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  1. I've always been a huge on campus stadium supporter. I know I'm in the minority when it comes to wanting the team to play outdoors again, but I'd give my left lung to enjoy a game again sipping whiskey with my dad to stay warm when its 10 degrees outside.
  2. I thought about it, but couldn't decide between smile guy or roll eyes guy.
  3. Hopefully he will do away with all the unhealthy rivalries. They make sports unwatchable in my opinion.
  4. How good were the Panzer brothers together? Me and my old man always argue over which brother tandem was better between the Hoogsteens and the aforementioned. He says Hoogsteen, partially because he's got a lot of Canadian blood in him.
  5. And in today's world that's reviewed and likely a no goal.
  6. All set up by gopher guy getting his knee on Oshie. I thought Wooger would have picked up on it after the replay, but obviously it was just Zajac making good on the bounty on......(checks notes) RJ Anderson????
  7. Explaining 2020 to my 8 year old has been great. Stay healthy and safe out there friends.
  8. Have heard a lot of positive things about his dad as a coach in the high school circles. I haven't seen him play, but if he has the compete level of his dad we are getting a good kid.
  9. Can't wait to see Kevin Feeney at the Alerus in Green and White!!
  10. The first year in the new Ralph they should have went with the green breezers and helmets at home. Nothing wrong with the blacks, but just don't compare to the nostalgia of the green IMHO.
  11. How good was Wooger at color when he wasn't calling a gopher game? RIP WOOGER
  12. Trey Lance with a great tweet in respects to Hunter Pinke. Hopefully we can post good news all season long in Hunter's recovery.
  13. That 2012 team didn't belong in the same building as the gophers after the injuries and the lineup they had to play with. They didn't get to the F4, but IMHO that was Hakstol's best coaching job hands down.
  14. Denver had zero chance to win that game. UND would have beaten the Boston Bruins. God they were playing confident.
  15. Our little goalie that could who got ZERO mention coming into the game. Outplayed Hobey Miller.
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