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UND vs. Duluth -- Saturday Gameday


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38 minutes ago, Kooshnitz said:

5-1 sioux! We need to stay alive in the pairwise. Need teams below us to loose. 

If we can keep winning (and that's what we need to do to move up), those teams below us won't be in our way. It's the 1/2 doz. or so teams just above us that need to lose so as we win we jump them. 

Pairwise Rankings:  Maybe we need 13th to make NCAA's cuz auto bids? Member Duluth + .0001 > Gophs

11 UMass Lowell 48 18-10-2        
11 Cornell 48 15-8-3        
14 Harvard 46 15-8-3        
15 Clarkson 45 20-10-1        
16 Bowling Green 44 20-8-4        
17 Notre Dame 43 17-11-3        
18 Penn State 42 18-11-2        
19 North Dakota 40 15-13-2        
19 Lake Superior
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1 hour ago, CarpeRemote said:

“Discipline” I believe was the key word from Brad. I’ll give it to our boys, they played hard and disciplined. Minimal  mistakes or turnovers and they blocked shots. Heads were in the game. 

Hopefully we have the jam to do it twice. 



We were perfect defensively last night. Do that again for 60 and we got a shot. It was awesome to see. Let's go, boys! Go get it.

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A few weeks ago, CC beat Duluth on a Friday night and then the next night, UMD came out like a completely different team. I have a feeling Sandelin wasn’t very happy with his team’s performance last night and tonight will be a tougher challenge. He has a way of motivating his boys but hat said, I hope UND responds in kind and sweeps Duluth tonight! 

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