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  1. And Holy Cross will be extra motivated to win one for their coach who was the associate head coach at Quinnipiac.
  2. https://quchronicle.com/74581/sports/no-6-north-dakota-gets-payback-against-no-7-quinnipiac-mens-ice-hockey-downs-bobcats-3-1/
  3. So I just met Marc Chorney. I’m sitting at the bar after the game, minding my own business and he comes over and says, “Okay I gotta sit next to this North Dakota guy.” I say something complimentary about Quinnipiac and then mention how they have a player whose dad was an All-American at North Dakota. To which this guy says, “Oh, you don’t say?” And then Taylor is standing there and says, “You’re talking to him!” We all had a good laugh. Really nice guy.
  4. Did Budy see much ice time? I can’t recall seeing him out there but I know he was dressed because I saw him in warmups.
  5. On the post game interview with Hennessy, Berry kinda called out our winger for not getting over to the wall fast enough to get between the puck and the Q defender on that ring around the wall clearing attempt.
  6. CC/BC highlights. In Coach York’s post game comments, the take away was his team gave up way too many odd man rushes; all 3 forwards caught down low in the offensive zone and couldn’t get back to support the D on CC rushes.
  7. Was that the Jack in the box penalty?
  8. Yah, why not? -Take a page out of the Oklahoma football QB playbook?
  9. I wonder if, at times, Sanderson is trying to do too much? Did anyone see the no look backhand pass he tried to make to his D partner at the top of the QU offensive zone? -It led to an odd man rush and scoring opportunity for Quinnipiac.
  10. Yah I listened to it. Basically, that QU is a very good team but several of the goals were a result of self-inflicted mistakes. For instance, the goal off the D zone faceoff where we won the puck back to our D and he ringed the puck around the boards and that the forward should know this play but he didn’t get to the rail on time, resulting in the QU player intercepting the puck and setting up a goal. Berry also talked about the penalty trouble we got into and how our PK wasn’t sharp tonight.
  11. QU is a damn good team though. Big, strong and fast. They made entering their zone pretty difficult on us and they blocked a ton of shots. Felt that on some of them, instead of making the cross ice pass, we tried forcing shots through where there were no lanes.
  12. UND needs to figure out that generally speaking, eastern officials tend to call the game tighter. Too many stick penalties and holds. Clean that stuff up.
  13. Oh, they like revenue all right-last I checked, tuition, room, and board was about 60 grand. I just don’t think they have much experience running a D-I hockey operation yet as they’re coming off twenty years of being a tenant at the city owned World Arena.
  14. They’ve reported that the first three home games have been sold out but there’s been plenty of empty seats so I’m guessing they’re going by tickets sold and not butts in the seats? At the Saturday night game against St. Lawrence (homecoming weekend) the PA guy announced another sell out but you could easily tell that wasn’t the case as they’d put bright yellow rally towels on each seat and there were hundreds of them untouched resting on seats.
  15. I was told at the open house by a Robson Arena employee that they hope to have as few North Dakota fans attending games there as possible. I think they’re tired of losing at home in front of big crowds of green.
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