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  1. If someone filtered all my posts on this site looking for “smart” posts they wouldn’t find many
  2. Well - things should be scrutinized this is a black eye for UND even if everything was done right - between a rock and a hard place
  3. The mess turns messier Ugh damned if you do and damned if you don’t
  4. So to park in Lincoln it costs over $50 and you need to reserve?
  5. Rare that something is 100%. Folks can see the same thing and not agree what it was. Life
  6. Seems like we have a healthy amount of 6’6” - 6’9” players
  7. Helpful information Walsh - thanks for posting
  8. Golden State If a tree falls
  9. Good guys still win every now and then and vice versa
  10. Anyone have any white out for 10/1 that I can use my calendar?
  11. I too would like to know if everyone showed up
  12. The timing of when the roster gets updated doesn’t bother me seems like we have a chance to be in the upper half to upper third this year in the conference
  13. Days are flying by I need to make travel plans for Nebraska - probably stay in Omaha and get to Lincoln early for the 2:30 game - anybody tailgating together or just finding husker fans to hang with hope for a good showing by the team and lots of UND fans
  14. https://midcosports.com/blog/2022/06/fighting-hawk-men-add-length-versatility-with-off-season-workouts-in-full-swing/ midco report - men’s basketball at the 16:15 mark
  15. I am thankful for the Alerus. Fans are close to the field. Beer. Indoors. The sound system seems good. Love the replays. Definitely a home field advantage. Loud band sounds better indoors lots of good. - not perfect
  16. Seems like we are getting better players
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