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  1. Walsh Hall

    Who would UND hire?

    Find a young D2 guy what's innovative, energetic, and motivated to advance, and give him a shot. No lateral move or retread. I'd much rather strike out or hit a home run opposed to a single.
  2. Walsh Hall

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Recruiting is so much harder today than it was 20 years ago. Look at the current top 20. I'd argue that only 3 teams in the top 20 are the old blue bloods of college hockey. Denver 7, Michigan 14, UND 17, no Minnesota, BU, BC, Wisconsin... With the depth of kids coming up, early recruiting, and a relatively static number of programs the old days of the other Minnesota programs truly being gopher rejects just isn't the case any more. Minnesota used to essentially have their pick of the top five Minnesota HS players every year. We still get a nice percentage of the kids we target, but the percent that pan out isn't the best. That's really no different than the other top programs. Good luck predicting the 14 or 15 year old kid that will be able to pick a corner at an elite level when he's 20 or 21. Or do you wait and see if 17-19 year old kids that develop are uncommitted and still hope they can produce at the college level? Add in the young recruit that pans out is probably gone after 2 years. If they don't pan out you're stuck with a below average player for 4 years. I think the expectation of any program being elite year in and year old is flawed.
  3. Walsh Hall

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    I guess I'm still confident in this team. There are certainly many issues, but the D is very good, and the goaltending has largely been fine. They could be sitting a lot better, but there is a ton of season left. Reminds me of a team 5-6 years ago that was written off by most on here that ended up in the frozen four. I'll let this play out a bit more before casting judgment.
  4. Walsh Hall


    I don't recall saying I wasn't a Champions Club member... The gouging isn't an issue for me, but it is just a common courtesy and rubs me the wrong way. If I'm in line with 20 other folks to buy a hot dog, and there are only 5 left, it doesn't cross my mind to buy all 5 to resell them to the others who want them. I guess I do feel a camaraderie with my fellow UND fans and don't see them as a potential source of profit.
  5. Walsh Hall


    I cannot understanding selling above face to a fan of the same team. The people doing the gouging had to be nearly exclusively champions club members. That stuff leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
  6. Walsh Hall

    North Dakota vs Wisconsin 11/2 & 11/3 - Preview

    I think on the 81-82 team there were 12 future NHLers. Two incredible teams for sure. Hopefully the 15-16 team adds a couple more.
  7. Walsh Hall

    North Dakota vs Wisconsin 11/2 & 11/3 - Preview

    7 of those played in the NHL. Pretty crazy.
  8. Walsh Hall

    North Dakota vs. Minnesota in Las Vegas - October 2018

    A plus number you win the amount and get your bet back. With (+210) Bet $10 get $31 when cash the ticket. With a minus (-110) you need to bet $110 to win $100. Bet $11 cash $21.
  9. Walsh Hall

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    It appears that GF HS’s have a grand total of one state championship going back to the 1940’s. (Central 2005). That has to be an indication of the relevance of the sport in the community.
  10. Walsh Hall

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Is anyone familiar with the talent of the Bantam Elite league? What percentage of the top MN players opt to play in this league? In looking at the ND team I know ND could field a MUCH better team if you could hand-pick a team. The bottom half/third of the players are definitely not elite for that age group.
  11. Walsh Hall

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Jeff and Jay both had one son on the Aviators last year. I watched the team play a few times last year and collectively they were very solid and polished. I don’t think I saw any of their D men flat out get beat. That said, I didn’t think anyone really stood out as being head and shoulders about the other kids.
  12. Walsh Hall

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    Not sure where you come up with this stuff. They play the game. The game will always be 5x5. Sure there will be minor tweaks, take out the red line... but the game is the game. After the game has concluded there are a few options. Leave a tie, play 5x5 for some duration, play 4x4 for some duration, play 3x3 for some duration, or have a shootout. There are way more ties happening so leaving it as a tie isn’t an appealing option. In the past, games tied after regulation were just deemed a tie. Back then ties were relatively rare. I’ve never heard anyone advocate for anything by 5x5 and I can’t believe anyone would advocate for anything else. i don’t get the feeling that, “we love 3x3 so much.” It’s just a reasonable way to break a tie at the end of a formal game. No more no less. No one is calling for huge nets or 3x3 or any other crazy modification to regulation.
  13. Walsh Hall

    Twins ?

    They desperately need Lewis and Gordon to pan out in the coming years. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Sano and Buxton. So much talent if they could stay in shape/stay healthy/learn to deal with a curve ball down and away.
  14. Walsh Hall

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    Injuries unfortunately happen. No one with any sense would attribute your hypothetical injury to being related to the inclusion of a shootout. The majority of the fans wouldn't be in favor of a huge net because that makes no sense. There are a few options when a game ends regulation in a tie. The numbers of ties has risen substantially in recent years. Of the potential viable options it seems that the fans, owners, player's associations, media, ... of EVERY SINGLE LEAGUE have come to the same conclusion. Pee Wee teams use the same system for ties.
  15. Walsh Hall

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    Ties were a part of hockey for a long time... and they sucked...and there started to be way to many of them. Lower scoring games, more parity, way more ties. Strategies change. Equipment changes. Games Evolve. Rules change to fit the times. in the past 12 years UND has had an average of 4.5 ties/year. From '46-'82 the average was less than one tie each year.