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  1. Hopefully our guys know the rest of the college hockey world thinks we are dogs. We should have a well deserved chip on our shoulders by now. Play smart and clean but with a serious edge
  2. In this series I’ll take the seasoned senior. Mental toughness, the game has slowed down, and physically grown up.
  3. As you say the crowd needs to embrace it. No offense but CD jumped the shark before the term jumped the shark jumped the shark. It may be the most polarizing of all goal songs. Love it or hate it, no in between. It was kind of good the first 1,000 times but it would be a relief to let it go. Honestly, I can think of several the crowd and players would embrace as much or more. Many of which have never been used in an arena and would be great alternatives. Better yet, someone with a little imagination and entertainment DNA have about 15 songs dialed up and see what happens. It doesn’t need to be the same every goal and can be situationally relevant. Everything gets old and nothing should be carved in stone.
  4. I have no problem with a coach looking at the big picture and developing depth playing against Canisius. It’s the smart move on a championship run. If it was a disciplinary action then more power to the coach.
  5. That would be more than disappointing if true. Big Kudos to Berry if that was the case. Hockey players at a major program have one job the night before a game and it’s not complicated.
  6. Indeed. Did exactly what they needed and played fast and smart. Some of Berry’s pre-season comments about playing strong between the dots and in front of the net showed he really does know why our gazzilian easy saves didn’t go in last yr. All positives
  7. Doesn’t matter who we played, it’s obvious this is a faster, better conditioned, and more skilled team than last year’s. Despite the drinking game level of “puck luck” comments on the NCHC broadcast, this team made all its own luck. Looking forward to the rest of the season.
  8. A little concerning. Different players but had a last year look to the PP. Coaching?
  9. Berry presser yesterday. Said Michaud is “relentless” in practice which is rubbing off on the younger players like Pinto. Said Blaisdell is also practicing with that same “tenacity”, mentioned Senden and Smith in the same sentence. Also said Canisius played more physical and heavier than us and prevented good looks
  10. The term “puck luck” makes me cringe.
  11. ^^ All of this. I hope the players took the off-season seriously. Stronger, faster, mental toughness, skill, smarts, and play with an edge without crossing it.
  12. 24 will be tough but I like your attitude
  13. Songs crowds love to sing always work. I was at Ohio State vs Michigan football game when they played Sweet Caroline as the fans rushed the field. 110,000 singing it at once was pretty cool. not sure what other songs fit the bill
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