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  1. My tv could not be less relevant. Look at the building. It doesn’t fit in.
  2. It’s too bad we never got to call him “The Hoff” Had that one ready to go if he was a stud.
  3. Thanks for enlightening me. It’s clear that no amount of reason will soften your juvenile stance on this topic. Good day.
  4. Compensation to the families for the negligence that took their loved ones from them.
  5. I’m sure the people in the Kansas City Hyatt Regency in 1981 felt plenty safe before they died. Their fault no doubt. Shoulda known better.
  6. Again, the completely black and white thing is how 5 year olds look at the world. Some bull$%!# will always get through the cracks and that sucks, but there are liability laws in place to protect people and they all have history as the reason.
  7. Right. This all or nothing thing you’re doing is weird.
  8. So under my scenario, or any engineering/installation failure, you think the injured party shouldn’t be able to sue?
  9. Any reason at all? A speaker falls from the ceiling and crushes your legs? “Welp, I shouldn’t been standing there.”
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