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  1. MafiaMan

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    Well, to be fair, Notre Dame's been in the B1G for like 15 minutes now...
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  4. MafiaMan


    Well, that seals it for me. How he's not heading up the offense at Oregon, Florida, or Texas is a mystery to me. Bubba sure landed UND a gem with this hire!
  5. MafiaMan

    Students Spearhead Effort for Fighting Hawks Mascot

    You spelled "punts" wrong. Then again, we wouldn't want to wear the poor bird out, would we?
  6. MafiaMan

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    Oh, if UND administration can find a way to spend money, they will. I can hear it now in 2037 when Coach Bubba is running things from Shady Acres Retirement Home: "If only we had Phase XXIV up and running, we could compete with NDSU!"
  7. MafiaMan

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    The SiouxSports.com Spelling Committee gives you bonus points for not using "birth" in this instance. #NextUpThey'reTheirThere
  8. MafiaMan

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    "Hi, I'm Nebraska football...have we met?" https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sec-football/honeymoon-over-fans-upset-with-scott-frost-after-nebraska-falls-to-troy/ If you think this is an issue unique to North Dakota, you're crazy.
  9. MafiaMan

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    Great point. There is still plenty of time for Minnesota and Green Bay to impress the selection committee with a few more “quality losses” and make the playoffs. Oh, wait...that’s not how it works in the NFL.
  10. MafiaMan

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    NDSU vs UND fan water cooler talk tomorrow morning... NDSU fan: I just had the worst weekend ever. UND fan: I bet I can top it. NDSU fan: I came home from Saturday’s football game to find my wife in bed with my best friend. UND fan: We lost at home to Idaho State. NDSU fan: Yikes. You’re right...you win. Man, that sucks.
  11. MafiaMan


    Whoa whoa whoa! Pump the brakes, @UND-FB-FAN. I was told that Bubba and co. need about a decade at least to get the right personnel on-board to turn the program around. Let’s cut him a little slack. If we don’t see some real progress by about 2027, maybe then we can discuss shaking things up a bit.
  12. MafiaMan

    2018 Season

    I guess it depends. When it’s UND vs Sam Houston State, we base the caliber of the win on past performance and pre-season rankings. When it’s NDSU vs Iowa or Kansas State, we belittle the caliber of the win because of the end of season records. Whatever fits the narrative, I guess.
  13. MafiaMan

    UND- Idaho State Game Day Thread

    Nothing says big-time program like this, right? Bush league.
  14. MafiaMan

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    Sooo...SHSU beats Nicholls State 66-17 in 2017 and loses by 20 this year. Dare I say that this program-defining win might turn out to be a Trojan horse?