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  1. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    Shaw's gone.

    Idk Denver's a bigger threat currently and we play them 4x a year!
  2. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    Shaw's gone.

    I'm not mad Goon, just disappointed
  3. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    Shaw's gone.

    Maybe they did?
  4. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer


    That was incredible theater, one of the greatest moments in the history of golf. Bethpage and Pebble hold some pretty good memories for him too so maybe just scoop up major #16 and 17 heading into The Open at Royal Portrush
  5. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    2019 DI Mens Ice Hockey Championship

    Sandelin sold before that 2011 Frozen Four, hence why UND who dominated everyone else that year and couldn't score on a walk-on goalie.
  6. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Boeser was Wisconsin, Ausmus was Denver, Stecher was Omaha(probably forgetting some)... it seems you may need a little “luck” as a coach
  7. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    That's called PDO for those of you interested in advanced stats or have heard that term thrown around.
  8. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    Goodbye to a SiouxSports Friend * Godspeed, sprig

    Exactly, enjoy the ride while it lasts because no one knows when it's going to be over
  9. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    I'll never understand why some of our own fanbase mocks and kicks this program when they're down. You'd almost think some "fans" enjoy it more when we're losing just so they can get their potshot in.
  10. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    Goodbye to a SiouxSports Friend * Godspeed, sprig

    Really sorry to hear this, only knew sprig from this board but awesome picture/memory MM shared showing him with his granddaughters winning the grand prize. Prayers to his family and loved ones.
  11. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    ITS OVER!!!

    SCSU has to get by the AHA champion first though. I honestly don't think they are that overwhelming of a favorite.
  12. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    ITS OVER!!!

    You've lost all credibility(not that you had any to begin with) with this post. Duncan has had a hell of a hockey career and made more money doing so than guys that are having a cup of coffee in the league and battling it out in the A.
  13. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    UND @ DU -- First Round NCHC, Game 1

    I’m afraid it’s you who missed the point and it’s made painfully clear by what you just regurgitated into that post. The comparison between an accountant and a hockey player got even sillier and you somehow pushed us even further away from a coherent discussion. That’s not to mention the staggering amount of ellipses you used. I’m guessing you’re not an English teacher because... “results matter” as you so eloquently put it. These young men will do just fine moving forward, but you don’t actually care about that. Good luck with getting those “numbers to add up” and the Peterson account
  14. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    UND @ DU -- First Round NCHC, Game 1

    Senior VP, VP? I don't know, it's a tough comparison
  15. InHeavenThereIsNoBeer

    UND @ DU -- First Round NCHC, Game 1

    Comparing college hockey to “the real world” and being an accountant is such a stretch. Thousands and thousands of people are successful at different levels of being an accountant and they’re not all that special. I know because I have been one. Much fewer people in the world are talented enough to play d1 level hockey, at UND nonetheless. To suggest that because UND hockey currently isnt living up to your hopes and dreams for them this season, they may not be preparing these young men for the real world is proposterous at best. These kids have produced “results” their entire lives or they would not be in the position they are. I feel like a few people on this site project a lot of their desires/emotions/feelings of accomplishment(or lack thereof) on this team. Then, when they don’t produce or fall short of that person’s standards it becomes personal and these people lash out as if they’ve been wronged. It’s similar to a father living vicariously through their son’s accomplishments. This is a game and winning or losing is not a reflection of these student athletes character or your bull$%!# preparation for the real world spiel so save it. This season sucks because cheering for a successful team is more fun than an unsuccessful one but that’s all it is. So don’t make it out to be more.