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  1. No he went down after taking a shot I think. Looked away and looked back and he was down and got back up and just kinda hobbled around. But then did take the draw so idk
  2. Thank you for the stream @SiouxFanatic
  3. Hope Senden just has a stinger. He didn’t look good.
  4. i try and say it as much as i can. I've always used a firestick. and it has always worked well with this app. No issues ever on my end, if it doesn't work it's solely bc the feed, not the app. I recommend the $40 for one.
  5. BSU throwing the body. These pukes better not injure someone. This could stoke fire for the series coming up soon.
  6. I may have seen this but don't remember. Is midco producing this game? on nchc.tv?
  7. Disagree. As said above it’s been so long since tickets were purchased, I don’t blame anyone if plans changed and can’t or don’t want to go anymore. Nature of the times. I don’t think it will or should do anything regarding the fan base. And who would care? They have the money for the tix anyway. Optics only.
  8. Our tickets and hotel (Airbnb) aren’t refundable. Have myself to blame to a point. This game was supposed to happen before a baby came and surgeries got scheduled for people in our group. Life happened. Game can’t anymore. Stinks as we’re gonna likely take it in the shorts since so many are selling.
  9. @MafiaMan it’s worrisome you quote a comment from February…..in mid September. Are you bored?
  10. Does anybody know when nchc.tv re-ups automatically? Saw they have early bird deals which I assume would be the auto pay price but wasn’t sure.
  11. Lower bowl section 109 row LL seats 9-10 Asking $250/ticket, which is what we paid. Just looking to get money back. No profit. Can’t go anymore.
  12. Agree. Really helps for post game shenanigans too which can be good or bad.
  13. It’s still early. I don’t anticipate a problem getting any. It’s CC, not DU. A new building will bring more but I don’t foresee problems
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