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  1. Those in Academia are smart enough to make sure their contracts are not performance based.
  2. Correct our mascot. Mike, Mike Hawk.
  3. Not going to re-do the math but just a reminder that our logo was picked by about 8% of the vote
  4. We have hosted a few national softball tournaments and I have ended up doing the announcing of the Championship games. I usually put together a "faux" list of inning sponsors like this.---The 4th inning is being brought to you by Gordy's Collision Center and Knitting Supply or the 5th inning is being brought to you by Sammy's Bait & Tackle & Tanning.
  5. Does Ms. Frantell think she is required to eat there?
  6. $20/hour to turn the automatic sprinklers on and off.
  7. A few Jameson's, a distraction, and a window of opportunity......oh, you mean for the Casino to do it?
  8. How so? Pretty much everyone who was paying attention knew UND was cutting Women's hockey months before it happened.
  9. Not on the menu but the Chicken Grinder with Taco meat from the Taco Shop is solid.
  10. From a person who went to UND and lives in Fargo. I have a few customers in Grand Forks and when I head up north to visit them and am going to have some extra time to make a few cold calls I always try and remember to wear a UND polo or quarter zip those days instead of my company logo. When they ask where we are based out of the conversation might continue but it is effectively over.
  11. Seems to be a couple types of Club Programs. Those with a coaching staff and budget that actively recruit kids and those that put an ad in the school newspaper and hang flyers in the dorms and Student Union to advertise tryouts.
  12. Needed Johnny Cochran on the defense. "If the neck wasn't black and blue, the narrative wasn't true"
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