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  1. for a big 2022 season CJ will be a huge part. Great article. Great Young man. https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2022/05/c-j-siegel/
  2. Same here. Man does have drive. Never gives up. Wish him the best always.
  3. I like that. Way to go Travis.
  4. Did you so preseason.. Yep I thought so. Thanks bye bye
  5. NIL and transfer porter, we are only missing a draft and trading.
  6. Start with the hogs on both side control the line.
  7. This isn't FCS but buying players.
  8. You can't use legitimately and mcfooly in the same sentence.
  9. This and a stronger OL will make a huge difference on short yardage. Really good get.
  10. A lefty with soft touch.
  11. Cale Jacobson will walkon at Nebraska
  12. I agree we need the Ralph for the big game. But Bouchee filled the Ralph. We all wanted him at UND.
  13. You kidding me we have another hawk landing.
  14. Tesla can supply diesel generations to charge up while home.
  15. I think we will see 9 deep rotation with good minutes depending opponent's weakness. We have scorers and athletes which gives flexibility.
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