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  1. It think I could win the Siouxsports bracket challenge if that happens!
  2. 2-2 tie. Worst tie in hockey.
  3. Thanks! I'll imagine that you were wearing a garish suit when when you wrote that.
  4. Can someone do their best Melrose impression and give me an update on the game?
  5. My hearing isn't what it used to be and I had a difficult time hearing Hetall's higher voice as compared to Starman's.
  6. Anybody able to get the game on NCHC.tv? Nevermind. I'm an hour early!
  7. For those without CBS sports but with Roku I noticed after I downloaded the CBSSprots app in ROKU and can watch a couple of non UND hockey games tonight without a subscription. It looks like UND will be shown tomorrow without a subscription.
  8. Thanks. It's tough to get college hockey updates here in Arizona. Unfortunately, I don't get CBS sports so I'll cross my fingers for a pirate feed!
  9. I realize there's been a lot of rescheduling lately, but is the Omaha game on NCHC TV tonight or CBS sports. It's currently not showing up on the NCHC TV screen.
  10. Can't get the game! Really frustrated.
  11. I watched the game on my computer today. I thought the picture quality was very good and the camera work was also good. I was concerned the production would be very substandard compared to watching UND home games, but was pleasantly surprised and am glad I got the NCTV package.
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