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  1. I’m not sure we were disrupted so much as we chose to play a game which was better suited to beat UMD. Except for one really bad shift it was UMD who looked disrupted. We now beat UMD 70% of the time in a four period game. Our guys have proven they can beat anyone’s game by adapting ours. That takes commitment, desire, brains, coaching, and players buying in. The staff came up with a game plan after Friday and the players executed. This weekend showed we are much more than good players.
  2. Which would make them almost irrelevant. Hope we don’t see them the rest of the regular season
  3. We win with either goalie tonight. UMD is good; we have better players. I think Berry takes advantage of the talent and is overall more conservative. The defensemen play smart, position, channel, communicate and we win a great boring game by 2-3
  4. I see a team that will make the FF. Early we were clicking offensively. The first PP looked like a 1970’s Russian Army squad. That doesn’t happen on it’s own. I think we’ll look back and think of all the talent in this group. Looks like a team that practices and plays hard, I can’t fault effort or what appears to be a team who used the off-season productivity. We look strong, in shape, and aggressive. Fortunately this year we have a team that knows how to score, but It’s when we've prioritized defense we’ve won. Focusing on hard D creates opportunities for a team with firepower. Play relentless D and we will get our points and the Ws UMD has 1-2 true scorers so we won’t keep them off the board but Saturday we play defense, score 4 before UMD pulls their goalie, and win.
  5. Cancelling my stern letter to the NCHC
  6. Lot of sloppy plays. Frisch no-look turnover. JBD cross ice pass to nobody to name a few.
  7. I don’t complain about officials much but the phantom high stick call was as bad as I’ve ever seen.
  8. Gabinet did us a favor Friday, scouted well and used a game-plan that worked. Then to our staff’s credit we adjusted and the most prepared team won Saturday. One less weakness on our way to the four
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