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  1. The NCAA may not, but the Department of Education might. Have fun with that.
  2. Does West Virginia get in to the ACC with Notre Dame to take that league to 16. Restores the Backyard Brawl and its a solid football school with respectable hoops as well. Media market is negligible, but it's 2 more senators in the pocket when the inevitable political wrangling occurs. UNLV to Pac 12 makes sense as well, now that they are playing in Allegiant Stadium. Just now sure who another good candidate is. Boise State would be a good geographic fit to balance UNLV, but the academics are even weaker than UNLV's. Don't see Colorado going big 10, Boulder definitely fits in with the West Coast culture. If that conference had even adequate leadership, they would be dominant.
  3. That's actually not a bad lineup. Gordon can be a super utility guy when Lewis is ready. Pitching is the key though. Need at least one young potential frontline starter prospect and can gamble on other pitching. Just not sure any of the available trade guys gets you that. Maybe Cruz can land a nice piece or Donaldson if Twins eat some of the money. Would definitely be selling low on Kepler now, and his contract is very reasonable, would be hesitant to move him at the deadline, maybe in the offseason.
  4. A little disappointing they chose ASU for the Vegas game, almost any opponent would work in Vegas. ASU would have been perfect for a Phoenix game or even a SoCal game.
  5. I agree with that sentiment, but UND will play anyone, so I see that as a possibility to play Michigan. No way I'd want to see a series in Ann Arbor though, without a series in GF first.
  6. I don't see a Phoenix game now that they are playing ASU in Vegas. Opponent is a key Some I could see Vs Michigan in Chicago Vs Notre Dame in Tampa Vs Air Force in Seattle Vs LIU in NYC Vs Ohio St. In DC Vs Wisconsin in Anaheim The trend has been for marquee names as the opponents, so I think you'll see primarily Big Ten teams, BC or ASU, barring some potential local connection like LIU. Other option is Ivy if the game is in December like MSG game was. Also helps to have notable UND alums connected to a lot of these (or in Tampa's case a UND title run).
  7. You mean tiktok videos might not be providing sound medical advice.
  8. Compressing playoffs also allows for another off week during the season. Including all 11 teams means the number of playoff games is only cut by 1-5. The third games are often on Sunday nights and not well attended anyway. Every game being an elimination game certainly heightens the intensity and is good preparation for the NCAAs.
  9. It doesn't need an explanation but it does need Mario. Pretty cool though.
  10. I'd take a side trip to Vernal, it sounds like Yellowstone and Tetons already on your agenda. Utah has some spectacular fall colors.
  11. I'd like to see more promotion in general. Could definitely move a basketball game each year out to Minot or Bismarck to expand local interest. Build in a fan fest type event and maybe a hockey watch party with some former players. With South Dakota having no college hockey I think an occasional game in Sioux Falls or Rapid City would also make sense. Maybe play a game against Air Force in Rapid City. Midco is a presence there so why not. It's a family friendly common man's destination game that can an enhance a trip to the black hills that a lot of folks in Western ND could do.
  12. If only the seniors got an extra year, this would probably be a bigger problem. They have four years to work this through and with early departures and other attrition, it probably works itself out naturally.
  13. I think 8 victories in Frisco has made much more of an impact on the casual fan than being on KVLY. The fact that Fargo media companies have largely killed the local GF market also can't be underestimated in terms of coverage and attention.
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