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  1. And the New daily death numbers aren't even accurate. They are dumping months old "probably coronavirus deaths" into the new numbers.
  2. How ironic that we're nearly bankrupting hospitals to treat sick covid patients.
  3. The point is how do we know current death numbers? Which was the first sentence of my post. Just like new confirmed coronavirus cases. We know a spike in new coronavirus cases are from new coronavirus cases. But we cant say that for the new daily death counts. "Spike in new coronavirus cases. Well we added some coronavirus cases from april. So now there's a new spike."
  4. Hard to get an accurate measure of daily deaths when states keep dumping old deaths into the new numbers. Especially when they never tested positive but "probably." This could go on for a long time. New Jersey added 1,800 deaths to their one day total and might keep adding old probably deaths to the new daily numbers. ....and that's just one state.
  5. What does it mean when the BLM website says they want to disrupt Western style nuclear family structures?
  6. Guy was in Fargo. Looking forward to his reviews vs Oxbows.
  7. The daily death count has become very low for covid. Some says its had to mutate to survive and isnt as deadly as before.
  8. I guess this means there will be very few fans allowed at the Ralph this year too?
  9. I'm old enough to remember when the same amount of people were going to get the virus, we were just slowing the spread. That didn't stop. Your odds of eventually getting coronavirus never changed. Whether you're at church or a BLM protest. What was the percentage of Minnesotans will get the corona eventually according to Walz? Iirc it was 40 to 60% even with the lockdowns.
  10. Bret was on the Joe Rogan podcast couple days ago. Said he thinks it's likely the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab and sees things that lead them to believe there was human manipulation in the virus.
  11. Had a Boss Pizza finally. Ordered the Rancheroni. Very tasty and even came in a thinner crust, which was an added bonus.
  12. Cratter


    Mark Dobmeier with a retro UND hockey helmet paint scheme.
  13. Cratter


    World of Outlaws on CBS Sports Network tonight. Two former Nascar drives have been racing this year in the series, Kasey Kahne and Kyle Larson.
  14. Lots of people are hard at work rewriting history books and not just on the civil war.
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