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  1. He bats it out of the air and my first thought is Evan Trupp, In Overtime, GWG vs MN. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0au3sixxGyg
  2. So many punchlines possible ... so little time. My top ten tweaks to their announcement: 10. "There will be no 2020-21 hockey season tickets, as if anyone cares." 9. "If fans are permitted to attend home hockey games, we're pretty sure a limited number of tickets will be plenty." 8. "You guys have been great at social distancing ever since we left for the Big Ten" 7. "If fans are permitted to attend home hockey games, we're pretty sure nobody else will be close enough to risk getting infected." 6. "There will be no 2020-21 hockey season tickets, just like in 2019-2020." 5. " Even if the general public isn't allowed in, we will still allow NHL scouts .... BWHAHAHA! Sorry almost got that out. Okay they might be scouting the visiting team." 4. "Gopher Athletics is taking the following steps /blah blah blah ... Requiring all fans to wear a full face shield." 3. ".... Goldy Gopher will be handing out free hand sanitizer as well as mouthwash to get the taste of losing out of your mouth." 2. " ... even though there will be fewer of you, and contrary to everyone's understanding of supply and demand, we're raising ticket prices since hockey has to fund a whole bunch of other sports." 1. "If fans are permitted to attend home hockey games, ... PLEASE .... SOMEBODY .... SHOW UP!!!!
  3. https://nhl.nbcsports.com/2020/09/11/pittsburgh-penguins-trade-nick-bjugstad-minnesota-wild/ Offering my condolences to the Wild fans.
  4. Troy Stecher the #1 star as VAN beat STL in game 1. Given what that young man has been through lately, a tip of the cap to him.
  5. Tough choice: The 150 days between March and August where they were still in contention, or The fact it is the longest playoff run in franchise history. Or, The fact that Boeser and Stecher still have a chance to lift the Cup. (Slim chance, but still ...)
  6. Duncan Keith is still >>> any Oilers defenseman. He logged 28 minutes in game 4. Oh, and the Blackhawks are undefeated with Caggiula in the lineup.
  7. I saw the Poolman injury. I'd be in a hospital for a month. Players of lesser sports would be out on their injured lists. He was back a few minutes later. Amazing.
  8. So a former CC and NCHC player will become the answer to a really good trivia question ... Who scored the first NHL goal in the month of August? Jaccob Slavin.
  9. We may have found the answer to the question: "How do you stop NDSU from winning another FCS championship?"
  10. On a related note, if game revenues aren't received, is UND still contractually on the hook for payments to US hockey hall of fame?
  11. More stories from the 1980 Frozen Four ... an amazing year indeed. Due to money shortages, we drove to MSP to catch an early Thursday morning flight. Leaving after a Wednesday night exam, and forgoing a hotel room expense, we were driving into snow and ice by Alexandria. Next thing we know, we're sliding into the center median of the I-94 freeway. After failing to push it out, we were joined by a couple Native Americans; one of them confidently said how easy this would be. He gets into drivers seat, we get behind it to push, and WHAM! he drops it into reverse and we were scurrying to avoid getting run over. But he was right - and the journey continued. We did seek to gain gas money from gullible motorists. (I kid, I kid.) On Friday night, we chose not to go to the Cornell vs Northern Michigan semifinal, and instead hit the combat zone in Boston, with a local guy who knew his way around. (Good thing.) As we swigged our expensive beers and started ogling a scantily clad female who sought to convey an exotic dance, we noticed a couple Northern Michigan hats across the platform. Ignoring the dancer for a few minutes, we asked who won. How was the game. Our conversation was interrupted only by the dancer, who dropped an expletive at us and noted she was trying to make a thing happen here. After winning Saturday's title game, we headed down to the locker room to congratulate the team and staff. Somehow, security let us past, and we joined the locker room exhilaration for a few minutes. We were like "great game guys!" and they were like "great game Farce". Then, they started asking if they could wear our helmets. There's only one right answer to THAT question. Somewhere in my dusty archives, I have pictures of several players wearing Farce helmets and laughing hysterically. Gino also. The Sioux Boosters get together at a local hotel was also a blast. Many high fives, many people asking if they could buy us a drink, and many people asking to take pictures with us. It went on a long time ... (hey it had been 17 years since the last title). All that revelry led to ... On Sunday morning, we overslept our flight back to MSP. (None of us had the money to buy another ticket, so yeah the pressure was on.) But amazingly, as we ran toward the gate (this is 1980 security, remember) we saw a flight crew in front of us. Turns out it was OUR flight crew. They had overslept too. The harder we work, the luckier we get.
