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  1. One is a football only league and the other is hockey only... its those details that matter so much these days.
  2. Well, she was on rowing team at Iowa and a Phycology major (who isn't anymore). She spent the last ten years at SCSU killing football. I can see her value as lecturing everyone on the proper use of pronouns and the need for safe spaces in hockey. And just in case you have not heard this one recently. She is the first! woman to be hired to her current role. Yeah 2022!!!! and NCHC is going woke. I hope it works out. Seriously, I think I would rather see Jen Sakai as commissioner.
  3. Well, I don't know this person. But as a general rule - nothing good comes out of SCSU. So, I have very low expectations.
  4. This right here, UND and Summit League games were all over the place and not all UND/Summit League games were on ESPN+ so you had to go hunting around looking for them. It was frustrating at times.
  5. I absolutely agree... Midco has knocked the production out of the park. I don't want to see that change. I would like to see UND put its sports on Midco streaming. So, you could get around all other other packages required. One stop shopping for UND sports - Midco Streaming - Please.
  6. I picked up on it because I follow Matt Brown. I looked at the work on the Summit League. I agreed with some it and other parts not so much. I think Matt Brown does good work and he really concentrates at the Mid Major/FCS/D-II sports level of college sports. As a Sioux fan, I find it interesting. He and a group of other like minded individuals are building a cross platform group. And they are sharing content with each other. Here are some of the links if you are interested. Extra Points with Matt Brown (extrapointsmb.com) You can also sign up for D1.ticker at https://www.d1ticker.com Collegiate Sports Connect at https://csconnect.live/sign-up
  7. Interesting link rating of all Summit League schools by Athletic Department. https://athleticdirectoru.com/articles/athletic-department-power-index-summit-league/ Interesting Tableau Chart: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/athleteviewpoint/viz/AthleticDepartmentRanking/SchoolComparison I think there are some interesting nuggets in the data and comments.
  8. Only 1 school in sodak with Hockey. Sioux Falls fans will show up.
  9. I think both of the schools will be very successful in short order. St. Thomas is already working on a site for development near campus. They have money and they have fans in a hockey market. Plus, you have a portal to help supplement. St. Thomas once they get the arena on campus going are going to be good. People are under selling Augie... They have people who know hockey in charge. They have major backing in Sioux Falls which is a sport town, they have a good hockey fanbase and you have Midco right their willing to give in great production quality broadcasts and visibility. I will say it again, St. Thomas and Augie will be great adds in short order.
  10. The other thing that seems odd to me is that we really have no clear definition on scheduling. Is the Dakota 4 still protected? Just a statement that everyone will play one another within a 4-year window. Note: M. Brown picked up on the NDSU statement and I am sure he is asking around. So, he could be a source for additional information in the near future. And he noted that Sun Belt is still talking to Missouri State. So, you could still see more change prior to July 1.
  11. The feeling that I got was that Sanford was kind of ready to cash it in and let the leadership go to another location ie (Salt Lake City) in this case. I was disappointed in that approach because I really think that Sanford has given the region a corporate leadership style that has been missing ("A why not US mentality"). Not that I agreed with everything they did but they were aggressive and reinvested in communities and local people from what I could tell.
  12. Absolutely agree.. you can kick SCSU to curb at any time. I will never forget how we were treated at SCSU. I will never set foot on that campus again.
  13. What happened to the Sanford merger with a hospital system in Utah?
  14. I sign of appropriate parenting!
  15. The other factor could be wanting to play with his brother. Based on that I can see him changing his mind. The other stuff people have talked about - I am not a fan.
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