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  1. Smart ass Asians do it all the time. Shouldn’t be treated any different here.
  2. It ain’t much but it’s honest work
  3. I tried watching his “highlights” on hudl and gave up after 3 min. No need for 11 min of that garbage.
  4. Have you tried the ping pong or badminton?
  5. He never used the word scholarship. Perhaps NDSU coaches asked him to be clear on the pwo.
  6. I wanted him because of the sweet name.
  7. Karara is a coconut based curry. It’s my favorite but I rarely see it on Indian restaurants menus. Side note- they’ve been so busy that they have discontinued take out orders for indefinitely. Great to see the interest from the community. I really hope they can tighten/quicken up the service soon. I’d hate to see them get a bad rep for being slow, which they are very very slow atm. Need to hire a good bus boy and kitchen help so they can keep up. The wait staff is very friendly but inexperienced. Went there last Saturday with a buddy at like 4pm and they were packed. Took over an hour to get our food. Hopefully they can get that down to 30 min on a day like that. I really want them to succeed.
  8. Poor Feeney coming in at a reported 5’11” 155lbs. Hope he can survive the rigors of the MVFC.
  9. The Omaha kid is 6’5”?
  10. That’s a good look to beat out NDSU and UNI for a DB. They typically have very good DBs.
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