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  1. gundy1124

    2020 Recruiting

    4.95 40 is too slow to play LB right now, will need to trim that considerably 6'3" and 215, that frame needs a lot of meat for DE, so more likely a LB Put me in the average to flop category for his time at Iowa St.
  2. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    If you're good enough, this staff will plea and then wait outside a tribal ceremony for an answer.
  3. gundy1124

    Spring Ball

    #19, Ty Shannon, Accordian Player of the Game. He's no slouch.
  4. gundy1124

    Spring Ball

    What's our record in spring games? "When it counts," that is. I have no idea what you want to argue about so I will change my mind. The spring game is the most important game of the year and we should have crappy uniforms but super good players.
  5. gundy1124

    Spring Ball

    Could be me. The reason I am "pro-uni" with multiple combinations is because it's fun/exciting on "game day" itself, when it counts.
  6. gundy1124

    Spring Ball

    Maybe we are more concerned about football players that want to play football vrs. the football players that seem more worried about 60 twitter posts about being awesome, 26 offers and counting, committing-decommitting-committing-decommitting, smack talking, dancing on the sidelines, 24 arm bands, than playing football.
  7. gundy1124

    Spring Ball

    The challenge is there is nothing to tackle on a guy like Weah. The Jacks had an RB back in the day, short but strongest guy on the team. We had 4-5 face mask penalties, just not much to tackle. Howe at 6' 4" would just jump on the guy, the RB came up to his waist. So, it's easy to say 19 should tackle better but mark my words, Weah will present all sorts of tackling problems in his career.
  8. gundy1124

    2020 Recruiting

    Flag pole. Loyall will carry him around during games.
  9. gundy1124

    Spring Ball

    Top 7 reasons Kett became a deer in headlights: 1) the entire offense lost confidence 2) the opposing D calls out all your run plays 3) your only audible from a toss right is toss left 4) you fail to utilize your talent in space...and 2 of your players attend an NFL Pro Day, TODAY!! 5) the only offensive lineman smart enough to make the checks is a 5th year back-up taking grad classes 6) you were more likely to see a T-Rex on Columbia than an in game adjustment 7) when all season long 1990 is calling, wanting it's college offense back
  10. gundy1124

    Spring Ball

    A lazy effort on some weights........a lot of no gains with safeties and LBs. Mason Bennett back to 235, doubt it!!
  11. gundy1124

    NDSUCKS Dump Thread

    If it's caffeine I think they just come out and say caffeine. I don't think anyone cares about caffeine because it's socially acceptable. My gut tells me, it's not caffeine as you really have to work hard for 500mg in the system post game.
  12. gundy1124

    Former Players

    Since 2010 SU has had 4 players drafted, none in the past 2 years. So the bar is pretty low for having a pro day apparently. We should be able to reach it.
  13. gundy1124

    2019 UND Recruiting

    The only rating that matters is W's. (Clean W's, that is)
  14. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    It appears we have more special teams type talent and depth for 2019. Not only multiple kickers and punters, but the jimmies and the joes running down the field. That alone will make us better.
  15. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    I wouldn't mind the QB battle to be played out on the field. Let's face it, we have no proven starter right now for Danny's system. I thought we stuck with Kett too much later in the year 2018 when you could see the wheels falling off. The sacred 1 QB is the starter throughout the season logic is like our previous offense, stale.