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  1. Schuster is definitely the favorite going into the season. The other two are true freshmen and Schuster won a game for UND against a ranked opponent in 2019. There's no guarantees, but Schuster is the early favorite for sure.
  2. This a good one - I'll go with sell but he will be close (~900 yards)
  3. As the preview states several times, UND's loss to Nicholls State in the playoffs was a bad one and certainly left a bad impression going into 2020. Sure, the contest was probably closer than the score indicated, but UND looked pathetic stopping the run and running the ball in that game. Couple that with the fact UND loses its top tackler on defense, top defensive linemen, top power runner on offense, and will start a freshman quarterback, the prospects of the 2020 season are not good for UND football. That being said, football is a sport that can always surprise, particularly if the coa
  4. UND’s young quarterbacks will have to grow up in a hurry based on the roster. No upperclassmen in the QB room and limited reps due to the pandemic. There will certainly be some growing pains this season. Heck, even with senior Ketteringham in 2019 there were issues. As mentioned previously, the best thing UND can do is strengthen their offensive line and running game in order to move forward offensively.
  5. The "Brockstar" was fun, but it wasn't monumental or game-changing by any means. I would say it did help win the Sam Houston State game, when Andrew Zimmerman got injured. Otherwise, it was just a fun wrinkle. When it mattered most, in the playoffs down at Nicholls State, the offense was very tough to watch. UND needs to be able to do better at the line of scrimmage consistently, not just with gadget plays/formations.
  6. QB Trey Feeney is just what UND needs. A high-end local recruit that has a ton of potential. Ultimately, it comes down to wins, but I think he will help UND football grow in popularity. He is a competitive student-athlete, it sounds like; in other words, someone you can build your offense and your entire team around. I have a lot of faith in Danny Freund building this offense. I agree that this offense will be explosive in a couple years.
  7. UND's RB group does not impress me, pending what Creighton Mitchell can do. Luke Skokna is overrated, but young; could still develop into a solid player. Skokna's highlights from last season came against awful competition. Can't rely on Otis Weah being consistently on the field given academic situation.
  8. Continue to keep the OL recruits coming.
  9. I definitely agree the Valpo game isn’t much to get excited about (other than it being season opener and Thursday night - which is always fun), but the rest of the schedule is fine for me. SDSU and USD are big games. Missouri State and Southern Illinois are okay. UND just needs to win and get the job done.
  10. Man, things are never good enough. Who should UND play instead? Times are tough and the negativity is flowing.
  11. Absolutely, needs to be done in order to improve the program.
  12. https://fightinghawks.com/news/2020/3/25/north-dakota-athletics-announces-new-seating-opportunities-for-football.aspx This is overdue, but I certainly applaud Bill Chaves and the UND athletic department for making this much-needed change. As Bubba said, this will allow UND’s most loyal fans to have the best seats in the house. Per new location, the students also can better usher in the Fighting Hawks as they make their team entrance.
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