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  1. Been a REALLY long time, but let's dust this sucker off https://daddydumpandchase.blogspot.com/2021/09/the-return.html
  2. Yes, according to many on this board we should be higher because this move would be addition by subtraction
  3. Same with Attard and he's a helluva player. I'd be shocked if Sandy isn't playing in the NHL the next available game after we win the national championship in April
  4. I would hope NCHC voters aren't that blind. To me, he steps into this season as the pre-season player of the year. Everything about him is elite.
  5. D@mn it. Beat me to it lol.
  6. *Gets upset with snarky comments.... proceeds to make snarky comments.* By the way, sorry about your family. That's terrible.
  7. Sounds good to me lololol.
  8. Sanderson a pre-season all-conference pick. No shocker 2021 NCHC Preseason All-Conference Team F – Veeti Miettinen, So., St. Cloud State – 22 votes F – Noah Cates, Sr., Minnesota Duluth – 18 votes F – Chayse Primeau, Sr., Omaha – 13 votes D – Ronnie Attard, Jr., Western Michigan – 22 votes D – Nick Perbix, Sr., St. Cloud State – 13 votes D – Jake Sanderson, So., North Dakota – 13 votes G – Ludvig Persson, So., Miami – 10 votes
  9. I'd imagine it'll still happen. I'm assuming it'll be Thursday-Saturday and Friday-Sunday. Could make it better! I guess we'll see.
  10. Assuming that's Dane's brother?
  11. I think we're all going to fall in love with Brent Johnson and I expect him to be in the top four. With that said, Moore is definitely talented. Needs to stay at home a bit more, but he's super gifted offensively and we all saw that in flashes last year.
  12. Juddy is apparently dominating all of the early skates. I'll go with him.
  13. It's not a narrative, it's what happened lol.
  14. Fair enough. Totally get what you're saying and it's definitely not my favorite, either. I just can understand what that kind of decision would be like both positively and negatively. Tough choice. He made his. You can have sour grapes, but doesn't change anything.
  15. There's two very clear distinctions people are missing over and over... 1) Being "alright" with it is frankly irrelevant. He did what he did for himself and I will not blame a kid for that. If you want to, that's fine, but save your mental health lol. He came to UND to try and make the NHL. Simple as that. 2) It sucks and it likely caused him A LOT of heartache.
  16. He absolutely has a chance to make the Sharks out of camp, without a doubt, and could make $900K. Set for life, likely not, but still pretty darn good.
  17. Maybe it doesn't for you, but it's pretty clear that it does for others on this thread.
  18. Of course, but Jasper absolutely has the body type, skill, and size to play there. You leave early when the offer is right. I think he just took what he could. Very unlikely. But when making a decision like this, you should absolutely consider all the options.
  19. Just giving you a hard time. We were definitely going to be battling for home ice and I completely agree the chemistry will take time. I am excited about all the new players with transfers and rookies. Still think this team can be a darn good one. Gonna be heavy and strong defensively. Losing Jasper doesn't help, no doubt. But, I think we'll be ok. I'm interested in how/if/when we fill this last spot. Heard a couple intriguing rumors. Certainly nothing set in stone.
  20. Good to know Bubbs' job is safe this year. Jasper is our new scapegoat.
  21. You missed the part where he went to development camp this week, dominated, and then was offered again. It is what it is.
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