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  1. Granted I didn't watch the game so I can't critically speak on the play, but big picture, I personally don't feel there should be worried because of the outcome. Resting players to get healthy for games that matter is much more important than the optics of an exhibition game loss to the country's top junior team that doesn't have an merit on the standings. If that saves someone from tweaking a nagging injury or pushes another's health back to green, that's great. Who knows, maybe they saw some things in guys who don't normally skate a lot of minutes to be able to plug holes down the road with some confidence. Time will tell how this team does. (Thanks captain obvious). But again, I missed the game so I could just be full of sh!t too.
  2. Yeah yeah, Oscar Myer even, footlong, dodger dog, a weenie!
  3. Overall, for the size of the building, I thought it was a great experience. Granted my location was what helped make it great, even if we were somewhere else in the building, I don't think there's a bad seat in there. We had 2 seats on a bar rail, with two seats directly in front, both sets on an aisle, right by the bathrooms, just across a corner from the beer stand. Worked great. It could be different if the game was completely full, but was enjoyable. Those bar rails at the top of each section are a game changer in my book. Would love seats like that every game. Option to stand with no complaints from behind and still good viewing if you sit, with the added small table top for beer or food. Great compliment and wish more arenas had those.
  4. It can't and won't be consistent when it's reliant on each school per stream. Some will value quality while others can't or wont. Price is the same, and it rolls over. If you sign up during the early bird period, it's what you'll pay as long as you re-enroll automatically.
  5. I’ll be curious to see how many UND fans and how many empty seats there will be. Prices are certainly for profit but I think they scared off or pushed away people who would have otherwise attended given closer to normal ticket price.
  6. Gaber/Sanderson. Will be in attendance at CC. Beyond pumped. Hoping for a sweep.
  7. People overreacting when last weekend was the same against an arguably better team than UM. Let the weekend play out and we can see how they respond. Couch/keyboard coaches are out in full force.
  8. Gotta admit. This is a very cool move. Most people don’t give “friend” prices or help fellow fans out. Pretty sure people list infant jerseys for this and for you to do this with authentics is very generous of you. Just wish I would’ve seen sooner lol. Kudos @xI Hammer Ix
  9. Kind of surprising they continue to have games that have that poor of interest with the size of city and recent success. You’d think, even with other events in town, it would still be a big draw for those who want to watch good non-NHL hockey. But if you have to pay NHL prices you may as well go to the Wild and if you want to take kids I’m sure there’s junior leagues that are cheaper.
  10. EPS will not do it. I’ve tried since NIL has changed.
  11. No that’s putting words in my mouth. It’s not a mockery bc it’s the school logo. Not a fake knockoff. Is it great? No. Does it kill me when I buy a jersey with it on the shoulder from the university? No. Does it matter what the team wears? No. I support UND as a team. As long as they’re sweeping DU or splitting a tough, top 10 series in Duluth or SCSU, idc what the logo is. I care about the results. Not the fashion/logo.
  12. My apologies for turning the talk away from jerseys so let’s bring it back. (A little) The irony is, I bet a lot of these folks complaining about the new logo wear one of those $30 Chinese knockoffs that are a big mockery of what was the Sioux jerseys. THAT’S what’s wrong with imagery around the Ralph. Not supporting the athletic department or respecting the past buying that sh!t stain of a “jersey”
  13. Also, anyone get annoyed with every Tom Dick and Harry giving their opinion of “maybe if there wasn’t that bird on it” ? I understand the passion for the past but, man, it gets old to hear.
  14. Agree. Surprised as well as bummed. I’d definitely buy an authentic Nash design. I can’t say I’d pay for it but I feel they’d make more if they auctioned vs sell them at the game. Let’s people not on site have a shot. But also give people on site a perk of going.
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