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  1. Cratter

    Scoreboard change

    Profits. Not expenses. "UND would have gotten the money but the building decided to pay its employees/fix a leaky roof."
  2. Cratter

    Scoreboard change

    For reference, here is the renderings of the new Northeastern scoreboard that was referenced in Schlossman's article.
  3. Cratter

    Scoreboard change

  4. Cratter

    Scoreboard change

    Says the guy with a picture of Notre Dame highlighted on his Twitter page, a school with one of the biggest athletic budgets in the world, but doesn't have women's hockey. I guess that means the only real travesty here was UND was one of those few universities that took a chance on women's hockey. Which now McMahon shows the world: "Hey, it's best not to try."
  5. Cratter

    Scoreboard change

    I was wrong. The Ralph Engelstad Arena just confirmed they are indeed keeping the Fighting Sioux Logo on the bottom of the scoreboard.
  6. Cratter

    Scoreboard change

    They should swap the SOG in place of the actual score.
  7. Cratter

    Scoreboard change

    It's on their upgrade list. Probably the next "big purchase."
  8. Cratter

    Scoreboard change

    No more laser light show.
  9. Cratter

    Scoreboard change

    Sioux logo on the bottom might likely just there to help give a perspective on the size of the new one vs old. As it is appears to be blocking the inside screen for the bench to see.
  10. Cratter

    Scoreboard change

    It pretty much is out of her pocket (or her family's at least).
  11. Cratter

    Scoreboard change

    A big thanks to Kris McGarry.
  12. Cratter

    NDSUCKS Dump Thread

    Lots are just trolling the Bison fans who after all those nattys still feel the need to come on a UND fan site to "correct" them.
  13. Cratter

    North Dakota at Omaha - January 18-19, 2019

    Soooo....Puck Luck?
  14. Cratter

    NFL 2018 - 2019

    And that's with the "updated" version of NFL OT. Use to be worse.