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    Jacks VS Hawks

    Is J'bore hurt more than everyone thought, or did the Freshman just beat him out?
  2. Funny thing about that 2016 season was that Cam was the question mark. With the makeup of the d core and the CBS line, if they hadn't made a deep run and faltered somewhere it likely would have been due to the goaltending and we all would have pointed at Zane leaving as the reason they didn't hang #8. Instead, the first two shots of the season went in, and the rest is history!
  3. When I played Devils Lake was in the west and Jamestown was in the east. Wonder what changed to make them flip? Just my opinion, but if I was Jamestown I'd absolutely want to play in the east region. All those Fargo schools, and your worst bus trip is Grafton.
  4. The ones that do out west end up losing good kids to other programs. Watched the Minot-South game last night and Minot has lost 8 kids that should be on their high school team this year to prep schools or prep programs. The kid that scored the first goal for South-Shanley last night is a Wahp-Breck kid that left and ended up at South-Shanley like the Senf kid who left Jamestown the year before. Talked to a dad that sent his kid away out here in western ND. The biggest thing for him was the game/competition factor. You get 20 something games in ND high school hockey, and if you play
  5. Central vs. Red River for the state championship part??????? Central is the 28 time state champ? Not sure how many Red River has. Wonder how many state championship game appearances between the two schools.
  6. Looks to be Central vs. South-Shanley and Red River vs. West Fargo Friday.
  7. If Central kept the gas down the entire game they could probably get close today. Bottineau has a pretty good goaltender, but he'll need to be sharp to keep Central under 6 goals. Thrilled to see Bottineau at the state tournament, but know that the inevitable is going to occur with all the talent that GFC has.
  8. Go to ndhighschoolhockey.com. The guy who does that site put up a full list of links to both boys' and girls' games starting at roughly 4:30 today. On Friday it looks like a full days worth of games starting at 11 AM.
  9. Five of the six could play in the NHL. Love Bast to death, but probably a minor league career. (Would love to eat crow on that prediction).
  10. Looks like wday extra channel will play the Central and Red River games. If you don't get that you can watch on inforum.com I believe. Out west the Minot-South/Shanley game is on prostyle production network which you can get online or on youtube. Not sure about Century-West Fargo for TV.
  11. Prediction time: South Shanley over Minot 3-1 Central over Bottineau 8-1 Century over West Fargo 2-1 Red River over Williston 6-1
  12. Believe knox.com does a live feed.
  13. I called one a goal in OT that was super close in a squirt B1 game. Funny how my phone number went around to local parents wondering about my call. Didn't help that there was four guys standing 60 feet away in a corner (we have an Olympic rink) that came into the hallway yelling it wasn't a goal. Now I get texts asking why I don't reff anymore because they are stuck with 12 and 13 year old pee wee kids doing games because its all they have.
  14. I loved officiating, but situations like these made it easy to step away. You think you're doing the program a favor by doing a 12U girls game at 8AM on a Sunday morning that no other officials want to pick up, and you get yelled at for two periods because two girls had their heads down and ran smack into each other and both sides want a murder charge for the opposing player. Not everyone can officiate a high school hockey game. You've got to be an exceptional skater IMHO. They've made it a little easier with most high school games being four man crews, but you're not always going to b
  15. Could not agree more about hockey games in a normal year.. You could go up to the bar areas during a game at REA and ask 100 people the score and I'd bet 60 percent wouldn't know.
  16. Didn't see any of the game, but my heart bleeds for the stripes when situations like that happen. Being the lead official on the goalie's glove side there is just no human way possible to see the far post. Give him credit for doing his darndest to get into a better position to get a look when the goalie is squeezing the post.
  17. If there is documentation of this guy showing bias and the NDHSAA let him be a goal judge at a region tournament....sigh....
  18. That situation is an on ice officials nightmare. One team is celebrating a goal and if you ask Amsbaugh of course it was. Then of course Bismarck will say no way because it didn't look in at all. You didn't see it go in so of course you are asking the goal judge what he saw. Which in this instance he somehow said its a goal. So you call it no goal, and Bottineau is screaming at you that the goal judge turned the light on so of course it was in, and the kid who put his arms up will never tell you any differently. They lose the game in OT, and you are getting all kinds of hate becaus
  19. Jamer getting Abate was worth it. And if you're an Omaha fan and pissed, that'd be like Prpich or Hextall getting slashed and us wondering why.
  20. Most fight he showed all night was in the penalty box there.
  21. Send the Omaha guys to the room while the UND guys get to carry their trophy around for a while.
  22. Just sit down Johny.....goodness...... You expect it from Abate.
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