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  1. As a matter of fact, I'd want to go too. Although, Ann Arbor is a whore.
  2. If you're talking about the Ralph, that's on me for not specifying. Thats a multiple time a year trip.
  3. Guess an assumption proved to make an ass out of me. Didn’t think it’d be anything special. Will have to change that and make it there maybe sooner than later.
  4. Non-con's for now have to be on the back burner unless kinda close to DSM. NCHC is priority for now.
  5. LOL couldn't not buy a $75 authentic Black. Not ashamed about it either. I loved telling my wife how I was such a responsible shopper.
  6. I'm from Des Moines, IA. I've been to Denver, Omaha, and Duluth, but want to keep the tradition going with my wife to hit somewhere on the road this year. We'll definitely being going to Minneapolis to see them play the Goofers, luckily they sell beer now, but we're thinking either Kalamazoo or St. Cloud, or even potentially another trip to Denver as my brother lives there. Anyone have good experiences on must see locations? I plan to hit all 7 away buildings, it's just a matter of time despite having no desire to go to Miami. Colorado Springs will have to happen at some point too.
  7. Langster019


    haha what a joke. it blows my mind how many of these you see as you walk the halls of the Ralph.
  8. Langster019


    That’s how I’ve found authentic to fit. And comparing the two, prefer it myself. I wouldn’t recommend going for a replica. They’re thin and the “patches” aren’t well done and nothing is sewn on. I think you’re better to keep and learn to love it. They’re great.
  9. Langster019


    For sale. $350 shipped. Gemini Authentic replica. Blank. Size Large Smoke free home. In great shape for its age. Will send more photos if interested
  10. I’d rather have Starman on the color call. And someone other than the white Gus Johnson aka John Buccigross. Yells at nothing.
  11. Hopefully the Bulldog survives! lol
  12. I see zero chance they put in a bid (if that's how they're selected). As a DSM resident, hockey, especially college hockey, would have little to no local support. Nobody here would care. Iowa Wild have been here 5+ years and I don't think they've even sold out one game. And thats AHL hockey. They didn't even sell out the NHL preseason game last fall between the Wild and Blues. Maybe I'm a Debbie Downer but I don't ever see Des Moines hosting. Just because the building is here doesn't mean it'd get use. I would love it but it took until 2016 to even get ncaa basketball, let alone hockey. The only benefit is the schedule is slowing down at the Well this time of year.
  13. I know some may not be a fan of this thinking, but I’d still like to see NCHC win the natty this year. Idc who just keep it in conference and keep our league tops in the country.
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