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  1. Thorne and Clement people......I love doc, but Eddie O just doesn't do it for me. John Davidson was always tremendous on the color for NHL on Fox games.
  2. So sorry. You will get through this! Lots of people have graduated from NDSU and come out okay! Seriously though, prayers to your family, hoping for healthy returns!
  3. Lose. Just lose. Hold out Hunter the rest of the season and give Dalvin a few more weeks to get healed and then have him split time with Mattison. Our defense needs to play a lot.
  4. That UFC fighter said it best when talking about Biden playing Despacito on his phone to pander to Latino voters. https://www.newsweek.com/cuban-american-ufc-fighter-jorge-masvidal-joe-biden-pandering-despacito-latinos-1539078
  5. Flu deaths are down like 95%. Cured!!!
  6. My son: Hey dad, fiddy cent just backed Trump. Me: What is that? My son: Fiddy dad!!!! Me: Gesundheit????
  7. Now wait a second, you mean its sketchy behavior to block the 4th largest circulated news provider in the U.S. all the while you've got death to America flowing freely through your airwaves? I actually quit Facebook the day a white cleary upset (triggered?) individual posted a video while driving on a freeway of all things telling me how horrible and stupid I and many other white people were for George Floyd happening, and that I needed to "wake the %%%% up".
  8. You lived 93 years...through the Depression, WWI, WWII, Korea, Civil rights-school desegregation, Kennedy (plural) assassination, Vietnam, Nixon-Watergate, the Cold War, 9/11, the first African American president in our nation's history, Covid...... And that makes it into your obit? To each their own i guess.
  9. Not sure it belongs here, but watching Notre Dame's offense was like watching a dumpster fire today. At least there is some normalcy in the world with sports being somewhat back.
  10. Red River playing all its home games at Eagles now? Maybe I read that they did this a few years ago. Makes sense since its where they practice.
  11. Felt bad for the young black man that asked Biden the question about what he would do for African Americans if he won? Hopefully more school psychologists is what he was looking for.
  12. I've watched both candidates a bit tonight and Biden seems to actually be having a town hall while Trump is fighting Guthrie more than answering questions.
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