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  1. Wondering about the timing of this. Leave after your sophomore year for an AHL tryout instead of leveraging an even better junior year into an NHL contract next spring? Granted, lots I don’t know about the signing process
  2. Am I understanding correctly that Montgomery could go back for another year of Juniors?
  3. Will be able to watch Jost vs. the Hawks Saturday afternoon
  4. what discipline issues?
  5. ok no Sanderson, I’ll go with the other Jake
  6. hky


    Wow. This thread. Yes having to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test is an inconvenience. And yes, the directions are confusing. But we’ll get it figured out. It’s not a huge sacrifice, we aren’t suffering, as many have during the pandemic. I feel pretty darn lucky to be able to travel to this game with lots of friends and family. We’ve waited so long for it to happen and we’re almost there. It’s exciting!
  7. Good to see the niceties downtown getting installed/finished up. Construction, pandemic, construction, it's time. University Ave looks really good now, I think downtown will too.
  8. hky


    GF Public Health is doing vaccines at Hugo's on 32nd tomorrow, 9/14. Tons of openings at thriftywhite.com for many locations in ND, MN, Iowa and Montana. Very convenient if you're looking to get vaccinated soon.
  9. Call Stengl Travel. They may have room on their charter?
  10. I really hope all athletes are getting vaccinated at UND. I know plenty of them already had covid, but with new strains, that's no guarantee not to get infected. I'd hate for an outbreak to ruin a season or postseason.
  11. Yes. Any QB has to run at least enough for the defense to think he might.
  12. NCAA made the call on no band, cheerleaders, and I'm assuming mascot.
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