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  1. I wonder how much in taxes the 20,000 plus employees of trump's companies pay?
  2. As long as the voter rolls remain accurate.
  3. Ahh. The staple philosophy of the left. "Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty"
  4. If Trump loses I expect him and his administration to make the transfer of power at least as smooth and ethical as the outgoing Obama administration.
  5. Not a fan of this....on the other hand, Cubans do taste better when you aren't supposed to have them.
  6. Looks like Nadler sharted in his trousers today. https://twitter.com/dempstermd/status/1308868492624625665?s=09
  7. I had found that. Was looking for current actives which Minnesota doesn't seem to publish? But even based on the total number of cases it seems there is not much difference in the number of cases per capita in a mask optional vs. mask mandate scenario.
  8. Does anyone know where to find the media scoreboard for Minnesota Covid 19? Everyday we see the current number of active cases(new minus recovered) for North Dakota and every county but if Minnesota publishes this number it is well hidden. I was just curious as to the difference in Cass County(recommended masks) and Clay County(required masks). You would think with Moorhead and Clay County right across the river that The Forum would want to have that number every day as well?
  9. He said the part out loud that a "journalist" isn't supposed to say outloud. when he says "We" need to tear the system down....who is the "We" he is referring to?
  10. I think whoever posted it should make the corrections. Wait 2-3 weeks and then carry on again like it was all true.
  11. https://www.masterbaitonline.com/ Shameless Plug
  12. I know he is a North Dakotan and I am a libertarian but I couldn't vote for that goofy bastard in 2016. Went with Darrell Castle instead.
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