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  1. It’s right as they enter frame. If you scrub frame by frame you can clearly see Maags arm fully extended towards the defenders helmet and the defenders helmet snaps back.
  2. These next two games are gonna be really tough for attendance.
  3. Yea, but at the same time we had faith in the kid before anyone. I think it’s a positive and shows we’re after the right guy.
  4. geaux_sioux

    2019 Season

    Dumb as it is, this helps our narrative.
  5. Same here. What a kick to that sack the end of that game was. They way exceeded my expectations and then came crashing down to earth like the goddamn Hindenburg.
  6. Why do anything other than take a knee ever? So many opportunities to throw picks and fumble.
  7. You can get up to three plays executed in 15 seconds. It’s not impossible to get within Hail Mary range or even field goal range with the first two plays. That is, unless you’re lame and take a knee for OT because you’re too scared to give it a shot at the risk of a mistake.
  8. geaux_sioux

    2019 Season

    I think he got dinged against Weber if I remember correctly. Still waiting on Skokna to show some elusiveness. Some shake. He showed that on film but hasn’t so far this year.
  9. No. That’s a different situation. You could save up to 5 seconds on even a good return and get the ball at the same spot.
  10. bull$%!#. This is purely a losing mentality.
  11. After 2015 I’m never comfortable with even the idea of the committee.
  12. You really think Davis is gonna beat them?
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