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  1. If Sano comes back and plays at a high level that is going to be a very nice lineup. I assume he'll hit 5th. If the starters keep putting up quality starts to protect the bullpen this team has potential. They could have 8 guys hit at least 20 HRs each (Kepler, Polanco, Cruz, Eddie, Sano, Cron, Garver, Schoop) plus Buxton's speed for the one extra batter. At least it's entertaining to watch for the moment.
  2. Pretty much any up and coming administrator or coach is going to be looking to move on to bigger and better things. That's just how it is with UND's status. At ANY position at UND there is a bigger and better job out their. To advance to the bigger and better jobs the coaches/administrators need to thrive. To think that Kennedy isn't committed to UND and doesn't want it to thrive is crazy. He may want that for purely personal gain, but that's no different than a football, basketball, or hockey coach. With success other, bigger, opportunities will present themselves. I don't see begrudging someone for wanting to thrive in their chosen profession. I'm not a fan of Kennedy, but I have no doubt he wants UND to thrive and is trying to achieve this result. It would be career suicide for him to want anything else.
  3. The schedule for April is rough. Great start so far.
  4. I’ll let you sell... I’ll bet you a nice chunk of money that the Sioux end the regular season next year higher in the pairwise than they did this year. Sounds like it should be easy money for you.
  5. The Twins are the one team I always have irrational confidence in. I'll guess 84 wins and miss WC by a few games. I just hope after 40 games they are .500 or better to make the season more interesting.
  6. Definitely a log jam next year. 6 returning guys that saw a lot of ice - Poolman, Peske, Bast, Kierstad, Jonny, and JBD. Always some injuries and healthy scratches, but that's a pretty solid group. Outside some long-term injures, I don't see (2) freshman getting 20-25 games each. Seems one more year of juniors for one of them would be more beneficial for their development. The next year we'll lose Peske, Poolman, and probably a couple early departures.
  7. If the issue that needs to be solved is lack of competition for the very top kids, this seems to be the most logical answer. They play better competition, and the remaining teams have more parity.
  8. Absolutely for the bigger programs. Many just have one or two teams, i.e. Devils Lake had one team and won the B1 division this year.
  9. For clarification, for ND Bantams there is AA (3) teams, A(11), B1 (12) and B (19). I agree that AA is the only high competition band, with A being solid, but not nearly as many out-of-state games. GF dominates both AA and A at probably a higher level than HS.
  10. What is the specific problem that needs fixing? The youth numbers in the West are up as far as number of pee wee and bantam teams. If the problem is development on the top end, the solution is different than it there is declining participation on the bottom end. West Youth Teams (excluding Bismarck) 2013 - Pee Wee - 14, Bantam 14 2018 - Pee Wee 22, Bantam 17
  11. I'm not hearing this push for a divided system from any of these schools. They know that can't compete for a state championship. That isn't their goal.
  12. Please explain how the teams get split, and how they will set schedules. What does this do to D.L., Jamestown, DIckinson... that are stuck in the lower group? That will encourage growth and development? Those teams want to play the top teams. Sure they get killed, but that's just how it goes. If two classes the top kids from the lower division will jump to the top division schools. It would be a mess. Hockey cant be compared to football or basketball in ND due to the number of teams. The easiest solution is have a Tier 1 or similar team for the very top kids. 99% of aspiring HS players aren't going D1.
  13. How would this look for game scheduling? If 8 teams in the top division (RR, Central, Davies, FS/Shanley, Bis, Century, Minot, and some other team) would they play each other twice? That would be 14 games. Scheduling other games, outside of games with the lower level teams, would be problematic for many of the teams. I doubt MN teams would burn their limited game allotment making a Western ND swing to play teams potentially well below their level. The same would be true for the lower level teams. I'd like to hear the specific problem that needs to be addressed, and an actual proposal to see how this would be set up. I'm all for growing the game, but I don't see an actual proposal that would accomplish this goal.
  14. There would presumably be 8 teams in the top division, so no regional tournament, and the regular season would just be for seeding for the state tournament. It seems this would essentially revert to the Bantam system. Just removing (2) teams from the top division would do nothing but potentially hurt those two programs. I don't think the "lesser" teams have any anticipation of winning the state tournament, and I don't think not having a shot to win the state tournament hurts the youth numbers. For those programs their goal is to get to state. Sure an occasional higher end player will bail from a lesser program, but that's gonna happen no matter what. It's no different than a kid going to the USHL for his senior year from a top program. What's the specific issue that needs to be addressed? I don't know if it's necessary to completely blow up a system because of one outlier that is dominant. There just isn't the depth of talent in ND. There aren't enough teams to have a legitimate 2 class systems. We aren't MN. The simple answer may be to just have a AAA or junior team in GF to allow the top handful of kids to play a more competitive schedule. The HS league will be more balanced. Honestly, the top handful of kids in the state shouldn't be playing ND HS to develop into potential college athletes.
  15. With kids that have played/play on many traveling teams, I can tell you 100% that basketball and baseball are the same way for the kids (parents) that think they have the potential to get a scholarship... in that sport. It's the same for hockey. 80% of the squirts do little or nothing in the off-season, but some go crazy. It would drive me nuts how seriously some parents would take travel baseball for 9 yr olds. Off season work indoors, camps..., were the norm for many even at that age.
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