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  1. I don’t know UND’s or St Cloud’s HDC per attempt either 5v5 or PP but based on all the bad “puck luck” I’d guess ours isn’t good. That’s something coaching can help.
  2. Nothing shuts down a crowd like ear damaging clown crazy music. Might as well tell the crowd to sit down and stfu because our fake energy is better than your real energy. We will tell you when to make noise, be loud, be happy, or stand up. The NHL arena I attend is literally like sitting directly in front of Metallica’s speakers for 3 hours.
  3. Well done! Doesn’t load on iTunes for me but Spotify works perfectly. Especially enjoyed the Schlossman episode regarding incoming players and coach search.
  4. I do like the duties and the order they are listed. Critical hire Duties Helping in weight training and conditioning practice US or international recruitment Preparing of game Managing of practice/game Game film analysis Scouting of opponents Other related tasks Qualifications Bachelor's degree 8 years of coaching experience Valid driver's license Successful criminal record background check
  5. In 30 yrs NA’s will be demanding public schools take tribal names. I too wanted to keep Sioux but I was wrong, the school deserved better.
  6. I don’t see how that helps us. Might be better to get someone with strong ties to coaches in rich recruiting area. We have Grand Forks pretty much covered.
  7. It just got awkward. Might have been better to say nothing from the start.
  8. Or Atkinson can keep averaging 1/game. Shoulda taken a second jacket.
  9. Hate say it but if Berry is still doing the GA then he is in the Stone Age of big time sports. That’s not how it works anymore and there is nothing easier than recruiting against a gentlemen’s agreement. Big 10 football used the gentlemen’s agreement and got smoked by the SEC every year. Then Urban Meyer showed up from Florida in 2012, tossed out the GA and OSU has run roughshod in the Big ever since. Now they all get it. UND has been a powerhouse a long time but will be left in the dust unless recruiting becomes a competition as fierce as the games.
  10. The DJ thinks it’s all about him. God forbid the crowd make some noise or enjoy the moment, instead blast them back into their seats. Colleges have bands, use them They do the same at Blue Jackets games. Never allow the crowd to get into the game. The sadist DJ thinks the crowd is incapable of being part of the game and blows he place up past jet engine decibel level at every single break. It literally wears you out. People bring ear plugs to the games.
  11. This + elite position coach = perfect
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