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  1. Bemidji was one game away from the F4 last year and returned a lot of players. Precedent in the program is win every game, but they started terribly both nights and found a way to win on the road and get it to OT after using their timeout within the first four shifts Saturday. Some questionable decisions with the puck that lead directly to goals. Clean it up and get some guys healthy and they'll be alright. Good road test approaches, I'm looking forward to it.
  2. Baffled on his scheme late in the game. Play cover three for God sakes on 4th and ten late in the game with them on their 6 yard line. Instead you give up the 40 yard play to the TE. Cousins is hated on but when they spread it out and let him chuck it all over they are pretty good. I wish they wouldn't play Zimmer ball for three quarters. It took them getting the punt blocked for them to open things up on offense.
  3. I was wondering where he was yesterday. Injury perhaps. At least that's what I hope. *Edit* Sickness I guess.
  4. So do I get partial credit for calling a win and a tie?
  5. Not a fan of the immediate 3-3. Seems like they are always screwing with overtime. Non conference should always be a 5 minute OT and then shake hands IMHO.
  6. So with it going 3x3 does that count as a regular loss?
  7. Coop is going to have to play a lot this year. Get all the bad shifts out of the way early.
  8. Think I'll take the Slookies to cover. Wonder what it would be if UND was at home.
  9. Eddie Belfour has some fabulous ones on YouTube. Before it was a major penalty of course.
  10. Its been already said, but @SiouxFanatic is my MVP, and should be thanked over and over for putting the feed up. Over 500 viewing tonight as mentioned above. My brother watched in the Bahamas this evening on his honeymoon thanks to him. So yes, I blame @SiouxFanatic for the pending divorce.
  11. Scares me a tick that we could only play 5 d men almost the entire third period. Could see at the end that guys got gassed and we are icing the puck instead of off the glass and out plays. Probably see Ferner tomorrow. I'm loving Driscoll. Big fist pump at the end. A very good first period for him while we were flat.
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