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  1. What do you call an ex goalie who is a little off his angle?
  2. Good luck with Wilbur. I hear he has a lot of offers and will no doubt have a list of demands. like beer at his locker between periods, a never-weigh-me clause, and comp pizza at the Moon.
  3. gf has his bit, but he rarely contributes anything about the actual game of hockey.
  4. I love so much about Gaber. One: his talent, which one could argue is at a more advanced state than Caggiula was in his first year. He husltes like Trupp and Spirko. And he's from a tiny town up north with under 800 people. His preteen hockey experience must have been similar to those kids who grew up in those tiny wheat towns just north of the ND border. He may have played in a wood rink in his early years. This isn't 40 years ago, so he probably played on a traveling team when it became evident his talent separated him from others. But I like what I imagine his roots to be, a
  5. The transfer portal for UND players is to the NHL
  6. Like what Howie did for Wisconsin for years.
  7. They were basically a big . . . what's the word I'm looking for? FARCE!
  8. Of course, our weakness in those days was the fans. Hard to explain things like that.
  9. If true, that's huge. Worth a bunch of goalie saves and scores, both. Boeser and Pinto were both way up there in skill, but Sanderson is the biggest talent UND has had for a while, IMO.
  10. We were lucky to have him.
  11. I'm still hoping I'll wake up from a nap I took Saturday afternoon.
  12. That is a shallow statement.
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