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  1. Sad to here about Doug Woog's passing. Had a few interactions with him over the years...always gracious and a great sense of humor...have a great picture with him after he joined us for a couple drinks at Stub & Herbs after a Sioux/Gopher series.
  2. Iowa has around 80 women on their rowing team. I would guess 40 of them may not even be aware they are on the rowing team. A rowing meet features 20 athletes. Should be 12 but for some reason they make each team field 2 boats for the 8's and 1 for the 4's. You could maybe justify a roster of 35-40. But whatever it takes to get around some of the Title 9 issues is all good I guess.
  3. I was told by the guy in Premium Seating for the arena that UND is handling the Suites for this event.
  4. This also the time of the year that Jason Isbell does his residency at the Ryman Theater as well. Preds, Titans, and Isbell would be a bonus trifecta for me.
  5. Top of my feed. Yep, the logo is still hot garbage.
  6. Was that before or after they listed what Carson had for breakfast? With Carson and his wife expecting I am guessing the Forum and KVLY will have to order extra staff in a few months.
  7. My bad. Looked at his profile and saw he was from Louisiana and was wearing a jersey with purple and gold. Should have scrolled further down the page.
  8. Looks like Nicholls State is bringing in a QB from LSU
  9. Did we just burn another game for Shuster for 1 play again?
  10. Not sure if they officially release the amount of the bids although I guess depending on state laws and which schools are private vs. public....but at this point for all we know is we may have had the 2nd largest bid of the 16 teams playing next weekend and happened to draw the team with the largest bid.
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