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  1. Roku working fine for me.
  2. Thanks Blackheart. One of my favorite games.
  3. I don't think he ever told anyone to take fish tank cleaner. He tauted the possible benefits of hydroxychloroquine. It was those 2 idiots that came up with fish tank cleaner or just her based on the murder investigations.
  4. My grandsons are probably in on it. They're going stir crazy stuck in the house
  5. That's the reason ND should have Tier 1, AAA teams. If you don't give the better players better competition they will go other places to find it. Doesn't GF lose players to EGF for better competition? From what I understand, this is the first year Fargo had a "stacked" squirt team. High school hockey is just high school hockey. I saw the ND high school hockey tourney and the GF and Fargo teams weren't that far apart in talent. Either team could have won it. If you want to be the best you have to play the best.
  6. Upcoming younger players may change that in the near future. Big win for the Fargo Squirt Black team being the first Fargo team to win their Squirt International tournament in it's 36 year history. Familiar name to long time Sioux fans involved in helping this to happen. https://www.inforum.com/sports/hockey/4978654-Fargo-team-makes-history-for-local-youth-hockey-with-Squirt-tourney-title
  7. I don't have FSN so I'll watch on NCHC-TV. Tim's broadcast on 96.1 the Fox on IHeart has always run at least a minute behind NCHC-TV on my system. I stop video on TV at 1st. puck drop. I have my desktop or laptop tuned in to Tim. When he says anything close to puck drop or any action, I start video on TV. I can usually get within a second of both being in sync. If I miss I have to wait till next stoppage to try again. Tim talks about syncing it before every game. He needs to be more vocal about first drop to make it easier to sync.
  8. Sync up with Tim on IHeart radio. It's not that hard. Tim could make it a lot easier if he said when the first puck drop happens.(hint, hint)
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