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  1. Best time ever at Joe Senser’s in Bloomington. The place was packed with North Dakota fans on both nights. After the 2nd win, the entire crowd of Sioux fans started chanting, “Where’s our Beanpot?” Great memories.
  2. Maybe we need a new thread so as not to clog up this one...
  3. I'll see your Naumenko and raise you a Hoogsteen or two. Tychonick still sounds awesome though.
  4. It's all impression-based these days. And anyone and everyone is selling digital advertising. Staying on topic, was there a cooler sounding name than TY-CON-ICK? I'll hold.
  5. Back on topic, I liked Tychonik’s game...disappointed to see him leave.
  6. With all due respect, how do you expect Forum Communications to stay in business if they continue giving away everything for free?
  7. Can I get a list of people who would like their hats kept in Fargo-Moorhead for local delivery? I can have Coaches Choice sort them out accordingly. Just trying to save the locals some unnecessary postage! Thank you!
  8. Update: SiouxSports.com hats are set to run this week and should be finished by Friday!
  9. That looks like a fact to me, Old Fella. Governor Walz has trotted out his model of 74,000 deaths and shut down the state. Right now, the state is at 10 deaths. I guess we’re still going to break into two camps here. One will cheer madly and say that crushing the state’s economy has been an overwhelming success as the shutdown has “prevented” 73,000+ deaths...the other will think that the original claim was wildly off and that some government heads should roll. We’ll see how this plays out...
  10. Not a political post but an observation... The states that are locked down appear to be mostly blue states.
  11. We need to hear more stories like this. Side note: "Safer at Home" is not working. I drove by Willow River State Park in Hudson WI two hours ago and have NEVER seen the parking lot more full of cars than today. Yes, it's a nice day, but it's also a Monday.
  12. Well, when you discredit any minority Republican as a sell-out and scoff at the idea of a female Republican by making fun of her clothes during a press conference... Carry on with your woke-ness and go scream at the sky at noon today while naked to protest Trump. I hear all the cool liberals will be doing it.
  13. LOL. Yes, what this country needs to protect us from Trump's fascism is tracker implants on anyone who voted Republican in the 2016 election so that we can help them "self isolate." Dumb rednecks. If only they were educated Democrats like Brian Williams and Maura Gay... https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/03/06/msnbcs_brian_williams_new_york_times_editorial_board_member_mara_gay_five_divided_by_three_equals_one_million.html "Don't tell us if you're ahead of us on the math."
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