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  1. UND takes the trip out west coming off of a home sweep vs. Miami. Denver appears to be the early season conference favorite. This very big early season NCHC series starts Friday with UND looking to make a statement.
  2. Now THAT is a recipe I may have to consider myself. Ah, the dulcet tones of TH on a crisp autumn/winter evening.
  3. 3:56 A.M. - is that when Mettler's closes?
  4. Big series in Mankato Here is TV information - looks like $12.50 for the month https://www.flohockey.tv/signup?redirect=%2Flive%2F16993
  5. I love the fact that the banners have historically correct logos on them. As far as where they are hung and complaining about it....wow, talk about your first world problems.
  6. Every year since 2006, a #4 has beaten a #1. I am surprised more didn’t pick Providence over Minnesota State as tr gamenis in Providence. Tough call for me but I have the Purple Cows going to Buffalo.
  7. Frozen Four: Ohio State / Notre Dame / Minnesota State / Minnesota Duluth
  8. They moved it to Sunday night to give some conferences (Big Ten mostly) the option to play their conference title game on a Sunday afternoon.
  9. I will still be at Regionals, watching the sport I love—College Hockey—in my own backyard. What I do hope for is two NCHC teams playing in Fargo. While I would root for #16 to beat SCSU, I would at least be entertained by a Denver-SCSU regional final.
  10. Franks in 52nd usually draws a good Sioux crowd. Owner is a proud UND alum.
  11. 1-0 UND (in OT) tonight, 3-0 Denver Saturday and 2-1 UND win Sunday. Two years ago I was in the south on a business trip when UND beat Denver 1-0 in NCHC semifinals on Friday night of St. Patty’s Day Weekend. I say history repeats itself tonight. Will be fun at sports bar down here with Duke vs Carolina on the side whilst I watch college hockey. Other picks: Duluth, SCSU, and CC advance this weekend.
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