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  1. Katie expressly stated Saturday night that Berry told her holding some players out Saturday was not a reflection on their play but only an effort to get players some ice time early in the season. That may be just an effort to dodge the question, but if he was keeping any players out to send a message, he probably would not have made that comment (assuming he did, in fact, state that to Katie, which I have no reason to doubt).
  2. Not seeing pucks well this year in beer league, Wilbur? Aren't you too old to be bending over looking for incoming slappers? Or have you just taken too many on the forehead?
  3. You guys can get all pumped up about these results, but they didn't play a full 120 minutes of hockey this weekend. And the passing wasn't quite crisp. They did play one shift at a time, though; I'll give them that. Four neg reps on this. You guys recognize a little fun with overused cliche's, right? I thought it was a very encouraging weekend, even if they didn't always stay focused.
  4. Blood wasn't gushing, at least. Almost looked lie a scrape.
  5. John and Dave K are very needy guys, hanging around saying things designed to draw attention.
  6. Initial polls are mostly a reflection of the prior year's record, something "the nation of hockey" knows very well. To the extent polls ever mean anything, regardless of what time of year it is, let's wait for February to give a dam. If, at that time, UND has a high ranking despite playing the best competition in the country, then they will have something to feel good about. This might be a mediocre team--we'll see. And when you are one to the two best programs in the country, there will always be jealous also-rans there to remind you of a mediocre season. Which is OK. The price of being on the top of the pile.
  7. Agreed. The PP entry and control was very good. We didn't score on the major but kept the puck in the zone the entire time, with some very good looks. They just couldn't snipe.
  8. Win the ones you are supposed to win. Foundation stuff. Good skating team. Maybe they will have to chase less this year once they get into better competition.
  9. To be fair, there were only 6 buildings on campus that long ago.
  10. It's been very well coached. Total puck control and nice chances. Gotta put it on net, though.
  11. Going into that first regular season series you really don't know what you have, regardless how well or poorly the Manitoba game went. We won't learn this weekend whether we can play with the top NCHC teams, but we will know if this group can be counted on to play up to its ability.
  12. I had planned to drive up to Metigoshe tomorrow for a couple days work on property we own there and then drive back to Wisconsin. I'm not gonna go. Don't need to drive a long way in that kind of weather.
  13. I assume they need permission from the owner of the copyright and then may be limited in the changes they can make. Any intellectual property lawyers here?
  14. He'll wait til they are shorthanded to make it a 5 on 3.
  15. I like that Sandelin treats this like a football preseason game. Winning is always nice but it's meaningless in these games, compared to what you can learn about your players.
  16. Be a little cautious about comparisons. This was not an NCHC team they were playing. But I agree with many comments, including those about Pinto. He might be one of those possession players we have been missing for a couple of years.
  17. Best seats in most rinks are on the curve down low on the second level, rail if possible. Unless you want to hear the players, pound glass, etc. Depends on the rink, of course.
  18. I think most goalies at that level are able to block out more than we give them credit for. Think--don't have reason to say I know.
  19. I think those of us who have never played for the team can only speculate, which is,of course, exactly what we do. Berry wins a title, and people celebrate the difference in coaching style. He has down years and people celebrate the previous coaching style, the one they roundly criticized for many years because it wasn't Blais. And so it goes . . .
  20. It's called being smart. Start with the captain.
  21. Not going to miss Gardner when he's not on the dot.
  22. Probably so. The smart teams adjust to rules enforcement, and that is where the old school hockey culture can get in the way.
  23. Not surprising for a team with mediocre foot speed and talent. I think there might also be a little old school hockey culture at UND that doesn't fit so well with modern rules enforcement. That may well be BS. I'm sure I'll hear about it.
  24. At Ralph I, they watched the rows along the glass like prison guards in case someone chucked a badger or gopher. Other sections, not much.
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