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  1. I agree. It also seemed like her volume was half of Starman's.
  2. Nobody like Tim for PXP.
  3. Is Tim doing game tonight on radio? I may have to sync if he is
  4. Starman should be doing pxp.
  5. Anybody else having problems getting NCHC TV connected? Logged in again and can't connect to live game.
  6. I watched my grandson play in the GF hockey PWAA tournament this past weekend. His Fargo team played "GF PWAA Red" and "Bismarck PWAA". Very good & competitive games. There is also a GF PWAA Blue team that he has played in the past. Maybe they don't call themselves AA teams unless they are in a PWAA tournament. You can't hold the better players back to lower levels. They will just go somewhere else for the competition like move across the border to EGF. I always believed, "if you want to be the best you have to play against the best."
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