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  1. Too bad for you- Makes sense that Mankato is developing and stockpiling Division I talent, only to transfer out. This guy is the Gopher D-line nut job all over again, only shorter with more tattoos. Midget wresting could still be an option for him.
  2. I actually see a 5'11" turd that likes to celebrate plays he should be making. Put me down as a hard pass.
  3. The Northern?? Just a guess.
  4. 8 of 9....ya, it's a little anticlimactic following FCS football these days. I haven't watch a final for 4 years now. You can only watch Forest Gump 3-4 times then it gets a little old.
  5. I bet the fans were oh so gracious. I saw many SU fans hugging and consoling JMU fans. Just so heart warming to see this.
  6. A big challenge for Holinka. I am going on record as a bit of a doubter. If he were a beer it'd be called Schmitty Lite.
  7. Let me spend my day tracking him down to relive the night....... Bison win again......so friendly.
  8. I guess knowing the region manager isn't good enough.........
  9. Except when the Jacks beat you guys a few years back......then opposing fans get punched and thrown out of the bar at BWW. I know it was just a few dip smacks and alcohol on both sides, but seriously, it could not be easier to be gracious when you hardly ever lose a game.
  10. My honest assessment - Either some of these programs do cheat, and/or some have the resources and personnel to do things different, but within the rules. Do we have a University that follows what everyone else does, or do we dare to have our own identity? I hope Chaves is starting to pull this all together. I like these lines in bold- Virtually everything you need as an athlete can be obtained through proper nutrition and a proper speed and strength program which should be designed for the specific needs of each individual athlete.........President/Dean Wynne, Chaves, Drs Mann and Greek, our Athletic trainers, Poolman, Baukol(sp), the head of our food service, the head of our Dietetics program, the Dept head of Physical therapy, Dept head of Occupational therapy, Dept head psychology and every one of our coaches should have a meeting to identify the needs and wishes of our teams/athletes. (If we do crack the code, why share it with the entire country, though?) Sometimes I wonder what the hell these University staff are there for. ( I wonder this all the time!!)
  11. We need our own magic potion, whether it's how we train, how we eat, how we supplement. Some team in FCS has it figured out and the 3 items mentioned above are pretty well kept secrets. I of course know about them. One of them was almost exposed, they are fairly open about how they specify diets for individuals, and their training toes the line of NCAA guidelines. Time to really take notice in Grand Forks and tweak some things. Does anyone think teams like NDSU in FCS and Clemson, Bama, Ohio St are squeaky clean and/or followers? Nope, they do what they think will get Ws, rules are just a little nuisance to work around. Not bashing, but admiring.
  12. I got thru half of it, need a Klondike Bar!!
  13. I will turn off the game when the Bobcats get down 21, probably in the 2nd quarter.
  14. You can pass when ahead. If a coach is overly concerned about perception rather than preparing a team for a Section title, just start the game airing it out. Go for 22 completions and call it the catch 22 plan. Then, being concerned what others think, piss pound your opponent on the ground to finish the game. With Isaiah, prior to the acl/mcl injury I thought he looked FCS ready with the only missing component being top end speed, which normally can be improved in college. His injury, most times or every time, affects speed. So, really sucks for him. I am not sure he can get back to FCS level. With a good recovery, he should walk on at UND or he could probably play D II.
  15. Could have used a passing game in the playoffs. Our WRs could not grasp simple concepts, never got the experience during the year. When needed, didn't have it. That's my biggest gripe with riding one player for 2 years.
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