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  1. I know this is a dumb question... Does Kris McGarry have any real connection to UND? Other than Ralph and Betty, why does she even consider making donations to UND? Did she ever attend UND? Is it just a legacy thing? again, I understand this is a dumb question, but I just wonder why so much emphasis is put on her/Englestad Foundation donations.
  2. zonadub

    Shaw's gone.

    Any news on the search for Shaw's replacement? In light of all the recent departures, this one is pretty far down the overall list of to-do's, but still curious
  3. 8 years of coaching experience does not necessarily mean 8 years as a HEAD coach. Does Chaves already have his target and did he tailor these requirements to fit that particular individual?
  4. Isn't t his what got MK into trouble with KEM... So not likely to change, is it?
  5. As someone who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night... Even though hockey is the cash cow of UND athletics, how much of their profits are shared with other teams? SDSU and USD basketball rules their winter program - and here is the Catch 22 of that... they have higher bb attendance, have more budget $ available for bb and so can pay their coaches more. This all leads to more wins which leads to higher attendance, more $... This seems overly simplistic, but would UND's athletic budget without $600k going to hockey coaches plus airfare and lodging and training table and facilities have more $ available for football and basketball? Again, I understand that hockey lifts the boat, but (especially under the REA agreement as it stands) does it really lift all boats? I understand this is not a popular view, but just want to pose the question.
  6. Not to derail this thread, but... After Pryor and now Jones... where has Brewster been applying?
  7. The 14 day vetting period has come and gone... When will the final decision be announced? edit: never mind. Just read it will be "early May"
  8. The coach was fired https://info.umkc.edu/unews/umkc-fires-head-basketball-coach/
  9. But isn't this the conference that paired Grand Forks and Vermillion, Fort Wayne and Omaha? ...
  10. Not unless they hire someone who can read a map.
  11. Maybe because he is 6'1" not 6'4"...
  12. Don't want to go back to find it, but pretty sure there was a reference to the Dakota Big 3 a little while back too. classic JBB
  13. I'd vote for there, their and they're (not to thread-jack or anything )
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