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  1. Yes you do, and I feel lucky to have been around for both of them.
  2. Europeans may play a more finesse brand of hockey, but they still have to win the battles on the wall and in front of the net. They must be better trained in technique?
  3. Because you forgot you can remember?
  4. Cool. Given your handle, I'd think you'd have Rube Bjorkman's sig also.
  5. Much as it hurts to be the one to say this, we need to discuss proper punishment for farce's deceit.
  6. IMO, Berry has done a superb job with this group so far this year.
  7. no dramamine necessary then?
  8. A classmate of mine froze a badger flattened out in spread eagle position and duck taped it to his back under his winter parka. Got in but got caught throwing it.
  9. Having lived and worked in Wisconsin for over 30 years, I can tell you Wisconsin fans LOVE to have fun and party--in any sport. We moved to WI in 84 after having lived in warmer places for a number of years, and the minute WI hockey fans learned I was a Nodak and a hockey fan, they would go on about how much fun the rivalry was, and they almost always showed respect for the Sioux program. Intense, but in a fun way, which seems to be the way most Wiscovites enjoy their sports, which is partly why their hockey program's struggles in recent years and the sharp decline in attendance have been a shame.
  10. We need cut gf a little slack; he just wants to be accepted as a knowledgeable hockey guy. He may have never said a single substantive thing about the game itself, but he keeps a close eye on the scoreboard and the banner counts. That’s why he wins the Miss Wouldacouldashoulda award year after year.
  11. And there's always a chance we sweep.
  12. Faceoffs at critical times, especially PP or PK.
  13. burd


    I'm guessing the vast majority of PSU fans are thinking Ohio State this weekend.
  14. burd


    They must be even smaller than gopher players
  15. burd


    Irony is WAY beyond you, gf.
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