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  1. Our tickets and hotel (Airbnb) aren’t refundable. Have myself to blame to a point. This game was supposed to happen before a baby came and surgeries got scheduled for people in our group. Life happened. Game can’t anymore. Stinks as we’re gonna likely take it in the shorts since so many are selling.
  2. @MafiaMan it’s worrisome you quote a comment from February…..in mid September. Are you bored?
  3. Does anybody know when nchc.tv re-ups automatically? Saw they have early bird deals which I assume would be the auto pay price but wasn’t sure.
  4. Lower bowl section 109 row LL seats 9-10 Asking $250/ticket, which is what we paid. Just looking to get money back. No profit. Can’t go anymore.
  5. Agree. Really helps for post game shenanigans too which can be good or bad.
  6. It’s still early. I don’t anticipate a problem getting any. It’s CC, not DU. A new building will bring more but I don’t foresee problems
  7. Are they hard to get single game ones or what?
  8. A little geeked for the season. NOT COUNTING Nashville, where’s everybody going this year. Post home base and where you’re going. Iowa Sioux fans here with family in Denver so normally go for DU but this year we’re going to Colorado Springs and going to the CC series in the new arena. Can’t wait.
  9. My local USHL team did this last year. First thought was I hated it. First game came and used it all season, it’s awesome. However, I do like a good ticket stub. Just like for Nashville I’ll be bummed I won’t have a hard copy, official game ticket stub.
  10. Another mail day. Another EPS job well done (minus the A being a little too far over the H). Got Guch with the A for the Hobey season. And new son born on 22.11.2020 so got ahead of myself and got the black for Pinto. Any word on any auctions the team may hold for gamers?
  11. Mail day. EPS does great work again. Fitting getting them back today after Nelson had a night last night.
  12. Keep in mind this Univeristy also sponsors a NASCAR Cup car. The place has money.
  13. Does kleven have a little brother playing for waterloo who’s committed to UMD?
  14. Maybe he made strides but his year in Des Moines wasn’t that way. Shut down brick wall one night, give up 5 the next. Not good numbers. We’ll see how he does with a full year with non cons.
  15. This was a blessing. Rowe is quite inconsistent.
  16. I watched a year of Brown in the USHL. Kid is a gamer. Fun to watch.
  17. Anyone heard anything related to a jersey auction?
  18. Hypothetical here. This happens. I know it’s common for football but does this split the conference into two divisions east and west or would they just keep it one 10 team conference? How would they maintain schedule integrity without adding games or taking away non cons to make it worthwhile? Not sure I like the idea even as I type it, especially how this year went with so many games vs Omaha and DU, but it could be possible given healthy cross division series’ throughout a season. DU I didn’t mind so much by it was better competition than Omaha IMO tho. Just got me thinking.
  19. AWESOME! I sent 4 on January 18, so hopefully they'll be back in my hands soon! This gives me hope!
  20. I think there was math confusion. He probably meant 24 months, not 48.
  21. No but it’s still hardware.
  22. I understand what you’re saying but if you base successful years solely on post season you won’t find a coach that will stick around per those standards. Penrose and Faceoff titles have to account for something here in the last two years.
  23. Caufield takes the Hobey. No shock there.
  24. I love a Molson or two during a good hockey game. You go overboard, though, and you'll hate your existence come morning.
  25. I wouldn't even care he was in my face for a Sioux jersey, I would be pissed he'd be keeping me from quickly getting a beer.
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