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    Two loves in my life: Fighting Sioux Hockey and Metal.

    I'm a '95 graduate of Colorado College. I bleed green and black so my 2nd favorite team after the Sioux is Colorado College.

    I also play guitar. I love anything loud with lot's of distortion-Pantera, George Lynch, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Metallica, Megadeth, Disturbed, etc. As my username indicates, I'm a huge fan of the Boston-area band Godsmack. Devil Horns to the Sky!

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  1. Godsmack

    North Dakota at Omaha - January 18-19, 2019

    I seem to recall hearing @MafiaMan ‘s name mentioned in a Buzzfeed story today about Russian collusion. #fakenews???
  2. Godsmack

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    Apparently there were scheduling issues. I’m guessing the Broadmoor World Arena was already booked for something that day.
  3. Godsmack

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    The CC/DU game got postponed due to weather and bad road conditions. It took DU 4 1/2 hours to get from Denver to Monument-normally about a 45 minute drive. In the interests of player and personnel safety, the decision was made to turn around and go back to campus. Game will be re-scheduled for sometime in February or early March.
  4. Godsmack

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    https://letsgodu.com/2019/01/13/old-north-end-neighbors-fight-ccs-new-arena-plans/#more-67072 Sometimes the folks over at letsgodu swing and miss with their parodies but I thought this was a huge hit and funny as hell! They even manage to get in a dig about North Dakota in this one! Back story: There’s a little bit of controversy over building an on-campus arena at CC as the campus sits right next to the Old North End neighborhood where there’s a lot of old money. Residents of the old north end are concerned about the traffic that the new arena will generate.
  5. Godsmack

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Well, he drinks a shite ton of beer so my guess would be yah-he’d probably fit right in with a bunch of college kids.
  6. Godsmack

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    There’s a dude in my men’s league currently tearing it up on the score sheet, I could reach out to him if you want?
  7. Godsmack

    CC at UND, January 11 & 12

    I went back and watched it again tonight and Troy Conzo inexplicably fell on Scheel, he was never pushed. I don’t know how Haviland can argue that goal being waived off.
  8. Godsmack

    CC at UND, January 11 & 12

    The Westin Michaud goal where a CC teammate interfered with Scheel in the blue paint, preventing him to get in position.To a man, that goal should have been waived off. If the tables were turned, I’d acknowledge that it should be waived off on UND.
  9. Godsmack

    CC at UND, January 11 & 12

    I’m listening to the Mike Haviland Coaches Show with Ken Landau and after listening to this, they oughta rename it, The Mike Haviland Excuses Show. My god, he’s still whining about the no goal on Saturday.
  10. Godsmack

    CC at UND, January 11 & 12

    Ever since Berry & Co. stopped recruiting high-end players from the twin cities area adult broom ball leagues, this team just hasn’t been the same.
  11. Godsmack

    CC at UND, January 11 & 12

    Minnesota swept Notre Dame so that probably didn’t help us.
  12. Godsmack

    CC at UND, January 11 & 12

    I should’ve clarified that my commentary was directed at the relative silence to Bast’s hit. There appears to be far more outrage on this game thread over Wilkie’s cele than over Bast’s high hit on Berardinelli. But I also don’t think what Wilkie did on his roughing penalty merits wishing the guy ill will for the rest of his college career.
  13. Godsmack

    CC at UND, January 11 & 12

    I would argue that supplemental discipline is definitely merited here. The hit was violent and reckless and every UND fan would agree that if the tables were turned and it was a Fighting Hawk laid out on the ice, the other guy should be punished.
  14. Godsmack

    CC at UND, January 11 & 12

    People complaining about Wilkie’s roughing penalty which wouldn’t cause irreparable damage and wishing him ill will for the rest of his college hockey career but then not acknowledging or saying anything about Bast’s stupid elbow that might cause permanent damage to Berardinelli. It just seems hypocritical to me.
  15. Godsmack

    CC at UND, January 11 & 12

    What about Bast’s dirty hit on Berardinelli?