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  1. Agree, major problem for Summit League. - ORU games were available.
  2. They can't shoot. They need a shooter to open things up..
  3. That could be.. Augie was mentioned in tweets by the same source that has been breaking the WAC news and SUU and Texas schools. He seems to have a good sources on the topics.
  4. I surprised on the steal by Sims with 3 seconds left that the call was NOT two and the ball. It looked like he had a clear path to the basket.
  5. Youngstown has always seemed like they are looking for football success to push the school profile. So, they would be looking for the next step up for the football program. I always assumed that they would be the MAC because is has 6 Ohio based schools. But, they can't afford the MAC and FBS football. So, I think they are happy with the high level of football within the MVFC. Plus, I believe that Youngstown was already in the OVC from 1981 to 1987. But, you do raise an interesting point about OVC and they could move back. A driver for this could be the current financial hardships m
  6. The interesting part of that report is that OVC is losing two members (E Kent and Jacksonville St). Does the OVC stay put or does W Ill. look to E Ill. as nice travel partner in the OVC. Plus, the costs to compete are a lot less in OVC vs SL/MVFC. If this unfolds MVFC goes back 10 teams and SL stays at 9 with St. Thomas coming in and W Ill potentially going. Or does this open the door for Augie slightly or do you talk to St. Johns UND/NDSU USD/SDSU (Augie/St. Johns) /St. Thomas Omaha/Denver ORU/UMKC
  7. I agree on Denver and UMKC. But, I don't have a strong sense on what drives Oral Roberts. To me they are still a wild card. Plus, they always seem to be on the verge of major money troubles. If whatever drove them out of Southland is now gone. Does the Southland look better now?!?!? I don't know. But, it obvious that something was going on in the Southland for a while and I think we just saw the fault lines form.
  8. I agree but the current WAC is simply a collection of parts leftover from the Great West and newer move-ups. When you have Chicago St in your conference - Augie looks like SDSU and USD combined.
  9. Not that it matters, but I don't think NAU is a founding member of the Big Sky. But, they have been in the conference for a long time. The Big Sky schools that would be in play would be: 1) Weber St - because of the other Utah schools. They might be left behind. 2) NAU - they fit the footprint. Is what they want and do they lose ground to Grand Canyon (I don't think it is a for profit school anymore). 3) Maybe the California schools - Sac St, Poly and Cal Davis. They are the only none FBS schools in California. Are they looking to make the jump to join Fresno St, San Jose
  10. Another poster on AGS is saying that Augustana is one of the DII schools being considered for WAC membership.
  11. Right now, this conference adds a net of two new FCS teams Tarleton and Dixie. The big change is that more teams are going to be looking for non conference games. The Southland, WAC, and Big Sky have less members. And you may have another autobid slot for the playoffs.
  12. FYI - This site has an ignore feature.
  13. My oh my, I forgot about that one... that picture is really hard to unsee... augh!!! - Damn you, now my eyes are burning.
  14. Appears that they are expecting more fans for MVFC games. Top of section 218 is an OK spot for Bison fans. But, I think a new area "Section 301" if you will - that is west of parking lot with barb wire would be perfect. It is COVID safe and it lets the Bizon fans graze is more appropriate environment Think of it as a "safe space" for Bizon fans.
  15. We shouldn't be shooting that many 3s... with a guy named Rebraca in the post. He had 18 in the first half and finished with 21. We went away from our strength. UND is not a good shooting team. We don't have a pure shooter on this team. They need to work to there strengths.
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