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  1. A three paragraph rant and we're the butt hurt whiners?? Yes, officiating is down because of idiot youth coaches and parents. Not idiot fans on message boards like myself. Great call by your buddy Walsh on the dive though. Textbook. He has hurt UND for years but you wouldn't know because you are scared about hurt feelings and how our fans look? Pretty pathetic in my book. Even checked up on my profile....goodness I struck a nerve. Got my certification, and volunteered hundreds of officiating hours to my last youth club. I hope parents/coaches leave the youth/ALL officials alone. In all sports.
  2. To quote the officiating guru on this board, "what game were you reffing last night"?
  3. I'm not Tommy's biggest fan, but if he gives us the best chance to win then give me a #2 jersey and let's roll. Nice to see him run a bit yesterday. Running QBs add another variable for a defense has to prepare for.
  4. When everything gets thrown on the table and everything gets evaluated by the coaching staff at their post season meetings does the game management get discussed? I mean 3 or 4 really questionable decisions this year in big spots. Does the blame go around because we've got how many guys talking on the headsets, and somebody has to say "are we really QB sneaking into the teeth of NDSU's D on 4th and 1 from our 20"? A lot of tough losses for this group. They battled, every game they lost they had a legitimate shot to win.
  5. Biondi is the next great player for them. Cross bar late in the game or its 2-2. Without Driscoll making 3 really nice saves Friday that game is more than 3-1 late to the empty netter. Roehl has been there forever....Roth, Bender, Laderoute, Jacques, Cates, and then they add a pretty good transfer in Gilling. Two very capable goalies as well. The major on Friday changed things a lot, I think the major to Duluth Saturday put them out of sequence a bit as well and helped us settle in.
  6. Nope, @SiouxBoys just hangs around and posts about what we all don't know about officiating.
  7. You are the expert around here on all things officiating. We all know.
  8. Not the right one. Which one are you reffing?
  9. Trust me coaches, Tim Walsh didn't see it....
  10. So what about that wasn't holding? And now we get one....the same thing the Duluth player did....
  11. Great play by Calder. Budy off the milk carton.
  12. You mean Tim Walsh hasn't fixed his $hit officiating over night?
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