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  1. Don’t care. Kid left us hanging. We have young qb prospects who actually signed with us. No need to devalue the program over one kid.
  2. Wow the Ragin Cajuns would get absolutely skull fucked every year.
  3. Bullying a disabled kid for years on end? Yea, that’s good enough for me.
  4. What a piece of !@#$. I would be fine with him not making it to campus somehow.
  5. I mean, the ownership is out of Chicago are they not?
  6. It’s a good Development idea. Those are frowned upon in Grand Forks.
  7. Honestly there’s nothing to analyze. It’s nothing but guessing at this point.
  8. The students have prepared for this.
  9. Desk jobs are back breaking work. I bartended/served and worked construction through college and man was that first desk job an adjustment!
  10. All we need is a chipotle. The rest will fall in line after.
  11. He doesn’t run like that. Reid Neal is a much better runner.
  12. Can’t wait for my Bochenski Bucks stimulus to come in the mail.
  13. If Boltmann was really considered a legit option at qb he would not be at wr.
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