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  1. Number 1 goes down Northern Michigan 4-1 over Mankato who might be the new number one?
  2. Upset watch: UAH 2-1 over BGSu. Halfway through.
  3. DU and ASU tied at. 0 after 1. Tonight’s game is at Gila River Arena. Decent crowd for a startup program . Other than a DU PP with some good chances, pretty even and played around the edges. ASU is physical and pretty fast. Question is whether DU skill guys show up.
  4. Bowling Green sweeping Notre Dame is also very nice for WCHA Pairwise.
  5. We should do this every Thanksgiving.
  6. I’ve watched a lot of first-game first periods at Minnesota. That’s as good as I have ever seen from us. Keep it it going boys.
  7. Before the game, if you told me we would play for over 20 minutes with a manpower disadvantage: 15 minutes of 5x4 3 minutes of 5x3 2 1/2 minutes of 6x5 I probably would not have predicted we win 4-1. Kudos to the boys for playing through all that - takes focus and grit to keep playing the systems when faced with that kind of disadvantage. Not to mention the conditioning required for several long shifts in there. Well done.
  8. By facing a practice goalie who's wearing an Adam Scheel jersey.
  9. Denver with no time or space. Our puck pressure has been excellent tonight.
  10. When discussing National Championships... du announcers says “I think Michigan won most of theirs when there were still fish under the ice.” Lol
  11. Certainly seems like an enormous backdoor way to evade scholarship limits. Just have a couple backroom conversations with boosters and "bam" your new recruit is set. How many "car commercials" with local football, basketball, and hockey stars are in our future... In that vein it can certainly help sports the University can't fund scholarships due to Title 9 issues (aka golf, baseball, M volleyball, etc), but the community now has a way to fund 'scholarships'. No idea how D-3 stays 'clean' of this.
  12. They're just messing with everyone else's video reviews. Nobody can see the numbers ... Update score tied 1-1 ten minutes left.
  13. Its only an exhibition, but Alberta 5 UMD 3. http://www.collegehockeystats.net/1920/boxes/malbmnd1.o05 Summary: UMD backup goalies allow 4 goals on 18 shots.
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