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  1. You kind of hit on it here but in that article talking about the collegehockeystats guy, the coaches asked him the best way to make the national tournament given the NCHC schedule. His answer was to schedule the best teams you know you can beat. So mixing in the Niagara's, Bemidji St, etc. drastically help the national picture assuming you win the games you should win. I know the standard answer to this is we should think we can beat anyone, which while true, is mathematically not the most probable way to make the tournament.
  2. In before the 'haw manny bluuu chippawzz?'
  3. I am selling a pair of tickets in Section 103, Row R for both Friday and Saturday(will sell nights separately). This is the double attack end for UND and the last row in the upper bowl so no one kicking your seat behind you or spilling beer on you. Asking $45/ticket OBO Text me at 218.230.9266 if interested
  4. 5th in the Big10? We should roll over them, at least I sure hope we do for all of us travelling for the game!
  5. A lot has changed in people's lives since they purchased the tickets. How long has it been since they went on sale? 2+ years? For example, I'm selling a couple because my sister and BIL are expecting their 2nd child (FWIW: I told her there are plenty of good hospitals in Nashville but she wouldn't listen)
  6. Anyone know how or when we can pick up Wildhorse Tickets? I sold a couple and Ticketmaster doesn't allow me to transfer them like I do my game tickets on their website.
  7. Wish I could go but Nashville the weekend right after makes it a no go for me.
  8. I was lobbying hard for Nodaks over Roughriders as I didn't think Fhakws had a chance. Now I'd be so happy with either one.
  9. Good point, in my mind I was still imagining them missing the Omaha Bubble. Thank God that's not the case any longer.
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