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  1. Langster019

    2019 DI Mens Ice Hockey Championship

    I’d rather have Starman on the color call. And someone other than the white Gus Johnson aka John Buccigross. Yells at nothing.
  2. Langster019

    2019 DI Mens Ice Hockey Championship

    Hopefully the Bulldog survives! lol
  3. Langster019

    2019 DI Mens Ice Hockey Championship

    I see zero chance they put in a bid (if that's how they're selected). As a DSM resident, hockey, especially college hockey, would have little to no local support. Nobody here would care. Iowa Wild have been here 5+ years and I don't think they've even sold out one game. And thats AHL hockey. They didn't even sell out the NHL preseason game last fall between the Wild and Blues. Maybe I'm a Debbie Downer but I don't ever see Des Moines hosting. Just because the building is here doesn't mean it'd get use. I would love it but it took until 2016 to even get ncaa basketball, let alone hockey. The only benefit is the schedule is slowing down at the Well this time of year.
  4. Langster019

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    I know some may not be a fan of this thinking, but I’d still like to see NCHC win the natty this year. Idc who just keep it in conference and keep our league tops in the country.
  5. Langster019

    College Hockey Expansion

    This. They are in a hot bed of recruiting, as Nebraska would be too, with the USHL. And with so many kids from “Chicago” at Iowa, that’d be a prime spot for them too. Another thing about the building in Coralville is that the initial plan is the intention to also house other lower tier indoor sports (volleyball, women’s basketball perhaps) so that would help in the money aspect. Although as stated money shouldn’t be an issue with what they bring in with TV and football/basketball/wrestling.
  6. Langster019


    Alright brainiacs. Got another one for you.
  7. Langster019


    What year was this worn? One game throwback?
  8. Langster019

    ITS OVER!!!

    Who’s mentality do you speak of? As a fan, mine and yours, and everyone else on this forum, our mentalities have zero effect on the outcomes of games and seasons. Don’t make the jump of a fan’s mentality vs a mentality of a program trying to make this point as your opinion is likely far from fact. I’m sure you’ve been in the locker room all year to know too. (What did you call this? Oh yeah, sarcasm)
  9. Langster019

    ITS OVER!!!

    These ARE kids. In college. Yes we all want them to win but it’s not the end of the world. Tough season we won’t soon forget but hopefully bright things are on the way.
  10. Langster019

    UND @ DU Saturday game thread. Will they score?

    @MafiaMan he’s not in pain anymore. He’s in a better place.
  11. Langster019

    UND @ DU Saturday game thread. Will they score?

    But @MafiaMan he’s showing signs he can recover...maybe
  12. Langster019

    UND @ DU Saturday game thread. Will they score?

    You’ve been drinking your feelings. Me too!
  13. Langster019

    UND @ DU Saturday game thread. Will they score?

    DU has the worst PP in NCAA since Jan 1. They instantly score.
  14. Langster019

    UND @ DU -- First Round NCHC, Game 1

    Larsson is dialed in.
  15. Langster019

    Pairwise 2018-19

    It's mind boggling to think how much weight that Canisius weekend holds. Woof.