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  1. They will be on fire if you hit em from behind
  2. I agree. Almost as bad as rooting for a former packer
  3. Yup. Worth every minute.
  4. I apologize if this has been previously posted. If you haven't seen this, it's priceless.
  5. ToDaClub


    I do, but Tony Hrkac wrote all over mine.
  6. "Hot mike" of the Ref at half time was the lead story this morning on The Dan Patrick show due to one of his guys being a SIU alum. If anyone is still curious about what was said, "I can't hear F-ing Sh#t on this f-ing thing."
  7. Its going to be held either at The Ralph or in Omaha. Most likely The Ralph.
  8. Rumor that frozen faceoff will be held at The Ralph. Hope that happens.
  9. Booster A: I hear Rydels is getting some of there vehicles back from coaches at und. Booster B: I bet Wes is mad about the kneeling. I have no idea about anything except the trades. Just hate rumors that become "fact" on the internet.
  10. I hope this rumor didn't start because of trade agreements between vendors and the athletic department. Und called vendors such as rydell and let them know they would not be able to provide the tickets/benefits because of shortened seasons. There wasnt as many home games to offset the trade agreements, so the vendors could ask for some of the benefits provided to the university to be returned. So Rydels could get back cars because they didn't get the season tickets they were gonna get with full season schedules. Lithia has supplied champions club/alumni association with vehicles for
  11. The numbers for attendance was announced Tuesday. The 1000 tickets allowed for both football and hockey will be distributed first to parents of players, in football, that chews up quite a few, I don't know if they will provide tickets to opposing teams parents this year (they normally do). After parents it's the companies that have trade agreements with the athletic dept. IE All the Rydell vehicles driven by the athletic dept are traded out for mostly tickets to sports. There are quite a few others that trade services with athletics for tickets. Rydell is probably the biggest. After the tra
  12. Rumor has 1000 fans in the Ralph when they open the season and 4 tickets per suite. Tickets wanted/for sale will overtake dumpster fire as the hottest thread.
  13. I'm a little surprised no one has mentioned Frenchy's. Best spot in town
  14. I am a reader of the forum. (Obviously not many posts.) The date I was told was October 17, 2020. But maybe that was shared in this thread already. That's the date I have blacked out in my calendar.
  15. Looks like it is delayed, IIHF U18 Men's World Championship Russia Vs. Usa from 4/14/2016 #1 Thursday, April 14, 11:00 pm on NHL Network USA Duration: 2:00:00 [HD][CC]
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