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  1. Be interesting to see how this shakes out. 3 seniors, but really replacing 2 spots. Kierstad and JBD are potential early exits. Rieger will most likely be a depth guy. So we have 3-5 slots taken next year and potentially 6 d-man slated to come in. A couple of them will likely be first round draft picks unless their games slip quite a bit this season. Slated to come in next year. Kleven--likely first round draft pick Sanderson--likely first round draft pick, accelerated his schooling. Moore---2001 birthdate, 5th round draft pick. In first year in BCHL. Are Red Wings happy if he plays another year of Juniors? Bast--2000 birthdate, undrafted. Playing in USHL. could delay and play another year in USHL I believe(turns 19 in November) but then doesn't play a year with his brother. Miller--young 2001(December). playing 2nd full year in USHL this year...likely delay a year. Reid--2001 birthdate...1 year in BCHL and playing 2nd year in USHL...likely delay a year. Have not looked that close at the forwards. Zach Yon, Dixon Bowen, Westin Michaud, Cole Smith all graduate. Only 1 or 2 early departures I see? These guys are slated to come in next year. Brendan Budy--2000 birthdate, 1 year of college(DU), ages out of Juniors I believe Griffin Ness--turns 20 in December...out of Junior options Riese Gaber--just turned 20...last year of juniors Dane Montgomery--2002 birthdate...probably delays if necessary Stephen Halliday--2002 birthdate...could delay Massimo Rizzo--2001 birthdate, 7th round draft pick,,,has battled injuries. could delay Carter Randklev---turns 20 in a couple weeks...currently still coming back from injuries with The Force...out of options Jackson Kunz--2002 birthdate...often injured...could delay Ethan Bowen--2002 birthdate Braden Costello--turns 20 in the spring, out of options...off to a decent start in BCHL Michael Mancinelli--2001 birthdate, could delay 8 Seniors and 17 slated to come in. 5 forwards that have to come in next year or go somewhere else. Some interesting decisions to be made.
  2. If Poolman, JBD, or Kierstad were a healthy scratch I think that would raise some eyebrows. Tychonek, Bast, and Peski are your options. I think dressing 7 d-men makes sense. With all the special team play this last weekend we were rolling 9 forwards quite a bit of the time. If you go down one for an injury it isn't a big deal to double shift a couple guys or roll 3 lines and/or give the other 2 forwards shifts here and there.
  3. Went to UND Boosters in Fargo today. Coach Berry was there and my take away is that this weekend IS NOT just another non conference regular season series.
  4. I was standing on the rail on that end. This happened the very next series after he scrambled around towards the end zone and threw a ball up for grabs that was picked off. Defense bails us out and on the very next possession he basically does the same thing again minus throwing it up for grabs so not sure about it being a learning experience when it was literally not even 2 minutes of game time later. That said, I agree, no reason to get on our kids. I was near the goalpost but I heard several fans screaming "throw the ball away" and "get rid of it" during and after the play and he looked up in their direction and appeared to say something.
  5. The problem was the personnel we had on the field...I am not 100% sure but I think the previous play we had 4 receivers and McKinney on the field.
  6. This is where we took our foot off their throat...had ball near midfield with 30 seconds and a timeout and we confusingly walk to the locker room.
  7. Terrible call. Was standing on rail in end zone by the Midco Cameraman...watched it several times on his screen...why have review? I think the problem was that 4 of those dipshits threw their flags on the play and they would look like complete idiots as a crew instead of just one guy getting it wrong.
  8. Agreed. No need to hurry there. Get the right personal in the game and run a play. Probably force them to burn a time out.
  9. Haven't done to much research into whether this is a good idea or not but if California, Governor Newsom, and LeBron involved what could go wrong?
  10. petey23

    EWU Game Day!

    He would be a spendy hire now. he is making 800k/year as Offensive Coordinator at Indiana with potential bonuses pushing his salary over a million/year.
  11. We actually had more power play opportunities than penalty kills although it is basically a wash...neither was elite. 14% success rate and 80% kill rate fall well below what I feel the goal should be which is for those numbers to add up to 105. If they were 20 and 85 that is 9 additional goals scored and 8 less goals allowed which changes your team win loss record by a few games which is huge when you can point to 1 game that has kept us out of the tournament the last 2 years.
  12. It's like when you were a kid and the other kids went to school and were wearing Levi's and Hash jeans and rocking Izod or Ralph Lauren polo shirts and you show up in your Sears brand Toughskins or corduroys and your velour shirt your mom bought because a blue light was flashing at K-mart.
  13. agree to a point. fyp Most Bison fans aren't as nuanced as the rest of your post makes them out to be.
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