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  1. I'll get everything updated tonight. Sorry for the delay. Chalk it up to "personal issues." Your patience is appreciated, everyone.
  2. SiouxSports would have called for open riots outside of Thorndycraft’s house after that 15-1 loss at Denver on January 13th...OUCH!
  3. MafiaMan


    El. Oh. El. ”It can’t be a cheapie Chinese fake...it has a FIGHT STRAP!”
  4. Literally just heard this news...an absolute joy to watch on the ice during my time at UND. Just an incredible talent. So sad to hear this news. Thanks for the memories, #9. God bless you.
  6. I'm no authority on a map of the United States, but I am pretty sure that anywhere in Texas is closer to Boulder CO than it is to Grand Forks ND.
  7. MafiaMan


    I should have said K1, not Koronis. My post has been edited.
  8. 67 ticket sold, but 9 are as of yet unpaid. I'm withholding winner notification pending confirmed payment from @Wilbur and @fightingstew Thank you!
  9. MafiaMan


    They do not have larger crest sizes for larger jerseys any more than they have larger number kits or different-sized lettering on nameplates. I gave this a good once-over and am 99% certain that this item is an “authentic” K1 replica.
  10. Or as some might have us believe, tell their players to lay off the Mountain Dew before game-time.
  11. What's his salary? I'm willing to take the job for $150K a year...and I'll even throw in an extra Monster drink for each player before the UND game.
  12. Wait, for a second there, I thought you typed that JohnBoy has had some good posts over the years...
  13. Yourself included... cough, 1990's-early 2000's UND football, cough...
  14. Oh, indeed. The Fargo Forum is to the NDSU Bison what Pravda was to the Soviet Union.
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