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  1. I definitely agree the Valpo game isn’t much to get excited about (other than it being season opener and Thursday night - which is always fun), but the rest of the schedule is fine for me. SDSU and USD are big games. Missouri State and Southern Illinois are okay. UND just needs to win and get the job done.
  2. Man, things are never good enough. Who should UND play instead? Times are tough and the negativity is flowing.
  3. Absolutely, needs to be done in order to improve the program.
  4. https://fightinghawks.com/news/2020/3/25/north-dakota-athletics-announces-new-seating-opportunities-for-football.aspx This is overdue, but I certainly applaud Bill Chaves and the UND athletic department for making this much-needed change. As Bubba said, this will allow UND’s most loyal fans to have the best seats in the house. Per new location, the students also can better usher in the Fighting Hawks as they make their team entrance.
  5. Plenty of $$ I’m sure! @Oxbow6 is already proudly treating “jackwagons” with bovine vaccines. He’s quite the pioneer. Maybe give him a call?
  6. And same to you with the corn cobs. Hope one doesn’t get stuck, although, there might already be something stuck ...
  7. Remember, my initial post was numbers. You concluded the rest.
  8. I believe you, I just personally don’t believe in the transitive property of epidemiology. Have a good one. Take care.
  9. Nice deflection, I guess? You know best, though. Your family must be so proud. I trust you’ll be safe and find something [slightly] productive to do without hockey to watch.
  10. Actually, what you’re stating is a theory/projection, albeit the most logical one. Of course I agree the true prevalence of the infections is greater than the reported. BUT, that’s not what I “assumed” or posted initially. In your initial response, you said I was assuming when actually all I did was simply use current figures from the CDC with basic math. The projections are just that, projections. We don’t know the actual prevalence. Just be open-minded and don’t assume you fully understand a novel virus. This will pass, like other prior pandemics. The goal is to minimize morbidity and mortality. We’ll be okay if there’s no spring sports for a season.
  11. And you stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night also? It’s all good. Just stay tuned and be open minded, thats all.
  12. I am not assuming anything. I am stating epidemiological facts. Read data from appropriate sources with established expertise before forming an opinion and your own narrative. The medium.com and Tomas Pueyo is questionable information, but worthwhile if read in the correct context.
  13. The “denominator” (that is, the number of cases) is pending “investigated” cases. “Widely accepted” is not the appropriate term. Read the CDC data and follow the decision-making of those trained in epidemiology and infectious diseases. Stay turned. Don’t be closed minded - that is beyond foolish.
  14. 36/1,215 = 2.96% https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-in-us.html For comparison, in 2009-10 H1N1 swine flu pandemic: 12,469/60,800,000 = 0.02% https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/2009-h1n1-pandemic.html Sample size from this year will certainly grow and change final mortality rate.
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