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  1. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    I put Cal Poly as an 80% chance W category. As you pointed out with some loss predictions, we will be underdogs quite a few times early in the season until we prove otherwise. It all boils down to the Fruend Factor as someone else pointed out.......what's the measure (positive impact) of having a successful and efficient offense for the team? It could be huge and with that I am not ruling out 8+ wins and playoffs. We could struggle with injuries again and be 6-5 but if healthy we'll be better than that. All poppycock at this point, can't wait to watch!!
  2. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    Seems right with some of our best on the field as captions. No more participation award captains please.
  3. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    Try to keep up with the big boy logic. Although Cal Poly can be deafening in their home stadium , we have these factors in our corner. 1) Schmitty can stop triple option in his sleep 2) Cal Poly is often undersized with limited depth, they wear down during the season. It is a very hard school to get into. 3) Our guys absolutely love playing out in California, night game. 4) No Protheroe or mini-Protheroes (like mini-Dictas) have been spotted on campus since Joe's epic bust at Niner's minicamp What is your logic again? (It's hard to travel West and play a game?)
  4. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    Apparently you haven't heard, but Joe Protheroe didn't get a 7th year of eligibility.
  5. Moore?? I am drawing a blank.
  6. Dynamo was an all time classic last year!! Was that the season winner 2018? Solid start to week #1 2019!!
  7. Stepsis said what really jumps out about the wide receiver are his intangibles. Cates checks in a 6-foot-4, 240 pounds. He's also been clocked running the 40-yard dash in 4.7 seconds twice in front of representatives from the Bears and Vikings. My God, how will we ever keep up with a 4.7!! 9 passes for 80 yards against the vaunted Griz (less than 9 yards per reception) seems like a real threat down the field. If we can't cover this guy we'll be in trouble all season long.
  8. The Excuse Tour game analysis is over for me!! Let's look at Mississippi Valley State by the numbers. In 2017 the Bison sleep thru a 72-7 game. So. Illinois smashes them 55-3. The Delta Dud-Devils finish 2-9 with 1 victory against Virginia University of Lynchburg. (so basically only 1 W) In 2018 we beat MVSU 35-7 and the Excuse bus loads up with "they are better this year as a program" or "we held back our offense, didn't show them anything". The following week Jacksonville St. dismantles them 71-0. (uh-oh, please pass the crow as MVSU is still dogsh_t) Texas Southern and Alabama A & M beat MSVU by the same margin UND did, by 28 points. (That's pathetic) It's a shorter list, 3 teams, to name that put up less points than we did. Jackson State put up 23, Grambling put up 24, and Alabama St. put up 31, UND put up 35. All other teams put up more points than UND and the list of teams has better athletes in the bands than on the football teams. (Hampton put up 54, Alcorn St. put up 56, Ark Pine Bluff put up 47, Bethune-Cookman put up 41, Texas Southern and Alabama A & M put up 42, and as mentioned a real team like Jack St. put up 71, and the Bison do 72 points in 2017 and played their starters maybe 4 series) This Drake game is a big deal.
  9. 2015- UND 21/Drake 18 Yotes 52/Drake 0 2016- Jacks 56/Drake 28 2017- Yotes 77/Drake 7 Jacks 51/Drake 10 2018- Griz 48/Drake 16 Iowa St 27/Drake 24 (this game was a torrential down pour and mud fest, FYI) Every good/decent FCS team has more/less smoked Drake early in the year. The exception was us in 2015 when we smoked them in the first half, then almost completely melted down and had to hang on. The following week the Yotes annihilate them 52-0. 2017 the Yotes 77-7, ouch!! If this game is close we don't have a play-off caliber team. It's that telling to me.
  10. Cost per tails and of course the indirect correlation to cost per heads.........where is Boydj when we need him!! We want the ball 1st vrs Drake. They have 4 returning starters on Defense with one of them being a stud at D-back, but 1 DB can't cover 5 options. Everyone wants to see what Danny has to show. On the other side of the ball, Drake has a new QB, but surrounded by a bunch of returners. I'd hate to see Drake have some success early.
  11. Is it?? Maybe?? I probably still take this stuff too serious and it's beyond my control, so I shouldn't. I have a flag football game to coach this evening, Kindergarten - 1st Grade, not going to worry about it. But never fails to get more than a normal amount of disappointing news out of UND Fall Camp. Ironically, I have 5 plays installed, 4 runs and 1 pass. Same playbook as Rudy.
  12. When something seems a tad off, like DeVore taking reps at D-Line, be prepared for underlying reason. (in football and life) Unacceptable to have a guy in camp participating and now figure out he's ineligible. (5th year Sr.)
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