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  1. My main issue is that the “student athlete” concept was pulled out of thin air by lawyers in the NCAA back in the day to avoid players realizing their value personally. It was never about protecting athletes. It was purely based on greed by the institution.
  2. Yea that’s why I stipulated contact with coaches. More specifically coaching.
  3. It probably seems low for you because NDSU seems to find “extra time” in the day for this stuff.
  4. Off season is limited to 8 hrs a week of contact with coaches I believe.
  5. They can also negotiate for their contract. Apples and kumquats my friend.
  6. Nobody shows up to watch “others who have entry level jobs”
  7. It’s estimated that Johnny Football missed out on upwards of $10 million that he could have made off of his likeness while in college. Instead the school and NCAA are the only ones pulling in mountains of cash from high level guys like this.
  8. And none of them at stuff is gonna stick for the simple fact that it makes communicating less efficient. Languages evolve in the other direction. We don’t adopt new things in language to make things more complicated.
  9. Guys can be gender neutral if we’re gonna split PC hairs
  10. My favorite is the Grand A&M that they gave to Eric Dickerson.
  11. I’d say ‘17 was a bit of a wash, ‘18 and ‘19 I’d take the Big Sky.
  12. Tougher league? The Big Sky has been pretty damn good the last few years.
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