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  1. I have never harassed a mask wearer. I usually wear a mask when I go into a place of business. I am far more "hold the media accountable for their ridiculous bull$%!#" than I am "Pro Trump" although at this point I will probably vote for him this time.
  2. Well the NBA and NFL are considering promoting Marxism on their courts and turf...so there is that.
  3. Fans chanting Sun Belt, Sun Belt, Sun Belt instead of SEC, SEC, SEC would take some getting used to. Maybe they would go with SBC, SBC, SBC? Oh, and did I miss James Madison?
  4. I see people out walking today by themselves in middle of afternoon and wearing cloth masks. Is it wrong of me not to let them know they are endangering their health wearing a mask like that on a hot humid day?
  5. It's all in a name. Antifa likes to call themselves an Anti Fascist "organization" which is the height of hypocrisy or just being completely unaware to the fact that they are in fact actually a group of Fascists.
  6. It was good news bad news for me in the Summer time. My father was the head of the Associated General Contractors which meant I always had a job in the Summer time and so did many of my friends....nothing like spending a summer on the hot highway shoveling, running a jackhammer, or putting on the hood to do some sandblasting when it is 98 degrees out and hitting overtime on late Wednesday afternoon. I did get a little smarter after a couple of summers and when the foreman asked if I could operate any equipment I said "Absolutely" and then figured it out.
  7. Unfortunately I have seen all the signs that Biden is exhibiting up close and personal. It is a terrible thing to go through for the person afflicted and their family. Would not wish it on anyone.
  8. Many people haven't locked in on paying attention to the election and don't until after Labor Day. I can't imagine people will be as excited to vote for Biden when he is out in public and answering questions for more than 2-3 minutes at a time....let alone in a debate setting which are normally held in the evening which will be tough for Biden to navigate.
  9. Morticians and Funeral Directors mostly.
  10. How about people just not use either one?
  11. Is this referencing the study done by Harvard Economics Professor Roland Frye? He admittingly set out to prove that Blacks were disproportionally killed by cops. He was surprised at what his research showed along those lines but while his study did show that whites are actually slightly more likely to be killed by cops based on the same number of similar interactions it did also show that Blacks and Hispanics are roughed up and physically abused at a far greater rate in similar police interactions. We need to be better.
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