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  1. Ugh. Love all the positive moves college hockey is making, but this is not one of those.
  2. Big fan of Johnson and I hope it's the right move and trust that it is.
  3. Here's a better break down: Aside from playing for Shattuck, he played in two USHL games last season with the Youngstown Phantoms. Since last season, his USHL rights have transferred a few times. He was dealt to the Sioux City Musketeers initially and then the Musketeers flipped his right to the Fargo Force. But, with that being said, there is no indication that Morrow will move to the USHL full-time. In May, Morrow sat down with Brian Elliott Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald and the 2021 NHL Draft eligible prospect indicated that “if the season starts on time, he’ll be in Fargo”. Unf
  4. It's not just his pops, but what you said was totally fair. Sorry, Youngstown, not Muskegon. He was traded to Sioux City. I was saying it largely in jest, but the movement (or even the rumors/trades/discussions) should clearly be a point of pause. Well, to me at least.
  5. Hahahaha SO bad. I got a text no more than 30 minutes after I posted that that Morrow was gonezo hahaha. Had a conversation with a buddy a week ago that he was coming in at that point, in all likelihood. In my defense, I did cover my a$$ with "but not final yet" haha. Whoopsie lol.
  6. In the past year, Morrow has been with/owned by/connected to: - Shattuck - Youngstown (drafted him) - Sioux City - Fargo - UND - UMass Red flag? I think so. EDIT: I had Muskegon, not Youngstown
  7. Definitely agree with you about his skills. Kid can flat out play. I'd rather go with what we have and not mess up the locker room and I'm sure you and I agree there.
  8. Fortunately, no, we don't have to. We have solid talent and if he's having the issues I've heard, it could very well be addition by subtraction. Again, I trust our coaches.
  9. Yep. Bingo. Wouldn't be surprised to see him drop in the draft, a bit.
  10. Whoops. Welp, now my last post looks silly. If the kid has character issues, I am not upset. I trust the coaches.
  11. Sounds like the roster is getting really close to being complete for the Fall. Also sounds like Morrow is indeed coming in, but not final yet. I trust the coaches to work through any stupid issues and make this kid as good as his skills say he is. EDIT: Saaaawwwwwing and a miss on Morrow lol
  12. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/7009962-UNDs-new-Swedish-goalie-commit-Jakob-Hellsten-ready-for-first-North-American-experience Hellsten seems like a fun kid. Pretty awesome how much he already knows about UND. Hopefully that pride will drive him to be a key cog in the years to come.
  13. This is their club team?? Really nice barn. Wow, I'm super impressed. There has to be over 1,000 fans there. Good stuff.
  14. Hahaha, right? I saw that and I was like... Like... Tennessee, Tennessee? I mean, I guess Nashville is booming.
  15. Totally fair about beyond the 21-22 season. But, also remember the portal will still be in play. Injuries I get and we've had a few with goalies in the past handful of years. It's Driscoll's net, though. No question. We can get a practice goalie from campus. Done that before. Honestly, wasn't trying to be harsh, but feels like a little bit too much panic from some one here about this, at the moment. For the future, I don't disagree, but I know the coaches will find someone soon for a couple years down the road.
  16. Of course, but I don't think a guy that is going to steal games is in the portal. Frankly, we're just going to have to ride Driscoll and pray a guy like Feeney can get it done in a pinch, if needed.
  17. Why is everyone so enamored with a backup/third string goalie? Hahaha. We'll be ok.
  18. Well, this is amazing. I think this kind of wraps things up in terms of movement unless we get another G, so I am gonna take a shot at lines because I'm bored lol. First... let's do Captains: Sendo - C Weatherby - A Sanderson - A Hain - A Lines: Gaber - Weatherby - Caulfield Hain - Ford - Calder Kunz - Sendo - Budy Schmaltz - Jammer - Constantini/Portz Ness, Albrecht Sanderson - Frisch Kleven - Moore Jandric - Ferner/Bast/Morrow/Johnson Driscoll Feeney Transfer/Walk-on
  19. That's a solid move for him. Will get a good shot at a lot of minutes.
  20. When was this? All of the old hockey videos I've seen show players beating each other into oblivion lol.
  21. My favorite is any form of "what time is the game" or "what channel is the game on" .... You have a literal super computer in your hand. Google it.
  22. Awful takes about the team and consistent whining from wholly uneducated fans. But, some of the stuff sold on there is cool.
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