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  1. So more money and opportunity but a definite downside as well.
  2. The old John Thompson at Georgetown or if you want to localize it, the Bob Torgrimson West Fargo teams. If all 5 of the players on the court are committing some degree of a foul as the game goes on the refs will call less and less and also cringe and question themselves a bit when they look at the scoreboard and see the fouls are 9-2
  3. What was Underwood making at SCSU?
  4. DeBoer would have probably been here and gone already......and that is a good thing.
  5. Some bison fans do get a bad rep. It is truly a case of the few rotten thousands spoiling it for the other 11.
  6. Sad to here about Doug Woog's passing. Had a few interactions with him over the years...always gracious and a great sense of humor...have a great picture with him after he joined us for a couple drinks at Stub & Herbs after a Sioux/Gopher series.
  7. Iowa has around 80 women on their rowing team. I would guess 40 of them may not even be aware they are on the rowing team. A rowing meet features 20 athletes. Should be 12 but for some reason they make each team field 2 boats for the 8's and 1 for the 4's. You could maybe justify a roster of 35-40. But whatever it takes to get around some of the Title 9 issues is all good I guess.
  8. I was told by the guy in Premium Seating for the arena that UND is handling the Suites for this event.
  9. Obviously he is a sexist misogynist pig.
  10. This also the time of the year that Jason Isbell does his residency at the Ryman Theater as well. Preds, Titans, and Isbell would be a bonus trifecta for me.
  11. Top of my feed. Yep, the logo is still hot garbage.
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