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  1. Most ADs are … Tough talking about people/human beings this way, but UND needs some passion combined with intelligence in their athletic department. In my opinion, it’s currently lacking and has been for some time.
  2. Microcosm of the dysfunctional culture of UND athletics …
  3. Collegiate athletics and UND athletics are day and night different now compared to the 80s…
  4. UND has below average team. NDSU has above average team. Game played in Fargo. Result: as expected, NDSU wins by double digits. State of the program: HC Sather has been underwhelming at UND. Not successful hire thus far. Big picture, How does UND Basketball succeed in the shadow of UND ice puck? Obviously, Chaves doesn’t have the answer. Again, like Sather, Chaves has been an underwhelming hire also.
  5. Oh Tommy, so so damn good …. He engineered a whopping 10 points again the bizon. otherwise, UND offense pretty dang special, 24 points per game … UND needs to do better
  6. Fun game, until the end. Oh, and yeah, much of fan base gone that date also because of, you know, hOcKeY
  7. Holy! you think otherwise? Holy!
  8. Right … so NDSU has won multiple FCS national championships due to good fortunate aka “luck” and has nothing to do with their players and coaches just being good … hmm, interesting take. I don’t agree. I think it appears like good fortune but that’s just from the perspective of hoping they lose. It’s really just a good team/program making good things happen for them.
  9. Low. Bubba loves UND, and I enjoy Bubba as a person, but he needs to retire/resign for UND improvement sake.
  10. Anyway you spin it, today should be a positive day for UND. Should be able to at least project many of these recruits working out here at UND. It happens that way everywhere around the country on signing day: a day to celebrate years of hard recruiting by the staff. Of course, what actually happens with this class 2 to 3 years from now remains to be seen. For now, let’s all giggle and laugh and hope this class is the one that puts UND over the top.
  11. Again in the semifinals. Top seeded remaining team. Seems to me they are still pretty darn good. For U of North Dakota, have to beat the best to be the best. North Dakota State still remains on top. A lot of work to be done.
  12. I think he can be a good player, but when it comes to offensive line, need five good ones. Hope UND can get another good one or two, otherwise have to really hope current players take a BIG step forward this offseason.
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