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  1. I want no part of EWU. They are a terrible matchup for us. That offense kills our defense.
  2. Played football in Europe. Then worked with racehorses and played rugby in Australia I believe. I’m sure tom Miller will write an article about it.
  3. William James selected by Montreal. Congrats!
  4. Former safety William Vanilla Thunder James has been getting some love for the upcoming CFL draft. Interesting development for a 29 year old.
  5. In other news. We the Missouri Fluffey Champs
  6. It’s a no brainer. The man is impressive.
  7. On an absolute dirt bag from behind/side dive bomb straight at the lower leg.
  8. Wouldn’t or didn’t. We absolutely could have.
  9. That’s a very lame excuse. “Holy !@#$, that guy wasn’t on the scouting report! He’s big, I can’t tackle that.”
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