have been replaced 2 or 3 years ago. This is a case of the blame rising to the top. Nice guy or not, Bubba is not a DI head coach. He couldn't get UMD the natty that Bob Nielsen got 2 years in a row., and that was DII. After the lack of offense in the second half, 5 punts in a row (sorry, punting is not trying to score) major changes need to be made. It's time to give Zimmerman a chance. Schmidt needs to see that Harris is not the ball hawk he was 2 years ago, or maybe he just got lucky taking chance back then, but the secondary has always been suspect under this staff. The Defense giving up 350 yards in the first half, and as someone in another post said, giving up 80 yards in 3 plays - the same 3 plays. The blame doesn't just go on Rudy... Bubba needs to get a mean streak, whether it's with his staff or the opposing team... Something needs to change at the top. Bubba's big brother may have too much say with Faison, but maybe Chaves has a mind of his own. It's time for the #gobc to step aside.
  10. zonadub


    Realizing that UND is not in the MVFC yet... That's a good thing. There is no way this coaching staff will produce winning records in the MVFC. Looking a LOT like Lennon's SIU teams. It's not just on Rudolph...
  11. zonadub

    North Dakota Hawks look-a- likes!

    I dunno... DB seems to be getting the hang of it
  12. zonadub

    Idaho State

    This ^^^^^ Bubba seems like he is "North Dakota nice" and doesn't want to win by too big of a margin. Doubt you will ever see him do a Steigelmeier, even against a totally outmatched team.
  13. zonadub

    Idaho State

    That's the UND alumni award you buy, isn't it?
  14. zonadub

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    On the other hand, like you, I mourn UND leaving the Big Sky. Always thought that would be the best conference affiliation for the Dakota schools. Then, when UND was the only Dakota school in the Big Sky, it set UND apart from the others. I do understand the desire to be in a conference with the other 3, but would have preferred they moved to the Big Sky, not the other way around. The downside there was that the BSC has gotten so big, numbers wise and geographically, that it just wasn't going to work. would really like to see a Great North conference as many here propose, but don't see the Montanas and Idaho leaving the Sky. It's their baby, after all.
  15. zonadub

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Losing to Western Illinois and Missouri State. Aren't they typically two of the weaker teams in the MVFC? With losses by Montana (seem to be more like Northern Iowa lately, ranked on reputation rather than on-field performance) and Northern Arizona (preseason favorite).