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  1. I'll eat crow. Thought she'd partake. Hoping she is able to get over the demons. Sad.
  2. Well said. I hope she comes back (99 percent sure she does). If she comes back and wins gold in the all around the media will call it a miraculous comeback from a mental health issue. How on earth is there any pressure on her going forward? She has a built in excuse of not being 100%, so she can put it all out there and if she fails to win gold she at least gave it a go. I just can't see the self proclaimed goat not giving it a go. I read she's currently worth 6 mill +. More cash her way (rightly so) if she's all around champ again.
  3. Fun to watch. The guy will be a GIF sensation.
  4. Heart just bleeds for the Motzko family. Saw Bob posted a message on Twitter a little while ago. A tough future ahead for their family.
  5. Don't have much of a basketball mind, but its fun watching the teams they play try on defense and move the ball with more than one pass per possession on offense.
  6. USA basketball lost....(crickets...) And they can't even blame Kevin Love!
  7. Glad that Blake went later. No pressure on him to bolt unless the kid goes crazy his first few years in Grand Forks. College hockey not as wide open as when his dad played so I don't see him going quite like his dad year one, but should be an All Rookie team guy.
  8. Interesting round 2 ahead in the draft. A ton of good Europeans available. Can't believe Raaty hasn't gone yet. Morrow should go soon today. Some have him dropping a bit to even where he possibly could go after Johnson. I'll bet Morrow goes first but I'm wrong a lot.
  9. The matinee to the big show. Not sure if the Preds are a sellout per night type team, but I imagine a lot of green and white yelling for Brock and Rocco.
  10. A Bismarck kid.....but a legacy. You'd have to go back to James Massen and Quinn Fylling (I think) for the last time a Western ND kid played for UND.
  11. Don't hurt your arm patting yourself on the back. Good selections by the team.
  12. Looks to me like they valued a big, quality d corps over goaltending at this point. I still think they should have taken Kaapo from Minnesota.
  13. I agree. Definitely confused with some of those selections. Ohh to be a fly on the wall in those meetings.
  14. I'm not even a huge Wild fan and I still can't forgive them for the trade they made with Vegas that year.
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