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  1. Good points, Ray. After all, this playoff season has pretty much stuck to the script, no reason to predict an upset at this point.
  2. I'm revising my Tarasenko Cup-winning goal. After flying thru the air a-la Bobby Orr, he bounces up off the ice and rips off his Blues jersey to reveal...a #4 Bobby Orr jersey. Oh, and they win the Cup in TD Waterwhatevertheeff the stadium is called now.
  3. Oh, I'm sure it'll get told again next March...
  4. Certainly not my finest hour, was it?
  5. If North Dakota ever plays at Yost Ice Arena again, I'd suggest you go. For obvious reasons though, I'll be staying away from there.
  6. I'm envisioning a Blues/Bruins Stanley Cup Final with the series-winning goal being scored by Tarasenko, who gets tangled up in a stick and flies across the area right in front of Rask. Yea, make it happen, Blues. Make. It. Happen.
  7. i had the wrong Minnesota down on my calendar for Thanksgiving...groan. It's Gophers over Thanksgiving, Mavericks in October. I had it the other way around.
  8. Oh, are we going to the hockey games too, @Blackheart ?
  9. The caravan of Sioux fans down Highway 169 will be back in force this coming October!
  10. So you’re saying it was a “must purchase” situation, eh?
  11. So what happens when the next nickname vote doesn’t go the way you wanted it to?
  12. MafiaMan

    Shaw's gone.

    “Well, I don’t have any actual coaching experience per se, but I have been actively advising the team on SiouxSports.com since 2001...”
  13. Well, DrunkHockeyGuy put in a good word for him with the higher-ups, so, yea...
  14. The box is the Stanley Cup Finals. The baby kitten is the Boston Bruins. The mama cat is the Carolina Hurricanes. Yea, we at SiouxSports.com can pretty much turn ANYTHING into something hockey-related.
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