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  1. Based on what? He hasn't had any sustained playing time to make that judgement.
  2. That was a disgrace. But someone's got to put that kid on the ice especially if he was taunting after.
  3. Much respect. Beatty was the first kicker that I remember actually playing. Growing up on western ND only got to see the Sioux Bison games and some UND hockey on Prairie Public. We've come a long way.
  4. We had great kickers for about 25 years, going back to Pat Beatty. We play indoors, which should be attractive. Have we just neglected the position in recruiting?
  5. I'd like to see if Q could get rolling with a little consistency. This rotation seems kind of willy nilly.
  6. What I won't understand is not kicking out of bounds there. Although there were several guys that could have gotten to last kick.
  7. And I'm just asking why. It's not a traditional rivalry. Sorry but that's the truth. It's also pretty one sided, so apologies if I'm not excited about it being on the calendar every year.
  8. It's almost like height is an advantage and not just speed. Funny how that works.
  9. The ideal for non conference schedule for pairwise is top teams for lower conferences and mid pack teams from good conferences. (Obviously top teams from the best conferences are best if you win them, but bigger risk if you lose). the quality of the NCHC always means RPI will generally be good, so winning other categories becomes most important. This is why single games become better than series. For example, if you play say Northeastern and UConn and sweep them, then Hockey East teams must go perfect against those teams or perform better than UND against NCHC teams to win the comparison. Same goes for head to head. A split is just a wash, but easier to win a single game and gain that pair wise point. I think our non confernce schedules have generally been quite strong. I just don't think Bemidji merits an annual series when there are so many potential opponents out there and it isn't a historic rivalry like Minnesota or Wisconsin. We are also due for an Ice Breaker appearance soon, hopefully as host. Would be great to get some big names for that.
  10. I'm definitely OK with cutting back on the number of games against Bemidji. It's not a rivalry, there's no need to play every year. I like a wide variety of schools, so I'd like to see more single game non conference, than series. That also creates more variety which is good for the Pairwise. If we want to help Bemidji set up series where teams come in to play UND one night and Bemidji the next. CC and DU do this a fair amount. So BU and BC come out to play UND and Bemidji one year and then host the next year. Other similar matchups I'd like to see Clarkson-St. Lawrence Cornell - RIT Michigan Tech - No. Michigan (would have to maybe do this with Duluth rather than Bemidji and maybe as a Thursday Saturday to ease travel, maybe over a holiday) Army - Princeton - mostly because Hobey Baker Rink is like the Wrigley Field of college hockey and well worth a trip, and West Point is West Point. I'm good with series against Minnesota and Wisconsin, and OK if they alternate and we don't play every year. The other thing I'd like to see, if UND hosting a holiday tournament, again to have variety and to show off the Ralph to a larger audience. Maybe have Air Force as a semi regular participant for reasons mentioned by others above.
  11. That's a oretty big flaw for a position that is the leader of the team
  12. Unfortunately looks like next year.
  13. I would have like to see us go for it that drive. Need a touchdown no matter what, and you should be able to get one from inside the 5.
  14. I'd like a little more sense of urgency with the clock. Seem to be running the play clock down a lot for being down 2 scores.
  15. South Dakota very chippy. Definitely hit through the whistle and a little extra.
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