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  1. Definitely a different philosophy than last several years
  2. Wow... talk about the level of insecurity of the trolls!
  3. The last 2 jobs I have held, both healthcare related, have paid by the hour and have paid for me to go on business trips (including meeting time, travel time, airfare, hotel, meals, etc). Just sayin’
  4. No. Academic scholarships do not get additional cost of attendance stipends.
  5. Boise St definitely has an inflated sense of self importance.
  6. This is why UND, NDSU, the Montana’s and the rest don’t go FBS. Plus, Special Teams Co-ordinator is not necessarily a step down.
  7. Bubba’s recruits always seem to have great potential. The question is can this staff help them develop that potential to the fullest? Starting with S&C ... all the way to stopping 3rd and long or finding intensity for a playoff game.
  8. Schweigert to the foundation? And Hoffner for head coach? i know, I know... the Hawks made it to the playoffs. Bubba is not going anywhere.. but seriously, get Hoffner before someone else does
  9. Thank you both for the clarification
  10. And the clock starts even if a student athlete is only practicing with the team (practice squad) and does not see any actual intercollegiate playing time? Even if a PWO, with no scholarship? didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night
  11. Didn’t the admission scandal at USC involve the women’s rowing team? Wasn’t that the “in” for Lori Laughlin’s and Felicity Huffman’s daughters?
  12. Maybe the narrative would be different if Ketteringham didn’t overthrow almost every deep pass he attempted
  13. Have to ‘set the stage’ like UND did with baseball. Seems to me that there are more men’s athletic opportunities being cut now in anticipation of cutting a women’s sport down the road (possibly sooner than later)
  14. zonadub

    2019 Season

    Bubba just doesn’t seem like a real high energy guy
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