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  1. Not an issue at all. He’s 16 and wants to be liked by a fan-base that argues over the team name. I hope he has a great career here and welcome aboard.
  2. I’m fine with shooting to spots. Might be part of this year’s improved numbers
  3. Found this old article. Mentions UND several times. Still relevant. Makes you appreciate what we have, what it takes to keep it, and how easy it is to lose it. http://www.citypages.com/news/what-happened-to-minnesotas-hockey-program-7960026
  4. I see your point, but after the last two seasons it might be good everyone, especially recruits, see we are back.
  5. Perfect shot by Poolman. Nice to see shots hit exactly where intended. Last year we hit numbers, this year it goes top corner with no room to spare.
  6. I don’t know the financial comparisons of staying in NCHC vs Big, but outside the previously mentioned benefit of playing Michigan, Mich St, Wisky, Norte Dame, and Minnesota; let’s not forget PSU just dropped 102 million of private money into an arena and are ranked top 10. Ohio State is planning a new ice complex specifically for the team (currently arena 17,500 is shared with BB); they made the frozen 4. Both of those schools have more money than God so improving is easy. OSU recently made the decision to be good which means they are and will be. Wexner personally drops 225k when he wants the band to travel; the hockey coach asked for a $50,000 machine last yr and had it delivered days later. Players want to go there. Their attendance is now over 6,400 and growing. The point is the conference may have a lot more future potential than NCHC. B10 network exposure is on 300+ cable providers, hulu, sling etc and network claims “availability” in 73,000,000 homes i used to get some UND games on cable but now it’s 2-3 Big games on the DVR every weekend. Despite the success of other NCHC teams, we are the crown jewel of the conference. We would be a short distance for Canadian players to get continent wide exposure. Our house would be packed, theirs would be full, we would get national TV time, and recruiting would be much easier.
  7. Someone with authority and conceptual thinking ability needs to be assigned to REA-NRG
  8. Coaching aside, is there one or two natural scorers and stick handlers, maybe younger guys, who might spark the PP unit?
  9. Spot on. Nobody knows where it’s going before they get it. No movement of puck or players. Sight lines are easy, then the obligatory frustration pass or shot. Fundamentally a coaching issue and an off-season fix but here we are, so switch out our most out of place PP teamers for more natural scorers who can deflect and shoot to spots. Doesn’t matter how old they are
  10. Loved that Michaud took it to the students. More of that please.
  11. You might be on to something. Practice hard guys, this is a good team that can be great.
  12. There’s nothing wrong with the quality of our athletes and nothing wrong with their effort
  13. Hopefully our guys know the rest of the college hockey world thinks we are dogs. We should have a well deserved chip on our shoulders by now. Play smart and clean but with a serious edge
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