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  1. Well, this thread being only on the second page the night before the game is validation of your post.
  2. Could it be like the new WAC? iirc, the 2 divisions of the new WAC are not going to cross much for non-football Olympic sports. The Texas teams won’t be traveling to Arizona, Utah and California very often. Still think it is an unlikely scenario.
  3. If there is an interest among those schools to go FBS, this might be the way to get it done. Getting an invite to CUSA would be the door opening for moving to FBS. Question is… do they (Dakota’s, Montana’s, et al) want to make the move?
  4. That’s what joining the Summit was like about 10 years ago.
  5. There would be a big gap between the South and North Divisions. Would be nice for New Mexico State to get an FBS home. Would also put some USA into CUSA, instead of being Conference of the Southern USA.
  6. You know what they say about teaching old dogs new tricks…
  7. This team and these coaches have to learn how to WIN the close games. Not lose by less than a touchdown.
  8. You mean 1 - 19 is not an issue?
  9. Unfortunately, it feels like, under Chaves, UND is moving from being a hockey first school to a hockey only school.
  10. And everyone says Freund should be the next head coach?
  11. North Dakota North Dakota State South Dakota South Dakota State Montana Montana State Idaho Idaho State St Thomas Northern Iowa [Weber instead of UNI, but they would need a travel partner. Wyoming could work, but Sioux>Bison is correct, they won’t leave the MWC.
  12. Murray has football. Belmont does not. Does this mean a 12 team MVFC? Did St Thomas go Pioneer by choice or was there no MVFC offer to them?
  13. Good question. Should have added both UCF & USF. But West Virginia probably pushed for Cincinnati as a travel partner.
  14. That goes back to the last realignment… and the PAC 12 punted
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