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  1. petey23

    Time For Some New Blood

    He is fairly young. Maybe a change in duties?
  2. petey23

    Who would UND hire?

    This should have been done at least a year ago.
  3. petey23

    Who would UND hire?

    Somehow NDSU used to figure out how to even put King Frazier, Bruce Anderson, and Chase Morlock on the field at the same time. I couldn't believe we had no sets with JJ at full back, Brady at tailback and Santiago in the slot. I know Santiago was injured some this year but rather than platooning him and Brady I think Santiago commands so much attention from a defense that he should be on the field for 80% of the snaps even if he isn't lined up behind the QB for most of the snaps. Just a waste of and poor use of the talent that we do have.
  4. petey23

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Did UND I have watch party today? Serious question because despite our team demonstrating over the last 2-3 weeks that we don't want to be in the playoffs we we're still right on the bubble of making it which show just how bad FCS football is this year.
  5. petey23

    UND - Northern Arizona Game Day Thread

    Guys look mentally focused today.
  6. petey23

    Filling the Ralph

    I originally had seats in 110 for a couple years and then switched to 106....would trade for identical seats in 111 or 114 if I had to but I wouldn't trade them for any other seats in the arena unless they were the Club Seats on the bar rail for same price.
  7. petey23

    Filling the Ralph

    Try breathing through your nose.
  8. petey23

    2018-19 Season

    don't think that happened. I am sure Adidas was given all of our pantones, word scripts, and logo standards from UND and our licensing group.
  9. petey23

    2018-19 Season

    Darrell gonna Darrell.
  10. petey23

    FCS Football Polls

    52-47 which is their entire schedule. UND's opponents are 45-54 on the season.
  11. petey23

    FCS Football Polls

    I have seen us playing at Nicholls St. with winner going to Fargo and I have seen us hosting UNI with winner going to Brookings
  12. petey23

    FCS Football Polls

    True. But maybe we can be one of the 8-12 teams in the playoffs that don't deserve a spot this year.
  13. petey23

    FCS Football Polls

    Not sure which results are better for UND in these games. Montana St @ Montana Weber State @ Idaho St. Will the committee "group" UND with the Big Sky teams? If Montana St and Idaho St both win that puts the Big Sky at 5 playoff teams in which case we are screwed if they are grouping us with them. Best case would be Weber and Montana winning which would(should) make us #4 from the Big Sky group. This scenario should also kill any UNI at 6-5 narrative.