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  1. Are there any full game videos of the 2016 frozen four floating around?
  2. You’ve been killing it on YouTube
  3. Rewatching some of those late 90s early 2000s games that have been posted and, wow, could that top line in 2000 fly! Somehow I forgot how fast Panzer and Lundbohm were.
  4. I actually like having a couple of highly skilled waterbugs out there.
  5. Bonnin can scoot. Absolutely pulls away from people in the open field.
  6. This is a great podcast between two amazing health resources. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-peter-attia-drive/id1400828889#episodeGuid=bfc6a07c-605b-4c58-9a07-1261d8132c7e
  7. Watch In Search Of Greatness. It’s mostly about Gretzky and Jerry Rice. It talks a lot about what the difference is between good, really good, and exceptional is. Basically unstructured play is where greatness is cultivated.
  8. 10,000 hrs thing is hogwash. Repetitive stress injuries and burnout are obvious results of early specialization.
  9. It’s entirely too soon. Nobody has a clue how this stuff is going to actually play out. What if there is a second wave? What if we get lucky? They just need to fill empty air space.
  10. Wow, didn’t know that.
  11. Sam Scott RB or LB?
  12. Good ol Chinese statistics. I’m sure they’re very accurate.
  13. Steers has some pretty good food. Generous portions but you’ve got to ask for extra spicy if you like some kick.
  14. How does that compare to flu related unemployment?
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