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  1. gundy1124

    2018 and a Look Ahead

    Didn't we have a bunch of All-Conference and a few All-American accolades in 2016? Winning helps, there is a front-runner component to this, too.
  2. gundy1124

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Is this some kind of joke!!
  3. gundy1124

    Best Chance To Play In NFL

    The eye test tells me McKinney has it, too. In 2018 when Santiago was banged up, Mckinney should of had more touches.
  4. gundy1124

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Hopefully not UAB like.
  5. gundy1124

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    UNI finishes 7-6. I am impressed.
  6. gundy1124

    2019 Attendance

    Maybe a little different issue and self-inflicted wound by the NFL......#Istand.
  7. gundy1124

    2019 Attendance

    I will save everyone the suspense. Montana State will probably fumble the opening kick-off, rush for 70 yards in the entire game, throw 3 picks, and have 8 false starts. The same as 90% of all the games in Fargo. Why bother -
  8. gundy1124

    WR and OL Coaches

    Schleusner is few pounds short of Blair even.
  9. gundy1124

    WR and OL Coaches

    At the beginning, middle, and end of the day it is a humongous factor and advantage. Stepps - played D-back Agnew - played RB Gigle - played DL Schmitty - played LB Joel S. - played Safety Danny - back where he belongs with QB's and OC Luke - played O-line At the position coach level, these guys lived the fine details. For a WR coach, teach our guys how to get open, catch the ball, and block, 1st hand knowledge is preferable.
  10. gundy1124

    WR and OL Coaches

    That would be amazing, but I see WD more as a guy that spends a few weeks in GF advising compared to taking a full time position. UNLESS, he has coaching aspirations, then gotta start somewhere!!
  11. gundy1124

    WR and OL Coaches

    Most are hyperventilating over new blood and DI experience with all hires. What DI position coach is looking for a lateral move?? We are looking at FBS/FCS grad assistants or DII or DIII guys, or someone that recently played at a high level with no coaching experience. A WR coach can be a young and inexperienced guy, backed by playing experience, my 2 cents.
  12. gundy1124

    New OC Danny Freund

    this sums up our old system
  13. gundy1124

    New OC Danny Freund

    Stay tuned - 2019 UND Football!!
  14. gundy1124

    New OC Danny Freund

    9 to 10 times
  15. gundy1124

    New OC Danny Freund

    Let's start with this for the offense.......don't go to the line and try making 3-4 checks while no one can hear you to run a toss play!! It was embarrassing.