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  1. Omaha’s a weird team. Remember, they only beat CC by 1 goal in each game last week, granted they were on the road on the bigger ice surface. CC had a game tying goal late disallowed due to an off sides call review in their first game. Also, lowly CC out shot and out played UNO for large stretches of their second game (a 3-2 OT victory with 0.9 seconds remaining). So, which Omaha team will show up this weekend against UND?
  2. Did they unveil the NCHC Championship banner before the game?
  3. Haviland seriously has nine lives. How he still has his job (or RJ Enga for that matter) is beyond me. It’s not that CC lacked effort or hustle tonight, it’s that they simply lack the kind of talent needed to compete in this league. They can’t keep up with teams like UND.
  4. Basse was CC’s best player tonight. While I think he deserves to start tomorrow, I wouldn’t be surprised if Haviland started Vernon tomorrow to give Basse a rest.
  5. Anyone know what the minimum number of games a team has to play to get into the national tournament? In basketball, it’s 13 games.
  6. Okay, I just checked hockey scores and saw Minnesota put up 10 goals again. Can someone tell me what the heck has happened to ASU? Is this their club team playing or what??
  7. CC recently added a new player to their roster. Matthew Gleason from the Chicago Steel. He was a 2020 finalist for the Mr. Minnesota Hockey Award and named the Star Tribune Metro player of the year. I’m guessing he was called up to fill in the vacancy left by Cruikshank due to his surgery.
  8. Cruikshank is not only our best offensive player, he’s the leader and heart and soul of the team. His motor is always running and he sets an example for everyone else, including the dozen or so freshmen in the lineup. It stinks not having him and will make things challenging for sure. The one guy I was really expecting more out of this season is junior defenseman Bryan Yoon. He’s a very gifted skater with lots of skill and the hope was that he’d elevate his offensive production, he only has 2 points thus far. Freshman goalie Dominic Basse has been encouraging. His numbers don’t jump
  9. Having watched the CC/Omaha game on Tuesday, CC outplayed Omaha and out shot them by a wide margin. To say that losing with 0.9 seconds left in overtime was crushing would be an understatement. Many good teams would use that experience as motivation the following weekend but under Haviland, CC has proven to be a very fragile team, psychologically, when something like that happens to them. UND would be best served to come out hard out of the blocks and try putting in a couple of goals in the first ten minutes or so. It’s likely CC will struggle if they have to chase the game especiall
  10. As far as I know, Cruikshank is still on the shelf. Appendicitis. Big blow to a team already in need of scoring depth.
  11. I’d like an explanation of why the officials didn’t review the Omaha OT goal. Watching the replay several times, the clock on the tv screen hit 00 before Tyler Weiss even got the shot off. Haviland pleaded his case to the officials but they claim their clocks were different. I don’t understand how there can be two sets of game clocks?
  12. CC is a young team. There’s some talent there but no bona fide goal scorers. Cruikshank is really our only legit offensive threat and he’s out of action for the foreseeable future. Asking a lot of the top line to generate all the offense.
  13. A frustrated CC fan just posted an expletive laced FB post regarding the CC Tigers and it had nothing to do with the late OT goal. Increasing amounts of frustration toward Assistant Coach RJ Enga and CC’s inept power play. Can’t say the refs didn’t give the Tigers chances to win; CC laid a goose egg on the power play all weekend.
  14. He’s been using that line for years. My hope is that he retires it for something else next season when the Tigers move to Robson Arena.
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