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  1. zonadub

    Former Players

    Schweigert let it happen. He should have been overruling Rudolph.
  2. zonadub

    Moo U Dumpster Fire Thread

    Since your reading comprehension is lacking, I would point to the title of this thread, which clearly indicates the intent is for the thread to continue until the September 2019 game and very probably beyond. 24 pages comes nowhere close to 2000.
  3. zonadub

    WR and OL Coaches

    Is this official yet?
  4. zonadub

    WR and OL Coaches

    Gundy did call it Rudy-esque.
  5. zonadub

    2019 Season

    This may have also been part of the price of admission to the MVFC
  6. zonadub

    WR and OL Coaches

    No LOI yet? As they say in the song... Christmas is coming soon
  7. zonadub

    Augie announces they are examining the move to DI

    Maybe he meant the Big Sky.
  8. zonadub

    Augie announces they are examining the move to DI

    Guessing the Sanford Summit League lets them in...
  9. zonadub

    WR and OL Coaches

    December 13th has come and gone. How long until an announcement?
  10. zonadub

    Coach Jones?

    And Denver can win a DI lacrosse and too many national hockey championships.
  11. zonadub

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    There were a few balls that were seriously under thrown, yet their receivers managed to slow down/turn around and make the catch. iirc - as many under thrown as he had were he put it in the receivers hands and they did not have to break their stride. He has good wheels, but was not all that impressed with his arm. It's not the qb, it's how the team plays as a team that is so impressive. Someone on here - Sica, Geaux, Oxbow, not sure who it was... said its not the they do anything complicated, but their execution is so gpod.
  12. zonadub

    Augie announces they are examining the move to DI

    Interesting that this article says basketball is Denver University's only revenue sport. What does that say about how widely NCAA Hockey is followed?
  13. zonadub

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Now THAT is an apples to apples comparison