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  1. Depends on whether "ballot harvesting" is allowed.
  2. On Wednesday, Omaha's basketball team shot 43% from the floor. On Friday, Omaha's hockey team shot 46%.
  3. If there's going to be college hockey at Target Field during Winter Classic, its not imaginable the Gophers aren't in it. Perhaps the Mariucci Classic gets played outside? Gophers, UMD, Mankato, St Cloud ...
  4. Very good night for NCHC, and also UND's strength of schedule: Denver 4-2 over U Mass Western Michigan goes into Notre Dame and gets a tie. "Lowly" Omaha goes to Maine and gets a tie. Oh, even Canisius got a result - a t tie at RIT. MSU and Bemidji both won, not surprisingly.
  5. JBD with Canada's third. Sweet toe drag and then wrister up high. 3-0
  6. Playing a rivalry game over New Year week would certainly run contrary to the scheduling of recent years, where UND has successfully avoided playing big games without players who are at World Juniors. It makes for a long, boring holidays - but its better than the old WCHA days where big games got scheduled the first weekend of January.
  7. Russia moves to the semis with a 3-1 win over Switzerland. Canada - Slovakia is just 53 seconds in and Canada takes a major penalty (soft, but that's what was called). Wondering when IIHF moves into the 21st century with giving referees video review ability.
  8. Probably not what the USA wanted either.
  9. Agree. Meanwhile, on the other extreme, Canada's Veleno gets a game suspension for a light helmet to helmet tap. https://www.tsn.ca/team-canada-s-joe-veleno-suspended-one-game-1.1419713
  10. Going with Hennessy tonight: https://www.iheart.com/live/961-the-fox-1681/
  11. Number 1 goes down Northern Michigan 4-1 over Mankato who might be the new number one?
  12. Upset watch: UAH 2-1 over BGSu. Halfway through.
  13. DU and ASU tied at. 0 after 1. Tonight’s game is at Gila River Arena. Decent crowd for a startup program . Other than a DU PP with some good chances, pretty even and played around the edges. ASU is physical and pretty fast. Question is whether DU skill guys show up.
  14. Bowling Green sweeping Notre Dame is also very nice for WCHA Pairwise.
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