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  1. I know I’ve posted many times about it, but I’m continuously blown away/impressed with his steady progress as a player and athlete. He just keeps getting better.
  2. This is the Grand Forks loser mentality in a nut shell.
  3. The engineer that laid out that parking lot should be shot. Worst design I’ve ever experienced. Bottlenecks everywhere and a ridiculous slope to enter off a tight turn. Garbage.
  4. I hope The Four Hoosman of The Apocalypse is our starter. Should be a good leader at the very least.
  5. Second chance? He’s already been given his second chance at least by UND. They invested heavily in his academics to get him in a place to be eligible and earn a degree after he !@#$ the bed academically.
  6. The history speaks for itself. Who will step up? The toxic cage culture at UND does not produce green banners.
  7. Don’t forget the safety/OLB from northern as well. Big athletic guy, could make an impact.
  8. Yea, such a loser mentality. “Well they cant be that good forever!”
  9. Gross, why did he have to go to the NFC east…
  10. Also Orlando barbell rows 315 for reps… that is freakshow stuff
  11. Where’s the data? How many non contact ligament injuries per year compared to pier institutions and the national average?
  12. Kauppinen benches 365 to break the all time safety record. Peterson benches 315 to break the all time kicker record.
  13. His progress from fr at UND to where he is now athletically is pretty crazy.
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