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    You are certainly right. Discussing coaching change is a moot point at this point in time. When Bubba’s contract is up for renewal, then perhaps we can discuss. UND doesn’t have the financial resources to terminate a contract with multiple years remaining. I think that point (i.e., the lack of resources to have contract termination even be an option) is the source of frustration that gets supporters fired up. It is this same lack of resources that makes HPC Phase II very difficulty to construct.
  2. A lot of distracting points here that I don’t think are entirely relevant. The 11 game schedule in a 12 game year and scheduling NDSU twice in Fargo are hindsight excuses and not important. UND needs to take care of business and that’s the bottom line. It’s far more about what they do on the field; not what the schedule is or isnt. The biggest flaw for UND in 2019 is the embarrassing, unexplainable blow out loss to Idaho State. If they miss the postseason in 2019, it’s because of that. UND is still guaranteed 1 game in 2019; it is against Southern Utah in Grand Forks. If UND wants to have a shot at the playoffs per the committee, they need to show up on Saturday and look like a playoff team. I know it didn’t work in 2015 (UND blew out Cal Poly and still didn’t make it due to a bad Idaho State loss), but it could salvage the 2019 season. UND needs to win CONVINCINGLY against Southern Utah. If they don’t, no one on the committee will think UND belongs and they probably don’t belong either if they can’t handle Southern Utah.


    Not worried about Fruend. Worried about Schmidt’s defense and Bubba’s game management. This team is handicapped at the upper leadership positions. Bubba, Schmidt, and the players, particularly the defensive players, need to be better. Not a great showing today for UND at all.


    UND football team gets the win. Perhaps the program got a loss. UND looked poor against a bad team. They don’t look like a playoff team/program. Bubba and his staff are just not passing the eye test this season. Hopefully the next game against SUU goes really, really well. It is sad that I have to “hope” for this and can’t expect a good performance at home versus lowly SUU.

    Weber St GDT

    Damn it’s frustrating trying to support UND football

    Weber St GDT

    I agree. Awful. Disgusting ending. Choke job. Pissed it down their leg. UND played well enough to win, but failed in critical moments. UND continues to be a slightly above average team that can’t win big games. Disappointing.

    Weber St GDT

    Credit to Bubba and Kostich for calling that fake punt. Love the aggressive mindset. Special teams coming around the last couple ball games. UND defense needs to play better. Ketteringham and receivers are playing well. Just would like to see a better running game but that’s been absent all season. If UND can find a resemblance of running in the 2nd half they could pull the upset.

    Weber St GDT

    His prevent defense at the end of the half almost cost UND 3 points. He needs to figure his own !@#$ out.
  9. Weber State is a very good FCS team. A win would be huge for UND this season and beyond. Important Bubba and his team are very aggressive today and go for the win. Do not play to just keep it close.
  10. I couldn’t agree more.
  11. Awesome to see. This is the backbone of successful UND football teams; that is, top North Dakota high school student-athletes. Ihry from FSHP and Belquist from NRS will both be great additions to the UND football program. Kudos to Bubba and staff for finding these guys. Keep recruiting small town ND!!
  12. Maybe losing to ISU is understandable when you lose by a couple scores to a bad team on the road. NOT when you lose to a bad team by multiple scores ...
  13. The ISU loss was rock-bottom bad when it happened. Can't get any worse. Just weird how Bubba's teams consistently can't prepare for and perform against lowly Idaho State.
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