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  1. I think he looked so awkward on his sell job because his first intention was to let the stick go over the goal as he did his spin but realized he might clip his teammate so he held onto it and released it when he fell backwards.
  2. In the first 60 minutes this weekend we had shot 2 free throws. 20 in the last 25 minutes
  3. My take is that the games against Colorado would be conference games and we would not make the trip to Colorado on February 12-13.
  4. I believe it is Hilaria. Thank you now.
  5. No they shouldn't. The NCHC has protocols in place. It isn't like Omaha made the decision.
  6. Some guys play offense and defense and some guys play offense and "waiting to be on offense"
  7. When he is on the ice the other team knows it and they keep their head on a swivel....I could see them wanting to get Skinner a game against a team they thought they would handle but was surprised that he dressed for Kleven instead of LaCombe. LaCombe has been our least effective D in every game he has played. Didn't matter to much as neither LaCombe or Skinner played until the final 2 minutes after we got the empty net goal.
  8. I wonder if they are testing for antibodies in the testing they are using or if they are using more sophisticated tests? I would guess at least 60-70% of the athletes that went to Omaha had previously had Covid and recovered. After I was considered recovered from Covid and cleared by Cass County Public Health I was told not to get tested again for at least 90 days even if I had close contact as it was possible to still test positive for a period of time even though the virus was "dead" and not contagious. Seems like a catch 22 situation and a never ending circle otherwise.
  9. So we lost 2 of the easiest games left on the schedule so that is a plus.
  10. I was watching the D men tonight to see who Kleven might replace tomorrow. Looks like they could choose from a couple. LaCombe was terrible. Was surprised he was still getting shifts in the 3rd. Faber had a rough start but played better as the game went on. Wasn't very impressed with Thrun, but since was on on top pair I would guess he isn't coming out of lineup. I thought Johnson and Helleson were probably most consistent.
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