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  1. Greibel is not a speedster. Not even close.
  2. Interesting, we have done the opposite.
  3. Wouldn’t that technically increase the uniqueness if it’s a custom coin that was never in circulation?
  4. It’d be nice to have one of those of our own
  5. Case in point is the gas station tobacco Indian statue that Northwestern State plays for each year. Our nickel would be just fine.
  6. Even just something as simple as reacting to a visual cue instead of audio, like track, is something they don’t really scientifically test for either. Seems like for defense especially that’s more important.
  7. I’ve always thought 40s should be run in full pads. Really the entire combine minus maybe the bench press should be.
  8. I legitimately think a lot of guys just purely run faster in games against competition than they do in tights on a track. It’s like they have a couple of gears they just can’t tap into for no reason.
  9. I’ll take a Jerry Rice Type who can’t run a decent 40 but pulls away from track stars on the field any day. Jerry ran a 4.71 but looked way faster on the field, he’s no Randy Moss but still plenty fast.
  10. Could we also assume a guy like Digger had game speed that he couldn’t tap into on the track?
  11. The problem with moose is coming up with a good logo. Somebody call Ben Brien
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