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    Two loves in my life: Fighting Sioux Hockey and Metal.

    I'm a '95 graduate of Colorado College. I bleed green and black so my 2nd favorite team after the Sioux is Colorado College.

    I also play guitar. I love anything loud with lot's of distortion-Pantera, George Lynch, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Metallica, Megadeth, Disturbed, etc. As my username indicates, I'm a huge fan of the Boston-area band Godsmack. Devil Horns to the Sky!

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  1. You know that tripping call on Adams was weak when even the Duluth tv announcers had a problem with that call! To their credit, the thought that was a pretty ticky tack call.
  2. How many decades has Doc Brown been mayor now?
  3. We need the General Steph Pattyn to come hold a player’s only meeting and crack some skulls!
  4. CC took a page out of UND’s playbook by getting outscored 6-1 after building a 3-0 lead.
  5. C’mon Kent State! Hang on to win in regulation!
  6. I don’t know what’s worse, losing at Duluth or having to listen to their play-by-play guys on the NCHC.tv stream of Bulldog hockey.
  7. Me and Mrs. Godsmack would be happy to help.
  8. What the what??? Why wouldn’t tonight’s game be televised on NCHC.tv?
  9. That save % is in contention with @MafiaMan!
  10. Could it be that Scheel is a little mentally and/or physically fatigued and needs a break here and there, especially down the stretch? -I saw that first hand with Alex Leclerc last season as Haviland played him every game and between a tough last regular season series against DU, and a 3 game road series in the first round at Western Michigan, by the time he got to St. Paul, he looked really tired. I don’t want to see that happen with Scheel.
  11. Well, we just got some help from St. Cloud.
  12. Is this the first CBS Sports game of the week this season?
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