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  1. Good time to revisit this post. going to OT in Kalamazoo.
  2. Ever since they stole our Kermit the Frog mascot! But especially for that 1998 NCAA regional final win at Yost over one of the best Sioux teams ever.
  3. Of the 50 teams that have played games so far, only one is unbeaten and untied. Here's hoping WMU can extend it one more game.
  4. The St Cloud guy was between the puck and the Wisconsin player. Instead of playing the puck and taking the hit, the St Cloud guy stopped and took a step into the Wisconsin player. Its always been interference "by the book", but its rarely if ever called.
  5. Penn State 6-2 over Niagara. again, a copy of the UND vs Niagara score …
  6. Upset tonight, if a mild one: RIT 3 Notre Dame 2, OT count me happy anytime Atlantic beats Big Ten hockey. and in comparative scores, Penn State 4-0 over Niagara. Coincidentally the same score of UND Saturday game over Niagara. Hmmm…
  7. No kidding. 13 Seniors and 4 Juniors. The defense must be good; they've got a Chorney - Marcus.
  8. Hakstol returns to Philadelphia tonight. https://www.nhl.com/news/kraken-coach-dave-hakstol-faces-former-team-in-philadelphia/c-326952210
  9. Carter Savoie with a 5 point night, halfway through its Denver 5 Air Force 0.
  10. You're not the only ones looking for new stats source. https://www.collegehockeynews.com/news/2021/10/08_A-Few-Words-About-Statistics.php
  11. Had that game on - not always paying full attention what with UND on at same time - but I think it was a broken stick he didn't drop right away.
  12. Friday night was an awful night for Hockey East. 1 Win - 5 Losses in nonconference play. (Only UMass toughed it out over American International.) Perhaps the worst loss was Sacred Heart over BU 3-2. Not a great night for NCHC either, just 4-3, with Omaha needing OT to get the win over Alaska.
  13. Their Captain of all people. In a critical Pairwise game.
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