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  1. It doesn't matter what you or I think. All it takes is an interest on campus and a push with the annual survey and NDSU would need to account for those interests. So, if a group of hockey playing ladies wanted that opportunity. NDSU would need to add or start to explore new programs which is the danger with the approach that NDSU takes in meeting Title 9 compliance. It's a risky and potentially expensive roll of the dice..
  2. Dan, on the move up to FBS how many girls are you going to have on indoor/outdoor track team. Plus, you are moving up in the heighten #metoo movement and Title 9. Hell a couple of well placed tweets by your most famous alumni - US Rep - Ilhan Omar and NDSU has social media nightmare on its hands. Dan, I would get your Title 9 stuff fixed up with the couple of million they have just laying around and start women's hockey. Then think about FBS/MVC.
  3. Why would the Big 10 take ISU and KU? Big 10 isn't going to be second fiddle behind SEC. They are going to go bigger than ISU and KU. They are not going to let ACC and SEC win the second round of realignment with UND, OU, TU going to those conferences without a fight. They are going to go big against the ACC. My guess is Virginia and UNC. Or maybe UND in that mix.
  4. Sorry, didn't mean to step on your toes.
  5. This, when you leave the President of a Major Sports Franchise speechless - you know the fix was in.. no good names were making it out of the screening process.
  6. How About We Keeps Sioux - doesn't resonate with you after several years (or ever for that matter)! Who would have thought? So many better options - ughh "Hawks"..... the students failed big time.
  7. It's not about the market size from a TV marketing stand point. It is simply to help with school exposure within that market for students and to have another recruiting area for sports. Mr. Brown has noted that in his previous posts when discussing UT-A and ORU being potential target for the MVC. That change would be made to get exposure within Dallas and Tulsa markets. There is going to be a drop in college age kids in the next ten years. Why do you think Augie/St. Thomas are looking at D1. It about exposure to students and if you don't do it now - in 10 years it is going to be too late. Let's looks at MVC vs Summit League. The MVC has one very large market - Chicago and Des Moines. The Summit League has Denver, MSP, KC, Tulsa and Omaha that are all over a million MSA. Surprisingly the Summit League is in fairly good shape right now for market exposure. But, it needs to be proactive in maintaining those schools. All of those schools have flirted with the MVC. The Summit League needs to differentiate it's self from the MVC or consolidate with the MVC (not likely). As it is sits right now, the MVC could put the Dakota schools in a major bind fairly easily by pulling DU, St. Thomas, UMKC and/or ORU in the near future. All of those schools are looking to push Basketball. The MVC conference does that... the Summit League doesn't. So, how does The Summit League make the conference sticky for some of the schools in question plus help basketball. It is by adding football and hockey. Plus, the success of the Summit League schools in those sports would help the profile of the conference. You can see this in the recent changes by the ASUN conference (adding football). You can see this in the WAC (adding football). You can see this in the name change to the Missouri Valley Football Conference several years ago. It used to be named the Gateway Conference. One of the reason for the change was basketball recruiting. Coaching were saying that the MVC wasn't a real Division I schools because it didn't have football. If the Summit League is going to take itself serious. It need to move forward pushing football and hockey. Otherwise they will be sitting behind the WAC and the MVC will poach schools (markets) as needed. While the Dakota schools raise the profiles of those schools by having successful football programs in the MVFC.
  8. I am in the camp of one single multiple sports conference: Lindenwood, UNC and Augie. All of them have hockey and football. Lindenwood brings in the St. Louis market and UNC and Augie are within the existing footprint. Summit League Football: UND, NDSU, SDSU, USD, UNC, Augie, W. Ill, St. Thomas and Lindenwood. Summit League Hockey: UND, Denver, Omaha, St. Thomas, Augie, Lindenwood, with UMD, SCSU, CC and Mankato St as affiliate members. UND/NDSU SDSU/USD Augie/St Thomas UNC/DU Omaha/WIU Lindenwood/UMKC ORU....
  9. I like the travel partners: UND/NDSU, USD/SDSU, Omaha/Denver, UMKC/ORU and WIU/STU.
  10. Montana with be fine - MSU has a new coach so that could be interesting. I got JMU, NDSU and SHSU all in a group. Has SDSU fixed the QB position?
  11. Absolutely, we need an answer for the power running game from JMU and NDSU.
  12. Game Notes for JMU: LT - Matt Waletzko Jr / Easton Kilty Fr - I believe he is coming back - need depth. LG - Tobin Sr / Tervino Fr (Transfer Portal) - Tobin gone, Trevino I assume is gone. So, we have a major hole at LG. C - Nguon Sr / Lotysz Fr (hurt in the spring) - Nguon gone, I believe Lotysz will be healthy, wish he got more time in the spring. But a major hole at C. RG - Kilty Fr / Fenton Fr - both back - Kilty appeared to look good late in the season. RT - Ventrelli So / Lavell R-Fr - both back. My guess is that Fenton/Helgren and Lotysz will be pushing for time in the LG and C spots? Plus you have - Baba Ghadaksaz, 6'2”, 290, Irvine (Portland St) and I looking forward to seeing more from the following: Elijah Klein, 6'7“, 205, Mandan (Mandan), ND, Marcus Preston, 6'2”, 185, 4.6, Shawnee (Mill Valley), KS and Jack Wright, 6', 180, 4.6, Tulsa (Regent Prep), OK. - PLUS: Owens (Speed?) from AZ. Other question on Offense - are Finke, Richter and Gee coming back? Plus, I am looking forward to seeing - Gaven Ziebarth, 6’, 215, 4.5, Cambridge, The entire D two deep is back minus DeVore - that looks salty. The other D lineman are Thorsness, Lennon, Orlando, Keech - any of those players going to push for time? Who is going to step up and push the current starters on the Defensive side of the ball? Looking forward to seeing - Malachi McNeal, 6', 220, Gurnee ( Warren Township), IL
  13. That is true, but Sioux Falls and Rapid City are starting to grow very nice hockey fanbases.. If Augie pushes to move D1.. it will be interesting to see if they look toward hockey... I think the SF USHL team draws very well and they have the facility already in place.
  14. Wow - blast from the past...
  15. Best of Luck to JMU the rest of the way. The match up with Sam Houston next week will be a good one. I can see JMU winning it all this spring. You have a nice group of running backs and a heck of an offensive line. Looking forward to UND and JMU games in the futures.
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