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  1. Thanks, Blackheart, for posting 2000. A couple of things that stand out after watching those old games, especially the '97 and 2000 NCs. First, how much obstruction was going on in the way of holding, hooking, and interference. Everybody was doing it. I know we all became particularly aware of it after Parise arrived, but it was rampant in the "00 NC. Also, I remember watching the '00 game, but I didn't recall how dead tired the players were in the third. It was a very intense game, with a lot of hitting and up and down action. By the time they got a ways into the third, both teams looked exhausted.
  2. I'm sure our conditioning program will strengthen him, but if he is fast and solid on his feet, I wouldn't worry. And today's game is friendlier to the little guy than it was when Panzer, Hoogsteen, and Duncan played. Hooking, holding, and interference are called much more now than they were then. That's one thing that sticks out watching all the old "great memories" games posted on that thread in recent weeks.
  3. Blais prototype? How much did Jeff Panzer weigh at graduation?
  4. The award for loudest pipe clank goes to Dunc in a game at the Koihl Center when the Sioux came back from a couple goals down to win. Duncan took a drop pass from Oshie entering the zone and clanked a wrister in off the far post. I think it was the tying goal, but it was like dagger in Bucky's heart. Maybe is sounded so loud because the KC was dead quiet after, except for us Sioux fans. We had been dropping close games at the KC, including the two sudden death games in January 2000, so it was a sweet comeback.
  5. I didn't see the 2000 title game posted above. Where would I find it easiest?
  6. Before he gets shot climbing out a bedroom window?
  7. This is a good question for a lot of reasons. For one, I'd like to hear from the poor soul who had to broadcast from the old barn. I suspect they had heat in their booth, but that's not a given. I don't recall where it was. We students could at least keep warm by drinking and yelling profanities. It would also be interesting to hear if the fog ever got thick enough to make it difficult for them to keep track of the puck.
  8. It took Kawaguchi quite a while to slow the game down at this level. There were times, even in his second year, when he didn't make good decisions under pressure. He turned the corner, obviously, but the adjustment to pro hockey would be even bigger. He should stay.
  9. I have a tough time hating MTU under almost any circumstance. And I remember during the 70s when they were big, fast, and very good. Might have hated them then, but now I only think how they deserve respect for the program's rich past.
  10. Congrats to the team for winning Penrose 2020. Not long ago, winning the McNaughton was a big deal, and now that is true of the Penrose. Not this team's end goal, by any means, but a major accomplishment.
  11. Amen. That's where the coach's earned trust and respect from the players really counts. Sometimes there is no clear choice, and they all want to play. My sense is that there is a lot of mutual respect at all levels with this team.
  12. If you're talking about Ortega, I can see why Blais liked him.
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