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  1. So sad, thoughts and prayers to his family - God Bless.
  2. That's fair, but they are the last receivers that I could think..
  3. William Randolph Hearst - yellow journalism.. I think they call it guerrilla journalism now..
  4. It was a no brainer... MWC as is right now is clearly to the top G5-Conference and it is not close. Is the AAC better than SBC or C-USA?
  5. Oh, I agree - I don't understand the motive for Colorado State or Air Force. People talk about the money differences between AAC and MWC. But, I believe those media contracts have a "subject to change" clause which is going to materially change the current numbers for AAC to be more in line with the MWC or even lower. I really don't understand it and the only school that is in really in play for the Big 12 right now is Boise State. I can see Colorado State, San Diego State and UNLV being seriously considered in the near future for P5 conference. But for right now the MWC is the best option IMO.
  6. Once the MWC gets blown up: Boise State University Big 12 California State University, Fresno Colorado State University AAC San Diego State University Big 12 San Jose State University United States Air Force Academy AAC University of Nevada, Las Vegas University of Nevada, Reno University of New Mexico University of Wyoming Utah State University Not much left..
  7. Agree on all counts.. one of the renewals failed for me and I was never able to get the grandfather price again.
  8. That group is a mess - every year it is a mess. It is so sad.
  9. the ending was as crazy as the start.
  10. INT!! I don't like that throw back shoulder throw..
  11. Well, if this goes based on script... they will overturn the call.
  12. Who is the moron color commentator?!?!
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