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  1. This doesn't fit the liberal progressive Marxist agenda. But this is a better approach. https://woodsoncenter.org/how-we-help/programs/
  2. Nodak78

    Buy or Sell

    Last Year Maag had 610 yds, 5TDs and Ave just over 50yds a game. Now in the MVFC UND are not harden playing a Big Sky schedule. Buy or Sell does Maag surpass his last year stats? It's a big buy for me. He will be one of the three best receivers in the league.
  3. The decline of mold. https://news.yahoo.com/lost-control-minneapolis-leaders-failed-141407152.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=2_08
  4. Talking MSNBC, CNN and the rest. Not reliable. You missed the point.
  5. Just stay tuned citations will be arriving by way of indictments.
  6. Lol. Stay tuned to the coming attractions "Durham Report". Aka indictments.
  7. "There are two foreign Domestic policy scandals that should have brought down his administration." (1) Obama Admin spying on Trump Campaign and (2) failed Coup attempt by Obama team and other Dems still ongoing.
  8. Obama GDP was on a low base. Trump was on a high base. Much much different.
  9. Normal people know if they are normal. If you ask the question, sorry.
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