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  1. "It's all about the money" has been proven true time and time again. But I also think academics would be an issue BIG schools would feel they have to get around. I have absolutely no complaints about my education at UND, but there is a difference.
  2. Yeah, watching that '87 semifinal game with Harvard it was hard not to see how much time and space there was at both ends of the ice, though some think that was the best UND team ever. Just not the same game.
  3. We'll see how well conditioned they are. I just saw them play Wisconsin 30 minutes ago.
  4. I know it's all about serving UND's long term best interests, but I have a "bad karma" feeling about joining the Big 10. While it would be great to have UW and UMinn back as conference rivals, I just don't like the idea of rewarding people like B Alvarez and turning our backs on loyalties with programs like DU and UMD.
  5. I'm old enough to remember back to Earl Anderson, Jim Cahoon, and Al Hangsleben, but watching these archived games is really a learning experience. New (renewed) appreciation for Ian Kidd. Hrkac's on ice intelligence quotient was through the roof. Hockey in the late 80s was still very physical, but there seems to have been less chickensh*t stuff after the whistle. I guess since the players weren't punished as severely for the big hits and fighting, they were less interested in small-time showy stuff like facewashes and stickwork. It's good they are making the game safer and more wide open nowadays, so I'm not complaining about the way it is called now. Just an observation. I may be wrong, but with the large increase in numbers playing the game in the States since the 70s, the game has gotten a LOT more competitive. As good as they were, I don't see how those teams from the 80s would fare as well against the top teams today. And I'm an old timer inclined to remember things as being better than they were.
  6. Thanks for some great stuff, farce.
  7. I thought talking more shat than sport was part of every good rivalry.
  8. From that diving backcheck in his very first game against Manitobe, I've always loved Trupp. But watching these archived games, I feel that way even more so. He just never quit skating.
  9. Magician that you are, BH, can you change the outcome of the 01 championship game? I know we can't win em all, but I'd like to see Goehring do that little skippy thing a second time.
  10. It's been great, blackheart. Thanks again. Who would have thought UND would win all these big games in March-May of the same year. I would guess it's somewhere back in this thread, but can someone post the tic-tac-toe play? I've seen more amazing individual plays but never a team play like that. At any level.
  11. My kingdom for a video of Bill Butters going after fans at the SW corner exit off the ice at the old barn (coal plant corner). Prequel to the water bottle fight. Woulda been the '71-72 season, I think. Not even Blackheart can pull this off.
  12. Wow. Whole package--skill, work ethic, character. Sounds smart, too.
  13. I should probably try to get my hands on the penalty box bench now that my wife wears the stripes in all home games.
  14. Are you guys talking about liability insurance or insurance for income lost as a direct result of natural disasters, such as the cancellation of the season? Something like professional athletes do to insure against their own injuries. The latter has to be very expensive.
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