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  1. Langster019


    The worst part is people actually buy them. These jerseys look so bad but some people don’t care. It’s cheap. It’s close enough for them. But they’re garbage.
  2. Langster019


    Guys like him and jerseys like those drive me nuts. It’s cheap and fake yet people buy the hell out of them and they’ll never go away.
  3. What’s justifiable is that it hadn’t been done in so long. There certainly have been weeks where the same situation has happened in the last 5 years without it happening. So that’s good.
  4. As well as this team is playing, I can't get enough. Traveled to Denver, and Minneapolis. St. Cloud in February, and I can't get to the Ralph until the weekend following against WMU and finally end in Omaha in March. NCHC.tv will have to hold me over until February. Take it one weekend at a time, and this team can do well. I'm anxious to see them play Duluth.
  5. As happy as I am for these honors, to play devil's advocate, there wasn't much NCHC action last weekend. But they did run rough shot on UM so it still may have happened with a full slate of games.
  6. No need. This isn’t a business suit game. Wear green. Take care of business.
  7. Haha on the telecast, even on a 5k run commercial they pictured a guy in a ND sweatshirt. They can’t win for losing.
  8. Man if you don’t move on after 6 goals scored that’s just bad luck and that’s with a period and half to go
  9. You’d think UND plays on a big sheet all the time...
  10. Is it game time yet? I’m so damn bored at work today. Nobody is here and just watching the clock.
  11. Didn’t even think of that. But I was able to find a parking pass for cheap someone was wanting to unload.
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