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  1. -1. "As we have in recent years, we ask you to share your pictures of any other fans you spot at games!"
  2. I don't doubt there has been a fair amount of speculating in these decisions. But if leagues are cancelling seasons or fan attendance for money, I think they need to fire their business managers. Same to a lesser degree for politics. We fans all start from a place of wanting the games to go on as usual, so canceling seasons and, in many cases, eliminating other less profitable sports programs, is not popular. Now, if this little exchange is really about whether you or I think this is or is not all a political hoax, we should move this discussion to a political thread or, wiser yet, just end it.
  3. I don't have scientific (I assume you meant medical or statistical or both) proof either way because I haven't done the research. If I did, one way or the other, would you value that proof over the anecdotal results of your summer league, about which we know absolutely nothing. I want to see college hockey as much as the next guy;. I just hope they base their decision on as much medical and statistical evidence as possible. I can't offer more because I don't have that kind of education, training, or experience.
  4. One of those situations where anecdotal evidence might not be the best guide.
  5. Perfect symbol of Gopher hockey in late March.
  6. I love hockey in general and the Sioux/Hawks especially, but I hope they put the health of the players, staff, and fans above my interest in cheering them on.
  7. Thanks again, Blackheart.
  8. The members of this board have always done a good job of avoiding politics, and I hope that continues. Political discussions are great, but it's better when there is a designated place for them. That's my political comment for the day.
  9. I really hope the kids get to play this season, but safety first.
  10. You shouldn't post the leader, then. btw, unless you are a health care provider or agent, HIPAA doesn't affect you.
  11. "It's all about the money" has been proven true time and time again. But I also think academics would be an issue BIG schools would feel they have to get around. I have absolutely no complaints about my education at UND, but there is a difference.
  12. Yeah, watching that '87 semifinal game with Harvard it was hard not to see how much time and space there was at both ends of the ice, though some think that was the best UND team ever. Just not the same game.
  13. We'll see how well conditioned they are. I just saw them play Wisconsin 30 minutes ago.
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