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  1. So - following CDC guidelines and wanting to end this Coronavirus plague makes me Chinese? Your logic is impeccable.
  2. So - Hugo's is the bad guy for following CDC guidlines to keep people safe? If a few more people like you were around in the 50's we'd still be battling Polio.
  3. He's usually not the problem - but in tough games he's not the solution either.
  4. Agree that we probably have Schuster starting for his eligibility. When our running backs are able to get to the second level he is a great game manager. However, when the other team loads the box and dares him to throw long his limitations are very visible. Not sure if he can take us to the next level. Totally agree that we need to beat the Bison to get a football buzz going again. Losing this year really put a damper on what was a good year. We also need more beef in the line to match up with the big boys.
  5. Agree on all points - The big question for me is - if you can't get ready for this game what the actual hell? Neither players or coaches were ready. I agree there were some terrible calls - some emotion from Bubba would have been nice - seemed like he went into the Bubba shell early in the game. At this point in his coaching career the fact that we saw "deer in the headlights" Bubba is concerning.
  6. It seems like several things that helped us win some tough games this season all went south yesterday - Special teams (and our kicking game could bite us again - no excuse for this), line play (we got handled on both sides of the ball), and schemes and adjustments (clearly we were out coached and out prepared). We didn't adjust at all to what they were doing. Our team has talent and the season clearly is not over. However, in order to be successful I feel we need to do two things - make a play-off run and beat the Bison. Bubba has not shown he can do either. We can still accomplish one of
  7. Special teams are a bit different because they are usually only noticed when things go spectacularly wrong or spectacularly right. So far Kostich has seen some of both. I do like his enthusiasm and think that is an asset for us. Things seem to be on the upward swing lately - hopefully this continues.
  8. You have to admit this is a fairly new look for our special teams - and one that will help us tremendously.
  9. Wow - what a difference half time adjustments and winning the special team battle makes - I like this new look. So nice to be the blocker of kicks instead of the blockee.
  10. Chaves needs to be called on to justify ruining two girl's careers for this. It's clear that cancel culture is running UND and the Athletic Department also.
  11. Over reaction - Total BS
  12. Irish

    The Herald

    Anyone else enjoy our "hometown" paper's coverage of our biggest rival Minnesota Duluth today? And you had to read it online because - Monday.
  13. I really think it is important to support local restaurants during the Great Distancing. Ground Round, Toasted Frog, Speedway, and several Pizza Places have had outstanding service. However, I went to The Red Pepper drive through on 42nd today and it was brutal. It was a little before 4 so not at rush hour. There were three vehicles ahead of me so I thought it could take a little time - was I right. It was over 20 minutes before the first car, which was already at the window got served. We then pulled up a notch and were at the ordering microphone. We waited there almost 10 minutes with
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