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  1. It’s funny/annoying seeing everyone’s praises when things are up, one loss to UNO and pitchforks come out and trashing guys starts. They’re college kids. Even the good pro teams have off nights. Settle down. They’re fine. Redeem the effort tonight and split. A loss like that can serve purpose.
  2. This aged well....haha win tonight. We’re fine.
  3. Roku or fire stick are pretty cheap and I’ve never had issues. Worth the investment.
  4. My whole point/question is if those selling for such inflated prices honestly believe they’ll get that kind of money. I just don’t see it happening. I figured double the price not 5x the cost.
  5. Do people on stubhub really think they're going to be able to sell lower bowl tickets for $800+? That's asinine.
  6. God forbid I’d rather be closer to the ice.
  7. Same. General public sale seats didn’t do it for me. Weren’t good enough.
  8. Too big. That building would be bad for hockey.
  9. I hadn’t seen any on stubhub as of yesterday
  10. Will these tickets show up on stubhub and/or Ticketmaster ticket exchange?
  11. So when I purchased today, the only option was Mobile tickets. Was this the case for everyone? Was anyone able to get hard copies?
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