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  1. Bubba's entire body of work shows he's not a winner. Yet here we are with another extension - and to salt the wound we have a "town hall meeting" where all questions are submitted but doesn't discuss his extensions or any expectations for the program. We have a serious problem here and it starts at the top.
  2. At the risk of flogging a dead horse I'll repeat - after the town hall does anyone have a hint of a clue what we are doing to improve our football program to where we want it to be or to improve hockey so they can win a regional game? Do we even know the metrics that the AD uses to evaluate the programs or what our standards for success are. What are we doing to create success and what standards are the programs held to? We do know the AD Department's feelings on tailgating, the Peterson Poarch, and playoff tickets that may be redeemed some time in the future. Also we have great insight into our goal song. What a useless PR stunt.
  3. I get that the coaches employment wouldn't be discussed - but fans have no idea what the Athletic Department expectations for any program are or what we are doing to improve. We are getting improved facilities but does anyone think next year will be an improvement?
  4. It's the same $20 that the Athletic Department is going for - And I'm not the only one that doesn't think it's ok. And it's not the money. I'm not sure what my schedule will be and based on last year's attendance resale might be hard. And I'm pretty sure we will have to play this forward next year.
  5. I had hopes that this forum would start a new era of fan-administration dialogue. Here's what I learned - - Information on Bubba's two extension - nothing, Expectations for our Football team going forward - nothing, Changes made to prevent future end of the season collapses in Hockey and Football - nothing. What I did learn is that the Administration doesn't like losing either (with no mention of any changes but implied is more of the same but we will try harder), and that changes in Football at the Alerus (tailgating, Peterson Porch, the obnoxious requirement to purchase playoff tickets as part of your package, increase in parking fees), will all stay regardless of fan wishes. Does the admin take any fan input and concerns seriously?
  6. Then what changes or plans for the future are being made other than extending Bubba?
  7. So - in summary - doodly squat on what we are doing to have our FB and Hockey teams win regional games.
  8. There are bigger issues in hockey than Chelsea Dagger
  9. First - the inexplicable extension of a 5-6 Bubba before his contract was up. A firm commitment to mediocrity. Not sure how anyone can explain that one. And while I can see the logic in your explanation I would point out that our 7-5 record was in my opinion the most frustrating 7-5 record ever. After finally beating the Bison we promptly got pummeled at Northern Iowa. Our home playoff loss was beyond frustrating. We hired a 22-21 good old boy and that's exactly what we got. Bubba is clearly not going to change much and our AD has signaled that we are happy with how things are going. I'm not sure how long his coaching would be tolerated at our rivals. Expect more of the same this year. Bubba will always be Bubba. Not much demand for excellence from the Athletic Department.
  10. I would like him to explain exactly what he saw in the 5-6 Bubba that deserved an extension and why he thinks Bubba is the leader we need given his lack of playoff success and late season meltdown last year. What are our expectations for the football program?
  11. Exactly - what are the odds of getting a straight answer about Bubba's two - count em - two extensions. I have no expectations for this.
  12. Bubba's buddies are partially responsible for the current state of the program and will never see the light (but hey, he bleeds Sioux green). The main responsibility however is the AD who thinks so highly of Bubba and is so happy with our program he has extended him twice. Nothing will change here.
  13. I think in summary - Bubba needs to recruit better players
  14. You are correct also - losing to teams we should have beaten cost us a close regional and got us a first round game with Michigan. Don't know why we lose focus every year.
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