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  1. petey23

    2018-19 Season

    Many high school players can knock down 3 after 3 against high school competition. The difference is release and quickness. They get closed out far quicker than they are used to and their release is too slow....this extends to many male athletes as well....Josh Shuler was as good a shooter as we have had at UND and it took him a couple years to be able to learn how to get his shot off efficiently enough to be effective. You also have to be able to put the ball on the floor and go by the defender with purpose to make them give you a little space to shoot. Unfortunately we haven't had many players lately in the women's team who can both shoot the ball from distance effectively and blow by a defender and go to the whole to finish or draw defense and dish...….i'll even tie in a hockey reference here. Brock Boeser and Chris Wilkie have pretty similar shots and know how to get to their spots on the ice...both did so effectively in the USHL, Brock was able to continue with success in college and now in the NHL while Wilkie who had an ever so slightly slower release struggled his first couple years in college adjusting to change in competition.
  2. petey23

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    I believe Schlossman also mentioned this in an interview between periods a while back and neither have mentioned it again since. They both mentioned he had lost quite a bit of weight.
  3. petey23

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Not to mention goals are quite a bit easier to score in the Big 10. Biggest differential in all of college hockey for goals scored in non conference vs. conference play
  4. petey23

    ND High School Hockey 2018-19

    I agree. Game and the way it is called has changed. In high school we had drills where they put a cover on the basket with 5 guys playing d and 5 guys on offense and a coach would throw up a shot and the guys on defense had to maintain their block out and let the ball hit the floor. Part of it is the way the game is called and maybe even a bigger part is that kids now play AAU or Travel team ball in the off season instead of going to camps. Fundamentals have gone by the wayside.
  5. petey23

    ND High School Hockey 2018-19

    It is important mostly because teams don't do it anymore. I watch college games and almost every rebound becomes a 50/50 ball.
  6. petey23


    I don't drink much anymore. I should probably apply to get my amateur status back. I have a friend who used to finance car lots and boat dealerships and he had a connection who worked for one of the duty free places up at the border and he would let us know when he would be up that way. His friend would get him "breakage" or "damaged" items as they had an allowance for that. Used to get 40 oz bottles of Grey Goose for $10 and 3 liter bottles of Crown for $35. Takes awhile to get to the bottom of one of those. I tell my friends anytime they come over just bring mix.
  7. petey23

    ND High School Hockey 2018-19

    They hand the kids evaluation forms which they are afraid to fill out honestly if they are underclassmen or have any relatives coming up behind them. Then the A.D.'s say well he gets positive reviews from his players.
  8. petey23

    ND High School Hockey 2018-19

    From what I have heard it was more player driven than parents.
  9. petey23

    Pairwise 2018-19

    I think when looking at national scoring leaders one has to take into consideration the competition differences these players face during the season. Average goals per team in conference play. B10-3.1 AHA-3.05 ECAC-2.7 H East-2.7 NCHC-2.7 WCHA-2.55 What happens when these teams step out of conference? B10-scoring goes up to 4.0 and allowed goes up to 3.2 AHA-scoring goes down to 2.4 and allowed goes up to 4.0 ECAC-scoring goes up to 3.1 and allowed goes up to 3.4 H East-scoring goes up to 2.9 and allowed goes up to 2.8 NCHC-scoring goes up to 3.8 and allowed goes down to 2.6 WCHA-scoring goes up to 2.9 and allowed goes up to 3.7 Add a goal or goal and a half a game(3-4.5 points) to a NCHC team and take away 3/4 or a goal a game(1 to 3 points) from AHA teams if they swapped schedules and tell me how the National scoring top 50 looks?
  10. petey23

    UND to cut women's hockey

    virtue signaling
  11. petey23

    ND High School Hockey 2018-19

    I think the Davies situation was more player driven than parent driven.
  12. petey23

    Pairwise 2018-19

    Just like last year, this team is capable of beating any team in the country 2-1 and capable of losing 2-1 to any team in the country. Early lead, puck possession and solid goaltending. I said last year if this team got in they would have had just as good a chance of winning the Title as UMD did....people seem to forget we played UMD in a game that both teams absolutely 100% believed they needed to win to have any chance of making the tournament and handled them pretty easily.
  13. petey23

    UND sports

    Had a few minutes to kill. From 2013-14 to 2016-17 here is how UND's 5 biggest sports ranked. 1. UND Women's Basketball 2. UND Hockey 3. UND Volleyball 4. UND Men's Basketball 5. UND Football
  14. petey23

    former players

    The Athletic covers sports. The Atlantic had one of its writers call for the assassination of the President.