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  1. Remember when communist governments put the hammer down on churches and people met in secret for worship? Never thought I would see the day where churches cower in the face of government oppression, yet here we are.
  2. I’m in Hammond WI - just east of Hudson.
  3. Ummm...the DFL has had a stranglehold on pretty much every single electable office in MN and in Minneapolis and St Paul for a LONG time now.
  4. @sioux24/7 - I may be in Grand Forks in July - we’ll chat.
  5. I did order a few extra hats if anyone is interested - black and grey styles.
  6. @SIOUXELEVENS and @Fetch - your hats are in the mail and due to arrive on Monday. @SiouxSherm94 - ?????
  7. 8 people dead in Memorial Day weekend traffic accidents in Minnesota. Better shut down the state highway and interstate system for two weeks to flatten the curve.
  8. We’re close to 74,000 dead now in Minnesota, right? How is that “clinical data” working out for Tim Walz?
  9. Pop quiz: What was the Des Lacs nickname before merging with the Burlington Lakers?
  10. Well, that’s enough for me! Let’s keep the nation shut down for a full year to “err on the side of caution.”
  11. Really sad to hear this news...
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