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  1. I think everyone can understand mental illness. Regardless of what happens in criminal court, he will be sued into tomorrow. Just sad.
  2. Never thought of it that way, but you're right. After a goal you're supposed to be riding Big Mo, not battening the hatches.
  3. It was amazing how often they did that. I'm sure there are stats that show whether it was way out of the ordinary.
  4. Man, he had a wonderful demeanor.
  5. Don't forget the availability of high quality, low cost TV and streaming coverage.
  6. They've always preached hard work, but this year the players have to recited 50 times before they go to sleep: " I will shoot the puck IN the goal."
  7. 1. UMinn 2. Wisc 3. UMich 4. BC 5. BU 6. Tech (nostalgia) 7. Cornell (nostalgia and great program). 8. NY Rangers on the Coulee (Lammy family in stripes)
  8. Fear not; we will not exploit your youth and inexperience.
  9. Don't remember that and never heard of it. I do remember the fog that would develop when the place got full of warm bodies.
  10. Dam. Some crazy times in the Barn. So cold, you just had to be filled up with antifreeze.
  11. Sorry--gotta ask. Are you Andy?
  12. I was back at UND for most of his time here. Not only great talent, but a class act all around.
  13. Well, it was a little lame.
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