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    Two loves in my life: Fighting Sioux Hockey and Metal.

    I'm a '95 graduate of Colorado College. I bleed green and black so my 2nd favorite team after the Sioux is Colorado College.

    I also play guitar. I love anything loud with lot's of distortion-Pantera, George Lynch, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Metallica, Megadeth, Disturbed, etc. As my username indicates, I'm a huge fan of the Boston-area band Godsmack. Devil Horns to the Sky!

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  1. What’s the word on DU transfer Brendan Buddy? Is he a “good get”?
  2. Colorado College senior-to-be Christiano Versich has entered the transfer portal.
  3. https://www.uscho.com/2020/04/25/after-two-seasons-at-denver-ward-leaving-pioneers-transferring-to-new-hampshire/?fbclid=IwAR2GCcGAGONyhZAv1W1TWkDdOfwzRK0KQEZ3yUAQv08rjngwwlHIL0sn1S0
  4. Godsmack

    Hobey Baker

    And don’t forget their first round loss to Air Force Academy a few years back as well.
  5. Godsmack

    Hobey Baker

    The silver lining to all this is, Jordan seems like the kind of player that will use this as fuel to the fire next season and have an even bigger year.
  6. Godsmack

    Hobey Baker

    I just saw a tweet by someone affiliated with Duluth. The tweet was bitching about UND fans bitching about why Perunovich doesnt deserve the Hobey. This person can’t even enjoy their big accomplishment without whining about what some UND fans may or may not be saying. Good grief.
  7. I listened to the AD, Leslie Irvine’s interview on the local sports talk radio this afternoon and nothing too meaningful was said. I heard the phrase, “championship culture” sprinkled in her comments roughly a dozen times and all I could think about was, “1957.” This was the last year CC won a national championship. Apathy among fans has started to replace anger and disappointment and that cannot be good for the long term success of the program. If nothing else, Haviland should have already replaced his assistant coaches, particularly RJ Enga who’s been there since before Haviland ever arrived six years ago. https://gazette.com/sports/colorado-college-athletic-director-irvine-haviland-will-be-our-coach/article_8bfc9700-6e12-11ea-98a1-5b88acb7c538.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share&fbclid=IwAR3xON0D9sQDFZ25pyfspgv_KvChVTv06APqFFfkRdC6e3VPD_QGNezb7ws
  8. Does this mean that the person/people who named the Lyme disease after where it originated-in Lyme, Connecticut-hate people from Lyme?
  9. It is if you put crackers in it!
  10. Agreed. As much as I think UND would’ve made a deep run this year, there’s no guarantee they would’ve won so I’d rather not be awarded the championship with an asterisk and be the center of mockery and ridicule by others for years to come. Just leave this year be vacant as far as I’m concerned.
  11. Not to minimize our disappointment in not being able to participate in the national tournament but there are other programs and fan bases equally as disappointed as well. I know of a program about 60 miles north of Colorado Springs where fans are very disappointed given the regional they would’ve been placed in and the potential they had for another FF run.
  12. Never let a disaster go to waste!
  13. The bigger question now is, when will they cancel work-with pay???
  14. Let the global propaganda begin! China leadership now accusing the U.S. of purposely planting the virus as some sort of biological military weapon.
  15. “I’m with the government and I’m here to help.”
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