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  1. It's McFeely, he makes up sh!t all the time. he likes to think he is a rabble rouser or curmudgeon and tells himself he gets people talking but he is truly just a dumba$$. On the political side it is like he is trying to get promoted from being a useful idiot to full on propogandist.
  2. Barkov-Florida---6 Giroux-Florida---7 Panarin-NYR---7 Gaudreau-Flames---8 Kadri-Colorado---3 McKinnon-Colorado---6 Ekblad-Florida---5 Fox-NYR---10 Makar-Colorado---10 Toews-Colorado---5
  3. Currently at 33 with Gaudreau later tonight and then off until Monday. My entire roster plays every other day.
  4. Can we let them keep the diving and flopping in Duluth? Thank you now.
  5. UND had a couple former players in the Kelly Cup Playoffs(ECHL) but their teams were eliminated in the first round. Andrew Peski-Maine Mariners Hayden Shaw-Trois-Rivieres Lions Missed one. Didn't catch that Cam Johnson is back with the Everblades and led his team to a round 1 victory. We have several players getting ready to kick off the Calder Cup Playoffs(AHL) Collin Adams and Paul Ladue with the Binghamton islanders Matt Kierstad with the Charlotte Checkers Shane Gersich with the Hershey Bears Chris Wilkie and JBD with the Belleville Senators Aaron Dell with the Rochester Americans Rhett Gardner and Jordan Kawaguchi with the Texas Stars....depending on how the Dallas Stars do, Adam Scheel could end up joining them as he is with Dallas as the 3rd goalie currently. Connor Ford with the Henderson Silver Knights Nick Jones, Austin Poganski, and Luke Johnson with the Manitoba Moose Grant Mishmash, Cole Smith, and Rocco Grimaldi with the Milwaukee Admirals Brad Malone with the Bakersfield Condors Colton Poolman with the Stockton Heat. Zane McIntyre could also end up joining the Iowa Wild if his 3rd goalie role with Minnesota comes to an end.
  6. I just realized i listed 7 forwards. I can take the lowest total if you prefer or drop Tkachuk as he is who I had crossed off my scratch pad as my strategy was built around a Flames-Colorado and Florida-Rangers conference finals with Colorado and Florida moving on to the finals.
  7. In Europe a lot of teams have Clubs under one organization, so they have a Pro team and then age based teams.
  8. Being down 4-0, scoring 3 goals in 7 minutes and having all the momentum and then pulling your goalie with 4 minutes left.
  9. Dude. You have some issues. Guy had an outstanding college career and pretty solid pro career until some injuries, including concussions ended his career. Making unsubstantiated drug accusations is ridiculous.
  10. Barkov-Florida Giroux-Florida Panarin-NYR Gaudreau-Flames Tkachuk-Flames Kadri-Colorado McKinnon-Colorado Ekblad-Florida Fox-NYR Makar-Colorado Toews-Colorado
  11. The Mike Hawk statue was pretty popular while it lasted.
  12. 12-47-13 over last two seasons at a program like Wisconsin is really bad. Eaves ran the program into the ground.
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