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  1. People have already noted what a natural destination Seattle would be for Oshie.
  2. After heavy loses from last year's team, this is shaping up to be a nice roster. It will be interesting to see how the development and chemistry aspects go.
  3. In a best of 7 or 5 series, I'm sure they would have won a title, just as Mich would likely have won the one we got in '97. But in a one-and-done tournament, all bets are off. Bounces and deflections. Denver could have won that semi game in '16. That's why I'm sure I'm in the minority in how I value team accomplishments. Banners are great, and the coaches and boys work toward that goall all year. But I'd rather watch great team winning hockey games weekend after weekend with no banner at the end than see a "good" team put it all together at the end and win the banner. I guess I just don't get that much long-term pleasure from the bragging rights that go along with the title. But again, it's all about the players and staff, and it's a very important goal to them, as it should be. I miss Sparky.
  4. Air force parka and what I think they called "bunny boots." Dropped the bunny boots when I became a college student, but the air force parka had great booze smuggling capacities.
  5. A guy who has been quietly putting up great numbers for a dozen years: Brock Nelson.
  6. I realize you need the basic material to mold a great goaltender, but with Karl I think UND's situation is a little like UW's during the Howie years. He can develop goalies beyond what might have been expected of them.
  7. I am excited about Sanderson this year too, but we should probably be a little cautious with what we expect from him. He's the best D talent we've seen at UND for a while, and we've seen a lot, but that was a hill of a roster he played with last year, and his defensive and responsibilities will probably be a little more to handle this year.
  8. Smells were a unique and important part of the charm of wood rinks, especially cold air wood rinks, which all of them were or had been.
  9. I only hope Wilbur does not feel slighted by your post, Sic. He's always a beer away if we need him.
  10. Do you remember fog on the ice?
  11. What do you call an ex goalie who is a little off his angle?
  12. Good luck with Wilbur. I hear he has a lot of offers and will no doubt have a list of demands. like beer at his locker between periods, a never-weigh-me clause, and comp pizza at the Moon.
  13. gf has his bit, but he rarely contributes anything about the actual game of hockey.
  14. I love so much about Gaber. One: his talent, which one could argue is at a more advanced state than Caggiula was in his first year. He husltes like Trupp and Spirko. And he's from a tiny town up north with under 800 people. His preteen hockey experience must have been similar to those kids who grew up in those tiny wheat towns just north of the ND border. He may have played in a wood rink in his early years. This isn't 40 years ago, so he probably played on a traveling team when it became evident his talent separated him from others. But I like what I imagine his roots to be, and his talent is significant. During some its down years, UND had very good players who worked hard but had few snipers. Gaber brings that and more, IMO. If he is highly coachable and matures well, on and off the ice, we could be in for a treat that we didn't expect when he first arrived in GF.
  15. The transfer portal for UND players is to the NHL
  16. Like what Howie did for Wisconsin for years.
  17. They were basically a big . . . what's the word I'm looking for? FARCE!
  18. Of course, our weakness in those days was the fans. Hard to explain things like that.
  19. If true, that's huge. Worth a bunch of goalie saves and scores, both. Boeser and Pinto were both way up there in skill, but Sanderson is the biggest talent UND has had for a while, IMO.
  20. We were lucky to have him.
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