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  1. Would you want Goon in the press box though?
  2. Those historically accurate banners bring tears of joy to my eyes though.
  3. Yea, that team was a cinderella story...BU was supposed to dismantle the Lakers in that title game, too, but the exact opposite happened.
  4. I’m old enuff to remember Jackson and his Soo Laker dynasty...
  5. Wouldn’t the bolded item be a positive?
  6. MafiaMan


    I always hated the Reebok wordmark on the front of the hockey jerseys...the Adidas wordmark/logo is even worse.
  7. Appreciate your help again on this, @siouxforce19 !
  8. @UNDMOORHEAD - have the raffle prizes reached their final destination yet?
  9. Better than browsing thru Twitter... #ferdaoxbow6
  10. It’s 3 year old cheddar if that helps...
  11. MafiaMan

    The Herald

    For the life of me, I can't figure this out at all. I swear, if Forum Communications owned The Tuscaloosa News, they'd assign a sports reporter to cover LSU or Auburn football. What a bunch of morons.
  12. Information has been passed along to the the shop and I'm awaiting a price quote. Will post info when I receive it. Looks like 35 hats - can add more until the order is placed. Want to jump on this soon since it's long overdue and it's getting cold out! Thank you.
  13. Black — 17 (enough to place an order) @SiouxFan100 @SIOUXELEVENS @Shawn-O MafiaMan (2) @Goon Goon — ABBY on back @streetsahead @sioux24/7 @Fader @Fetch @Wilbur @SJHovey @mn_sioux -- mn_sioux on the back @fightingstew -- fightingstew on the back @Tbone (2) Green — 12 (enough to place an order) @SiouxFan100 @Shawn-O @SiouxFanatic @KoolGuy2K @Vegas_Sioux -- Vegas_Sioux on back @Vegas_Sioux @siouxforeverbaby -- siouxforeverbaby on back @Fader @NDSU82 @SJHovey @SiouxSherm94 -- SiouxSherm94 on back @mn_sioux Grey — 5 (Grey + Pink = 6 needed to place an order - WE HAVE ENOUGH!) MafiaMan (2) @Fader @SiouxSherm94 @NDSU82 Pink -- 1 @Wilbur
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