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  1. 1980 game after the USA Olympic win at lake placid
  2. I look forward to normal times of complaints about coaching, special teams and quarterbacks.
  3. Remember a few years ago when we had like one player playing that was over 6ft 5in
  4. I watched over half of this. The guy didn’t miss a shot!!! He looked good offensively
  5. It’s interesting how our views change when we think it is all about those other people when we get affected and those other people are us.
  6. Impressed with the press conference today. Gave me more hope.
  7. I liked the speech tonight
  8. I am interested if magically next year our turnovers go down and our three point percentage goes up and points allowed goes down and winning percentage goes up
  9. It will be interesting to see who the South Dakota fans go for if we get a lead
  10. Here we go walters with three threes again in two minutes?
  11. Is there hockey talk in the hockey folder?
  12. Now hoping the current game on the channel gets done in time. no time outs or free throws or ref video checks
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