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  1. Cratter

    New Coach?

    Tiffin is my pick.
  2. The Miami Redhawks have a trademarked and copyrighted name of The Brotherhood owned solely by the hockey team. They claim: If the UND hockey team wants to have the same thing informally known as the Sioux, I'm not going to cry about inclusiveness. I'm not going to cry if a former Fighting Sioux hockey player has a fun poke at the current nickname he probably doesn't like. I'm not going to cry about a former Fighting Sioux hockey player and current coach clicking a like button on a website. I'm going to realize there will always be people that complain about people who "can't move on." I'm going to realize there will always be people who don't want to move on. I can accept both for who they are.
  3. Cratter

    Shaw's gone.

    He's married to a Grand Forker.
  4. I don't think its going to seem that big in person. It's not even as tall as the old one.
  5. Crazy to think the arena is almost 20 years old and it opened with tube tv's in the concourse.
  6. Idk. All they could have done was make it gold, which was hard to read. Gotta get that brand name to pop.
  7. The evolution of scoreboards just make sense. Instead of tall and skinny, they (Ralphs, The X, etc) now align more with Tv's and cinema screens. As that's the purpose of them now instead of the former primary purpose of "boards that hold the score." Looks about the same height as the old scoreboard, just wider now.
  8. I'm under the impression the other top ring to be added won't be a video board but "static" signage.
  9. Back around 2003 there was a Chinese restaurant in a strip mall between Walmart and Sams club (before it was it expanded into a "Super Walmart") in Grand Forks I went to eat there one day and it was closed with a note on the door. Something to the extend of "all animals have been taken to the humane society." I didnt think much of it til a few years ago later when I started hearing things about Chinese restaurants "reputation."
  10. KVLY just reported live pigeons were found in the basement of the King House Buffet in Fargo.
  11. When I was growing up I heard about how those 40" CRT TV's were so massive and no one needed such a big tv!
  12. Totally agree. It's likely already too small and outdated by the time they put it up. They should have went bigger and better to truly fit the building and upcoming customer tastes. I mean like will it even be bigger than the Minnesota Wild's?
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