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  1. FSSD

    2018 Season

    It helped Weber to have WR engaged in blocking down field prior to the catch several times. It always seemed like it was 3rd down.
  2. FSSD

    FCS Football Polls

    Only a Bison fan would take being wrong as a compliment. Good work.
  3. FSSD

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Whats the controversy? The new nickname sucks period.
  4. FSSD

    UND - Weber State Game Day Thread

    I work in this area and the definition of the Millennial generation has been moving around a bit. So, I would not necessarily get too upset with someone thinking Millennial are in college. Now based on the definition from Pew Research in 2016 a Millennial would be 20 to 37. Using my own household as an example. It would be 19 - Freshman year, 20 Sophmore year, 21 Junior and 22 Senior. So, they would typically be Sophmore/Junior/Seniors this year based on the 2016 definition. In 2017 you started to see the definition of Millennial change to "1981 to 1996". Which would change the population in school today. And I would expect that this will continue to evolve over time based on my observations in the field. So, I would settle down just a tad. I can see why someone would miss the target slightly when the target is moving. Now, I will now bow out of this discussion - carry on.
  5. FSSD

    UND - Weber State Game Day Thread

    What??? - Go Fighting Sioux!!
  6. FSSD

    Pluto or Midco tomorrow?

    I tried to watch last weeks game on watchbigsky and it started midway through the 3rd Q. I could not get to the start of the game. I really enjoy the big sky but the move to eversports and then pluto TV are steps backwards from the America setup they had.
  7. I thought that we voted and the name is "Darell"
  8. FSSD

    The Nickel Trophy

    Actually, I didn't... someone else posted on this thread to put it on the main page. I just happened to be reading that single page and simply provided a comment. Not sure why this caused you problems... but peace.
  9. FSSD

    The Nickel Trophy

    Hell NO, the student body came up with JUNK like How About We Keep Sioux - after that disaster, you don't get a second chance at anything.
  10. FSSD

    FCS Football Polls

    I thought that the 2016 Championship did not count because of the soft unbalanced schedule?!?!
  11. FSSD

    FCS Football Polls

    This is exactly why I don't think UND is going to be ranked.. UND just needs to keep winning.
  12. FSSD

    FCS Football Polls

    I see UND in the top 30 and Sam Houston nearly out of the top 25.
  13. FSSD

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    How did Joe P do?
  14. FSSD

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Remind me is that from the same conference as Unv of San Diego and they don't offer scholarships right.
  15. FSSD

    What's Needed At The Alerus?

    How did the freshman run go??