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  1. Heard a crazy stat: There's only about 15 active oil rigs nowadays. Down from a peak of 217 active rigs in 2013.
  2. Teams that seem least likely to win it all, usually do.
  3. Hockey is tough when you have to leave the Big Ten.
  4. St. Cloud owes Minnesota for getting them a better coach.
  5. Another year with the NCHC as the conference with the most teams in the Frozen Four. No one ever saw that coming.
  6. That was cool to see the UMD goalie come over to Scheel after the game. And all the UMD players stick tapping him as he went through their lineup.
  7. I used this word: could I didn't get ahead of myself.
  8. UMD could already be halfway to UND championship total in just the last 10 years.
  9. UND to Michigan fan is the same as Duluth to UND fans. ...well "yeah most of those were a long time ago."
  10. Well 20 to 25 years is half of our "adult" lives. Not necessarily a "sprint" for us who want to be alive to watch them.
  11. Ill be cheering for other NCHC teams in the tournament, including Duluth.
  12. Duluth musta felt they won this game three times.
  13. Enjoy it. It'll end this period.
  14. This sites favorite former Presidential Candidate:
  15. So this game is trending nationwide on Twitter: 13. North Dakota 14. 4th OT
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