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  1. Ludvig Hoff seemed to manage it.
  2. I wish, would love to get back to the city of my alma mater. However, last trip we made it to Red Rock Canyon for some hiking which was a fun time. Have a local Colorado gummy if you want to make it even more fun. If you're staying near the campus, where the rink now is, walking tejon and checking out the various bars and restaurants is a good time. Not Nashville by any means but it's a pretty good vibe.
  3. Completely agree, I always worry when we're playing cream puffs at the beginning of the year and Denver or UMD are getting battle tested with a loaded non-con schedule. TBH Quinnipiac might be the best team in the country at the current moment so getting them on the schedule and getting a W was huge
  4. Not great either, will probably give it one more shot
  5. Didn't love it, breakfast burrito was presented in wrapping so it's essentially a gas station burrito thrown in a microwave. Not sure what I expected but that wasn't it.
  6. I’d like to point out those are not mutually exclusive. I’m in the overlap of that Venn diagram that’s sick of both
  7. Love them & will be buying one, if only we would have chose Nodaks as our name instead of Fighting Hawks
  8. If I'm thinking of the same game I believe that was a really good game that went down as a 5-5 tie with Miami coming back from a 2 goal deficit in the 3rd period. If memory serves this was the icebreaker and were the other 2 teams BC and Notre Dame?
  9. Who's this Tomek you speak of? I don't recall him playing here.
  10. 3 days later and the league still didn't get the call right on the Savoie hit
  11. Also, give the damn puck to Gaber and let him shoot
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