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  1. Agree with the sentiment until I find myself scheduled to officiate hockey on Mondays because those are supposed to be free of UND games.
  2. After this year of cutting sports, hockey is not likely for years, if it will happen at all. Locationally, they are in a hot bed for recruiting the USHL but I don’t foresee it. The building looks nice. As an alum, I would love nothing more, but it’s a long shot IMO.
  3. Cant disagree here. The penalties I think are this teams biggest issue. Then turnovers as stated. Even if Thome doesn’t get a lot of games in, I think he’s solid enough to steal a game or two if needed in emergency.
  4. Barring up close photos appears to be a legit replica.
  5. My fallback was to just tell EPS to customize to on ice specifications and hope and expect them to get it right. HA!
  6. Haha I wouldn't be. Just razzing you. I'm fortunate to not have had issues, and would be equally pissed if my options didn't work right.
  7. LOL. No bigger supporter of Nchc.tv than @SIOUXFAN97
  8. If you’re implying they still play without the infected, thank you but no thank you. Who knows if anyone else would be non symptomatic yet or even asymptotic. Keep our boys healthy and reschedule. Hell, tack the games onto future series to make them 3 gamers.
  9. Question for those who know. Are the 2010-2011 SIOUX Reeboks lettered with kiss cut or layered? Sending into EPS soon and want them correct. Please and thanks! @Big A HG @BrandonH61
  10. Not necessarily. They beat UMD in the pod. They could always be a trap game
  11. @MafiaManstill patiently waiting to see your beauties. also, I have a new player in the mix for my black, Joe Gleason, former DSM Buccaneer. He played 10-11 which is still wcha butt patch. Heavy favorite.
  12. They do a online streaming option much like the NCHC app. And find friends bc you can have multiple logins. My buddies and I have like 10 on our account and split the cost
  13. Don’t see that happening. It’s very select platform or two that has issues. Most others work just fine.
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