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  1. If you watch the full replay Brink wound up for a slap shot, started to stumble, which caused Smith to go for broke to clear the zone. Brink surprisingly regains his footing, turns to protect the puck as Smith slides into the back of his legs since Brink had turned around. 2 minutes tripping sure, but if you're calling for a major it's only because it resulted in an injury on a type of play that happens multiple times a weekend and is not called "clipping". Hope Bobby is back soon, he's got a rocket of a shot and is a fun player to watch. I've noticed every time we play Denver and someone gets injured the keyboard warriors are calling for a suspension/kick said player out of college hockey. It is getting kind of silly.
  2. They just didn't have the right formula that year...
  3. It was the best crowd UND has played in all year, home or away. That was so much fun.
  4. Literally the 1st place my brain went after reading that too...
  5. I walked out of the arena after they scored the ENG, leaving the people I attended with(met them at the car as I didn't have a ride ). Not proud of it, but that was the toughest sports loss I've been to in my entire life. Honestly worse than 0.6 because that team punched above their fighting weight at least, Minnesota and especially Union were better teams that year. The 2011 team should have rolled right through that Frozen Four like they did the regional. I can't imagine the feeling those players felt in the locker room. I wasn't even mad at the team, just felt bad for them.
  6. Feels like we're destined to meet them in the postseason
  7. Idk, the team needs to reel off a bunch of wins to make the tournament. Backs against the wall so hopefully they can get that classic Hakstol finish to the season and squeak into the tournament. Then once they're in, who knows?
  8. It was Tychonick, was at the game and remember thinking it was out of character and I loved it
  9. The student section was chanting 'Sioux suck &#33;@#&#036;' and 'F the Sioux' most of Saturday night so they must also be upset about us losing our nickname Btw there are a ton of assholes in Duluth that try to get in your face without provocation. One particular &#33;@#&#33;&#036;&#33; was talking &#33;@#&#036; and literally put his hands down his pants and put his finger under a guy's nose I was standing next to and said "smell my taint". I turned around and said you may be in Duluth but you're not at home buddy, look around you(severely outnumbered by Sioux fans). Then the guy he did that to grabbed him by the collar like a bad puppy and he wasn't so tough all of the sudden. I heard his friend mutter something to him like we only have 2 of us man. Then his girlfriend was like "just ignore him, he's drunk" to which I replied "so am I but I'm not an asshole so that's no excuse". The other Sioux fan gave me a little fist bump like thanks for having my back. I don't care who you cheer for, this crap is unacceptable. <end rant>
  10. Game was moved from 7 to 730 to accommodate CBS Sports schedule
  11. Time for Scheel to take control of the net. With how good UMD is on the PP and the massive difference in SV% shorthanded between the goalies, I'd be shocked if Thome started Friday. I see us taking 4 or 5 points out of the series in what will probably be a de facto home series.
  12. I can't wait to see him and Kleven on the back end. Sounds like they're going to be nasty to play against.
  13. So true when you compare the silver linings I was searching for last year.
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