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  1. Irish

    Special Teams Issues

    This has gone on forever - but you know Bubba - no changes forever.
  2. Irish


    Turns out that you can talk team unity in the off season, send out letters about how each game and each period starts at zero, have a coach say your defense is the best he's ever seen, and if you don't have enough talent to gain the offensive zone or even get a decent shot off during a power play you will play unwatchable games and have Bemidji State kick your a**. Come on Bubba - at least watch PP film and do anything but what we are doing.
  3. Irish


    Don't hold your breath - it's been years now
  4. Irish


    And we can't blame it on Jost leaving early - get some guys that can score for crap's sake.
  5. Irish

    UND @ BSU.......so it begins

    Duluth does, however, have a few guys who can put the puck in the net and their power play is far above ours. No way a program as storied as ours should have a crap power play year after year.
  6. Irish

    UND @ BSU.......so it begins

    No, not after last season. This game was one painful extension of the last season. I really bought into the Berry spiel about how every game starts at zero etc etc. Watching us struggle to score is painful, even more so when we are on a "power play".
  7. Irish

    UND @ BSU.......so it begins

    Why can'w we get in some scorers when the likes of St. Clown and Duluth can? No excuse for this type of showing. Absolutely no improvement from last year.
  8. Irish

    UND @ BSU.......so it begins

    A year later and same old same old. Looks like we learned absolutely nothing in the off season- stupid penalties, no offense, and a power play that can charitably described as pathetic. Why don't we have any scorers on the roster?
  9. Irish

    2018 attendance

    It seems to me that Sioux Football fans are ready to start packing the Alerus - the energy is there - you are correct, however, in that at some point the program has to give us some home games that leave us fired up instead of feeling like we have been kicked in the gut. This fan momentum won't last forever. And it just isn't the home losses - it is partly how we looked during those losses.
  10. Irish

    Let's Help Bubba Initiatives

    On second thought, Rudolph is a great O coordinator who is known for keeping his opponents off balance, making spot on halftime adjustments, utilizing all his players to our advantage, and his innovative schemes.
  11. Irish

    Sioux Survivor Game #1 2018-2019

  12. Irish

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    I'm very excited about the upcoming season - should be a good one. Sounds like Berry is astute enough to took at last year and make some changes. It seems he has emphasized team leadership and unity in the off season. In addition, he has been recruiting his butt off lately. If our veterans can make the jump from last year that we expect we should be a good team and maybe more once the frosh find their stride.
  13. Irish

    Day By Day

    Seems to be a theme for Bubba Ball.
  14. Irish

    On To UNC

    Hopefully everyone but Rudy.
  15. And this is after 6 years of Muss. Every time the fans get fired up like last week it seems like we are treated to a cruel joke. I think the fan support would be great if the team ever shows us something.