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  1. I have very impressed with the coaching staff recruiting skills and effort during these trying times. Looking for to tailgating and a winning season. Our first playoff win.
  2. https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/fauci-offers-more-conservative-death-rate-academic-article-public-virus#.XoMnhucxcXE.twitter
  3. Sam Hagen, Park River. A teammate of Zalvaney.
  4. One model has the total infected at 60k. right now the models mean squat.
  5. Very low confidence. But good enough for govt money.
  6. Click on Italy. A graph of daily cases and deaths will show up. Italy maybe be starting to level off but still too early to know for sure.
  7. If NYC and NJ are shutdown for 10 we would be on the downside.
  8. And the media is doing anything it can to defeat Trump. Damn the facts and reporting.
  9. here is a very good article from a Doctor in England. https://spectator.us/deadly-coronavirus-still-far-clear-covid-19/
  10. The fatality rate graph.
  11. Timeline of NYC decision making. https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/03/the-timeline-of-how-bill-de-blasio-prepared-new-york-city-for-the-coronavirus/
  12. No Joe it is not Donald. How is your memory skills?
  13. First Covid-19 death in ND is a 90 year old in Cass County. underlying conditions.
  14. In NY yes. In the USA the fatality rate in hovering about 1% or less as more tests come in.
  15. Actually that is my point. We have past the midpoint on this. Except maybe NY because of lack of action early on. All other states except those affected by NY geography, NJ, etc. could increase. Delaware is monitoring traffic from NY.
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