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  1. The problem we had and it was a good problem to have was that in Poolman, Kierstad, and JBD we had 3 defenseman that would have been in 95% of the teams in college hockeys top pairing. Bast, Peski, JT, and Frisch would probably be in 75% of college hockey teams top 4 and Reiger would be a top 6 dman for almost every team in college hockey. I was always surprised when Tychonick wasn't in the line-up, especially when we went with 2 lefties and 4 righties many nights.....but I also realize I don't get paid a few hundred grand to make those decisions and have to remind myself that despite being a great college hockey mind in my own mind that the UND coaching staff have forgotten more about hockey than I will ever know.
  2. Headline from Fargo Forum Yesterday. They have since changed it Minnesota testing more people for coronavirus, but you probably still can’t get one unless you’re critically ill. ---According to the MN Dept. of health website, they've tested 18,882 people for coronavirus with 517 positive tests and 56 hospitalizations as of March 30, 2020. That means less than 3% tested positive and far less that a half a percent are hospitalized. 97% have tested negative. So how is it that you have to be "critically ill" to get a test?
  3. Honest Question. Do you believe China's reported numbers?
  4. With the narrative that was built around this he could say any amount deaths less than 1.6- 2.1 million is a success.
  5. Unless something has changed in the last couple of days. #9, #10, and #11 are not yet slated to come to UND next year.
  6. They are pulling away because their polling is showing Trump's approval numbers for the handling of the Corona Virus crisis are higher than they would like despite their efforts to craft a narrative.
  7. That is a little generous.
  8. Very poor phrasing from Senator Cramer. Better phrasing would have been something like "This stupid c*nt is playing politics with people's lives and livelihoods and is retarding Congress's ability to get the American people the help they need in this time of crisis"
  9. Yes. Got email on 16th saying it would be 10-14 days
  10. She has cucked him, his pair are in her purse
  11. Marc Levin has Dr. Fauci on tonight. Great interview. They should make the media jackels have to watch it and pass a test on it before they are even allowed in another press conference. Then they should hook up electricity to their chairs that would send them a jolt everytime they ask a stupid question.
  12. 5x or 6x would be better comparison.
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