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  1. Been looking forward to this game for years. I was a student the last time NDSU snapped a ball in a game at the Alerus, and one Digger Anderson walked that game off in huge fashion after a great Bison comeback. My brother was in the Gold Star band. My dad and I cheering for the Sioux, my mom and bro the Ag school. I miss those days when it seemed like the game meant so much more. Coincidentally that same brother is getting married on game day in LA....sigh.... Nonetheless its time to put up or shut up for our boys from UND. They're finally at our place. Game on.
  2. I'm a huge Notre Dame fan as well and I can't stand when they go outside the norm with the Shamrock Series etc. Just wear the golden dome and leave the cute stuff for Oregon.
  3. And I'm one lottery ticket short of being a millionaire.
  4. I get your point, but last week would have been a 58 yard field goal to try and win it.
  5. Alright. 0-4 a real possibility. Russell Wilson next...scary.... Then the Browns..... The first 0-4 team to win the superbowl.
  6. You know, Minot was one of the first to follow Grand Forks with the AA bantam team. Since then, a lot of those Bantam players started to leave right after for the AAA ranks. Colorado, Notre Dame, Shattuck, Phoenix Jr. Coyotes, etc. Can't speak to whether the parents like Bennett and Grubb. My guess is that some of them took the competition/# of games aspect into account when deciding high school hockey wasn't for them.
  7. It would be interesting to see some numbers of kids that left vs. other programs. I can think of at least 7 kids....scary.
  8. And the Carlson kid was super clutch for the Raiders today. That's just the life of a viking fan.
  9. Game one was the players, today was him. Terrible decisions, but thats not surprising in the later years of the Zimmer era. The squib cost them points, and the offensive playcalling again spotty. Get the ball as close as possible. Or put it on the kickers preferred hash mark. Joseph has to make those kicks, but I'm not really in the bail Zimmer out for poor decisions boat either. If they go 0-4 maybe it means a regime change that is much needed.
  10. Someone posted it earlier in the thread. I have zero idea what the real story is.
  11. Glad that Bubba sat Otis if he missed a meeting. Unacceptable. Was hoping its not an academics thing. The green goggles fan in me is happy that he should be rested and healthy for the Bison game.
  12. I'll just forever be in the old school category when it comes to the uniforms. Love Bama, Penn State, Notre Dame. Honestly though, they could wear leotards in two weeks and I won't care, as long as they win.
  13. How about they try something like this?
  14. Its been needed for some time. Guessing a school on the north side, and the current Minot High becomes the high school for Southside kids. Currently you have 9-10 (Central Campus) and 11-12 (Magic City Campus) split up at two different schools. Not sure if there is enough kids playing hockey for two high school teams in Minot, definitely all other sports though.
  15. Is now the point we will start seeing the Bismarck High decline that many predicted was only a few years away after Legacy? I'm amazed that Minot is as down as they are in football. Last year and now this year.
  16. Whine line is a personal favorite. If any Viking fan isn't use to the worst possible thing happening and $hit blowing up in our faces they can't ever be helped. Blaming the reffs for that performance is like getting outshot 66-6 and saying you were right there in the end. The moment I said in my head "the worst they can do is tie" it was over.
  17. Nope, I think thats a pretty fair slot for this team. Definitely miss the guy in the faceoff circle.
  18. This right here....Do these guys just watch their own teams through a microscope and have zero idea what is going on anywhere in the hockey world? I know the answer for a few of the "voters" but this is a joke. If Miettinen plays in the NHL before Sanderson I'll listen to an entire season of Bruce Ciskie Podcasts and go on the Drunk Hockey Guy diet.
  19. Hahahahahahaha.......gasp......hahahahaha..... Ohh were you serious?
  20. Wilbur


    I think you will start seeing all facilities do this with the added pressure they are getting from Washington. I'll just watch from home. My wife normally bugs me the entire time I go to a game anyway.
  21. Its either because I purposely picked A-Rog for my fantasy teams or he wants to give one last middle finger to the state of Wisconsin on his way out. No other reason he plays that dog $hit. I'd like to think I had something to do with it.
  22. Ridiculous penalty numbers. Sick of the offense not taking chances. They did not deserve whatsoever to win that game. Cincinnati sucks, but at least didn't false start 10 times. I'll say under 6 wins, and Zimmer says adios.
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