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  1. Central scores early. Bismarck can try and play physical all they want but I don't think it will matter.
  2. Nasty hit from behind in the Century-Davies game. Saw on twitter that it was Britta Curl's brother that got the worst of it. Hope he is okay.
  3. Congrats to the Devils Lake girls beating the GF co-op in 4 ot.
  4. Prediction time: Davies 5 Century 2 South-Shanley 4. Minot 1 Red River 6. Jamestown 1 Central 7 BHS 0 Semis: Davies over South 3-2 Central over RR 3-1 Ship: Davies over Central 4-3
  5. Look at Rauhauser (sp) from Century, or Spooner from BHS. Turned out pretty well for Bowling Green and Mankato. It will always go back to the competition argument and number of games the high school league allows.
  6. You are seeing more and more kids not playing high school. I know of at least four from Minot that would have been Soph-Junior age this year that went other places. Notre Dame Hounds, one to Shattuck, one to AZ Jr. Coyotes, and one to Colorado.
  7. Is Lamoine going to continue coaching after this season? I know originally he was just doing it on an interim basis.
  8. The two games that may stay within three goals are the Minot and Century games. Bismarck upsets Minot and their reward is Central.
  9. Grabbing a guy from behind and choke slamming him is hockey??? It was a good weekend of hockey. Both teams battled. I love Ahcan.
  10. Where was this post after Blaisdell got hit last week???? Player safety???
  11. Can you explain what happens when you grab a player from behind by the neck and slam him to the ice intentionally? I've got all day.
  12. How as a coach do you defend a player of yours choke slamming another player? I'll hang up and listen.
  13. Played well after the first. Down 3 of their top 9 forwards. Lines in shambles, Tychonik playing forward....it happens. SCSU plays the Olympic sheet tremendously. Unfortunately for them the NCAA tournament isn't played on the big sheet.
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