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  1. Nodak78

    SH Game Day

    Ira. You are spot on about KO and coverage. Kick it to the 5 and tackle inside the 20. A great gutty performance. Team win. This can help build unity for this team.
  2. Nodak78

    Onto Sam Houston

    I have two tickets for the Sam Houston game. send me a message. No charge you just need to used them. Sec 115 on visitor side. I will be tailgating so you can get the tickets then. Oh and cheer for the Hawks.
  3. Nodak78

    Onto Sam Houston

    I'm not sure what the over/under score is. But I'm taking the over.
  4. Nodak78

    Onto Sam Houston

    I bet we will see more of Boltman a few times at QB this week.
  5. Maybe. I'm not so sure. Remember UND is a pawn in the scheme of things.
  6. Nodak78

    Onto Sam Houston

    If our offense clicks we should win by 2 scores. That is there key. I believe we will.
  7. Johnny,. If you haven't figured out the nickel is dead to the NCAA, how did you get into law school.
  8. Nodak78

    Onto Sam Houston

    Pick it up. Today is a new day, Saturday is going to be a great day .
  9. I prefer to spend the $2.00 for the program. However I will print off the roster and 2 deep for the games from now on.
  10. Nodak78

    Onto Sam Houston

    Sam Houston is ranked #24 in the Athlon poll. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/fcs-rankings-top-25-power-poll-following-week-2-2019
  11. NG is an issue. But speed around the edge was there all day long for the Bison. OLB never contained. I also noticed the Bison filled the gap quickly when we tried to get around the edge. I'm most concerned about our speed.
  12. Nodak78

    Onto Sam Houston

    I'm confident UND will have this game at home. Sammy has speed but not the speed UND saw last Sat. UND will seal the edge and fill the gap much better. OUR DB's will be fine.
  13. Sam Houston plays at 6pm on ESPN+. let's see what we are up against.
  14. I hope SU didn't notice that Red River beat Bismarck last night. That is why we play the game. Could be a good omen.
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