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  1. Thought the new scoreboard was going to be ungodly big from all the complainers here. Didn't turn out that way. Felt like any new modern scoreboard does. Was more impressed with the video boards intalled above the concourse entrances.
  2. I bought tickets to see it. Knock $100 off that cost.
  3. So winning doesn't equal sellouts now? Lot too long ago crappy former FCS team App State, just beat a SEC team today. NDSU would easily dominate half the Big Ten teams and sell over 30,000 tickets for those games if their stadium was big enough.
  4. Developing a conference rivalry with Notre Dame will obviously draw more than Miami of Ohio. Is that really a question. Isn't that like saying Western Michigan would draw the same as Michigan.
  5. I don't think there is a wait list for season tickets anymore. Probably quite the opposite as the REA has had to come with "creative ideas" to sell season tickets by taking out ads about how you can buy just Saturday or Friday "season tickets" for a discounted price.
  6. I'm old enough to remember when the President of UND told the Ralph to not show an old lady drinking beer because he didn't like what it stood for.
  7. But it's been that way for a decade. That many empty seats in the REA....not so much.
  8. Cratter

    Weber St GDT

    Sure looks like it. Probably why he froze the pic when he did.
  9. Now I'm having Dicks Last Resort flashbacks!
  10. Probably was it. Sadly cant I had remember the name. ....it had the Dels (Grand Forks) like feel.
  11. I was always under the impression Krolls was a national corporation (Google taught me otherwise)...isnt there a copy cat right middowntown St. Paul?
  12. Any classic restaurants that haven't changed decor in 30+ years in the Fargo or Bismarck area? I'm thinking places like Grandma Butterwicks or (now closed) Del's in Grand Forks. Those places even the locals forget even exists. Krolls Diner was always a staple when I would visit the grandparents in Bismarck when I was a kid (and some now closed diner in the Kirkwood mall from the 80s).
  13. Cratter

    2019 Season

    UND will need to blowout the next two opponents to make the playoffs.
  14. Cratter

    Weber St GDT

    Looks like UND should be ranked about #4 or #5 in the country after the loss today.
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