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  1. So....watched the highlights, and didn't see the hit for the Sox that tied the game until now..... Why are they not playing no doubles defense with Verdugo there in the 8th? 3-2 count, runners moving, tying run on first? If Arraez is playing the line he catches Verdugo's hit, or at least knocks it down to keep the Twins ahead. Just don't get it.
  2. I hope Pineda asked to be pulled. If he didn't Rocco is a moron.
  3. I would have shot Tom Kelly if he hadn't bunted in the 91 series in game 7 with Chuck Knoblauch. I have a feeling in the same situation today, Rocco doesn't bunt......
  4. Been a Twins fan for 35+ years. Its a long long season, and each season has its ebbs and flows, but this is what I see as problems going forward. 1. This team is soft. Like super soft. I get the days of Ripken are over, but some of these every day guys are already on pace to play less then 120 games. Guess I got to used to watching Kirby and Herbie play every day. 2. The bullpen. I have a friend thats a huge White Sox fan, and he laughed when the Twins got Colome. "Ohh, you'll see". Maybe move him away from the closing? I won't discuss Rocco's bullpen management, because
  5. I'm kind of in that boat as well. Had some okay success in the NAHL, nothing earth shattering though. Being a GF kid I see him ending up at the school though.
  6. They scored 30 less goals and played Miami six times. Sigh......
  7. Let's see how full Mariucci is when they don't have an attendance cap. The global pandemic the last three seasons has really hurt attendance there.
  8. Just a matter of time with the other Cates. Someone should math out how many points UND loses vs. Duluth.
  9. Sounds like his brother may sign as well. Smart move by the Flyers. Hopefully Koepke signs somewhere as well. He's ready for the next level as well.
  10. Hearing that Legacy will have hockey next season in Bismarck. Believe it was Peluso that said Legacy hockey would kill BHS. Bismarck residents, what say you?
  11. I thought Kaleb Johnson was going to age out of juniors but I agree that he needs another year of junior hockey. So that means the coaches are still looking for another goalie.
  12. New CCHA is basically the WCHA without Huntsville or Alaskas, but with St. Thomas. BSU, Tech, Kato, St. Thomas, LSSU, Bowling Green, Northern Mich, Ferris.
  13. What the......may as well shoot my dog....sigh..... #collegehockeystats.net
  14. I'm literally picking Duluth every year from here on out. Every year, every pick.....Duluth.
  15. Yeah, seems like a Frisch-Sanderson top pairing. But do you put Kleven with a Frosh d man on the right side on a top 4 pairing in the NCHC? I don't know enough about Morrow to know if he can handle T4 minutes. Be interesting to see where he gets drafted.
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