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  1. Iirc the new restaurant in the Grand Cities Mall is going to be called Mo's. Work is coming along nicely there.
  2. Cratter


    Bought my first snowmobile this summer. Finally took it out on its maiden voyage. I've never been much of a snowmobiler. Maybe once or twice a year back in the early 2000s on a friends sled. It's like a jet ski for the snow. But a lot more dangerous the way I ride.
  3. Is the point of Oxford Brewery to market the worlds smallest brewery or something?
  4. He was one of my favorite posters. RIP SiouxVolley
  5. Cratter


    Better than the H2. The new Broncos are looking pretty sweet.
  6. Which is nothing new. All this was known long ago.
  7. He was finally able to perfectly time it to racism. That's was his preferred angle over "just bullying a challenged individual."
  8. Cratter


    This has now become official. He'll drive for Hendrick #5 car.
  9. Bank Forward is also in the process of building a new bank in town.
  10. As others have pointed out. It's the lights in west fargo just photoshopped. Knoxradio.com Article also talked about the request for housing complex at memorial stadium site on campus.
  11. Another Clinic is expanding in Grand Forks and broke ground today....
  12. Anyone know what they are building next to the Scheels Sports Complex?
  13. Are you surprised a major regional city gets major companies to build there? Fargo is 3rd largest metro in the five state region: Minnesota, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming. When your buddies introduce you to their wives do you compare them to Ivanka Trump? "Grand Forks gets a Northrup Grumman. Bemidji gets a McDonalds....sometimes the jokes write themselves."
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