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  1. zonadub

    Hobey Baker

    The final round of Vote For Hobey, is now closed. Hobey Baker Fans can expect the Press Release Top 3 “Hobey Hat Trick” on 04/02/2020. Jordan Kawaguchi University of North Dakota 26.6% Morgan Barron Cornell University 22.6% John Leonard University of Massachusetts 18.1%
  2. The Flyover Conference is the smallest, by 2 schools, in the new alignment. UND and USD would fit better in that conference (academically and geographically) and bring the total to 12 teams, matching the smaller conferences in this setup. It would, however, leave the Missouri Valley too small and those schools would have to be absorbed into other conferences. Also, Ball State would go from being in a bus conference (MAC) to the extreme eastern edge of what would be mostly a plane tflight conference, especially for them.
  3. Good move by Chaves. Considering how difficult it would be to interview candidates, Bernhard getting an opportunity to take the helm is a move that may be looked back upon as a fortuitous event. 50 - 4 is a pretty darn good record, even at the high school level.
  4. Sorry if this offends any of you...
  5. To bump an old story... in these times without sports competition... funny how the imagery is offensive when it’s UND’s nickname and logo, but the removal of the image from the DOT signage is lamented by Standing Rock, et al.
  6. A sexist question... how about female candidates?
  7. zonadub

    Bubba extension

    No, you are not. Have always thought the Big Sky was a great place for UND (and the other Dakota schools)
  8. Initial impression is that Chaves is not Faison, so no
  9. It also does not clarify if the UND fans who prefer FBS want only NDSU to move to FBS or if they prefer both schools move to FBS
  10. Definitely a different philosophy than last several years
  11. Wow... talk about the level of insecurity of the trolls!
  12. The last 2 jobs I have held, both healthcare related, have paid by the hour and have paid for me to go on business trips (including meeting time, travel time, airfare, hotel, meals, etc). Just sayin’
  13. No. Academic scholarships do not get additional cost of attendance stipends.
  14. Boise St definitely has an inflated sense of self importance.
  15. This is why UND, NDSU, the Montana’s and the rest don’t go FBS. Plus, Special Teams Co-ordinator is not necessarily a step down.
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