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  1. Irish


    This discussion has really veered off into the nonsensical - We are not dropping Football nor are we dropping back to Division II. And no, it's not the Hockey Program or their fans fault that football is not successful. Does football need more support and financial resources - absolutely. I would suggest that 6 years of Muss followed by a somewhat better but equally frustrating 6 years of Bubba is a big culprit (along with administrative absolute mis-management of potential doners like Sanford and the Englesteds among others). Every time we think the program has turned the corner we get something like this weekend. Every time. It's hard to generate fan donations and enthusiasm when we have been so mediocre for so long. Will things like phase II be a big help in the overall program - no question. However, not having phase II is not an excuse for what we have been seeing from this program. How Chaves handles this program after the season is over will tell you much about how much athletic success we can expect across the board in the future.
  2. Irish


    And the way UND seems to move on Football related issues (Rudy for example) in 5-10 years we'll get right on it.
  3. Irish


    If by this you mean Bubba's teams crapping the bed then you are absolutely correct.
  4. Irish


    Bubba tells them that we need to keep on doing the same thing only more so. And by the way Ket is my guy.
  5. Irish

    The Herald

    I can understand the new economic reality - I don't like it much but I get it. What I absolutely hate is the barrage of Bison football and Gopher Hockey stories that we are now subject to as we continue to get the Fargo Herald.
  6. At this point while I believe there is frustration with this call, most of the venting is about Bubba's body of work in these situations.
  7. A new week and we have a great chance at being a very respectable 4-2 at his point in the season. The good news from last week is that we showed a lot on both sides of the ball in the first half. Let's play a full game and come home with a win.
  8. Thanks for the analysis - here's what I see - and I would include the series right before half - the one where we took a knee. - As I count this we had 10 first down plays before the final drive. Of those we ran on first down 6 times results in yards: -1, 5, 2, 0, 0, 1. When the game started to get interesting (series 4,5,and 6) we ran all three times on first down for a total of 1 yard for all 3 plays. Up until the very nice last drive our longest play that was not called back was 10 yards. Included in the passing attempts are 2nd and 8, 2nd and 10, 3rd and 5, 2nd and 9, 3rd and 14. Although we had a mix of pass and run plays we kept no one off balance and were usually second and third and long.
  9. Irish

    We got lucky

    They do, however, recruit and coach the guys who do.
  10. Irish

    We got lucky

    I can see why this is a tough thread for some especially after we won a big game at home. And I agree that many teams have had second collapses. However, for others it was confirmation that Bubba was still Bubba - I think when he finally got rid of Rudy we thought maybe he had grown some. He will always be the guy who gets the ball before half with a reasonable shot of getting into field goal range with a time out to use and instead starts thinking about how the other team might in some bizarre way get momentum if we try and mess up. He will always be the guy who with a lead at halftime starts to look at the clock and starts to figure out ways to milk it. He will always be the guy who is usually out-adjusted for the second half. He will always be ultra-conservative - every time. For many of us this is very frustrating. We were two very stupid Davis penalties away from letting this game get away.
  11. It's ironic that a nice home victory over a tough opponent also shows us the extremely frustrating side of Bubba's game management and strategy.
  12. Bubba has shown that he is totally incapable of introspection, change, or learning. If we keep him this is exactly what we will get until the end of time.
  13. Nobody wants us to miss an extra point. However .........
  14. I sit on the end and there is absolutely no way I want to move -
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