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  1. Season tickets available for purchase now or is everyone that opted out already getting them at this point?
  2. Thinking Gaber-Pinto-Kawaguchi is here to stay, they made some really nice plays yesterday
  3. Surprised people are so down on UND after a tie(disappointing albeit) to a good UMD team without 2 of our best(yes even thought they're freshies) dmen. This team has more skill than last year. We replaced Johnson, Yon, Bowen with Gaber(already one of the best players on the team), Budy, Ness(last 2 will take a little time, Budy alreading showing promise). And replaced Peski and Poolman with Sanderson and Kleven who have already both shown to be big time players(Sanderson bomb slapshot and Kleven toe drag snipe). It will sound like an excuse but a lot of those skill plays are getting ca
  4. /end scene, mods we're done here. Someone hit the lights on the way out.
  5. First gameday thread in 9 months!! If UND doesn't sweep both games Wednesday, I'll be very upset. 6-2 UND
  6. After going to JB's for some dinner friday night with the wife, doesn't surprise me much. Right about 930pm college kids started pouring in and I told her chug your drink, time to go home haha
  7. Stengl Signature Travel giving people who booked the charter flight through them 3 options. Not sure why they'd keep $100/pp of the refund when they aren't providing the flight that was promised in October of this year. I'd also rather not have them hold $2k of my money for an extra year:
  8. Well I don't think this is ever going to happen...they need us more than we need them, hard pass
  9. I'm happy Tychonick gets to play immediately and I honestly think he's going to tear it up at Omaha. He may be one of the better offensive dmen to go through that program when all is said and done if he gets the playing time I expect he will.
  10. Totally forgot Oshie had a quiet little hat trick in this one, what a great game. Thanks for sharing!
  11. I loved me some Phil Lammy but boy he let in a ton of goals in the NCAAs
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