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  1. We need QB's throwing strikes. Lol
  2. 9th commit. TE Trace Thaden, from NE. 6'7". 235? 3 sport. Huge endzone target.
  3. We snagged another DB from Wisconsin. Good weekend
  4. Bison game, champion club and season ticket have a chance to buy more first before they open it to public, If I remember. Correctly.
  5. It sure looks like this UND football is very cohesive. They are working recruits as a TEAM.
  6. Pippen would be nothing w/o Phil and Jorden. A 100 players could replace Pippen. Obviously Scotty needs some attention and Patrick rating. So lame. If Pippen was so good He would have been a Laker.
  7. Let's get that beef!!!!
  8. Not sure if he will play TE or LB. He is a nice get.
  9. haydn stay @HaydnStay ยท 9h My future begins here. Start date fall of 2022, glad to be a Fighting Hawk! @UNDfootball #commited
  10. Damn Bison must not have wanted him.
  11. Travis. If you don't believe in yourself, Who will.
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