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  1. And what is the percentage of those that go unreported? poorly phrased question, but you get the point.
  2. OK, LIV has 10 events planned for 2023 and 14 for 2024 and 2025. I stand corrected on that. another question, from the other side… Robert Garrigus was the first to request permission to play LIV. He wasn’t in the LIV field and wasn’t playing in Canada. So what was the deal there? His request was denied, and he respected the tour’s denial, but he still was not high enough in the pecking order to play in Canada? I smell something fishy there. I don’t have a strong opinion one way or the other, but questions keep coming to mind.
  3. The thing that made me chuckle was the US Open press conferences where the players, for instance Mickelson, said they are joining LIV so they could play less. Did they not read their contract? They are going to be required to play 14 “tournaments” next year and something like 20 eventually. These guys can set their own schedules and skip as many PGA Tour events as they want to and stay members of the PGA Tour. Do they really think they are going to be able to skip events on the LIV calendar without repercussions? Good luck with that. Tiger can stay in good standing on the PGA Tour and only play the majors, if that is all his body will allow. Granted, of the current LIV roster, only Mickelson and DJ have permanent status on the PGA Tour, but the rest have more latitude in setting their schedules now than they will over the next 3 - 5 years on LIV.
  4. And Chaves was such a fantastic fundraiser at EWU.
  5. Maybe he will return the “favor” the next time UND plays MoSU.
  6. What did Bubba and the F’Hawks do last season to deserve a place in any 2022 preseason poll? waiting for the backlash…
  7. If you don’t know that, you didn’t take Dr Bernt Lloyd Wills’ Geography of ND class. The eastern counties of ND was a real question on his final exam.
  8. Yes. Leave hockey alone. Bring back UND baseball (if Fargo can field a team in the spring, why can’t GF?). Help stabilize Summit baseball as a conference team sport. Yeah,I understand it was a Title IX trade-off for women’s hockey so it will not happen.
  9. 2 consecutive Freshman of the Year …. and Sather can’t recruit?
  10. Not only a hostile crowd in Baylor’s house, but really felt like the officials wanted it to go the other way. There were a couple plays toward the end where the Coyote ladies were stuffed with plenty of body contact, only to have less contact on the other end being called against the Coyotes. Well played Lady Coyotes. They have not trailed at any time in either game. Keep the momentum going.
  11. You must be right. Too small for coaches offices.
  12. If you can zoom in on the bottom drawing (2nd Level Floor Plan), the FBALL Staff offices are just right of the locker room/auditorium and laundry room.
  13. zonadub


    OK, while I appreciate your perspective, I have one more shot across the bow (had to look that one up and make sure it isn’t spelled bough )… If the B1G 14 loses 1 (Nebraska) and adds 4 (UVA, UNC, UM and KU), that puts the B1G at 17. Again, it’s a no go from the conference perspective. They might eventually go 16, but really doubt they go 17 (or 18 if their dream of Notre Dame finally comes through). i would say the B1G stays at 14 and Nebraska is safe, at least for this round of realignment. However, to return to your original question… imho , no, UNC would not jump to join the B1G. They are happy surrounded by their rivals in the ACC. After all, it’s Duke, Wake Forest, NC State, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia, VA Tech. Very comfortable and mostly stable.
  14. zonadub


    Then Kansas is non-contiguous
  15. zonadub


    Moot question, since B1G will not offer a non-contiguous state. Virginia separates Maryland and North Carolina.
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