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  1. Medical folks in ND and elsewhere - - Do you think we are prepared from a medical capacity/supply standpoint?
  2. Can the Mods start a thread for only medical experiences from the medical professionals, and questions for them? Leave the political crap for this threat, and have one for ONLY medical information. Many folks here have actual first hand experience with how the medical facilities are dealing with this issue. I'd like to hear from them.
  3. Have you done a survey to determine the political leanings of the folks on the beaches, mardi gras, etc.? My guess is the kids at concerts, mardi gras, licking toilets, lean more toward Bernie than trump... (but undoubtedly there are morons out there in both political camps).
  4. That’s not an example. That’s an implied insult on something you clearly have no information.
  5. For what it’s worth, I talked to someone very connect to the Governor's office yesterday. Was told that Doug would much prefer to not issue a shelter in place order. I got the impression he’ll err on the side of staying the course if the decision is a coin flip...
  6. There are a ton of unknowns, and also a ton of knowns. Unemployment even in our state is increasing dramatically. There are not a lot of options for those folks. This week I have personally had (2) young relatives in service industries lose their jobs. Thankful our family is able to help them and they will be fine, otherwise they would be screwed. Many folks are not so fortunate. This is impacting the mental health of people, especially the younger folks. It's definitely a balancing act, but we need to implement a plan to restart the economy while taking all the reasonable precautions that we can. At this point this is strictly about mitigating all classifications of damages.
  7. You have to be incredibly good to be a top two line guy in the NHL. Does Guch have the ability and skill set to be a 3rd or 4th line guy? There's a long list of college scorers that ain't gonna be PP guys in the NHL, and don't have the skill set to be a 3rd/4th line guy. There's a reason guys like Porter/Rowney/Ryan Johnson get a shot in the NHL and Duncan, Kristo.... don't.
  8. If he leaves early his signing bonus won’t in the same universe as free agent AHL or Europe money.
  9. You don’t think that’s essentially what he’s doing?
  10. Yep, definitely out of proportion for both calls and puts.
  11. Thank god for big pharma, Walmart, Amazon, the telecoms, private sector medical providers and the like... They will lead us out of this, not the government. They are all stepping up in a huge way.
  12. As long as both JBD and Kierstad don't both leave we should be in pretty good shape. The (F) group should be at least on par with last year unless there are unexpected departures.
  13. Italy Stats for first 1000 deaths: Average age - 80.3 47% of deceased had at least 2-3 preconditions. 2 deaths under 40 years of age. (both had preconditions)
  14. It's sure trending that way. I'll take the under, which is probably bet down to -240 by now. May need to adjust the line to Thursday 5:00 p.m. What's the action if I parlay that with school being done for the year and taking the under 1m deaths?
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