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  1. They could. As of right now Penn State has a 61% chance at an at large bid
  2. Midwest Regional-Allentown, PAUND vs. Sacred heartPenn State vs. Massachusetts-LowellNortheast Regional-Worcester, MAMinnesota St.(Mankato) vs. QuinnipiacMassachusetts vs. ClarksonEast Regional-Albany, NYCornell vs. Ohio StateBoston College vs. Arizona StateWest Regional-Loveland, COMinnesota-Duluth vs. MaineDenver vs. Northeastern
  3. I wasn't old enough to go to Frenchy's legally. Some older guys got me in one of my first nights at UND...I turned 19 early in 2nd semester so frequented the east side establishments.
  4. The Under 18 team is in Europe for the 5 Nations tournament. They beat Czechoslovakia 3-2 yesterday and Russia 3-2 today. Sanderson has 2 goals and 2 assists so far I think and Kleven played pretty heavy minutes today as they were protecting a lead in the 3rd period. He absolutely stapled some poor kid from Czechoslovakia yesterday.
  5. 18 year old me ended up in Frenchy's one of my first nights in Grand Forks. Signed up for mug. 2 1/2 years later when I turned 21 I returned and they couldn't find it?
  6. Just spit balling here and this might be a crazy idea but what if The Ralph made it so phones worked half as well in the concourse as they do in the arena?
  7. I think if DU is a 2 seed at #7 or#8 overall then if UND is #1 overall they would be in Colorado but if DU was #5 or #6 I think that doesn't hold bracket integrity very well.
  8. Well. That is enough to impeach with these days.
  9. I had put Rieger in wrong spot on my original post. We have 5 righties and 3 leftys this year so if we lose one of each and bring in 2 leftys we will be at 4 and 4. Kleven is a senior school wise. If Kierstad does leave it will be interesting to see if they bring in Miller or one of Moore or Bast?
  10. Oops. Correct. I knew we were 3 and 5 this year and still put him in wrong spot. Even had that in my head as I was typing and why it made sense to bring in 2 leftys and a righty even if we lose 2 rightys and 1 lefty.
  11. In looking at our D Men this year I have noticed that Frisch has been quite a bit better and more reliable when filling in for a right handed defensemen as opposed to playing on his opposite side. When he was in for Bast he was confident and we really didn't miss a beat. When he has been on the other side filling in for Tychonick he has had a few hiccups. Looking at who we have and who we are losing Lefthanders Poolman--senior Kierstad--junior....possible flight risk Tychonick--soph. Righthanders Peski-senior Bast-junior Rieger-junior JBD-soph.....possible flight risk Frisch-frosh Sanderson and Kleven are both lefthanders and there is a decent chance we lose our top two left handed defensemen after this season. We lose Peski on the right side and a possibility of JBD but I am going to guess he stays. if Kierstad leaves we bring in Miller who is righthanded. That is why I think our d will look like this next season if Kierstad leaves. Tychonick, Sanderson, and Kleven on the left side. JBD, Bast,and Frisch on the right side. Rieger and 1 of Miller/Bast/Moore...arguments could be made for each.
  12. All 3 played in the showcase game and while Sanderson and Kleven were on the better team and the team that plays together all year they were also far and away the best 2 players on the ice that night and it was basically a coin flip between them for the game MVP. If someone leaves early it is nice to have an option like Miller to bring in. https://www.thedraftanalyst.com/2020-nhl-draft/2020-nhl-draft-all-american-prospects-game/ interesting article.
  13. If everyone comes back next year on the blue line I would see our playing time battle shaking out as JBD, Kierstad, Sanderson, and Kleven as the top 4 and Frisch, Bast, and Tychonick battling for the other 2 spots.
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