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  1. I think he's talking about NDSU dropping back down to D2.
  2. Idk, I think they have the same "cheer rate" as the rest of the crowd. And before when they sat behind the opposing bench probably got into the heads of the players a few times...helping create a home field advantage.
  3. Because others do something is never a good reason to do something.... whatever it is in life.
  4. Cheaper natural gas in the eastern part of the state?
  5. And now another freshman running back runs for over a 100+ yards today.
  6. Bubbas quote does nothing to help his case. Maybe he should have said... "Things just move faster for me than I can think."
  7. Gotta love less atmosphere for just an attempt at "looking prettier on tv." And add it to the other newest "less atmosphere" attempt... Closing off an entire end zone to fans. Just a great job all around!
  8. Nice to get the split on the road vs a good team.
  9. You wanna see what an amazing FCS QB can do?! ...Like a guy who is a senior and is top 5 in passing yards this season in a very tough conference?! Go watch Connor Sampson play football sometime! He'll probably blow your socks off and probably undefeated.
  10. Well I guess it was just an ok win today because UND was suppose to win. Well UND is suppose to lose next weekend to Missouri State. So there's that. Back to UND needing better players and coaches 7days from now.
  11. Lots points left on the field this game unfortunately. But still put up 34. 600 yards of total offense.
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