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  1. Chaves needs to be called on to justify ruining two girl's careers for this. It's clear that cancel culture is running UND and the Athletic Department also.
  2. Over reaction - Total BS
  3. Irish

    The Herald

    Anyone else enjoy our "hometown" paper's coverage of our biggest rival Minnesota Duluth today? And you had to read it online because - Monday.
  4. I really think it is important to support local restaurants during the Great Distancing. Ground Round, Toasted Frog, Speedway, and several Pizza Places have had outstanding service. However, I went to The Red Pepper drive through on 42nd today and it was brutal. It was a little before 4 so not at rush hour. There were three vehicles ahead of me so I thought it could take a little time - was I right. It was over 20 minutes before the first car, which was already at the window got served. We then pulled up a notch and were at the ordering microphone. We waited there almost 10 minutes with
  5. I love what those two brought to the team - I am confident that others will pick up the role. What had been missing in our down years is scorers and it looks like we are loaded. Expecting a fabulous year - I hope some others have break-thru years to go with Kawaguchi and Pinto. We could be deadly up front.
  6. Surprised there are no comments on the Heraldo write up on Reese Gaber. Sounds like a great get - we can always use guys who can put the puck in the net as we saw this year. Our scorers made everyone better. Can't wait until next year.
  7. Wow - we got beat like we stole something. Time to reload for next year.
  8. Great win - when we put the puck in the net we are very hard to beat. Let's ride Thome all the way.
  9. It scares me a bit that we look like last year's team (plus Pinto) lately.
  10. Seems like we have had some trouble scoring since Christmas - anyone else think so?
  11. Irish

    Bubba extension

    Not saying you're wrong - I just really wish someone would come out and explain the entire workings of the Ralph and how they intersect with the UND Athletic Department.
  12. Irish

    Bubba extension

    The optics on this are awful and I am sure not many understand how the Ralph's finance fit into our athletic budget (not saying I do). However, it is not like each sport has a pile of money based on its own generated revenue and hockey is taking a chunk from that which is rightfully football's. All money and budgets come from the Athletic Department and revenue is pooled and then budgeted out. Most sports besides the big ones lose money and are subsidized by others. Our year to year football budgets don't look too bad in comparison to other schools (don't have time to look this up again).
  13. Irish

    Bubba extension

    Our failure with some potential big donors has been noted and discussed here - and not by me - I'm not sure why it is my fault for mentioning it. Englesteads and Sanford for starters. As for the rest - if I am not excited about a 37-32 record with no playoff wins I can express that here. If you don't like it too bad. Don't read it. I don't appreciate the personal attacks from you.
  14. Irish

    Bubba extension

    Interesting if a bit misleading. I see no cause-effect or correlation since there are vast differences in how each college athletic programs evolved. I just don't buy the theory that Hockey somehow robs Football of resources. What's more true is that successful programs of any sport generate resources. What I do think happens is that with a Hockey program that is regularly in the hunt for a National Championship there is much less demand and pressure for Football to be highly successful. We are much more content to be slightly above average when we are winning elsewhere. I don't see the
  15. For me it is the total disconnect between their skill and their chirping - they are as mouthy as a conference champ but play like a bottom dweller
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