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  1. Nothing tricky on the TD! Now up to the defense to do their part.
  2. I kind of wish he would take the Maine job. He is a legend in that program and the Black Bears should be among the elite programs. Hope he can continue to find peace.
  3. I think the fact that JMU played some very weak opponents this year (admittedly not their fault, but still a reality) means they have yet to be smacked in the mouth. If we can jump on them early, that could be a key.
  4. Hopefully with a playoff win now in hand we can now ditch the "play not to lose" conservatism in 2nd halves. I get not running it up. But all these 3 and outs have had D on field too much.
  5. Yep, something else to make James Madison at least think about.
  6. Who'da thunk a playoff game would be when we might get an opportunity for some reps for the backups.
  7. I liked going deep on first down, but wish it had been a straight throw versus trick play. Expect a safety now.
  8. Strong first half. Offense just can't get too conservative. Take the second half kickoff down and go up four scores.
  9. Grabbed the jersey. It was right call. Might have saved 6.
  10. Actually if you are retaining players already at the school you can exceed the scholarship limit. Kind of like the Larry Bird rule to NBA salary cap.
  11. If nobody leaves, how many freshman do you bring in. Or do you cut underclassmen who haven't produced. Remember that to keep a player for the extra year doesn't count against scholarship limits, (not sure if that will continue to apply until all classes have aged out). That means you will have a lot of depth and can more easily get guys a night off and weather injuries. Coaches have several years to figure it out, I'm sure the good ones will.
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