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  1. DO you still have the tickets for the Sioux game this weekend? Good luck but if you have just Friday I would be able to go as I cant go Thursday not sure if it helps at all. 

  2. Thanks missed most of it. Watched last 10 min of 3rd. Damm tough loss.
  3. Hows the sioux playing tonight. ?
  4. We need shots on net. Hell I'll take a shot for every shot they get at this point.
  5. Agreed. Seems like they always win fri and loose sat. Just when we think they are about to break through. Need a tie at a minimum. We got this sioux.
  6. 5-1 sioux! We need to stay alive in the pairwise. Need teams below us to loose.
  7. Fucking !@#$. 4-1 final. Und sucks
  8. Unexpected departures? The only one that left unexpected early was jost but was he really that unexpected after how much he dominated puck control? Everyone left when berry know they were going to after the season. As far as the penalty goes mishmash did a dumb, wait no stupid penalty. Yes it should have been a penalty but u can't retaliate like that given the circumstances and time in the game. I understand ur pissed and hurt but come on, grow up. Scsu played better and deserved to win. Scheel was amazing and kept us alive. Time to go full blown goon mode tonight. Or wait we need blood or McWilliam back.
  9. Anyone else think these announcers are damm good? I know most of the time some announcers are homers are sound like crap but these guys sound intelligent and great reads. What u guys think ?
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