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  1. I was lobbying hard for Nodaks over Roughriders as I didn't think Fhakws had a chance. Now I'd be so happy with either one.
  2. Good point, in my mind I was still imagining them missing the Omaha Bubble. Thank God that's not the case any longer.
  3. Last guy we had with red flags ended up being a mess on a national scale so I'm ok with the decommit. There's a lot of talented hockey players out there, so the ones with questionable character can go to other programs.
  4. Our schedule for 3 consecutive weeks: Duluth @ Home, Minnesota @ Home, St Cloud on the road Might be the toughest 3 weekend stretch of any schedule in the country next season.
  5. This is the best damn thing I've read on this site in a long time. I believe the word is perspective.
  6. Not like he didn't have plenty of opportunity here, can't believe he hasn't scored in 48 games. Reminds me of Wade Murphy
  7. Thank you! I guess my question is more, is he a high end guy? I thought he was a pretty big get at one point?
  8. I'm not good at staying up to date on recruits. Is Ethan Bowen still a thing?
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