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    Two loves in my life: Fighting Sioux Hockey and Metal.

    I'm a '95 graduate of Colorado College. I bleed green and black so my 2nd favorite team after the Sioux is Colorado College.

    I also play guitar. I love anything loud with lot's of distortion-Pantera, George Lynch, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Metallica, Megadeth, Disturbed, etc. As my username indicates, I'm a huge fan of the Boston-area band Godsmack. Devil Horns to the Sky!

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  1. I think the only change of significance was no more laces as well as the removal of the shoulder yoke on the black sweaters.
  2. http://news.sportslogos.net/2019/07/22/north-dakota-fighting-hawks-unveil-new-hockey-jerseys/ @MafiaMan, thoughts, comments, questions, concerns?
  3. Heck, why not keep the Senden, Hein, Smith line in tact? They seemed effective last year.
  4. I guess after years of going to CC games, I’ve gotten used to all of their participation banners hung directly above the ice.
  5. Question for the group: What is everyone’s thoughts on the placement of the new banners? My first thought was, they were more prominent when they were hung over the ice than where they are located now. It’s hard to determine if my first impression is correct without going in there and seeing them in person. Thoughts?
  6. Yah, JT Miller was a classic example of this. Didn’t he bail on us at the 11th hour?
  7. How about this as an option....UAA and/or UAF joining the Canadian college ranks? There’s been talk of Canadian schools joining the NCAA, why not the opposite? They could play the likes of Simon Frazier, University of BC, etc.
  8. I wanna say Haviland carried 30 guys on the roster last season. Not sure what the NCAA limit is, if there is one, but not a bad idea to carry a few extra non-scholarship guys in case of injuries.
  9. So you have it as fact that the reason UND wasn’t extended an invite is because of the reason you cite? The tone of your post sounds like you take delight in stating UND isn’t of the same academic standing/prestige as the affiliates or the B1G. Any chance to take a dig at UND is kinda how your posts come across to me.
  10. Good question. I don’t recall whether or not it was. I’m guessing not as we didn’t have any while waiting. Maybe bring a few road sodas with you just in case!
  11. Anyone who’s planning on going out for this UND/Penn State game must hit Hattie B’s Hot Chicken! Went out to Nashville to play in a beer league hockey tournament last year and we went there for lunch one day. Stood in line for 45 minutes outside and it was so worth the wait!
  12. And boy, did Sanderson ever score a HUGE goal in the regional final against Michigan!
  13. Sounds like Schloss was on to something last December when he wrote this about Pinto last December. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4543083-und-commit-shane-pinto-rising-nhl-draft-boards
  14. And yet, despite all of Sandelin’s successes, he still will make less than Coach Mike Haviland at C.C. I do not say this to brag, in fact, I think it’s downright ridiculous that he’s one of the highest paid coaches in the country and he hasn’t accomplished anything during his tenure at CC.
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