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  1. UND won 7 games playing the “toughest schedule in the country” in 2019. So, is the schedule even tougher now for 2020? Poor UND football, always going uphill both ways according to some. I’m waiting for some unexpected leaders to rise up.
  2. 7 wins is the best case scenario? Damn UND football is in a bad place. Have to have expectations for more wins than that, although I don’t think you’re wrong with the prediction.
  3. Very true. Hard to say UND's defensive line is a better group than UND's linebackers. In fact, I would say UND's backers have been their strength on defense for a long, long time. Thus, play the 3-4 and have the most of them out on the field. Super simplistic way of looking at it, but it works.
  4. It’s just a title based on tendency. You can call it a 3-4 and yet play it like a 4-3 with one backer as an end-backer hybrid. Alternatively, you can call it 3-4 and really play it like a 5-2 and have all O linemen covered, therefore NOT requiring the nose to traditionally cover 2 gaps. Many hybrid spins to the 3-4 defense. That’s the beauty of it. The personnel is key in absolutely everything when it comes to successful schemes, so that’s common sense. It’s about putting the players in the best position. UND will be a 3-4 defense and recruit to it, but the success or lack thereof simply comes down to the ability of the players. My only gripes on UND’s defense in the past has been their nickel packages. They could do a better job with sub packages; more backers and defensive backs rather than always keep 3 down linemen on the field during passing downs. Mason Bennett was a key player for UND because he had the ability to be a true hybrid defensive end. He could play 4-3 defensive end, 3-4 outside backer, and even 3 technique 3-4 defensive end, which is what UND had him listed as. I think he was most successful when standing up, however, as perimeter backer in UND’s scheme. Very athletic despite his frame. UND will miss him. Jaxon Turner is much more a true outside linebacker, would like him to be a bit bigger. Definitely has the athleticism.
  5. Here is his take on alignment. Refreshing to hear coach speak on this, as he’s spot on. The talk on this board about 3-4 or 4-3 has been nothing more than strongly misinformed amateur opinion. “We're still base 3-4; I don't think that'll change at the University of North Dakota," Holinka said. "That's who we are. You're going to put your tweaks and changes to what you're more comfortable with, but it's not like we're tearing up the playbook and starting over. Coach Schmidt did a fantastic job the last six years. We'll emphasize different things, but UND Fighting Hawk defense is 3-4 defense. Will we line up differently? Yeah. Will we look like we have four down (linemen) sometimes? Yeah. But really, it's just whether one guy is standing up or in a stance. I think some people buy too much into whether you're 3 or 4 (down linemen)."
  6. UND will continue to play a 3-4 defense with Bubba as head coach. It’s his familiarity.
  7. Grass is always greener on the other side ... The people asking for an alignment change are clueless, in my opinion. It’s about the players, not whether you have 3 or 4 down linemen. Now, adjusting the scheme to your players’ strengths is a different story; doesn’t apply here, though.
  8. Former UND coach (‘93-‘03) and coached with Bubba at SIU from ‘08-‘09 as ILB coach. Certainly makes sense. Most recently was Northern State Head Coach.
  9. Nice opportunity for Coach Schmidt, but undoubtedly hurts UND. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/football/4852261-UND-defensive-coordinator-Eric-Schmidt-leaving-for-Fresno-State#.XhONYV8HBuE.twitter Who will be UND’s new defensive coordinator?
  10. Awful news. Thoughts are with the Schweigert family during this tough time.
  11. Golladay is a great talent. UND desperately missed him in 2014 and 2015. UND passing games were not good in ‘14 and ‘15, and in hindsight, can’t blame Golladay for staying away from Paul Rudolph
  12. In my opinion (which is not worth a damn), the potential decision to move the students has an overwhelming amount of evidence in support of it. First and foremost, the student attendance has not been good enough. There are several other points in support for student section relocation, including the precedent set by nearly every other FBS and FCS football venue in the country.
  13. On to 2020. I hope we don't talk about Bubba getting fired anytime soon (or ever again, for that matter), because if we do, that means 2020 was a disaster. I want UND football wins, not losses. On that subject, I hope the staff has made the right decision going with 3 freshmen quarterbacks for 2020. They are talented, but young. Cannot afford a losing season. Spring ball and Fall camp will be telling.
  14. I disagree with simmering expectations and not being "too optimistic". The expectations for non-hockey UND sports could use a boost, not a reduction. What is your definition of "great things"? Sather has already beat a Big 10 team (albeit a bad one) in his first year and has yet to play a Summit League conference schedule. It is all relative, but I think Sather and UND can do "great things" and already have done "great things" in year one.
  15. I won’t hold my breath. Not a good track record (pun intended) under Baukol. I agree it is a “huge” off-season, though, for o-line and d-line.
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