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  1. You could send in some of that playoff bonus money from Train Wreck’s Beer League Cup run this season…
  2. MafiaMan


    I haven’t been around much lately…figured it was time to chime in.
  3. MafiaMan


    The Dallas Stars organization will never let that happen.
  4. MafiaMan


    I have come to the conclusion that I hate the font for NORTH DAKOTA on the current jersey set. I’d also like to see hem stripes on the black jerseys.
  5. Why wouldn’t they? I recall someone here last year poking fun of UMass for hanging a 2nd place banner. Well, guess what? That 2nd place experience led to this past season’s championship - minus the best player on the team from the year before. “Tradition” has to start somewhere. I would have gladly watched UND play and lose the NCAA title game this past season as opposed to not even making the Frozen Four at all. How about you?
  6. Well, when you have $98 million locked into two players, it’s kinda hard to open up the vault for primo talent around them…
  7. ESPN Classic Vikings - Cousins played well though.
  8. I’ve got Dickinson comin’ at’cha like a dark horse…
  9. This project got derailed right around the beginning of Covid and I’d like to bring it back to the forefront. Still have a few of these to give away to some deserving kids. PM me and let’s talk.
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