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  1. Interesting connection. NDSU always seems to have the 'key numbers' available for sale.
  2. I have some insight on this topic. While on the game day committee I had a substantial commitment ($$) to make and give away free replica jerseys, kid sizes. I had 5-6 key players picked out. This was the year following the Hawk-erchiefs.(also donated funds, didn't cost the University anything). So, I had the kid jerseys all mocked up and ready to go and enough funds for hundreds of jerseys.(close to 500) The response was I could only do the number 1 and the last 2 digits of the year. I think it was 2017, so #17 was OK. The reason was an NCAA statute that a University cannot profit off of a name or 'likeness' to a player. (apparently number 1 and 17 are not real players that year) I know it is so stupid but when challenged I was told the University staff will take the laziest approach possible. Saying "no" to football is easy and is zero risk to the University. At that time I showed UND how many other colleges had player jerseys, with players that you could make a profit off of and UNDs response was they would report it to the NCAA. But, the story continues............since I love rules I ordered a #22 for my fast daughter(Santiago), #5 for my strongest daughter(Brady), #92 for my boy that likes to run into things(Tank), and #45 for my boy named Kolt(Cam at that time). I took all my kids to an autograph/meet the players and those players totally freaked out (in a good way), even wanting pictures on their own phones to show friends and family. The players thought it was the coolest thing, saying "I've never seen a kid wear my jersey"!! John and Brady spent 10 minutes with my girls. Players were letting my 4 year old with Tank's jersey tackle them.
  3. 1. Masks are very close to being totally worthless. (Cloth masks, touching face and mask, not worn correctly, or dipsh_t policies like wearing a mask walking into a restaurant yet sitting down and eating) 2. The number of players that have already had it might surprise you. Almost all were virtually symptom free. Conclusion- why would players really give a crap about catching a symptom free virus? (due to their health and age)
  4. I knew Ventrelli would be a stud. He's really athletic and just needed some weight. On paper.....weak at RB.
  5. reminds me of a Metallica song, "Sad but True."
  6. Bright?? I heard he had ANTIFA and the names of a bunch of felons on his shoes. Doesn't sound too bright.
  7. I hate to stay on an actual football topic, this thread has been fun!! But....how fast/slow is Zeb? It seems the dynamics change without the "go to" QB run in the SU offense. Thanks for the insight.
  8. BLM Matt. I love it. Lack of leadership. Lack of perspective. Lack of history. College football players should have enough intelligence and guidance to avoid alienating more than half their fan base. And, the financial support.....more than likely from successful business persons and high wage earners......these folks tend to lean right.
  9. And you'll have guys sit out because of a minor boo boo and other guys play thru sprained ankles and broken fingers.
  10. Orgeron's comments come on the heels of Texas Tech self-reporting five more cases of COVID-19 on Monday, bringing the team's total number of positive cases to 75 since players returned to campus in June. (75 of roughly 100) Isn't it clear this is the answer? Texas Tech is almost thru the herd immunity process. I know for a fact the only symptom of a player in GF was loss of taste, that was his symptom. Holy Crap, let's cancel the season until the guys can taste a grinder from the Red Pepper. This is such a travesty. I sure hope we were a dissenting voice in the Conference when the MVFC folded.
  11. They are waiting for some GPA indicators. GO TEAM!!
  12. I wonder what our team GPA will be. Seems like we set records every year, it's so exciting.
  13. Rest of the story- ........of the 100 schools that declined 95 laughed their ass off while the other 5 didn't think their facilities could handle that amount of piss on their streets.
  14. The Bison were willing to play a CFL schedule, FYI.
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