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  1. Don't remember that and never heard of it. I do remember the fog that would develop when the place got full of warm bodies.
  2. Dam. Some crazy times in the Barn. So cold, you just had to be filled up with antifreeze.
  3. I was back at UND for most of his time here. Not only great talent, but a class act all around.
  4. Well, it was a little lame.
  5. I'm afraid our scoreboard will be fully operational when your Minnesota friends arrive.
  6. Karl is from Apple Valley. Is he likely to improve recruitment in the Twin Cities?
  7. Dam. If my folks had just named me (pick one). I coulda been somebody.
  8. burd

    Shaw's gone.

    And you have dangled dam few participles in the process.
  9. I agree. He has become good at it, and he brings energy.
  10. That's funny. And it's not.
  11. I see . . . I see . . . it's coming in now. I see UND undefeated next year.
  12. As you would know, from a different perspective.
  13. Sigh. It's at about this time each year I give up on Sparky coming back.
  14. Jason couldn't have been much bigger at that age. He was never tall, but he grew into a chunk.
  15. Absolutely the kind of person you want on your team.
  16. burd

    Shaw's gone.

    Yeah, I posted a question asking for clarification of that statement but deleted it, thinking I'd better not invite a political discussion. But you expressed my reaction as well.
  17. Winning the NCHC conference banner is hard-earned and something to be proud of.
  18. He is that, but I wonder if anyone sits on a deeper talent pool than UMich, if you include the talent on both sides of the border and the development program. Add to that the tradition, campus and their academic reputation for recruits who weigh that factor. Yet it seems to have done them little good in the recent past. Thankfully.
  19. These have been two tough years on the ice, but I feel our grammar has improved noticeably.
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