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  1. petey23

    What do you think of the logo now??

    As someone who is also a Philadelphia Flyer fan this weekend was like a double gut punch of embarrassment as far as mascots go.
  2. As some one who did everything in my limited power(1 of 20 or so student senators) to try and stop that travesty from appearing on campus, I agree.
  3. petey23

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    Well. That is what I would call an enthusiasm robbing loss. The last 2 games we have actually had a pretty decent game plan coming out of the locker room at the beginning of the game....then halftime comes and as is normal all teams make adjustments that they hope will work in the second half. In watching UND the last 2 games it seems like we are willing to just concede that whatever defensive changes our opponent has made at halftime are going to work for them and we go away from what worked in the first half without actually making them prove that their changes are going to be effective.
  4. In deference to the great thespians of our time, how about Lincoln Hawk or Hudson Hawk
  5. petey23

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    Well. Only 2 teams won their final game of the season last year. UMD, and UND who beat UMD.
  6. petey23

    To The Mods

    He is a caricature of a sh!tty message board poster.
  7. petey23

    Former UND Student Jamie Grant

    Cass County is notorious for only caring about conviction rates no matter how reduced the sentence and charges in relation to the crime committed.
  8. petey23

    2 tickets, Lower Bowl(106)

    October 19th are off the market.
  9. petey23

    2 tickets, Lower Bowl(106)

    January 11th are sold.
  10. petey23

    2 tickets, Lower Bowl(106)

    November 16 and March 8 are sold.
  11. Have a few conflicts this year so am looking to sell tickets for a few games this season. 2 tickets for each game...$80 or best offer. Saturday, October 6th vs. Manitoba Friday, October 19th vs. Minnesota St.-Mankato Friday, November 16th vs. Western Michigan Friday, November 23rd vs. UAA Saturday, November 24th vs. UAA Friday, January 11th vs. Colorado College Friday, March 8th vs. Nebraska Omaha Message me here or email me at mikepeterson23@hotmail.com
  12. petey23

    2018 Season

    I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but when I can stand on the railing in the end zone and score between 95 and 98% on the old QB1 game, I am guessing the other teams defensive coordinator probably could have the same success even if he did stay at the Ambassador Motel on Friday night.
  13. petey23

    2018 Season

    WAY TOO MANY 3 and outs has been the story with Rudolph at OC