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  1. This is the best damn thing I've read on this site in a long time. I believe the word is perspective.
  2. Not like he didn't have plenty of opportunity here, can't believe he hasn't scored in 48 games. Reminds me of Wade Murphy
  3. Thank you! I guess my question is more, is he a high end guy? I thought he was a pretty big get at one point?
  4. I'm not good at staying up to date on recruits. Is Ethan Bowen still a thing?
  5. Initially read this as Budy, you can imagine my surprise!
  6. One could be fooled into forgetting that reading this board, so thank you for the reminder
  7. Conference tournament title in 20-21 as well Not to mention 19-20 team didn't even have the chance at either despite being the #1 team in the country at the time. FYI Loss and Tie headings are switched
  8. The only issue I see with this idea is 'how they will be able to keep track of all the money coming in'?
  9. This is what I'm actually interested in out of all this bickering. Mel Pearson sounded perplexed that his team was booted, I wonder if a trainer or ancillary member of the team tested positive and every other player tested negative but were "close contacts".
  10. Midwest Regional Final is at 6:30CT, not 4:30
  11. I did, got an email back that they are sold out.
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