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  1. Here we go - Ohio State has the top recruit in the top class in the 2022 recruiting cycle, but there’s a chance that player could be on campus in Columbus in 2021. Five-star quarterback Quinn Ewers is considering forgoing his senior high school season to enroll at Ohio State, which would allow him to profit off of his name, image and likeness — something he can’t do as a high schooler in Texas — according to Yahoo Sports.
  2. I had a Klondike bar after getting through it.
  3. Now Cloyd had one heck of a HUDL. I think my jaw dropped watching his. Sadly our staff 'missed' on the production side that he could of have at the college level but I think 3 of those years were Rudy-ball then Danny's 1st year. Overall I totally agree on your post. No defense is even going to practice to stop a TE position with so little production. SU be like "stop Weah" and some rookie asks about the TE on play action and the entire room erupts in laughter.
  4. Sometimes I like to do the dirty work and put some numbers to an analysis on his 11 min. HUDL. His catch at camp is way more impressive than his 8 receptions, 7 yards after the catch (concerning), and what I describe as above average control blocking. His athleticism maybe just catching up with his body given his size. So, not overly impressed but not totally dismissive either.
  5. In a league that credits quality losses more than wins.......I am not ruling it out.
  6. UNI voted for themselves, no other explanation.
  7. Ya, maybe he put on some weight. Where are the athletic plays?
  8. Honestly, I haven't seen a worse HUDL yet. Other than 6'7" what in the hell are we looking at?
  9. Just so SU has to pay full price. I think that's the goal.
  10. Keep searching, around the mid-section. It's a large area. Pretty harsh on Bubba.
  11. More like James and Jerome Cheatham. https://www.bisonillustrated.com/stories-from-the-rivalry-brotherly-love/
  12. UNI had quality losses!! 23-20 to NDSU, 17-16 to SIU, and 24-20 to SDSU. Yet, no top 10, no top 20, not even in the top 25. Sup wit dat Bruh??
  13. I'm sure NDSU is on it. UND will wait 4-5 years then try to dig themselves out of a hole.
  14. In order to bribe players to come to a chosen school doesn't a service have to be provided by the bribee which is 'beneficial' to the bridor? Lithia Ford in GF can't hand out checks until a commercial is cut and the hockey players are in it........is this correct? Or maybe the bribees just need to wear a Lithia hat. The comical part will be the justification of the bribes. (although some college players do have the star power to be legit earners, most $ gifts will be bribes)
  15. I think you underestimate the power of $$. Some limp dick booster somewhere has enough scratch to elevate a G5 or lower program.
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