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  1. Three different locations. Maybe trying to see what works best? Does seem odd. But easy set up for vendors and the stages, schedule conflict?
  2. 94k NDSU Football twitter followers vs 20k for UND Football. Always said they need to build a bigger and better Fargodome.
  3. Actually pretty decent methodology imo.
  4. They likely reinvest all "profits." So even if they weren't tax exempt they wouldn't pay any taxes. They run a lot more than a church including a Food Pantry and kid programs.
  5. Throw this one on the old bucket list. Top drag races in the country on national TV. Not too far away.
  6. Looks like no Fargo Air Show in 2022 or 2023. They're applying to have one in 2024.
  7. Does gfhockey have a burner account?
  8. My snapchat story driving home. Lol I crossed over Highway 2 from gravel where cars are going 70+ mph. Three feet to see if it was clear or not. I said a prayer and hit the gas to cross.
  9. Yup. Sat out there for three hours. Left at 130 even though they claimed they'd fly at 230. Didn't have much confidence. And leaving early paid off. Worst winds I'd seen. Blizzard like visibility.
  10. Not sure they own the kmart part, but Hope Church and the owners do a pretty good job managing and upgrading that mall.
  11. Cavalier Motorcycle Ride in next June 17-18. "Mini Sturgis" https://fb.watch/dBNzBUIu4k/
  12. One would think it's about time GF had one pool that's newer than the 70s.
  13. Unless they increased its size, their waterpark is smaller than the Canad Inns.
  14. Watched a stream of cars pull into the Sonic drive up bays...I mean it is summertime. That seems like a key part of their business model. "Sorry the bays and lobby are closed. Only drive thru is open." "Staff shortage" gonna close Sonic next?
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