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  1. St Cloud overloading the walls really heavily in their offensive zone. We need to adapt better.
  2. As long as the imaginary penalties are called evenly, I’m okay.
  3. He was annoying 35 years ago, and it hasn’t changed.
  4. Blowout Alert: BC 10 Northeastern 1. Final MSU 6 Huntsville 0. End of 2
  5. All those green jerseys in the stands really show up well on TV. Nice turnout!
  6. farce poobah


    I think the goalie was Eric Pateman, who stood on his head for the first two games. He was seeing more rubber than .... (delete colorful euphemism) .... and frustrated UND's skill guys. But two early ones on Sunday and his head was no longer in it. Panzer, Blake and Co. took care of it from there.
  7. Playing in Vegas seems like a way to stay on (get on?) the good side of Kris McGarry.
  8. Sweeping Arizona State is more valuable than it may have seemed at the time. But playing only 5 games vs non-WCHA opponents doesn't leave any room for error. Certainly helps that the league is better this year.
  9. If MSU had beaten St Cloud State at Mariucci, they would be #1 in the Pairwise. Its that close.
  10. farce poobah


    The eastern bias in the polls makes me happy (again) we have Pairwise to protect teams away from big media centers. Using KRACH to compare objective reality is pretty startling. Of the Eastern teams in their poll, 9 of 10 polled higher. Sometimes by large amounts. Harvard at #20 vs #31 KRACH was the largest. Western teams: 1 polled higher. 8 polled lower. Both Western Michigan and Minnesota are objectively 5 spots too low in the polls.
  11. I almost voted for Ian Mitchell or Chris Wilkie. Or Hunter Shepard. Or Dryden MacKay. But then I saw the dude from Army is catching up. Vote often.
  12. With the win, both Denver and SCSU are eliminated from the chase for the Penrose Cup.
  13. DU bench was probably happy to get a five minute timeout on that review. Argh.
  14. For most of the past 40 years, as long as I can remember , playing Denver is a lot like playing ourselves. Strap your pads on tight. A mix of Canadian and US players. Part of why I enjoy the rivalry so much.
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