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  1. Right, I don’t support UND football .... Again, you’ve outdone yourself.
  2. Oh absolutely, I agree. Take notes, @geaux_sioux; this is how you intelligibly respond. UND has to control what they can control; focus on themselves and get the best players available to them. In the meantime, UND fans also should hope the NDSU dynasty somehow implodes. If it doesn’t, and it hasn’t yet, then the uphill battle for UND remains very steep.
  3. Good one. This instantly makes everything I have ever said false, I guess ........
  4. 6 for UND versus 60 for NDSU? Hey guy, it is okay; reality has never really been your strong suit. You can call it negativity, that’s fine. It’s pretty obvious to anyone with an ounce of objectivity, though, that NDSU has become the all-time most successful FCS program. UND has put up minimal resistance in that.
  5. The ol’ Locality vs. Ability argument is a good one, but having followed UND for too many years, I lean towards ability now. I don’t care If the candidate has ever been to ND or even the Midwest, I just want the best ability. Now, if you can have both, great!
  6. Having heavy UND family ties is about the ONLY way for UND to get players over NDSU these days (and NDSU not offering, I suppose). DISCLAIMER: I am not saying NDSU offered Lotysz, but they might.
  7. I’d say this guy is my favorite. I have no insider information to say he is Chaves favorite, but anytime you go undefeated at ANY level, that is impressive. 38-0 just this past season. Chaves NEEDS to put the “full court press” on this guy.
  8. Hiring a new coach at a low salary is already setting him up to fail; doesn’t allow for revisitation following success if no consistent success to begin with. Again, we’ll see just how important salary is to the pool of candidates; definitely a factor.
  9. It’s “not there” because of misallocation. We all know where the true priorities are, which is a different topic altogether. NDSU, SDSU, and USD have less juggling within their athletic departments. Not to say UND still can’t get a serviceable head men’s basketball coach, but he will be grossly underpaid relative to the league standard. I think a good current DII Head Coach - happy with 160k - is the best route.
  10. Very poor previous 2 seasons. It is not good timing due to this.
  11. Recruiting ability is important, although I would definitely say not the most important. The major worry I have is he has no prior collegiate head coach experience with success; UND could fall right into a trap if not to consider this. I prefer someone with a history of success as a head coach (either DII or DI).
  12. Wouldn’t hate that hire - he’s been there, done that at the D1 level (with NDSU that is).
  13. This is concerning to me.
  14. What happened after ‘14-‘16? That is my question. UND needs consistency. UND had good seasons under Jones, just not enough of them.
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