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  1. Mods, Can we turn this into dumpster 3.0? But that's what it is right now.
  2. Yup. You are correct. No games.
  3. Omaha will be a no show at the REA this weekend
  4. Cousin. Jay's son. Jeff's son is back at egf. Brandon graduated from central last year.
  5. Wasn't arguing that. Just saying the play clock starts immediately after a dead ball. Wether it's a first down, out of bounds, in bounds etc.
  6. Play clock starts immediately after the dead ball. Game clock starts once the chains are set.
  7. ToDaClub


    Nice. Could've kept that quiet. Great showing from und thanks to you.
  8. ToDaClub


    Don't go through Chicago.
  9. ToDaClub


    429 miles. I checked. Southwest goes at 330 for $179. I have checked bags Disaster is being nice. I'm in the airport also. Couldn't get worse.
  10. ToDaClub


    Disaster is being nice. I'm in the airport also. Couldn't get worse.
  11. ToDaClub


    http://www.theralph.com/assets/doc/2021_Nashville_Fan_Guide-e92596efb3.pdf This is from The Ralph. Up to date activities for the week, along with requirements and any changes to protocols. Sorry if this was posted already.
  12. I'm convinced this is because starters aren't doing preseason anymore. Seems like a bunch of bad mistakes league wide. Although the Vikings took it to a different level. I agree. Zim may not make it half the season if this continues
  13. Jaksen Panzer is in Minot I believe
  14. Should've hired the firm "Duey, Cheatem, and Howe"
  15. Sorry, that's their logo next to UND's name.
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