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  1. gundy1124

    UND-Sac Predictions

    NBN, when my kids get in the car......it's buckle up.....ha ha, got used to it!!
  2. gundy1124

    UND-Sac Predictions

    After the Big W, I am going to bed with my grillz on. Guard your grillz, buckle up.
  3. gundy1124

    2018 Season

    In my head, I think 250 is the min. for DE's and 290 at nose. If a guy is really strong and/or really athletic those weights will work. DE's need to be 6'3" min., too. Our starting 3 Cieslak, Tank, Bennett is a dream of size, weight, height, and ability.
  4. gundy1124

    2018 Season

    Yes, no nose guard next year.......yikes!! Greer VRS Tank, shows what a redshirt season can do for a player. 2014 - Tank Redshirts at UND, 2015 is a back up and starts being a really good player as a sophomore in 2016. 2014 Greer is playing high school football. 2015 and 2016 Greer had 4 tackles in 2 seasons as a freshman and sophomore and was OK last year as a junior in 2017. 2018 Greer really ups his game, but now as a senior. It would be really nice if Greer was afforded a redshirt year as this would then be his Jr. year. I have no doubt he'd be an unmovable force with another year!! Masson Bennett, by all indications is breaking out as a top player, as a Jr., with the benefit of a redshirt season. (He was showing flashes last year as a sophomore, too) Most players.....have to redshirt!!
  5. gundy1124

    Swat the Hornets

    Ya, we need to get indoors and get the lungs reconditioned to warm air. It does make a difference.
  6. gundy1124

    Say a prayer for Tanner Palmborg

    Someone should write a book, "Human Limitations of the Body". Seriously, I understand playing in the moment, but Palmborg was running near full speed, jumped 15 feet, and upon landing thought he could cut at a 90 degree angle. No one's knee will stand up to that. Ott only tried to cut at about a 50 degree angle near full speed, that didn't work so well either. Can a player understand human limitations, probably not?? Do we ever talk about high speed sharp cuts with the players, probably not. Should we? - Maybe
  7. gundy1124

    2018 Season

    I think Blubaugh is the most improved player on the team. He plays a better off man than Harris. He tackles better than Harris. Harris is the best man press guy we have, and he's a cold-blooded river boat gambler.....or at least he was with some of his past pick 6's. I am not positive, but on the Montana jet sweep......Harris needs to keep this play inside. That defensive play by UND was horsesh-t other than Holm running it down. About Holm, he's are most consistent corner right now, as many have stated.
  8. gundy1124

    2018 attendance

    We need to make it easier for our students. They need personalized uber or limo rides, paid for of course, then just scan them in on their phones, chair lifts to the student section, and then the paying fans need to go over and tell them how awesome they are and how successful they are going to be in life.
  9. gundy1124

    FCS Football Polls

    I don't see 8-3 as a guaranteed play-off spot anymore. Looks like we need a computer to take out the dipsh-ts and bullsh-t!! Without a conference......that is probably hurting us. Although some in the Big Sky will benefit from UND higher in the polls, a team like E. Washington or UC Davis (teams we don't play) could care less. The biggest loser in the poll......Sac State. I don't think the team is very happy right now!!
  10. gundy1124

    UND - Montana Game Day Thread

    Montana is 4-3. They have their bye week and are likely going to play UC Davis tough after re-grouping. Then 2 wins with Idaho and S Utah, then Montana St. So I see the most likely scenario of 2-2 for a 6-5 season. The griz are middle of the pack. They really lack a big time WR that they normally have. Either Sneed at QB had an off day or is a pretty average passer. Anyway, enough about the team that we just kicked their A_s!!
  11. gundy1124

    UND - Montana Game Day Thread

    Dear Montana, How does it feel to be banged up, on the road, against a team coming off its bye week? Not so good now, does it!! The shots we took in the endzone were purposeful.....wish we would have connected on one to make it 48. At least 80% of our posters can quit man crushing on the griz now. They were overrated, nothing to be scared of.
  12. gundy1124

    On to the Griz

    Sounded like the Griz couldn't handle a little pass rush from Porland St. Ceislak and Bennet should be licking their chops. If we pressure and sack with 4 we'll be in good shape, biggest key to this game.
  13. gundy1124

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Down go the mighty griz......I can't recall, but someone was saying they were overrated!! That guy must really know his football-
  14. gundy1124

    UND - University of Northern Colorado Game Day Thread

    Exactly this!! We are a blueprint for a bubble play-off team.
  15. gundy1124

    UND - University of Northern Colorado Game Day Thread

    In all honesty, I agree with Mike Leach that the old 50% run and 50% pass isn't balanced. 2018 called, balance is the ball distributed among your best play-makers. “There’s nothing balanced about 50% run-50% pass, ’cause that’s 50% stupid. What is balance is when you have five skill positions and all five of them are contributing to the effort in somewhat equal fashion — that’s balance. This notion that if you hand one guy 50% of the time and then you throw it to a combination of two guys the other 50% that you’re really balanced. You probably pat yourself on the back and tell yourself that. People have been doing that for decades. Well, then you’re delusional.”