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  1. Probably end up with the Feather-Horn trophy.
  2. As in bofa these middle fingers!!
  3. Accept the following. This is a virus. You can't fully vaccinate against a virus. Your body and health is your best defense. Leadership has lost their collective minds. Actions - Find ways to replace and challenge leadership starting at the local levels......or support alternatives to public school and activities (or both)
  4. The Band-Aid is being taken off slowly now.
  5. It is discouraging but hopeful the extreme wokeness and white shaming creates a new generation of free thinking, freedom fighting and liberty loving adults [of all races, colors, creeds, genders(man and woman)].
  6. Unless players don't want messenger RNA and adenovirus injected into them without any long term studies.
  7. If we're going to track what is more/less now a common virus and cancel games for one player college sports will be a joke. We used to glorify players for playing a game with the Flu (Jordan) and now 1 player out of a hundred per team (1 out of 200) can cancel a game and eventually the season with a Positive test. (often with no physical symptoms) We're living in the twilight zone folks. No MVFC Champs, just a bunch of CHUMPS in leadership roles.
  8. I wonder what Smok'n Joe 3 yards per crack Protheroe would think of this?
  9. Cal Poly drops out of Spring Season citing 61 serious injuries. Roster of 110 only has 49 healthy players. Ya, OK, not buying this one!!
  10. UNI top 15 this week?? At 2-3, asking for myself.
  11. I'm going back to one of my original concerns on the season, too small on the D Line. We have some injuries there, too.
  12. Quick takes after walking out of the game. NDSU holding, just about every play, not helping. Maag covered like a blanket all game. Need more beef on D line, as many have pointed out.
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