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  1. Good news here. Really hope this kid can stay healthy. I’m very intrigued to see him play.
  2. If we just hang in there long enough we will be national champs this year.
  3. Big get. Had offers from D2 schools such as SDSU Air Force and NDAC. edit: also offers from other d2s in UNI Bucknell and WIU
  4. Graduated in 3 years. Great frame. Seems like he would be a nice get.
  5. Did he ever have his commit tweet pinned? Visit his Twitter and it’s tough to tell he verballed to us.
  6. They’ve been busy. They stuck at keeping up with the lunch rush. They should take a page from some of the Mexican joints in Sioux City, those guys absolutely pump out delicious food.
  7. For 60 days can they convert to a byob establishment?
  8. It’ll be interesting to see NDSU at home for a full slate without the crowd.
  9. I could see a soph captain qb after they lead the team for a full season.
  10. It’s the only way to get a taco at the pepper.
  11. Maybe he’ll be a respectable D3 player
  12. There’s a level for everyone.
  13. Wraps up and blows up, at the same time. Refreshing to see.
  14. This kid tackles like an NDSU commit. Really fun to watch.
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