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  1. Buxton will get all the press for his walk off (Deserved), but how good of an at bat did Arraez have to lead off the inning? Made the guy throw all his pitches and then have to go from the stretch with a guy that can run on first against Buxton. He can't run well, doesn't have a great arm, not a superb fielder, not great power, but just finds a way to hit. If he isn't an All Star cancel the game.
  2. Warroad goaltender Hampton (Hammer) Slukynsky makes the Gretzky cup team in Red Dear Alberta. Not sure if he will be playing at Warroad next year as a senior, but a Northern MN kid to keep an eye on.
  3. Agreed. Teams know the Twins will be looking so they've got to go with the reality that it will require a Kepler or a Miranda to make a splash with a bullpen arm that likely will be a rental guy. Jake Cave is killing it in the minors, and its not like the well is dry down there.
  4. Yup, you're right. Another loss after the 7th inning. Guess there is always tomorrow.
  5. Welp.....does Thornburg go out and pitch another inning or who exactly is the next guy in??
  6. Joe Smith is on the IL. Limited options tonight after Jax and Duran. Watched Rocco's post game and it seems as though nothing will change with Pagan usage.
  7. Have we ever had a reliever blow 4 in a row to the same team? Oof. Maybe Joe Smith instead of Cotton in that situation, unless he is hurt?
  8. I'm not a Rocco guy, but his hands are tied late in games. I'd promote Jax and maybe split Pagan and Moran as bridge guys. They've got to trade for a late inning guy. Duran has been superb, need at least one more guy to compliment Jax.
  9. Loved watching the Goose. Undrafted guy that just became a force in the middle. 55 is too young in my book.
  10. Boy, the Cleveland announcers just couldn't believe Rocco made that move in the 9th....wow....
  11. Didn't age well did it.... 11-10 Guardians....boy does this team need relief help.
  12. Great bounce back inning by Pagan tonight. Trust that heater kid. Get beat with 98 mph. Big time at bats by them Yankees tonight. Good for Gio.
  13. I didn't think Karl and his wife were separated, was just thinking out loud. Talented family, glad that she is having success.
  14. So KG's daughter is a dancer huh? Read the article in the Heraldo today. Anybody know why she is in Las Vegas? Dancing there? (The appropriate kind of course). Just wondering.
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