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  1. Aren't Summit League games supposed to be on ESPN+ or ESPN3? This is a step forward? Neversports was not the best but I could count on watching the game.
  2. I have sling and I found it on the PAC 12 Oregon Network
  3. FSSD

    Montana St GDT

    No Pluto Sports Channel today?
  4. Or was it the Bison HOF mother - calling out the NDSU athletic department that they trusted there son's well being with!!
  5. PG - Stewart G - Brown G/SF - ???? F - Walters C- Rebraca
  6. I am fine with Dayton - if they win its gets the conference an additional credit.
  7. Looked at game notes and that would be NO! Really, what kind of conference is this!?!?
  8. Its JBB - nothing makes sense. Hey JBB, the one item you are forgetting with SDSU and USD is the they have mortgages to pay for with the facilities that they built/building. NOTE to USD and SDSU fans, this is not meant as a slight toward your schools. I thinks they are great investments in the schools and they are long over due. NOTE: UND also has a 7 million dollar mortgage on the "Betty" that as of 2017 had a 1.4 million balance remaining. The maturity date is 2020. So, more funds $700,000 annually will be available for other capitals projects or available to other programs next year I believe that the other thing that could be misleading about UND public numbers is how REA and its revenues and expense are included in the reported numbers. The REA is a separate entity so I am not sure how there numbers are accounted for in UND's public numbers.
  9. I thought that this wasn't a sorry?
  10. Right in the middle of recruiting season.... anyone want to rethink their commitments to NDSU because you see first hand how committed they are toward you. Just throw the player away and then make the story go away. In the end, "haven't they already been through enough"... ops wrong quote.
  11. Tonight it will be interesting to see if the seniors figure out how to close out the game. 3 tough losses (UNI, SDSU and NDSU) winning those would have changed the direction of the season. Of course it is not too late. But, if it comes down to crunch time do you still go the Seals, Avants and Stewart..... or do you go Brown and Moody.
  12. too bad, because I think that USD is weak down low. Having both Rebraca and Avants on the floor would have caused problems
  13. He was a graduate transfer. He finished undergraduate school at UND and got another year of graduate school at Loyola. He did exactly what he is supposed to do.. I don't understand the angsts. Welcome back Carson and best of luck going forward.
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