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  1. Yep. The same Bemidji team that finished in the same spot as we did in the NCAA tournament last year and has 22 guys back.
  2. They list him at 6 feet tall and 270 pounds. He also plays hockey and baseball in high school.
  3. I was surpised we got him. I think this is a pretty big get for UND. I am not a coach or recruiter and obviously some skills a kid uses in high school may not translate to college but in watching Century play a couple times last year Schweigert was a far more noticeable force on both sides of the ball than the Leingang kid who went to Kansas State.
  4. Do we believe in 2nd chances?
  5. Disgusting effort today. Undisciplined. Unmotivated.
  6. Seriously. How in the !@#$ do we have a false start play on the first play of every fucking possession?
  7. Smart play by the USD receiver to prevent the Holm pick 6....bonus for him the officials didn't call it and the Yotes got a TD to boot.
  8. petey23

    The Yotes

    I mixed UND in a parlay and also into a teaser bet at +16.5 today
  9. So with Brandon Bochenski skating "one last shift" on Saturday night it hit me that the UND student body has an opportunity to bring a Meme to life. "Let's Go Brandon" "F*ck Joe Biden"
  10. Muss's teams seemingly had all the scholarship money on offense. Fun to watch from a playstation aspect but knowing you probably had to score 40+ to have a chance to win was a little tough to buy into.
  11. He had a few options on that play. Tuck it and turn upfield and slide. Would be 4th and short and we can decide to either take the lead or go for it on 4th and short. Tuck it and turn upfield and try and get the first down. He either gets it or we make a decicison to either go for it on 4th down or kick the FG for the lead. Keep moving to the right(he had time and space) and hopefully the receiver moves with him and gives him an open lane to throw the ball. Throw it away. Kick FG to take the lead.
  12. He was very close to breaking that play for big yardage....hard to believe we didn't go back to that matchup a few times let along even once?
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