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  1. Well this sucks for UND basketball ... at this particular moment. Hopefully Sather can bring in some talented transfers and build a good team, but looks like UND MBB is going to be in a rough spot. DAMN
  2. Obviously this era of the transfer portal is different, and in my opinion, hurts low-major and mid-major division I basketball. With that being said, UND needs to take advantage of the transfer portal themselves and recruit transfers. In this new era, if UND relies solely on high school prospects, I don’t see how they can be successful. All their good high school recruits will just leave after a year or two, so UND needs to be recruiting transfers from the portal themselves.
  3. Cool - thanks for the insight. Wonder when NDSU will get a “real football team”, cause they don’t have one either.
  4. I may sound like a broken record here, but UND needs to be mentally-sound against Youngstown State to get the win. YSU won’t embarrass UND up front like NDSU did, so UND just needs to avoid turnovers and penalties. If UND plays mentally sharp and does that, they should get the win. If UND fails to do that, then I think this team - along with the coaching staff - is just too immature to yet be a top 10 program and the polls will rightfully reflect that. My gut feeling is this program will have their “tail between their legs” and disappoint us. Hope Bubba and the boys pro
  5. In a perfect world where money was not an issue, it would be a slam dunk to build a state-of-the-art on-campus football stadium there for UND. Would really get the community, campus, and beyond excited about football. But Memorial Village is a fine consolation prize. Will help the football program immensely to have dedicated modern football coaches offices, weight rooms, study rooms, meeting rooms, etc. I don’t think some realize just how important modern football facilities (beyond just where you play) are to recruiting student-athletes these days.
  6. Blow out? The score was 21-13 in the third quarter. NDSU added a couple late scores the made the game look worse than it was. Just shut up and go home. NDSU football is bad for FCS football in general, and although 3/20/21 was not the day, the sooner UND can knock NDSU off their pedestal, the better for all of North Dakota and the FCS in general. It will happen. Good riddance.
  7. You think the idea of moving an offensive lineman to the D-line is novel and has not already been considered by UND's coaches? Of course it has been considered, just not done because UND does not have any offensive linemen capable of making that move and being overly effective. Not sure where the word "wimpy" was used to describe UND's offensive line, but that is not a great descriptor at all. UND's 2021 offensive line is the best it has had in years, but that does not mean they are where they need to be yet. As for the defensive line, this 2021 group is serviceable but needs to be bette
  8. Doubt an offensive guard on this team would have the tenacity and mindset to do anything measurable on defense. Need to recruit better defensive linemen and keep building the culture. Hate to say it, but the defensive linemen room culture is not where it needs to be yet. Need bigger, nastier guys on the defensive line at UND. As for Hergel, he’s the exception to this. He is definitely nasty. UND needs 4 more like him on the line and the same mindset on defensive line. Couple times last week Hergel was blocking NDSU defenders into the bench. He has the mindset of a champion.
  9. This season is definitely unique, but if the playoffs are held and completed, and the perennial top 5 to 10 programs are participating, I don’t see how you can degrade the eventual champion. They will have earned themselves an FCS championship - rightfully so. now, of course, knowing how NDSU fans work, it is inevitable that NDSU will argue for the above if they win but will scream inequity if NDSU is not the champion this spring. Predictably pathetic fan base in Fargo.
  10. Went to the game. Had a guy behind me yell “Sioux suck sh*t” the entire game and another guy in front of me criticize “the guy in the wheel chair”. Every fan base has them, but this NDSU fan base has a higher than average number of morons. Pathetic. The idea this isn’t a rivalry anymore is nonsensical propaganda from the Fargo media. UND was not physical enough today to win. That was the difference. The defense could not stop a FB from running all over them. The missed XP hurt momentum despite Weah’s huge play. Lastly, UND’s offense certainly could have done more. Schuster and
  11. Ag school has tons of talent. Their defensive line is deep and they have talented linebackers and defensive backs. Their special teams is top notch. Offense has been slow out of the gate thus far but their freshman QB is mobile and they still have dynamic play makers, including a couple real good tailbacks and #1 Watson is fast playmaker on the outside. UND needs to handle the moment and play a good, clean, physical game to get this win.
  12. Obviously a huge opportunity for UND against the ag school. The effect of NDSU’s dominance on the perception of UND football in the region cannot be overstated. In order for UND to win, UND has to play a disciplined game, commit minimal to no penalties, and be without turnovers. If UND plays a clean game like that, they definitely have a chance to win and significantly change the perception of UND vs NDSU football in the region.
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