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  1. No reason they shouldn't take 3 of 4 from the tribe.
  2. nodakvindy

    2019 Season

    Interesting. I'd think coaching salary budgets would seem bigger priority and better way to improve performance.
  3. And the Jacks have now rolled into the Sweet 16. UND has a long way to go.
  4. It does. It means you get to play the worst team. And get an extra day of rest against you semifinal opponent. That's plenty.
  5. That's the calls you get when you are in a league but not really. 2 more years of that from Big Sky refs. Ugh
  6. Germany didnt even need to try to score on the PP. They just needed to milk the clock.
  7. That was absolutely the turning point. Just kick the ball out and run some more clock and UND probably wins the game. Still, this game will be valuable come tourney time.
  8. I think for one bid leagues the ideal format would be a hybrid. The regular season champ would host the final and get a bye into it and the neutral site has teams 2 to 9 playing for the other spot in the final. This would make the regular season very meaningful, ensure the final is in a packed arena and looking good for tv and also give the conferences best team the best chance to make the Big Dance and hopefully do a little damage there.
  9. Yeah. Noticed that just after I posted. Backup time now.
  10. Wouldn't mind seeing studsrud on the sidelines at this point.
  11. Too many flags. Nice looking score but still work to do.
  12. I hope they don't let up in the second half. Hang 50 on these guys and make a statement.
  13. Pluto is ok but pixellating at times. Looks like they need a little more bandwidth.
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