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  1. Happened many times before. 4 MVFC teams in is definitely a possibility.
  2. I beg to differ. Pretty obvious QB is the single position that has the greatest impact on games, thus its importance. Sure, if a QB has better players around him, he looks better - I don’t think anyone will argue that because that’s dead obvious. point remains, the single position that can most dramatically change your team is QB. The entire “offensive line” or entire “defensive front” doesn’t count as a single player. this continual infatuation by some with UND’s current starting QB is a bit much. He’s not “bad” by any means, but he’s not carrying this UND team by any means either. He's average at best. I do agree with you that he definitely needs a running game and better receivers around him, but so does every average quarterback out there. As evidenced by Saturday’s game at SIU, Schuster looks a lot better when the offensive line is moving people (as opposed to NDSU and USD games) and can hand the ball off to an on fire running back (in this case Isaiah Smith, who looked great but now injured), but that is the case with every QB. what does your team look like when you can’t run the ball 4-5 ypc? If still good, that is probably because you have a good QB
  3. UND doesn’t have a QB, as evidenced by attempt at 2-QB system. They might have one if they give Quincy Vaughn a chance to run entire offense, but we don’t know right now what that’d look like. Coaches might, but I’m questioning that. Trey Feeney is next year’s hope. Tommy Schuster is a “don’t lose the game” rather than “go win the game” type QB and that fits right into 0.500 Bubba’s wheelhouse.
  4. How does Bemidji Minnesota have a top team in the county? Man … college hockey is a a localized niche sport. I digress. Not going down that rabbit hole.
  5. After yesterday, most likely scenario is UND goes 3-2 to finish season but results in losing record: 5-6 and miss playoffs. Major disappointment coming off the spring. Best case scenario would be 5-0, obviously, with huge culmination victory in Brookings to go 7-4 and make playoffs with winning conference record (5-3). Usually, reality lies somewhere in between, which is 4-1 finish, loss @ SDSU, 6-5 finish (4-4 conference record), and UND is either first out or last in to the playoff field.
  6. THE University of North Dakota loses to frickin’ bemidji … damn
  7. wow… one win against a top 20 ranked team, that’s neat. Bubba has piled up far more quality wins, and is a good coach, but consistency has not been there. Too much sloppiness at times, which is not characteristic of the top coached programs.
  8. They don’t even know how to make a group call. Collective IQ of 23
  9. Obviously field goal kicking (well, lack thereof) lost the game to a degree. But, offense also could’ve done much better and not relied on three FG attempts that had little chance. Lastly, defense gave up too many big plays with busted coverage and misfits in run defense. all in all, und lost because of all three phases not being good enough. I will not settle for moral victories. I want und better than ndsu and ultimately winning a national championship. I will not commend losing. right now, I don’t care how close the last three games have been. Und is what their record says they are: 0-3 in conference, 2-4 overall, a losing football team
  10. Critical issues: 1) missed field goals 2)huge plays allowed on defense 3)left points out on the field in the redzone 4) Isiah Smith looked great …but now he’s injured. UND will choke this season away after putting everything into the NDSU game and coming up short.
  11. Damn for kicking woes. Ugly. well, another moral victory, folks! gotta love supporting UND football … f*cking depressing week after week
  12. well that is obvious. If skokna is hurt, Isiah Smith should be ahead of him on the depth chart anyways
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