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  1. The essential elements of the 3 charges aren’t particularly intuitive. For the 2nd degree murdered charge there didn’t need to be a specific finding of intent to kill, only a casual relationship to the death while committing another crime. Essentially, were Chauvins actions a substantial causal factor in Floyd’s death while using unreasonable force? As an analogy, I rob a bank and point a gun at the teller. She dies of a heart attack. I still committed 2nd degree murder in MN even though I had no intent to kill anyone. The juror made the determination that there was not reasonable doubt that Chauvins force was excessive, and that the use of force played a role in his death. For what it’s worth, in ND I think this is a negligent homicide, C felony case.
  2. My point was that the defense doesn't need to prove anything. The state needs to prove each essential element beyond a reasonable doubt.
  3. “Bad Legal Takes” on Twitter would love that one...
  4. With a federal indictment pending if acquired he really couldn’t testify. There was zero chance of him testifying. That the defense didn’t request a mistrial for the Brady and other prosecutorial issues the defense had to be pleased with the progression of the case. They only made that motion at the end of the case. In his denial, the judge specially indicated that it was a valid appeal issue. There are tons of legitimate appeal issues. I’d guess that the odds favor the granting of a new trial.
  5. I’m not a Rocco fan at all, but I’m confident you could have made those 2 plays, much less an MLB player. Could not have been more routine.
  6. In my opinion all of those fall on Rocco.
  7. It comes down to balancing giving more kids the opportunity to play versus potentially competing for championships. With (3) teams they will be very watered down. The chances of competing with the top east teams would be cut dramatically. I personally don't buy into the argument that creating a 3rd team will cause kids not to play, or for more kids to take the junior route. It's essentially the same situation with their girls team.
  8. Anyone know what backdoor communicates are happening with players on other teams? I wonder how much recruiting is going on. Can coaches take a call from a player who is interested in joining another program but hasn't yet entered the portal? As someone mentioned, do you pick a few mid-level guys or wait to see if some highly touted guys jump ship from their current team.
  9. I sure hope not. The top programs will benefit from this, but I don't want to constantly have one year mercenaries picked off from the lesser programs. And for the lower level teams, it's gonna stink to be losing your top guys who jump ship to try to play in the NCAA tournament or win a championship.
  10. The Pfizer vaccine was 100% effective for 12-18 year-olds in a study released today. The placebo was only 99% effective.
  11. Yep, I'd put them in the same class as the Calder, Henderson, Ulmer line, the best "checking" line in UND history in my book. I loved seeing Calder trash talking Goldie the mascot before overtime at the Final Five. RIP.
  12. Fargo - (8) PW teams - 1 AA - top 12.5% of players WF - (7) PW teams - 1 AA - Top 14% players Bismarck - (7) PW teams - 1AA - Top 14% of players GF - (7) PW teams - 2AA - Top 28.5 of players It is successful because GF is allowing more kids to play with the highest level of competition. They could have one team and would probably win the league. I'd say the current system is better for the player's development.
  13. Should have been a no call all around. Defender hipped the attacking player into the goalie. Goalie was sticking out the pad to make a save.
  14. The only other one since Patrick I think came close as far as controlling the game was Roche. Sanderson definitely has the same flow to his game as Patrick.
  15. I've never reffed, but have served as a goal judge many times. I was shocked at how difficult it can be to 100% determine if a shot when in. With the goalie, the glass, the net, and the constant movement it's not easy. Winger coming down the left wing, hard shot to the far corner that may or may not have caught the top corner while the goalie is sliding across, throwing out the glove/blocker, d-man screening... Often times you can't see the puck leaving the stick to track it.
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