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  1. They are the ugliest uniforms in the country. It hurts to look at them.
  2. I honestly think we roll over Canisius this weekend with a couple 4-1, 4-0 games. A combination of our team being better, theirs being worse, and playing at The Ralph.
  3. Being familiar with Colorado College, this would not surprise me one bit.
  4. Score early against Canisius(first 5 minutes) and get The Ralph rocking. That'll do the trick.
  5. Funny, I thought the exact same thing last night during this song.
  6. Pinto looked like the real deal. He is already doing subtle moves to create more room for himself and the puck. Its going to be fun watching him progress. He looks like he could be a dominant player. Also, shout out to the crowd last night. Atmosphere was better than a few NC games last year.
  7. If you're center ice, you got a deal
  8. I'd be happy to move from my end of the rink to center ice. Not even because I think it's a huge upgrade but for the added advantage of having our student section right on top of the opposing goalie for 2 periods. Imagine an opposing goalie getting heckled like they do to the guys in the penalty box, it would be a nightmare for a goalie. That'd be a very minor inconvenience for the people that prefer to sit on the ends and provide an even bigger home ice advantage IMO. I think of Alfond Arena as an example.
  9. Just recruit more Frattins and Caggiulas, why didn't anyone think of that?!
  10. Shrink Tank giving away a knock off jersey on facebook
  11. Very cool moment, especially his teammates holding him up at the end of the series to do the senior skate while he was in a boot. However, I remember thinking I would have gave the Penrose away to have him in the lineup for the NCAAs.
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