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  1. Sure I just dropped ESPN+ last month. Didn't think I would need it until August. Well changed. Need to watch thunder and lighting.
  2. Winnipeg coach on Brady. Here’s O’Shea on RB Brady Oliveira, the Winnipeg product who was selected in the second round of this year’s CFL Draft: “As advertised. He’s smart. He’s strong. He’s thick, he’s fast, he’s got very quick feet. I think he’s going to adjust extremely well.”
  3. Better yet Williston State College.
  4. Tom Miller @tommillergf Believe phone interviews for UND basketball and volleyball head coach positions are taking place this week. I would anticipate some kind of announcement in the week or two following that.
  5. just gittin' to dat post. I have ALOT on my plate. Tanks.
  6. Probably a game with North Carolina as well to coach against his coach. WOW
  7. The search closes today. I hope we have it narrowed down to the 3 choices by the end of next week.
  8. Tom and Brad had a 22 minutes podcast. I couldn't save it with my phone. Interesting conversation between the two on potential candidate. No mention of Been M. My guess Boschee or Herbst. They mentioned Saul. I don't see it.
  9. The industry knows this Going to opens some eyes.
  10. Now an opportunity in ND. Plus econ, acct, MGMT and sales. UND over NDSU. Just saying.
  11. There is too much ngl in ND. A economical investment for huge companies to invest. Profit to be made.
  12. It is a mess. Williston city District #1 will grow a huge amount in 5-6 years. District #8 Williams county surrounding Williston is growing as well. District #1 much higher tax base than district #8. So the landowners don't want to combine for tax reasons. The education believe there is a difference in quality of education between districts. New people from other states new voters tell us other state pay for bldgs of schools. I tell ND is different it is a local issue. No computer. Everyone in Williston says we give plenty to the state so help us. A bill passed for Williston to get $3 million it will go to help the High School. It's a band aid. Interesting time to say the least. PS. Watford City and Ray both passed bond issues. Dickinson no.
  13. You are absolutely correct.
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