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  1. RIP Sprig. Your thoughtful banter and deep Sioux loyalty will be missed by many. Thanks for posting this MM.
  2. I'll settle for that. :-) Thanks for the correction.
  3. True enough, but they do have 7 titles and have been to the dance enough times to warrant mention (imho).
  4. No Michigan or Wisconsin either. This is a very rare year for the tourney, historically speaking.
  5. Yep. We need a coach with a proven record of hitting the twine. D-corps will be ok with Smaby or other coach staying. We need an offensive minded coach who can give the PP a thirst for goals and the skills to get them. Our offensive output needs to double.
  6. Bring the intensity, every shift. Give them no space with that puck, and crash their net at every chance. When the TCoS happens, the roof should come off the building tonight. GO SIOUX!
  7. Excellent team effort tonight, in spite of some blind reffing and refs who intend to blow. TCoS tomorrow night is monstrous. Go out there and TAKE IT!
  8. Win tonight and go from there. Green guys 2, UMD 1.
  9. I'll take a dozen more of those, please!
  10. Fair point. Sarcasm toward Ref's intended. I'll take the foil off.
  11. I don't condone cheap hockey, but if Allison plays maybe a nice, clean thigh on thigh hit early in the first could give us the edge.
  12. Edit as Poolman is out this weekend. Saturday - Mr. Adams
  13. Friday - Mr. Gardner Saturday - Mr. Poolman
  14. Senseless penalties need to stop now, as they only hurt the team moving forward. I trust the coaching staff to drill power play setups during the week, and I remain hopeful that one day they find a format that clicks. At least, that is my dream. 5x5 this team can skate with JBSU, and we showed that against Duluth on saturday night, as well as absolutely dominating a gopher team in Vegas. This team has the drive, and they have some motivated players (lines 1 and 3 have been outstanding). Move the feet, stay out of the box, backcheck like mad, and don't take a shift off. Scheel will be there, a nd the points will come if we stay focused. Waver from that, try to drive coast to coast and make it happen on your own, or make a lazy clearing pass that gets picked at the blue line...pay the price. UND 3-2 Friday. We'll discuss Saturday tomorrow. GO SIOUX!!!
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