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  1. 2011 season no question - still probably my favorite all-time squad. So much talent, depth, and characters. Still tbt toughest loss to see in person at the X. 1999 as well. Stunning loss to BC. Glad many had the shot to exorcise demons the next year to not only win it, but to beat the Eagles.
  2. Typically 3 seed swap - gopher might get matchup with St Cloud and UND gets UMass
  3. Agree - Harvard and UMass in Worcester will help attendance and it does not hinder bracket integrity. this is a Friday/Sunday site - March 25/27
  4. Just not that Noon game on Thursday -in Albany, ouch. talk about your First World problems - me complaining about what time UND plays in NCAA tournament
  5. Statistically speaking right now, “most likely” is UND and Western playing in same regional - of course, a lot of “ifs” tomorrow.
  6. Looks like UND will be 6, 7, or 8 - so a #2 seed all but guaranteed
  7. Congrats on #500, Dave! Your insights and previews are a great GameDay tradition.
  8. For those in Fargo/Moorhead/West Fargo - games are actually on KVRR2 (595) on Midco, not 323 like other areas of Minnesota and the Dakotas. I've been told it has to do with ad revenue or something because the games are very popular in the FM Metro market.
  9. OSU’s chances of making tourney drop down to 33% via Pairwise Probability Matrix. That was a tough loss tonight.
  10. Interesting Josh Fenton is at Summit League Hoops tourney in Sioux Falls tonight (his new gig). so he must not think DU will be receiving their Penrose tonight. Didn’t make the trip to Mile High City.
  11. so much going on with hoops - NSIC and Summit tournaments coming down to the wire, i get it. But still, find it odd that Midco2 channel is showing relay of last week's game vs. W. Michigan.
  12. I stand corrected, was referring to a tidbit Schloss recently shared regarding close games that have not gone their way. Something to the effect of - had Miami won all of its recent overtime games they would be 9-7 since early December. Still a stretch to consider them dangerous but better than 7-23-2 overall record suggests.
  13. Aside from what happens in Omaha, UND will get Miami or CC next weekend. Chase Gresock returning seems to have made a positive impact on the Redhawks, who have been hovering around .500 these past three months. Miami doesn't have an easy road at Kalamazoo to pick up a point on CC but the Washe news can't help the Broncos' focus.
  14. Ben Strinden is indeed Earl's grandson.
  15. Can't recall a time when this early into the process that 10 of the 16 teams are essentially 'locks' (8 at 100% and two at 99.7% or higher). It's really going to come down to those 10 and then others who need to win their conference tournament to go. As a fan of NoDak it will be fun to see someone else sweat it out on the bubble for a change. Take Minnesota for example. They are clearly in but when the tournament starts on March 24 they will have played only 1 or 2 games over the span of 28 days. I don't know if that bodes well for them?
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