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  1. MafiaMan

    REA Banners

    The era-appropriate banners look fantastic.
  2. MafiaMan

    REA Banners

    3-3 in their last 6 against three teams whose only hope of going to an NCAA regional is to buy a ticket. Yea, they're killin' it this season.
  3. MafiaMan

    REA Banners

    Won't that be next October? You know, when they raise the 2018-2019 Shots On Goal Champions banner?
  4. MafiaMan

    REA Banners

    @Benny Baker Here ya go, Benny!
  5. MafiaMan

    Scoreboard change

    I created a whole thread here right after the 2016 tournament...I'll see if I can shamelessly "bump" it and you can read thru it.
  6. MafiaMan

    Scoreboard change

  7. MafiaMan

    Scoreboard change

    Today's "North Dakota Hot Take" is brought to you by "Hot Pockets."
  8. MafiaMan

    Scoreboard change

    Really? I was told that the new scoreboard was going to have a big SHAWN-O at the top of it. Wouldn't that imply some sort of contribution on your part?
  9. MafiaMan

    Scoreboard change

    The above post was brought to you by Gerrells Sports Center.
  10. MafiaMan

    Scoreboard change

    Boys, boys, boys! The correct spelling we’re looking for here is “cord.”
  11. MafiaMan

    Scoreboard change

    How about the unwillingness of REA to display OLD logos — i.e., the era-appropriate logos on the championship banners? Obviously, the folks there prefer to pretend that the ONLY logo that has existed in program history is the Brien version.
  12. MafiaMan


    Well, that and the play of the team...
  13. MafiaMan

    2018-2019 NHL Season

    I think the NHL is looking for some new blood to be infused into the Winter Classic. Cue the announcement that the Stars' opponent will be the Chicago Blackhawks.
  14. MafiaMan

    Scoreboard change

    Wow! That's even bigger than the video board at The Harborcenter!
  15. MafiaMan

    NFL 2018 - 2019

    Well, New England was in the Super Bowl in 1985 and 1996, so there’s that...