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  1. I see it as very little room for error with a kicker, and/or the special teams coach. On one hand, you can't have 3 scholarship kickers to create the competition, waste of $$. On the other hand if you only bring in one guy and he doesn't progress as projected then you're in a bit of trouble as UND has been. We have a nice smorgasbord of kickers this year, not sure of the money situation, but hopefully we get kick-offs in the end zone plus a good FG kicker all in one, and don't spend more than 1 scholarship in the process.
  2. It's just perspective. Schuster's high school numbers were almost unbelievable as undefeated 6A Champs. His pocket presence, timing, ball location, all way ahead of where a normal true freshman is expected to be in that situation. I am projecting from what I saw he'll be a good player in spite of his average size and running ability. He's not the runner I want back there but the other intangibles could surprise. I'd be good with All-Conference his 1st year, then All American!!
  3. Schuster is the man. If his performance against S. Houston as a true fresh didn't show you that you are football blind. Boltman is #2 and will even throw the ball some. Vaughn is a head scratcher to some cause he looks the part off the field (not sure if he figures it out, changes positions, transfers) Neal transfers to DII, Feeney will have a shot when he gets there.
  4. Coastal Carolina gets rewarded with a game VRS Liberty. Well that sucks.
  5. Fresh off my 2 week quarantine (Close-Contact with some hockey Softies) just in time for recruiting!! Let's Go!!
  6. Wanna make something of it dickface?
  7. Only if my kids want to, or likely their hockey teams will go as a team function. I guess it's not right to punish them cause of 2 silver spoon privileged douchebags.
  8. Late to the news, can't believe 2 players kneeled. F-off UND Hockey!! Done!!
  9. Where is the Row Row Row your boat gently down the stream guy? Fleck needs a new nursery rhyme to turn his leaky duck boat around.
  10. I totally agree. We have shaved lines, a wide variety of mops and fros, the dirty rock band(Kauppinen), Mohawk, sweet mustache accessory, mullets, LOVE IT!!
  11. Interesting connection. NDSU always seems to have the 'key numbers' available for sale.
  12. I have some insight on this topic. While on the game day committee I had a substantial commitment ($$) to make and give away free replica jerseys, kid sizes. I had 5-6 key players picked out. This was the year following the Hawk-erchiefs.(also donated funds, didn't cost the University anything). So, I had the kid jerseys all mocked up and ready to go and enough funds for hundreds of jerseys.(close to 500) The response was I could only do the number 1 and the last 2 digits of the year. I think it was 2017, so #17 was OK. The reason was an NCAA statute that a University cannot profit
  13. 1. Masks are very close to being totally worthless. (Cloth masks, touching face and mask, not worn correctly, or dipsh_t policies like wearing a mask walking into a restaurant yet sitting down and eating) 2. The number of players that have already had it might surprise you. Almost all were virtually symptom free. Conclusion- why would players really give a crap about catching a symptom free virus? (due to their health and age)
  14. I knew Ventrelli would be a stud. He's really athletic and just needed some weight. On paper.....weak at RB.
  15. reminds me of a Metallica song, "Sad but True."
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