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  1. Speaking of which...any hot leads on last second tickets?
  2. Thank you to all contributors. If you know of a young fan going thru some tough times, send me a PM and let’s talk.
  3. I’ll walk back my earlier comments. Ms. Houska deserves an apology.
  4. Oh, SURELY the video exists and we have actual evidence of this blatant misuse of power!
  5. Are you sure about that? I was at the airport this weekend and my 5 year old looked up at me and said, "dad, if we didn't fly around the world, we could help reduce our own carbon footprint, save the rain forest, AND fire racist TSA agents all at once. And then President Sanders could sign an executive order providing free healthcare AND unicorns to all kids under the age of 10." He is so smart! I believe Tara Houska.
  6. Thanks for the help, everyone. More info on this will be available later. There may be some lurking here now and I don’t want to completely tip off the recipient families.
  7. RIGHT? I was told the season was lost after the Mankato weekend!
  8. I guess they’re just trotted out after every mediocre game these days...
  9. By drinking the “Gold” mega-calorie Egg Nog vs the regular stuff?
  10. I have a gift package in the works for some young relatives of one former and one current member of SiouxSports.com. If you're interested in contributing $5 or so to the cause, send me a PM and I'll provide a few more details as to what this entails. Looking to raise $125-$150 for a nice keepsake for some young fans who had a tough 2019. Thank you.
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