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  1. First time I got a dunk down was summer time between my Sophomore and Junior year of high school. After that summer I really wasn't able to get a dunk down clean without a little stickem sprayed on the ball. As our High School coach said in reference to my 2 brothers and me....42 inch vertical in that family, unfortunately it is divided up 36, 4, and 2. My youngest brother who played point guard had 8 or 9 dunks his senior season. He is 6-1. My other non dunking brother is also about 6-1, I was about 6-3 in High School and grew an inch after I went to college....still couldn't dunk.
  2. Flip the tape, eh! Do they still have strippers on Thursday nights in Emerson?
  3. in regards to your name on this site. quite a few years back, we were playing a softball tournament in Oakes and on Saturday night they had a street dance. The band was Buck Nekked or something like that. They were playing your standard cover tunes and toward the end of the night the lead singer says "alright here is some Godsmack by request"....I don't think there were 3 people there who had heard of them at the time.
  4. My freshman year of college I actually saw Bon Jovi open up for Ratt at the Hyslop.
  5. One thing to consider as people tend to look at things as Division 1 vs. division 2 and it might shade their point of view when comparing players.....you have to remember that there are about 65-70 more teams playing Division Basketball now as compared to the late 80's, early 90's which scholarship wise is another 800-900 athletes that would have been playing D1. The Rich Glas' and some of Dave Gunther's teams had more than their fair share of those players that would easily be division 1 by todays standards and opportunities. That said, here is my team of players in the modern era but pre D1 that I would put up against many of our recent teams...yes I know I cheating putting these guys on one team but it's my post. Point Guards--Rico Burkett, Burke Barlow Shooting Guards--Travis Tuttle, Mike Boschee, Hunter Berg Combo Guard(ball dominant)--Myron Allen Small Forwards--Scott Guldseth, Todd Johnson, Dave Rettker, Kyle Behrens Power Forwards--Jerome Beasley, Dave Robertson, Chris Gardner Posts--Dave Vonesh, Chad Mustard, Kevin Wilson Several of these guys can play a couple different positions and with the way todays game is played we would have some real difficult matchups with 6-7, 6-8 guys who can stretch teams out. 3 point shooters Tuttle-44% Guldseth-42% T. Johnson-42% Boschee-40% Behrens-38% What might have been if not for the NCAA screwing over yet another athlete with Myron Allen and Beasely. Kevin Wilson was an absolute manchild his Freshmen and Sophomore years until he tore up his knee. Never was the same after sitting out a year. With todays technology he probably makes a full recovery and has 2 more dominant years. Rico was such a great point guard and an absolute lockdown defender. I remember opposing point guards having to work just to get ball across half court. Robertson and Rettker were your jack of all trades guys and they knew how to get other teams off their games. I'll never forget Robertson blowing in Troy Hartman's ear at the free throw line. Rettker told myself and a couple others a story about playing pick up ball when he was back home against Michael Jordan...didn't go so well but you have to like a guy who wasn't afraid to trash talk the king of trash talk.
  6. I will be happy if I do not grade out at 95-98% calling plays from the railing this year. #qb1
  7. I wouldn't say Brozinski "couldn't" score for The Force. But he did learn to play both ends of the ice for The Force.
  8. Nah. He is open when he steps in the gym
  9. Are you serious? The minute UND hired the law firm that specializes in Title 9 issues to come in and make sure they had their ducks in a row I think most everybody saw the writing on the wall......or should have. When it was announced that they had hired the law firm my first thought was holy sh!t, they are actually going to cut the women's hockey program.
  10. If he gets the Northern job he will have to play against The Dragons again.
  11. 2017 would have been a team that could have made some noise. That line-up was impactful for the various teams they landed on. 2018 and 2019 would have had a good nucleus and with the guys Dobson was landing who knows.
  12. The announcers during the Washington/Minnesota game mentioned the article and then talked about her for about an inning and a half and said they had asked her why she hadn't named her new glove yet.
  13. Damn. Too bad we didn't have Sis Bates on the new name committee. http://www.espn.com/espnw/sports/article/26318428/with-pride-joy-washington-shortstop-sis-bates-becomes-softball-premier-performer# To sum up. She had a glove which she named Carmella and still keeps and reveres that glove but had to get a new glove. When asked if she had named her new glove she said basically that you don't just slap a name on something, it has to happen organically.
  14. petey23

    2019 Season

    I wouldn't put it that way, but do find it a little humorous and probably more sad that WDAY/Forum feel they should highlight the story because it is a "local" kid who they barely covered in high school.
  15. https://youtu.be/XWwuG1Fxtgw
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