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    Let's not let this topic polerize our fanbase, gents.
  2. Wise not to jump at the first chance, though.
  3. Talk from fans about what "we" must do is so easy. These kids have done well. We must appreciate that.
  4. Sports fans need a little too much out of their teams' performance emotionally. When things don't go well, they go dark.
  5. 5 of 6 on the road in conference is salvage?
  6. Did they show a replay. I didn't see it. I don't remember Thome looking that slow-footed .
  7. yeah, I think he'll stay that way. And having Thome there will help him do it.
  8. So what is the current balance on how many of those Scheel owes or is owed?
  9. Christmas fruitcake. Studies show Aunt Sally's Christmas fruitcake can f ck up depth perception in young people. It can cause ED too, but we'll leave that alone for this discussion. But Karl has been through this himself and knows the antidote.
  10. "But I''m gonna hunt down that effing, good-for-nothing ref and castrate him."
  11. He'll come around. We've seen what he has, and he has Karl there with him.
  12. If they can get 3 tomorrow, 5 of 6 on the road is nothing to complain about in the NCHC.
  13. They did before the break but not after.
  14. Mismash too, though he sometimes tries to carry the puck too much. He's been very good this year, though, and I expect that to continue.
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