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  1. The "normal" people are the 80-90% of people that think that Trump is a complete buffoon, that Biden is losing his marbles, and that the fringe on the left and right are outright dangerous. Unfortunately to get the (D) nomination they needed to move so far left it's nuts. The political consensus is that the absolute best thing Biden can do is hide and say absolutely nothing. That's pretty telling about the status of the candidates. Just as with Hillary, it shows how awful the (D) candidate is that the 2016 and 2020 elections are/were even in doubt. Any moderate and coherent candidate would be fantastic, too bad their isn't one.
  2. You have no concept of nuance do you? Because someone voted for Trump in no way means they are okay with all of Trumps actions. I do find dishonesty despicable, including yours.
  3. I'll be interested to see the power rankings implications and how this will be incorporated. I've always thought getting no "credit" for a 5x5 OT loss was a bit unfair.
  4. Just saw a clip of a "defund the police" person on CNN. She was asked about someone calling the police for a break-in at night. Her response was nothing but the question showed the hosts' privilege. No substantive answer. Would Minneapolis actually defund the PD? What an absolute mess that would be, although it would be an interesting social experiment to witness from afar."
  5. Their failure has nothing to do with Covid. The relationship between the players and owners has always been horrible. Tough break for the Twins. Their window isn’t gonna be too big and they had a pretty solid team this year.
  6. Scare situation. Just takes one stupid move by a protester or officer. After 8 hours of “protesting” its time to go home. Nerves have to be getting to a breaking point.
  7. Was on CNBC yesterday in regard to the unemployment claims and the difficulty businesses are having in hiring folks because they are receiving way more by not working. There is a proposal to pay those that go back to work $450/week on top of their wage to help make up the difference between their working wage and the unemployment they are receiving.
  8. An inmate released early due to Covid murdered someone in Minot. 70% of unemployed are receiving more than their employment wages, 20% are receiving more than 2 times their employment income. Good times.
  9. You are utterly clueless on this subject because you are completely clueless on the legal procedures involved (which is probably a good thing). FILING and SERVING and two completely separate acts. Under the bans you can’t FILE or actually evict someone. That is TOTALLY different than SERVING someone, which still continued under the bans.
  10. Go to the courthouse and ask a judge (or ask one that posts here). I‘m sorry you don’t understand the legal system and the legal steps in an eviction, but you are unequivocally wrong in your statement. There is a difference between serving and filing a legal action. Just because something is served doesn’t mean the court system is involved in anything yet. Sheriffs don’t show up to remove a tenant until after they are served a 3 day, after they are served a complaint, after the eviction hearing is done in which tenant is provided time to move, and after a writ of execution is issued days later directing the sheriff to remove a tenant (which rarely happens).
  11. You stated if evictions were banned he wouldn’t have been killed. You are 100% wrong. He would have still been served, which is when the event happened. Your statement was 100% wrong.
  12. You are just 100% wrong on this one Dynato. The (3) days were always served, there were just no eviction hearings being held so no one was being evicted. The folks couldn’t be formally evicted until the hearings were allowed. You are correct than no evictions were/are issued, but the process never stopped, it was delayed. The other documents were still being done and served to hopefully have the Tenants move voluntarily and to be ready to move the eviction when the prohibition is/was lifted.
  13. This is 100% factually incorrect. Eviction in those situations/states were still being served (3 day notices, Eviction Summons/Complaints) the hearing were just being put on hold. Landlords still issued the (3) days and Complaints to hopefully have the tenants voluntarily vacate the premises.
  14. Add up the number of deaths and divide by the number of cases. Nearly 900 confirmed Smithfield, 2 Dead. Similar percentage for Tyson. Second question, statistically speaking, probably a dozen or so folks in the 80+ demo with serious preexisting conditions.
  15. If a survival rate of over 99.7% for infected workers in your worst case scenario isn’t good enough I don’t know why you’d ever venture out of your mom’s basement.
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