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  1. For a guy like him it often comes down to the senior bowl and other showcases before they truly know.
  2. Good. Was worried it was something with his knee again.
  3. The lack of speed and quickness would be terrifying!
  4. Play action passes are trick plays too. Hell, the forward pass was once considered a cowardly gimmick.
  5. And there it is again. Thanks for the refresher.
  6. My bad, that was @Midwestern Hawk I confuse you two sometimes because you’re both such rays of sunshine around here
  7. Anybody know anything about this guy?
  8. Weren’t you the one who was just talking about hypothetical incompletions last game?
  9. Waiting on you to drop the 20 mill lead gift
  10. Has anyone else been really impressed with our fr LBs when they get in there? They really look the part and have made some good plays.
  11. I haven’t the slightest clue. Someone at the game with us yesterday brought up a good point that OCs have all week to plan the perfect first couple drives.
  12. Yup. Holinka isn’t the guy to point fingers at right now. With the exception of the NDSU game the d has gotten better as games go on which is key. They’re the reason we were in those 3 games we lost. The only legit criticism of the d is they often start slow.
  13. The defense had a very nice game today. Caleb Nelson is turning into a player. He had an outstanding game. Im not sure what’s going on with our red zone offense though. Should have hung 50 today easy. That needs to get figured out ASAP. Call me crazy, and I’m usually very much against this sort of thing, but I think the 2 qb stuff works for us. Can’t put my finger on it but it seems to give the o a little extra juice.
  14. Wouldn’t mind some of their WR and DL on our roster.
  15. Teams that lose 3 in a row don’t sell tickets. Just how it is.
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