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  1. Correct. I'm saying that alot of those who are able to get tickets because of membership points are only going to get the tickets to resell and make money rather than go to the games or allowing another champions club member who wants to go to the games a chance to get them. A member that can purchase 4 seats pays $160 * 4 seats = $640 for all 8 games Let's say they sell for $75 * 4 per game * 8 games = $2400. I understand that they do pay a higher champions club fee. Just my opinion that I would like to see others that have season tickets be able to get these tickets.
  2. $40-$49 per seat per game. $100-$150 resale. With limited seats available, there will most likely be several that will buy tickets only to resell and make a few bucks rather than actually attend the games.
  3. And about 500 of those will be on Craigslist at triple the face value
  4. How can the Ralph not use the upper bowl as well as the lower to fit more people and still spread them out? 1000 people seems very low. With capacity at 11640, that's roughly 8.5% of capacity, yet the Betty which seats 3600 can hold 600 in attendance, 16% capacity and less room to "social distance". With an 8 game schedule at home this season and attendance capped at 1000, in my opinion, tickets could be spread around rather than all going to the same 1000 people. Give NDCC members with higher priority points first choice at which game to attend. Continue to move through the list/ga
  5. I really don't care of the players are wearing masks or not. I personally don't agree with mask policy and don't think that masks are as effective as we are told. I guess my point was that in a small community like this, it's not hard to know who is a UND athlete and feel they are always held to a higher standard of integrity. When your walking through a store with a mask policy, wearing your ND Football gear, your going to stand out more as you are always representing UND, Athletic Dept., Football team and coaches
  6. Football players must be exempt from any mask policy. Players shopping at Walmart with no masks. Don't get me wrong I'm against wearing a mask myself but when you don't have a season because of Covid, I would think your coaches would want you taking all precautions and not testing positive risking a spring season
  7. Scheel really looked like he needed a night off these last 3 games
  8. Sorry for the late response. I didn't get the notification of a reply. Call or text 701-317-6120 if still looking for tickets
  9. 2 seats for Saturday Jan 11th vs. Omaha Section 315 Row I Seats 5&6 $30 for the pair
  10. Anybody know what the deal with Izzy was this year. He was a deep threat last year and barely saw the field this year? I believe Cochran burned his redshirt today and wondering why Izzy didn't see the field. Injury from last year still bothering him?
  11. Not having them drop 10-15 pounds in the off-season would have been a good start
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