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  1. When I was able to watch, I thought Nichols was more talented at just about every position. Maybe not inside backers, slight edge to UND. (I was multitasking with kids hockey)
  2. Ya, this is where I am at. Need some high enders sprinkled in throughout the roster. Bubba could slob around just like Entz, well not quite as good as Entz as he slobs around very well. But the point is the UND staff could drive the NDSU ship no problem with the roster they have. Now......how do we build a similar roster.......?
  3. Just like in comedy, in order to be funny it has to have some truth. JUICE U gets a reaction because it's true. You have to admire a program that buries anything negative that comes along. Just speaking for myself, UND doesn't want to win at all costs. We are the team that does everything by the book and sings a lot of kumbaya.
  4. I don't think he gained more than 5 pounds in 3 years.......not sure how that's possible.
  5. That explains a lot. Too bad you can't hit the reset on your XBOX and play the game again or put in a magic code for instant gratification. You should write a snarky blog to Chaves while sipping your latte, that should do it.
  6. gundy1124

    On to UNC

    The Maag push off play was 60 yards in the air.
  7. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    In Cedar Falls or the rest of the nation?
  8. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    If UND plays Weber St. tough, but loses, possibly in overtime, could we actually move up in the polls? (Asking for a friend who lives in Cedar Falls, Iowa)
  9. If we get our ass kicked in the middle with the status quo it's our own fault.
  10. Let's get the list of who's in at D line, it's shorter that way.
  11. Onterrio Smith is the leading salesman in the midwest. Ben Newman has him on speed dial. The most likely drug being used in college football is ostarine. Some Clemson players tested positive at the same time Ben Newman was giving some wonderful speeches to them, magically putting them on top of FBS. Poor Dabo has no idea where it came from. I hate using these, but LMFAO.
  12. Clean Victory(s) finish off a Ben Newman inspirational speech. It's a drink.
  13. Right, 4 games to burn. Better give him 3-4 clean victories.
  14. 2-3 clean victories ought a be enough for Hergel to play both ways.
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