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  1. As has been discussed here several times... too far west for MAC too far east for MWC too far north for Big 12. if Izzo thinks NDSU will go FBS, it will most likely have to be with all the Dakota schools to provide depth and travel partners. Or at least, at a minimum, SDSU. Then UND should do whatever is necessary to not be left behind again.
  2. Wait, isn’t Missouri State also 4 - 1 in the conference? Understand they have played a ‘light’ schedule, no NDSU, SDSU or UND, but wouldn’t they also be considered to be conference co-champions? (And they did beat mighty UNI )
  3. Has the collective brain trust (CDC, NIH and especially the gov’t ‘spokespersons’) forgotten that Covid -19 is a variant strain of SARS? It is a virus that will always be around... mutations will not stop just because of any vaccine or prior infection. After all, we have a new flu vaccine every year because of the mutations and variants of the flu from year to year. When can we get back to the ‘new’ normal?
  4. Just a case of what have you done lately? The SDSU victory is ‘a long time ago’ compared to the NDSU game.
  5. Not a medical professional and did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I think that I have also heard what Mama Sue says. I have read somewhere (but don’t want to go back thru hundreds of articles for a link) that you will test positive after getting the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. This was before the J & J and Astra-Zeneca vaccines, so do not know about those. If I recall correctly, you are not contagious, however.
  6. Considering UND played 3 and a half games in 30 hours, their effort was incredible. Congratulations on a great season.
  7. UNI has company... New Hampshire 0-1. Still ranked #24
  8. Well, how about 3 NCHC, since UND and Duluth are in the same region: UND, St Cloud and Omaha, along with Bemidji?
  9. Call it the Snow Bowl
  10. Know I am probably in the minority on this board, but would like to see what Coach Bernhard can do with a year of experience. Understand that the first year was not good, but it was an unusual year. Seems like the recruits she was able to get during the pandemic might fit needed roles in the roster.
  11. Remember the Alamo (Idaho State). Don’t let these guys or Misery State become the Idaho State of the MVFC.
  12. You don’t think NDSU has tapes from the last couple seasons?
  13. I think you missed the purple font
  14. 6 of the top 10 are MVFC teams
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