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  1. Stat of the game: Sam Houston 14-0 at home all time in FCS playoffs.
  2. Announcer with a Freudian slip of the tongue: "It's all Flying Hawks right now."
  3. Fabulous start. I'm very curious to see what MSU offense does to respond to UND's pressure.
  4. EWU making it look easy. Scored TD on their first possession. Maybe the worst matchup in the FCS playoffs for NDSU?
  5. At this stage in the offseason, I tend to give goaltender rankings a higher weighting. I'd say the top two aren't separated from UND at all in that regard. And then DU and WMU fight it out for the last at-large bid to the NCAA's. Or maybe this is a year that 5 NCHC get in.
  6. Count me as very happy that the Committee didn't just pair up all the teams based on bus-ride regional matchups. I think UND is better than a #6 but overall I like our first two rounds. After that, well, as the saying goes, you have to beat them all to win it all.
  7. Shane Pinto with an Assist and named the game’s #2 star. Nicely done; maybe he can help Ottawa turn the corner.
  8. Before the real brackets come out, I'd just like to take a few moments and enjoy: UND is co-champions of the MVFC! (and NDSU isn't).
  9. Is it too late to amend conference by laws to penalize teams that fail to show up for games? After this spring season's fiascos, I fear a precedent has been set for regular fall season "bag it if we don't feel like it" situations.
  10. And they've got the banners to prove it.
  11. Those shirts were all over ... including earlier at the WCHA tournament in St Paul.
  12. https://www.hockey-reference.com/boxscores/199304130MNS.html Heckuva box score also The final penalty taken by a Minnesota North Star in their last home game? Brad Berry. Winning goalie? Ed Belfour. And two of my other all time favorites were on the Chicago bench: Troy Murray and Dave Christian. Thanks for the flashback.
  13. Have you heard (or has anyone else) about the number of conference games the CCHA will play? If there's a 24 game conference season, that leaves 10 non-conference games and much more room for interesting games to come to Mankato.
  14. Does UND put RP grinders into their COA calculations?
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