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  1. I get the impression that some rich white liberals in Minneapolis all spoke with their local city council member and asked them to dial back the talk of defunding the police...
  2. I’ve been told that voter disenfranchisement exists because some people can’t get to the DMV once every four years to obtain a photo ID. Now we’re supposed to believe they can make it to the Post Office to notify the government of an address change? How is that possible?
  3. As a whole, I love them. The dark jersey needs some white in it somewhere and the thin red hem stripe and sleeve stripes are a bit random. The serpent-like S (the S is homage to the S worn by the Seattle Millionaires) and the Space Needle Anchor are genius. I also like the fact that the toilet seat collar has been 86’d on this in favor of the same color as the rest of the primary jersey color. I’ll be purchasing one - 8.5 throwback jerseys out of 10!
  4. MafiaMan


    The easiest way to tell the replica apart from the authentic is the ND shoulder patch. The replica patch is a thin sublimated patch. The authentic is a thicker stitched patch. The two jerseys pictured above are authentic replicas.
  5. @Fetch - I received your check. Thank you for your payment. @SiouxSherm94 - You’re the last one standing.
  6. Wait a second, was this 1993 or are we talking a run-of-the-mill Tuesday evening for you here?
  7. Shameless bump. I still have some of these to give away. Looking for some deserving young fans.
  8. @Fetch - I see that you have plenty of time to browse around Facebook, but you can’t spare 3 minutes of time to write out a check and pay me?
  9. @Fetch and @SiouxSherm94 - My credit card bill is due July 2nd. The $700+ SiouxSports.com hat order is part of the amount currently sitting on there. Your respective payments would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Let’s revisit March and have Trump shut down the country and impose a 24 hour curfew and institute martial law to keep people “safer at home.” I am wondering what Pelosi, Schumer, & co’s take on that would have been...
  11. Oh, so NOW we’re OK with foreign interference in our elections...
  12. How about a certain Class A school that has a retired nickname and logo? Maybe one located in Grand Forks?
  13. Hi, I’m the Minnesota Vikings. Have we met?
  14. Got the check today. Thank you. @Fetch and @SiouxSherm94 — still waiting for your respective payments.
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