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  1. I think we should each get our own pod. And we all get intubated respirators with clean air, and fed intravenously with safe and nutritious stuff. And since that is boring, we would all need an artificial reality connection directly into our nervous system.
  2. And in the second game, North Dakota with 9 freshmen has little chance against an experienced Michigan squad.
  3. Update: NCAA Hockey Facebook page is streaming the 2006 Holy Cross vs Minnesota regional semifinal. Started at 7pm cdt.
  4. Well, they've been hit by a lot: First, there was a bad case of Armbrust Virus. Then three cases of Blake & Panzeritis, and at the same time Gorenmonia with Goehring fever. Followed quickly by Parise envy. Then multiple rounds of the DOT line, and they said "don't Toews me, bro". They got "frozen" in AaronDell, we gave 'em the full Nelson, and they could hardly spell "CBS" line. Then wave after wave until ... All that's left is twenty fans, probably new, and mostly related to current players, or dating them. Sioux Forever.
  5. No opinion on the effectiveness or feasibility, just passing along. http://www.kmaland.com/news/nebraska-medicine-using-uv-light-to-disinfect-masks-for-reuse/article_ecd5c022-6c6b-11ea-8349-ffffe38edb37.html
  6. Here's a positive from 2011. Just before the Final Five title game. A relatively quiet arena turned raucous very quickly, thanks to some magic from Evan Trupp.
  7. In a related story, researchers heard groups of viruses singing "Copacabana". There's no cure for Barry Manilow.
  8. "I sing this song for the common man For the people in despair"
  9. Nice! Brings back a lot of fond memories. Came back to GF for that one, and went in costume as a blind ref, complete with dark sunglasses, red tipped cane and a seeing eye dog (stuffed dog, that is). Raucous arena that never ever got quiet. Game notes: * UND backup goaltender was future NHL great Ed Belfour, who couldn't crack the lineup in front of Scott Brower. RIP, Scottie. * Future NHL great Mike Richter got lit up that night. Oh yeah! * UND defense was inexperienced, having lost Scott Sandelin and Brad Berry from the year before.
  10. Rick Zombo played for St Louis. A lot of future NHLers on the roster; after the 1980 Miracle on Ice, there was a fabulous cycle of NHL management realizing talent was playing in NCAA hockey and that helped draw talent to NCAA - especially WCHA with the biggest crowds and loudest buildings. Gonna say almost half of any Sioux roster in those days went on to the NHL.
  11. Apologies if this is a duplicate post: FDA approves 'bedside' test which gives results in 45 minutes. https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/coronavirus-covid-19-update-fda-issues-first-emergency-use-authorization-point-care-diagnostic
  12. MSU - Mankato loses Connor Mackey after 3 seasons to Calgary. Free agent signing. No surprise here; Hastings had publicly commented that he expected it. Competing for a spot with Colton Poolman. https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2020/03/calgary-flames-sign-connor-mackey-colton-poolman.html
  13. Thank you! The perfect remedy for cabin fever. First of all, kudos to whoever kept a live gopher in your pocket for 2 1/2 periods! Respect! Compared to hockey today, that's a month of odd-man rushes in just one period. Speed kills.
  14. Start an online petition. Use social media.
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