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  1. 8 tickets in 1st row of 317 behind UND's end they attack twice on, tickets to wild horse pregame party, and on the 2nd charter flight out of GF direct to Nashville. Should be quite a week/weekend!
  2. Reply "I expect them to be done in 5 minutes not 8, because 8 > 5"
  3. Yeah... I'm gonna have to go ahead and pass for $30. If Stream Price > Game Ticket, that is usually where I draw the line. And I'm not going to be watching any USHL games so the month doesn't really help, hoping there's a 1 game price of $5-10.
  4. Anyone know if there is a stream for the exhibition vs U18 US Team? Something to look forward to...
  5. Had a beanie on that said North Dakota getting on a chairlift in Big Sky, MT and the operator said 'Go Sioux'
  6. The main issue I have is that the committee was tasked with coming up with nickname options that were unique to North Dakota yet somehow Fighting Hawks made the list. If you want North Dakotans to get behind something at least make it something that has ties to the state. Roughriders and Nodaks was personal and fit the description(not perfectly but at least they were uniquely North Dakotan). I'm still waiting to hear what connection Hawks, fighting or otherwise, have to North Dakota. Would there still be holdouts for the Sioux Forever crowd? Sure, but I don't think it would be quite as many. All conjecture though.
  7. So 12,000+ already sold? I'd say this Hall of Game is already a success.
  8. 8 tickets in 1st row of 300 level directly behind net UND shoots twice at, let's go!
  9. Yup I dont remember it being a huge deal in the 90s at the old rea. College kids are immature, let them be if it creates atmosphere
  10. I'm not even making a prediction. The way this team is playing I predict they beat anyone in the country so put me down for a W until notified otherwise.
  11. Not over the top at all, Stecher belongs in the conversation with those guys... and Naumenko is my all time favorite UND player.
  12. Whatever we were missing seems to have been found this year, I don't think this team is far off from that year. Not the same high level talent but as a whole they are relentless.
  13. My favorite. A thorough and utter dismantling of the Broncos. It felt like Boeser did his move just to copy Schmaltz, just messing with Gorsuch.
  14. The thing I liked is the players and Coach Berry's postgame could have been after any win. If you weren't clued into the score you could mistake it for being 4-2 game. And they kept the focus on, yes tonight was great but they'll come out hard tomorrow night and we have to get the same effort. I get the feeling that this team is good at keeping an even keel.
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