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  1. Just too many talented players on this team for CC to deal with. UND's D are so good at handling the puck behind the red line.
  2. CC is a hardworking team. Very little coasting.
  3. Yeah, despite the fact that he's facing such a high shot count, he always seems to be in control. No flopping around.
  4. Help, Mr. Wizard!! I don't wanna be a moron!!
  5. I liked the compete lever we saw from CC in the Springs earlier this month. Young team that plays with energy. Should be fun.
  6. Wilbur, a former goalie and therefore a little weird by definition, makes good points. I think the bottom line for Mismash and other UND players is that you just don't put the other player in a position where they can successfully sell a major penalty. Mismash is known to take dumb penalties from time to time, and we don't want that to cost us come tournament time.
  7. I don't recall Tim being very upset at the officiating last night, but I may have just missed it.
  8. Liked the way CC played last night. A lot of young players on the roster, so maybe there are better times ahead for them.
  9. Sloppy play by UND, but give CC credit for a LOT of hustle.
  10. With the altitude, they didn't want to be tied late in the second game.
  11. Boys aren't moving their feet very well. CC deserves to win this one at this point.
  12. PBP guy is not bad, but he never changes his pitch. Irritating after a while.
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