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  1. I think we have seen the last of Scheel for this season, barring a Thome injury. Time to “dance with who brung ya.” no gimmes in this conference but CC is a better matchup than Miami.
  2. Win tonight and a dirty tie tomorrow. 4 point weekend. Then we’re on to CC.
  3. GoalieMask

    Best bar...

    Franks (52nd Ave South) is good - agreed, Jeff the owner is a long-time Sioux fan. Also a good throwback to the Pink Pussycat bar in downtown Fargo from a bygone era. Food is actually pretty good too. Gastropub used to be a good place as they had all games (home and road) but not so much anymore. They play music instead of game sound. Tailgators is a good sports bar with above average bar food- known more so as a home for Vikings/Bison fans though.
  4. 3-1 UND (ENG) Adams, Pinto 2x Western Michigan is a solid team now that they are back healthy.
  5. Davies 4 Century 1 South/Shanley 6 Minot 1 Red River 10 Jamestown 0 Central 2 Bismarck 1 f/ot Semifinals: South/Shanley 2 Davies 1 Red River 4 Central 3 Final: South/Shanley 2 Red River 0
  6. Not to get ahead of ourselves but...… Regarding the Penrose and possible "Cupage" Duluth is playing out in CC on Friday (late start/late finish/unknown result) so even if UND wins it still won't know anything on Friday Night as far as conference title goes. As stoneySIOUX says, Saturday could be the night (and I hope it is) where they can be awarded the conference title in front of the home fans.
  7. I am looking forward to the business suits as I am in attendance tonight. Also a share of the Penrose if things work out well. Time for another white banner (and eventually another green one too).
  8. This marks three straight league game losses for the Pios; albeit against the top two teams in the conference. Beware of the wounded animal. The boys need to stay out of the box, play with intensity, and send these guys back to the Mile High City smarting from a sweep.
  9. CBSSN coverage is always good IMO. Those rapid fire intermission questions fell flat through. Denver’s coach Carle didn’t come across as a very charismatic individual. Bill Belicheck is a whirling dervish compared to him.
  10. Another hard fought, evenly matched struggle with DU. Let’s keep it going and finish.
  11. Let’s start the weekend off right with the boys keeping up the Penrose pace. UND 2, DU 1
  12. 1. Minnesota - I think it all started with Mazako and Woog and their elitist bull$h!t. 2. St. Clown - wannabe institution and their fans/program seem to think they are among NCAA’s best. A few years back in a press release they edited out the Sioux logo on the front of a jersey to make a political point. People don’t forget. 3. Michigan - see Frozen Four 2011, still the toughest loss I have endured as a fan. That and what seemed like Red’s refusal time schedule regular season games with UND i should “hate” Denver and Duluth but I don’t. They are programs I respect as they field good teams and make for great games to watch. I have always had a soft spot for CC.
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