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  1. The speed of the game has changed tremendously over the years. HS kids now play at the speed of the 90's college teams, and college teams play at the speed of the pro game in the nineties. And the pro game now is crazy fast. Add that to the equipment changes, especially goalie pad area, and toss in big goaltenders and yeah, the 1980's college teams would struggle to have a winning record. And yeah, there is no off season any more.
  2. Friday - Mr. Smith Saturday - Mr. Poolman
  3. 3 keys: Put Senden on Wilkie, own the cycle in the CC end and bury our chances. GO SIOUX!!!!
  4. Beat on Scheel all you want, but what was missing from last night's game was offensive puck possession. You lose that battle against a team like Duluth and you are going to spend too much time chasing, then you hand the opponent too many quality opportunities. Our zone entry and puck possession in the second and third periods was a couple of notches below lackluster. Get down a couple of goals and pinch too much, bang...breakaway. Perfect recipe for a "L". Those breakaway goals are not on Scheel, including the shortie (bad PP puck management). To come out on top against a team like this
  5. 11 out of 12 points on the year from Miami. That is how you earn a Penrose cup.
  6. Pinto. Thome. Business Suits. All business for 60 minutes. Three points. Carry on. GO SIOUX!!!
  7. This weekend is a good test for UND. Omaha comes in hungry, and capable of putting up goals. The Sioux need to play a pair of 60 minute games for the sweep. If UND keeps their first half intensity, I think we pocket 6 key NCHC points and see a TCoS on Saturday. BRING IT!
  8. Woog teams always came to play, and we loved to hate those goofer teams because they were dangerous on any given night. R.I.P. Coach
  9. Quality road sweep for this team. Credit to goofy, they brought the intensity tonight and made a game of it. Hats off to UND for standing tall and bringing pressure in the last six minutes. GO SIOUX!!!
  10. Always great to dominate the goofers. There will be a day when this goes the other way, so I'll celebrate tonight and look for the Sioux to hang another touchdown tomorrow night.
  11. Looking for a stream? BTNplus 14.95 /monthly
  12. This UND team can play defense all night long, and score on their chances. I like them for a sweep. GO SIOUX!!
  13. Just win games and let other teams worry about PWR.
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