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  1. Heard that one before. Maybe it'll come true this time.
  2. Nice bounce back from yesterday. And nice comeback from being down tonight. Team plays better in front of Thome?
  3. Duluth must be a 3rd period team.
  4. UND has a target on their back. They are getting other teams best efforts.
  5. The last 10 games UND played before the national tournament that year.... They went 8-1-1.
  6. 2-2-1 since the break.... and against weak teams besides UMD. Good thing the tournament doesnt start tomorrow.
  7. There's is "in game" momentum and there is "in season" momentum. "Barely getting into the tournament" doesnt mean anything if a team is playing their best hockey at the end of the season.
  8. Berry: "Of course we're gonna start the goalie tonight who has gotten pulled the last two games." Schlossman: "How many goals you think he'll give up tonight?" Berry: "Hmm probably 7."
  9. I dont think the players trust Scheel.
  10. Right now UND doesnt look anything like the first half team and is struggling to look like natty contenders.
  11. This series will show if UND is natty pretender or contenders.
  12. Same. But I grew up in the D2 days of UND Sports. So it was the big boys in Division 1 and then UND/NDSU.
  13. Most people dont even know FCS football exists or what it is. Its virtually a "hidden league" amongst casual sports fans. I admit to formerly being one of those folks.
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