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  1. Another Clinic is expanding in Grand Forks and broke ground today....
  2. Media doesnt know what "deep fake" videos are. Deep fake videos aren't lip syncing videos.
  3. Anyone know what they are building next to the Scheels Sports Complex?
  4. Are you surprised a major regional city gets major companies to build there? Fargo is 3rd largest metro in the five state region: Minnesota, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming. When your buddies introduce you to their wives do you compare them to Ivanka Trump? "Grand Forks gets a Northrup Grumman. Bemidji gets a McDonalds....sometimes the jokes write themselves."
  5. Is Covid19 like a strong wind? Some people die after standing next to cliffs. People in there 80s and 90s are on the edge. The median age of death *with* Covid-19 continues to be higher than the median age of death for all other causes excluding Covid-19.
  6. Countrywide Sanitation is eyeing building a new warehouse facility.
  7. New L.I.S.T.E.N center.
  8. Construction starts next summer on a new 24,000 square foot building on the former Travel Lodge site.
  9. Finally got around to trying Jerseys Mike's. It was very good. Definitely be eating there again. Make sure you get The Juice.
  10. Another "gfhockey rumor" that is false.
  11. Do any of them have blue check marks or just internet trolls?
  12. As many said the key is the first shooting: Did he run into a dead end? What was in the bag to make it fly that far? A brick? Unlit\failed Molotov? He heard a gunshot(s) moments before he turned around. Did he think he was getting fired at? He clearly felt under attack and was trying to flee. He probably felt a guy firing a gun at him was chasing him down and thought his best chance of survival was not having his back turned anymore.
  13. Sanford announced today they are going to build a new clinic in Grand Forks.
  14. Cratter


    Johnny Gibson is the voice of the World of Oulaws. Here's what he had to say today about the race track in Grand Forks:
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