  12. Okay ... just a couple more. As we entered the arena Thursday, we were surprised to see a bunch of strangers dressed up in UND T-shirts and carrying band instruments. Previous discussions with band members were on the order of "no money, no trip". We soon discovered they were from Cranston RI, and many of them played for hockey games so they were happy to be there, see the game, get free t-shirts, and a couple extra bucks on the side. Before the third period Thursday, a writer from Sports Illustrated came down to chat. (I think it was Jack Falla but don't bet the farm on that.) We talked for a while ... he had tracked the saga of Kermit the Frog as mascot and how we'd gotten him returned from Michigan earlier that year. But he was skeptical that UND could come back vs Dartmouth, as he had seen them several times and had high regard. And after all it was zero to one with only 20 minutes left. Supremely confident, we assured him we were a 3rd period team. He returned to the press box, but late in the game, as UND closed in on that 4-1 win, we gave him a thumbs up, and he returned it. Also between periods, but on Saturday. Brad Cox's dad came down to chat. He was a very interesting guy, we talked about how we'd enjoyed his son's play, but would miss him the next season as this was his final year of eligibility. "We can't play without our Cox." He told us a few stories, and before leaving, he offered to give us a few bucks for gas or something a little more potent. But we told him we weren't in it for the money, and didn't want to jeopardize our amateur status.
  13. I was the loud and obnoxious one. Okay okay... Of the four guys with helmets on, the second from the left (as we faced the ice). Two stories for tonight: During the 3rd period, Doug Smail took a high hit in front of us and lay on his stomach, clearly in pain. We responded by telling the referees that they were missing a good game, that they should give the whistle to their seeing eye dog, or better yet if the whistle got too heavy, to give it to us. We also told Northern Michigan's player (Hanson I think) how much trouble he would be in next time he went into the corner chasing the puck. After a couple minutes on the ice, Smail rolled over onto his back, looked up at us, and winked. We paused ... for just a half second ... before returning to our verbal outrage. Earlier, as we walked into our seats for the Thursday night semifinal vs Dartmouth, we found some tweed-wearing fans standing in our seats. They were encouraging their players, telling one of their all-conference guys that he should get a hat trick. To which my buddy replied, "Your whole team isn't getting a hat trick." (They didn't. 4-1 Sioux.)
  14. Thanks for posting! I had never seen the broadcast, after being at the games in person. (Hey nobody had VCR's in the dorm.) Some things stay the same - UND players excelling at playing a 200 foot game would be at the top of my list - but a lot has changed. Some of the obvious upon watching the game: * Rules were different. Ice the puck and change lines. Interference was in the books as a penalty but basically never called. * Game play was different. No 2 or 3 minute breaks every five minutes on the clock. Throwing the puck at a goalie with tiny pads on was often a smart move, even if it risked turning over the puck. Shutouts were unheard of. Low plexiglass all around and no nets meant clearing the zone was harder than just flipping it high off the glass. * UND's starting goalie, Darren Jensen, a freshman, didn't have his name on that back of his jersey. (Or at least that's what I thought I saw.) Budgets for sewing letters on were tight in those days apparently. * I forgot that public TV got the game broadcast back home. Amazing. (ESPN apparently had other things going on at the time. Basketball, I suppose.) So many memories of that weekend ... topic for another post. Thanks again.
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