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  1. gundy1124


    Not following my own advice, reading some posts, but in Duluth awaiting puck drop. I know a player/family from Lowell. Anyway, can you have an effective run game with 3 run plays in the playbook.....??
  2. gundy1124


    My advice. Don't read the thread, find something else enjoyable this fall. This season is done.
  3. That would be huge, one of those WRs ate up NDSU.
  4. Virginia Tech is #6, just behind the NDSU game day experience -
  5. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    The measurement is fluid. 2-2 expectation was before Eastern W. got smoked by Idaho and had a lot of key injuries. Our last game was a gong show coming off a bye week.
  6. Yes. Or, it's just something nice to say at that time. No sane person thinks that.
  7. Must win for UND. Davis just went to SU, hosted the vaunted Griz, and now back to North Dakota. Hopefully we finish out and make it a touch schedule. If we have any pride this will be one of our best efforts of the season.
  8. This RPO was no pressure. The photo shows the Easten defender picking the pass off. Not a guy within 10 yards of Maag up top. How do you miss this?
  9. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    He looked legit to me on film. I think that was his Jr year in High School. Injured as a Sr, might not even be healthy enough to play. I don't know.
  10. gundy1124

    EWU Game Day!

    The 3-4 works with a few 300+ lbers in the middle and Dudes at both D ends. Also, we used to have size at outside backer. Currently, we have a small nose guard and the backup is even smaller, a 220 D End and Bennett with a few backups around 240 lbs. On top of that, 2 small outside backers. I don't see how we let things get to this........ Roster Management........needs work.
  11. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    No one feels worse than Ketteringham after a game like this. Has anyone here played in a game with conditions like Saturday?(especially QB) It's pretty miserable. On top of a wet field and ball, 25 mph winds, we put our QB coming off a buckling/injured knee into action. I could tell Kett wasn't as mobile and was scared to move too much. A recipe for disaster. On top of that, Wanzak lost his confidence throughout the game with each accumulating drop, and Toivenen and Maag had drops, too. All that said, as I pointed out in the photo of Maag wide open on a Kett pick.....Kett played like crap. I would also try Schuster this week and if he plays well and we win, consider him the starter. If it doesn't go well.....kind of have to play it week to week based on Kett's health but could still keep Schuster's redshirt. Another option, give Kett a few series and if he comes out firing, let it ride. (kind of a one last chance) I hope his knee is good enough to not hinder his confidence and/or performance if Kett is the starter. Other main items not helping - D Line. Many have pointed out the obvious over and over again, but we are too small, got handled vrs Eastern and NDSU. I would have been OK with a Junk Yard JUCO that we could barely keep eligible. Also, could have moved an O-line over. But we did nothing. Running Backs - Probably the least amount of pure RB talent that I ever recall going back 25 years. I've never seen a softer 245 lbs in my life. Mckinney is not a true RB, and Gee isn't at a level for us to be a top 25 team to put it as nice as I can. I don't know if paper mache Gordon is ever going to play and where's Teddy. Teddy is probably the least talented but he puts his nose down and gets yards. No freshman sightings either. Pretty sad group.
  12. gundy1124

    EWU Game Day!

    Maag wide open on pick. Brutal by Kett.
  13. gundy1124

    EWU Game Day!

    K-Mo feeling good today......
  14. gundy1124

    EWU Game Day!

    I feel bad for myself next week watching Davis kick the crap out of us.
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