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  1. I know. Our best opportunity. Was 2017 when we were all beaten up. We played them at home last game of the season.
  2. Florida house is getting into the action. This might be a very bad move for the NCAA
  3. After some thought, I'm satisfied being co-conference Champs, first year in the league. Provided we made a good bid we will most likely host EWU. I have a bitter taste from the last time we played them. Bring them to GF and whip some a$$.
  4. so all tickets will be digital next year. So I usually have 6 tickets and not all enter the Al at the same time. https://fightinghawks.com/news/2021/4/15/champions-club-season-tickets-renewals-coming-digital-tickets.aspx
  5. I hope we out bid MSU. I believe we will get matched up.
  6. I think they are available right away. Not sure though.
  7. And Dom retweets Bingo. Whether it is right or wrong, bend over for the NCAA
  8. Not sure what education he will be working on. Who knows maybe we can get another opportunity next year. Not sue Middle Tenn gets many bowl games.
  9. I read somewhere he wanted to play FBS.
  10. It was embarrassing to the NCAA as well.
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