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  1. https://fightinghawks.com/news/2021/1/13/mens-hockey-strong-und-flavor-on-nhl-opening-day-rosters.aspx Brock Boeser, still in Vancouver, still scoring key goals. Got the GWG tonight and an insurance goal in their 5-3 win. Those guys, well all the Canucks but especially The Canucks, are in for an **itload of miles. Hard to stomach the travel in that division setup.
  2. Given the potential for infections or quarantines ... ,,, Seven might not be enough. This is a year for all hands on deck, and to be ready to become the Next Man Up.
  3. He's the only USA forward with negative on his plus-minus stats.
  4. I think that Kawaguchi's GWG in overtime is a school record, for the fastest goal to start overtime. I think the prior record was from 1957 at 12 seconds. (Correct me if I'm wrong, please.) https://siouxsports.com/hockey/history/individual.htm
  5. The NCHC pod is looking smarter all the time. Here's hoping they can pull it off successfully!
  6. He bats it out of the air and my first thought is Evan Trupp, In Overtime, GWG vs MN. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0au3sixxGyg
  7. So many punchlines possible ... so little time. My top ten tweaks to their announcement: 10. "There will be no 2020-21 hockey season tickets, as if anyone cares." 9. "If fans are permitted to attend home hockey games, we're pretty sure a limited number of tickets will be plenty." 8. "You guys have been great at social distancing ever since we left for the Big Ten" 7. "If fans are permitted to attend home hockey games, we're pretty sure nobody else will be close enough to risk getting infected." 6. "There will be no 2020-21 hockey season tickets, just like in 201
  8. https://nhl.nbcsports.com/2020/09/11/pittsburgh-penguins-trade-nick-bjugstad-minnesota-wild/ Offering my condolences to the Wild fans.
  9. Troy Stecher the #1 star as VAN beat STL in game 1. Given what that young man has been through lately, a tip of the cap to him.
  10. Tough choice: The 150 days between March and August where they were still in contention, or The fact it is the longest playoff run in franchise history. Or, The fact that Boeser and Stecher still have a chance to lift the Cup. (Slim chance, but still ...)
  11. Duncan Keith is still >>> any Oilers defenseman. He logged 28 minutes in game 4. Oh, and the Blackhawks are undefeated with Caggiula in the lineup.
  12. I saw the Poolman injury. I'd be in a hospital for a month. Players of lesser sports would be out on their injured lists. He was back a few minutes later. Amazing.
  13. So a former CC and NCHC player will become the answer to a really good trivia question ... Who scored the first NHL goal in the month of August? Jaccob Slavin.
  14. We may have found the answer to the question: "How do you stop NDSU from winning another FCS championship?"
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