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  1. Smith's ankle bent in a way that looks like season over. On the replay it's either a severe sprain or possibly broke. After a coming out game I feel horrible for the kid.
  2. No wheels, probably runs slightly ahead of the O-Line and middle of the pack D-Line.
  3. UNI with the loss at NDSU by 14, remained at #16, should have moved up.
  4. We have a losing record and this should be a disqualifier in the polls. If we can manage our way back to .500 with a W vrs the Salukis then back in. If you want a chance at a good weekend scratch off tickets are an option, too.
  5. Maag on sideline, confused why he doesn't have pom poms.
  6. Haven't seen Odem on the field for a meaningful play......maybe ever and he false starts. Unreal.
  7. Wasn't Cloyd running for a TD on 4th down not too long ago??
  8. Doesn't seem like this is the 1st time QV2 hasn't converted in short yardage. The entire sampling on him running the football isn't good.
  9. I like where you are going with this.(I put 3 RB's in our top 5 weapons) Our best weapons on offense appear to be Otis as #1, then Skokna/Smith/Belquist/Zavalney are pretty close 2-5, then not sure what to be other than disappointed in Boltman and Puff Crappy(Maag). Maybe Wright is the #6 weapon on the team right now. My top 6 weapons in order, but really close on 2-5 1. Otis 2. Zavalney (although was a ghost this past weekend) 3. Skokna 4. Belquist 5. Smith 6. Wright
  10. We don't have a #1 Wr on the team. I thought we did but Maag has some serious issues. Physically, 4 years in college FB and he hasn't figured out how to stay healthy. Mentally, softer than a Puddy tat. QV2. I think staffs across the country are scared sh_tless of the transfer portal and players needing instant gratification. As brilliantly articulated above, QV2 can't power thru an arm tackle and has never moved a pile. I understand what the staff wants him to be, but that's not the type of player he is. I feel Danny's many dilemmas facing NDSU's D. If we had a #1 WR we probably could have taken a few chances on 1 V 1 match ups. Or, if the O-line could provide another second of protection plays could have developed. The SU D was long, athletic, and disciplined. That's a tough game to call with UNDs personnel.
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