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  1. Ryan Ruck may have some PTSD if he had to start vs UND. He couldn't even beat us when he was on the "hottest team in the country" going into the 2016 NCAAs
  2. They've also gone 8-2-1 in their last 11 and 3-1 in their last 4 vs top 5 teams in the country. See how easy it is to manipulate stats to say what you want them to?
  3. They must be making up for the fact that there is only 5 times all season they've been able to vent.
  4. Scheel had a crap game, 2nd goal was terrible. But everyone seems to already have forgotten his performance vs WMU last weekend to lock up a share of the Penrose, 2 goals on 43 shots .953 save % including some big times one at the end of Saturday's game. That being said, Thome deserves the net tonight. Let's go get that f'ing Penrose tonight and extend UMD's streak without a regular season championship to 27 years!
  5. After staying under their bridge most of the season, I see they're out in full force tonight...
  6. Every time I put on my personalized #6 Sioux jersey
  7. Saw that too, has to be the only time that upside has been that big with the last 6 games of the season. Playing the #1,#4,& #5 pairwise ranked teams to finish out the year.
  8. 23-3-3, Penrose on the way, #1 overall seed looking good, stout recruiting pipeline... definitely should've canned him last March
  9. BSU and MTU helping out our cause as well. Wins that didn't seem like they'd be a quality win looking quite different since.
  10. You can never have enough In Heaven There Is No Beer...
  11. If you watch the full replay Brink wound up for a slap shot, started to stumble, which caused Smith to go for broke to clear the zone. Brink surprisingly regains his footing, turns to protect the puck as Smith slides into the back of his legs since Brink had turned around. 2 minutes tripping sure, but if you're calling for a major it's only because it resulted in an injury on a type of play that happens multiple times a weekend and is not called "clipping". Hope Bobby is back soon, he's got a rocket of a shot and is a fun player to watch. I've noticed every time we play Denver and someone gets injured the keyboard warriors are calling for a suspension/kick said player out of college hockey. It is getting kind of silly.
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