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  1. GoalieMask


    18:38 left in second - “hot goalie” -Jake from State Farm
  2. GoalieMask


    So SRO is the only thing that remains. Also good to see it will be Friday/Saturday once again.
  3. GoalieMask


    I too live in Fargo and out of sheer will I have made it happen the last two times the regional was at Scheels. Tickets will surface, many time more than face value, but I have found that patience pays off. I justify the expense when I consider what I don’t pay in travel, meals, and hotel The two game series in 2015 was sensational as a fan, maybe the most enjoyable wins my family and I have witnessed. ( I wasn’t at The Ralph in 2006 but I imagine that would have also been a pinnacle). Long way to go of course but it would be Interesting if Arizona State makes it - they would probably place them out west (Fargo).
  4. GoalieMask


    Got a pair a couple of weeks back. Demand/buzz doesn’t seem as high as it was in 2015 or 2017, but it is still early.
  5. GoalieMask

    Buying tickets outside the Ralph

    I have purchased tickets this way and it has been mutually beneficial in that it wasn't a "must" for me to attend and it was close to face-off so the seller was willing to let them go for a good price. Best bet is outside the main gate (Sioux Shop) a 20 to 30 minutes before the game. That said, I haven't seen this for EVERY game so if you are really looking to go (and you are traveling to get there), find tickets by other means.
  6. GoalieMask

    UND vs. Penn St. Nashville 2020-21

    Destination Games work (and UND will sell 12,000 to 15,000 tickets) because it is all about timing and advanced planning. Vegas worked because it was guaranteed that on October 20, 2018 you will see UND playing hockey. Same goes for the game at Madison Square Garden. When you play in a regional or Frozen Four there is a "chance" UND will be there but it's never a guarantee. Some don't want to make an investment in the risk of "what if?" The odds are better that UND will be playing in St. Paul every March and that is why that is a destination for so many fans year over year. But when it comes to NCAA tournaments, it's never a given until a week or two before. Tell us when we need to be in Nashville and the green people will make it happen.
  7. GoalieMask

    Weekend Preview: North Dakota vs. Minnesota State

    Goal production continues to be sparse. 2-1 MSU Friday 2-1 UND Saturday I just really hope one of those goals is on the power play so that the boys can feel good about that again.
  8. GoalieMask

    UND/Bemidji Home and Home Series

    3-3 tie Friday 4-1 win Saturday for UND We may not know it now but these key WCHA series the next two weeks in October could be valuable come mid-March at selection time.
  9. FACE VALUE - I have three tickets available for sale - $25 apiece - upper deck, Section 314, Row D. Nice seats in a friendly section. Start the year off right cheering on the boys at The Ralph. PM if interested.
  10. GoalieMask

    Wanted:4 tickets for Manitoba game

    I have 3 together plus two free vouchers for extras. Let me know if that would work.
  11. GoalieMask


    I have 3 for sale Saturday Night 10/13, PM me for details.
  12. GoalieMask

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. St. Cloud - SATURDAY Gameday

    So, what can we expect here? Is it that simple? Omaha is higher than UND now in Pairwise - does a series win by UND leapfrog/eliminate them? Or could Omaha still finish higher than UND if, say, UND loses a semifinal in St Paul? Gophers really $#*% the bed this weekend. They are on shaky ground at 13 and Penn State, meanwhile, is rolling. Our current standing is even more perilous than 2014. BU is the team that scares me. They will be one to watch for sure.
  13. GoalieMask

    Far too early, but what the hell...Bracketology

    I think if Penn State is out altogether they will send Notre Dame to Allentown and maybe Mankato to Sioux Falls vs UND. strange that if the Gophers lose this weekend they will have a three week break before they play in NCAAs. One week rest is ok but they might want to consider and exhibition vs. DeVry University in the meantime. A split for UND this weekend, meanwhile, bumps them up to 12 or 13.
  14. GoalieMask

    The Team Formerly Known As The Sioux ( Now Identity Free )

    Sioux Hockey mentality is preached, practiced, and engrained whether a bird is on the shoulder or not. As long as legacies like Bubbs, Dane, and Captains through the years continue to carry on that legacy, this mentality will endure. Agree, consistency in large does this year may be lacking but it’s hard to conclude that 40 years of success is on the ropes due to a .500 league record.
  15. GoalieMask

    Olympic Hockey

    Congrats to the Captain, Chay Genoway, on the Olympic Bronze Medal. Seven years after he left the program, I am still impressed by his leadership.