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  1. As defensemen go, I don't think I ever saw Matt Jones coast to the end boards or into a corner after a puck.
  2. Well, we've given the child the attention he seeks. Maybe we can ignore him now and move on to committed recruits.
  3. You have the right user name, that much we know.
  4. Yeah, my rambling was not directed toward your post, stoney.
  5. Definitely maybe? Hedging?
  6. I agree, but the full-on effort thing is a little complicated. I think most of our boys give complete effort under Berry as they did for Hak and Deano. But a player has to have confidence in his split-second choices in order to commit to them quickly and with speed. Some players work their hardest but are a little tentative due to lower on-ice intelligence, lack of experience, more cautious nature, or just lower skill level. I think Stecher has a combination of high energy and high on-ice intelligence that allows him to move aggressively and effectively. Not all players have that, and not all teams have that on their rosters. We fans are quick to conclude when they lose that it is from lack of effort. But even when they seem to be chasing too much or sitting back, that can be attributed to other shortcomings, and it's sometimes unfair for us to say the players are lazy or don't care enough. You combine talent and confidence in a player or on a team and they will usually look like they are outworking the other team. Or maybe not.
  7. Pretty good illustration of the pure shooting talent we've been missing.
  8. gf autographed W-2s? Gregg Reference Manuals autographed by MM himself?
  9. If they violated important rules of conduct, kudos to ASU having the stones to place standards above wins. Hopefully, they would do the same if it were one of their money-generating sports.
  10. Feeling pretty good about a Hawks sweep and a Badger crush this weekend.
  11. My youngest daughter attended a week -long hockey camp at REA while Hak was still HC. She stressed how Hak, who was around the rink but not directly involved in the camp, was always gracious and helpful to the campers.
  12. I have a feeling DU will be just as good next spring as we thought they would be now.
  13. Might be a quiet night for you.
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