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  1. Friday Night's game on CBSSN at 7pm Saturday Night's game looks like NCHC.tv only. MidCo has basketball already scheduled unless they pick up the game on their MidCoSN2 channel.
  2. Why not this logo? It is vintage from the late 50’s/60s, and you see it on a lot of locker room apparel. Additionally, we really liked the GameDay experience last night at The Ralph. Those who were there made it count. Good celebrations and the band and students added to the atmosphere. Also great to hear the coaches chirp at officials. I will be back for another home game this season if everything works out.
  3. Plenty of 'great seats' available - secured a pair for Sunday Night's game (NFL Playoffs Shmayoffs). Since my season tickets seats are upper deck (personal preference), I went with top row upper deck (302, I think) to save a little vs lower bowl with fees for J.P. Ticketmaster. No one to our left or right or the row ahead or behind me. I don't mind paying the premium price and the atmosphere will be lacking but if this is going to be a Championship team, I'd like to see them play.
  4. I am not one to ladle on the excuses but let’s be mindful that it is getting close to late January and the boys haven’t had a home game. Road fatigue can be a factor. I know this is the scenario and reality of 2021 and every team has to overcome it, but this nomadic lifestyle poses a challenge. Next weekend’s return to the ice at The Ralph, with some fans in the building could prove to be the salve
  5. I have been holding on just for this post-game Berry softball fest. “last two minutes are key to carry over to tomorrow, you’ve got to think....”
  6. This is bad. “Honey, I’m gonna need my Carhartts.”
  7. I hope it’s not the guy that did the CC/DU game on CBSSN January 1. He was....not good. I don’t know if he was doing the game remote or what but he was two seconds behind the puck going into the net on more than one occasion. Ben Holden and Clay Matvick are the best two PBP in college hockey.
  8. Player of the Game: SiouxFanatic - thanks, very much! - caught 2nd and 3rd period and it worked great.
  9. Thank you for giving it a try. This is the first of 11 games this year not shown on MidCo so I/we've gotten a bit spoiled.
  10. same here, Sodbuster. does anyone plan on showing a stream tonight via Siouxsports? Otherwise, it's Monday Night Hennessy for me.
  11. Happy to hear the first game is being televised on MidCo. This is excellent. I will take some UND hockey over NFL Playoffs and Monday Night, I'll take it over the College Football Championship too. Of course, there will always be time to flip back during the intermission breaks, but then I'd miss the MidCo Sports news breaks notifying me that Sioux Falls Baseball Association has been awarded the Central Plains Baseball Tournament.
  12. I too was not high enough on the food chain. I was hoping they would divvy up tickets so that season ticket holders could at least attend “a game” but that doesn’t appear to be the way they did it. Understandable, I suppose as it would have been tough to manage. It will now be interesting to see how much tickets inflate in the secondary market. I also wonder if any road games will feature ticket options. I am guessing the Colorado schools will not not allow fans of any kind this year.
  13. Per MidCo, their network will not be broadcasting the UND games from Omaha on Dec 31/Jan 1 so NCHC.tv looks like the only option. On the bright side, MidCo will broadcast the games from Denver, January 15/16.
  14. A win puts UND at 20 puts in the Pod, leading Duluth slightly (18 for Bulldogs). Duluth had a game in hand as their date with CC will need to be made up. I wonder if they will send CC to Minnesota to make up games with Duluth and CC both on the league’s ‘bye weekend’ (Jan 30). At any rate, find a way to shut the door and showcase our skill advantage vs Miami. I was talking to a friend at the start of the Pod and I set the over/under for UND wins at 7.5 for these 20 days so they are almost there.
  15. full slate of games Tuesday night (15th) Fargo Davies has Moorhead on it's schedule (for now) for January 28th - it will be good to see where they stand.
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