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  1. No, Bernstine, Shanks and Geno left after a NCAA run.
  2. I agree, it's a new age. I say let the players choose. Nobody needs to be a good guy or a bad guy. Everyone has their reason for choosing the path they go down. I wish all the players success and please remember it really comes down to your education. You have a wonderful opportunity don't waste it.
  3. I was thinking St. Thomas could be in the running also
  4. I have not seen the other 2 sites yet. I was reacting to what I had seen posted so far. And the fact that several blue bloods had been taken at that point.
  5. BC, BU, UMD, Mich, UND, SCSU off the board. - Goph fans dancing
  6. Wow, the Gophs left with a Cake Walk
  7. I have never heard that rule.. I would assume that a gunner is a receiver when the ball is in the air. Not sure that makes sense to me.
  8. I do believe that Weber St had a team that could make some serious noise but Damian Lillard was injuried his jr. year. Then I believe that he left early for the pros and was rookie of the year.
  9. Whoa, did anyone else see the mess on the Yote board with its 2022 recruiting page?
  10. So, how long does she get? Ignore this year and clock starts now. It took Roebuck 3 years.. he inherited a 2-12 team and then went: 9-5, 6-8 to 16-2, 17-1 ... and on.
  11. The Aaron Kallhoff File Hometown: Norfolk, Nebraska Education: Bemidji State, 2003 (Mass Communications) Experience: 3rd season at LSU in 2020-21 PLAYING EXPERIENCE 1998-99 Iowa Central CC 1999-2000 Northeast Nebraska CC 2001-03 Bemidji State COACHING EXPERIENCE 2003-06 Allen County CC, men’s assistant coach 2006-07 Seward County CC, men’s assistant coach 2007-08 Allen County CC, head coach 2008-12 Hill College, head coach 2012-13 Trinity Valley CC, assistant coach 2013-15 Arkansas State, assistant coach 2015-18 TCU, assistant coach 2018-present LSU, assis
  12. Yes, 4-0 and now it is on to the team down south.
  13. any word on Boltman for next week?
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