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  1. Maybe it just comes down to his career choice. Probably wants to own the farm, not work on it
  2. Great line-up! That would be sweet. Now get everyone to cooperate. The new WAC could become a significant mid-major player. However, still not convinced that UND and the rest of these new WAC schools should leave FCS. Playing football games on a Tuesday or Wednesday for the chance to play in the Idaho Potato Bowl or the Doosan Snow Bowl the second week of December doesn't seem like it will be any more significant than playing for the FCS championship. Maybe someone should start a thread "SHOULD UND go FBS?"... instead of UND and The Big Sky could go FBS
  3. Sounds like a politician and campaign promises... hmmm...
  4. JohnBoy has had some good posts over the years. This might be one of his best.
  5. Maybe because the Big Sky is the Montana's conference. They are the center of the conference. Not geographically, but in power.
  6. So, back to Northern Colorado? Or Augustana with football? Who else would be a possibility? New Mexico State? Would have to go FBS for NMSU. Montanas, Idaho, EWash... Can they really be talked out of the Big Sky? Seems really doubtful.
  7. At least UMKC is an established D-I school. (No transition period like Augustana or St Thomas will have)
  8. A short press release: https://www.kshb.com/sports/umkc-will-return-to-summit-league-beginning-in-2020-21 soccer, but no baseball
  9. So UND could have stayed in the Big Sky and not run a deficit?
  10. aren't offensive linemen generally considered to be the smartest guys on the team?
  11. Were Sather's assistants being considered for the head coach position? Are there any implications for UND and Sather's choices to fill out his staff that come from this? We should be hearing who he is adding to the staff soon, no?
  12. zonadub

    2019 Season

    I like the way you think
  13. zonadub

    2019 Season

    No p.a. Genuinely appreciate your response. As a dumb internet dweeb, I didn't really understand your comment about only 1 FB in the class. Your answer tells me that Bubba, with a run-first offense, is losing recruiting battles with schools at UND's level. The point of my original comment was that the Hawks are not getting good rb's and were willing to take on a less-study focused student because they can't get the rb's that have both good scholar records and D-I level football talent. I think we are on the same page, but did not express myself clearly. Again, I sincerely appreciate your answer. Thank you Geaux
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