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  1. This game is a playoff game. We have not beat a ranked team. We had two close loses to ranked teams. We need this one. This team can do it.
  2. Sat night went to churros at 7pm. They said 3 hour wait. I say bye bye
  3. I remember a skipped backwards lateral to a flanker that threw to a receiver for a TD. everyone thought it was a genius play.
  4. The last couple recruiting class been real good. I also noticed Orlando with huge push on the line.
  5. We played a good number of true freshman. Leathernecks have a bunch of seniors.
  6. When UND offered I checked his video and said damn be quiet. Not sure we will get this kicker. I think the stars aligned. Kicking inside mostly and will probably start his freshman year helped seal the deal. He will definitely win us some games.
  7. http://theamerican.org/news/2021/10/21/general-american-athletic-conference-announces-the-addition-of-six-universities.aspx
  8. https://www.hudl.com/profile/11243518/Leyton-Simmering
  9. This is huge. Leyton Simmering @LeytonSimmering ยท 6h Excited to say that I am committing to the University of North Dakota. Thanks @BubbaSchweigert , Coach Kostich and those who have been part of my journey. @UNDfootball #UNDproud #ATTG Thanks @CoachErdmann @CoachZauner @SpecialTeamsFB @CoachKenBecka and my parents for supporting me
  10. Your continuing bitching doesn't make the team better.
  11. This should make GF happy. https://news.prairiepublic.org/local-news/2021-10-13/pipeline-to-bring-bakken-natural-gas-to-the-red-river-valley-one-of-the-proposals-for-arpa-federal-money
  12. Time to move on. Here is the Leathernecks record. Rather Jekyel and Hyde 9/2/2021 at Ball State University Muncie, IN L 21-31 Box Score 9/11/2021 at Montana Missoula, Mont. L 7-42 Box Score 9/18/2021 Eastern Washington University Macomb L 56-62 Box Score 9/25/2021 * at Youngstown State Youngstown, Ohio W 38-35 Box Score 10/2/2021 * Southern Illinois Macomb L 30-31 Box Score 10/9/2021 * at Indiana State Terre Haute, Ind. L 27-37 Box Score 10/16/2021 * South Dakota State Macomb, Ill. L 17-41 Box Score 10/23/2021 * at North Dakota Alerus Center 2:00 P.M.
  13. yes but. How do you really feel? We have no idea.
  14. Breakdown the film and send it to Danny. I'm he is waiting. Maybe they will bring you in as QB coach.
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