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  1. Irish

    UND vs. Duluth -- Friday Gameday

    Interesting - I haven't read my morning Heraldo yet - I'm assuming they have an even better write up.
  2. Irish

    ND High School Hockey 2018-19

    Sadly, the operative word here is Izzo - a totally gutless yes man. Expecting a tough interview from him is futile.
  3. Irish

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    I guess at this point we are all speculating. Funny - During Berry's Championship run I thought "at last - a guy who is willing to unleash Hak's talent and let them play". Now, a few years after the Title I am stunned at how far we have fallen - especially when I thought success would lead to more talent wanting to come here. Our team is just tough to watch. I just can't figure out how it happened so fast. Does Berry have a good handle on this and a plan to improve - we don't know and get little to no insight from the program or sportscasters. This leads to much negative speculation. On the positive side we do have a great defense and goalie and a loaded group coming in - on the negative side none of the guys we have brought in to score have been doing much at all. To be honest, I thought with all of the coaching experience we have things would be much better by now. It it talent? system? bad luck? Are we really close or regressing as a program? I guess we need to hope and pray that Berry has the ability to take a long hard look at things and make the needed changes. This program can't afford to slide any more.
  4. Irish

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    If the power play falls on Shaw then why is he still here - and more importantly, will he be here again next year? This has the makings of a Rudy situation all over again. You don't have to look further back than last game to see how much our PP costs us. Also, you can switch lines, but if your offense relies on chipping it in it is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic (no, I don't equate our program with the Titanic, just using because it is an interesting metaphor). The big question is can Berry make the necessary adjustments? At this point no one knows.
  5. Irish

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    This may be true, but we don't have to look any farther than Football Bubba to see an example of a UND coach who had crappy special teams and a flawed offensive philosophy who stubbornly refused to make any changes for far too long and was allowed to stand pat until things were really in the toilet. There is a huge difference between coaches feeling some pressure to do well and having the self-awareness to honestly evaluate what is going on in the program and then make the necessary changes. Some very good sports minds are hampered by a stubborn refusal to change even in the face of strong evidence. I hope Hockey Bubs is not one of them, but there is mounting evidence that he is (see power play for an example).
  6. Irish

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    This is so true - I really worry about what has happened to totally drain the offense out of Berry's teams. Absolutely no scorers. None. Doesn't matter how they were rated coming in they don't score when they are here. I have not seen a team with so much dead weight in a long long time. I used to have faith in Berry, but his total inability to even improve our power play doesn't bode well in my opinion. I wish I knew what was going on (not that I think I will)
  7. Irish

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    And as frustrated as I am we need your perspective on this board too - we are nothing if not reactive. I just hope things change soon.
  8. Irish

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    First, I am not saying Fire Berry after this season. I am saying that we should be concerned and as of now no one is convinced that Berry "gets it". It is so hard to tell through all of the coachspeak and lack of any questions from the press. At a minimum Shaw should be gone. Our power play is an embarrassment to hockey. I think changes need to be made - maybe Berry is willing to make them but who knows. As to the roster being set, quite often in addition to early recruits we bring in the finishing touches. See the championship season with the additions of Boesser and Schmaltz. Now we are losing good players to the very team we got these two studs from.
  9. Irish

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    At least we are properly framing the problem. Here is what many posters are looking at - Berry took over a program loaded with NHL talent and hard chargers. He did a great job and led them to a much anticipated championship. Since then it has been downhill both in wins and talent. We are poised to miss the tournament for the second year in a row after making it 17 consecutive years. The talent is the lowest since the last years of Gino - after 3 bad seasons then we fired a coach that had led us to 3 National Championships. The optics for our program are horrible - absolutely no scoring punch - guys who are not developing. Uneven play. Can't hold leads. Canesius. Not playing a full 60. Ill timed penalties. Guys on the roster for 3 years who bring no scoring to the table. And imagine what this season would be if we didn't have a stud goalie. Many are concerned with the trajectory of this program even more so than missing the tournament for two years. Tell me where I am wrong.
  10. Irish

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    In my opinion, the total lack of information coming from the program and lack of questioning by the press contributes a lot to the frustration on this board (and I'm not saying that we need to be privy to sensitive info about JJ - just commenting on the total lack of explanation about anything) - We are watching a dumpster fire in the program that won #8 just 3 short years ago with as talented a team as I have seen. I am totally baffled by our sudden fall. Our power play is an embarrassment yet no questions or explanations as to what is going on - why can't we even get it in zone? We are world beaters one night and can't hit the ocean the next. We give up leads like no Sioux team I have ever seen. We don't have any scorers on our team. We seem to lack any grit. I don't think coaches are going to admit any mistakes, but it would sure be nice to hear some honesty about our program. All we hear from the media is hot goalie, puck luck, and bad bounces. All we hear from staff is culture and process. Things need to change or we are in big trouble. And I don't think our talent coming in next year will save us. None of the guys brought in to score so far have done squat. Not sure if it is misjudging talent, schemes or what. For once I would like someone to admit there is something amiss and that we have a plan to deal with it. Pie in the sky wish, I'm sure. Looking at you, Schlossman and Hennesy. Ask a tough question for once.
  11. Irish

    UND @ Western Michigan -- Saturday

    Maybe, but all we get from him is coachspeak about "culture" and "process" - no indication he gets it at all.
  12. Irish

    UND @ Western Michigan -- Saturday

    Not our team - if we take penalties we prefer for them to be the stupid kind.
  13. Irish

    UND @ Western Michigan -- Saturday

    We've given up lots of leads the past two years - anyone know how many times we have rallied to win?
  14. Irish

    UND @ Western Michigan -- Friday

    This is much closer to how I thought we would play this year and definitely something we can build on - if we keep this up and add some scorers next year we could return to dominance. Nice win.