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  1. Bought the Oculus Quest 2 this weekend. Highly recommended. Cheap price too. Probably losing money on each sold. It's almost creepy how real some stuff feels. Film grandma with a 3D 4K cam and relive those exact moments years later. Games are awesome in 3D! The controllers make a world of difference from the "cell phone vr". Be on stage during a concert and really feel like you're there. Graphics and content will only get better as the years go on.
  2. Speaking of towns that lost population the last 10 years...
  3. Could be. Only two "cities" in the western part of the state, and Bismarck doesnt have that much of an advantage over Minot currently. With Minot being closer to the (formerly?) growing oil patch to draw from.
  4. Canad Inn tried something similar with the waterpark. Wouldnt be bad idea to give a forgivable loan based on 10 years prorated if closed early.
  5. Sea Quest wants to open a new location in the Grand Cities Mall.
  6. Downtown Axe just opened.....downtown. https://www.grandforksherald.com/business/7124777-5-Questions-with-Downtown-Axe-owner-Carrie-Zavoral They should look at what Rough Cut Social in downtown Fargo has done.
  7. Seen a few Teslas in GF. Work with a guy that owns one. But they aren't for them. They plug in at home. More so for travelers. There are already others in GF. This is just more. There is only going to be an increase in their usage moving forward. Wouldn't mind a Cybertruck myself.
  8. Bunch of Tesla chargers outside Target close to Tire One being installed.
  9. Cratter


    Can't wait for Top Gun 2.
  10. Cratter


    Small four door Ford truck, 40 mpg city, starting under $20,000 for base model. Think it'll be a hit. Ford Maverick
  11. From the United States Census website:
  12. Tried that once. After a worse cramps I ever had. Drank way too much....thinking more is better. Spent the entire night glued to the toilet.
  13. What are you even talking about? GF didnt grow by 800 people the last 10 years. I'm not sure if you're 12, bad at reading comprehension, or just trolling.
  14. Official numbers should be released soon. Doesnt the census release estimates every year or two?
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