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  1. Needs purple sarcasm font (you can’t be serious)
  2. North Dakota Moose. Infinitely better than Fighting Hawks. Have you ever seen a Hawk fight? Neither have I and we have 2 living in the trees outside our house and 2 more on the next fairway over.
  3. Can’t help wondering where UND football would be if Faison had hired DeBoer. I think he is a better head coach than OC, and he has had some real success at Fresno. i understand that NDSU has won 7 of the last 8 FCS championships, but it feels like UND will be relegated to the bottom half of the MVFC with the current staff. The Hawks have made no progress against NDSU under Schweigert. And, as mentioned earlier, when the only MVFC teams UND has beat in the last 6 games are South Dakota and Western Illinois, the results are ominous. its more than just facilities...
  4. Watching the replay of UW and EWU... EWU is down 21 - 0 in first quarter. en route to 28 - 7 (EWU finally scored on a 64 yard pass with less than a minute to go in the half) first half and 47 -14 final. Looks like the 2019 Screaming Eagles are much changed from the 2018 version. Even missed a 36 yard field goal late in the second quarter. UND can win that game, and it should not be written off as a loss.
  5. zonadub

    FBS games

    Kids have been in school for 2 weeks already here
  6. Sorry, thought you did
  7. That’s why he went to law school in Florida
  8. zonadub

    2019 Season

    Quoting yourself JBB? bad form!
  9. zonadub

    2019 Season

    I believe the offers have been made in the past seasons, but Bubba has not been able to land the young guns... after all, what hot young qb would want to come to UND under Rudy’s system to hand off the ball on the first and second downs and then be swarmed under on third down because it’s 3rd and long and the defense knows you have to pass? Will that change under Freund? Time will tell.
  10. A few random thoughts... NCC 2.0 would be infinitely better than the dumpster fire that the Summit has been. There may be some stability in getting the band back together. Add a couple Minnesota move-ups like St Thomas, who was an original NCC founding member, and late 20th Century conference mate MN State, and you might be able to sustain a league for more than 2 years. The Big Sky may have been a large geographic footprint, but it is a stable conference that is in no danger of losing its auto bids. Was it short-sighted for UND to leave the BSC? It would be great if SV’s realignment model could possibly happen. A conference of the northern research institutions (either FCS or FBS) would be an ideal scenario. But as Sica said, there are so many moving parts... Do (some of) the Bison posters not realize that losing the baseball autobid also means that the Summit loses the basketball autobid? I don’t trust the NCAA to offer small/mid-major schools an invitation to March Madness without a conference championship to obligate them. That is the one time that the NCAA gives money back to the conferences/schools.
  11. zonadub

    2019 Season

    This... worry about cheap shots in the 2nd game...
  12. Could/would the WAC apply for an extension like the Summit did in anticipation of Dixie and Cal Baptist completing their transition, giving them the extra time they need?
  13. Asking because I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night... Would it be possible to bring the MVFC in under the Summit League? Does the MVC have enough non-football sports to no be threatened with loss of auto bids? If I recall correctly, the MVFC is not actually a league under the MVC. Would the MVC schools be willing to allow the MVFC to become a Summit conference to stabilize the situation?
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