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  1. Not sure how much his name has been brought up, but Sophomore Jayson Shaugabay had three points last night for Warroad. I know he went high in the WHL draft, so they are always lurking, but the kid seems to be somebody the coach's would be aware of.
  2. Wow can this kid play hockey. What a start for him.
  3. Playing professionally in Sweden at the moment. A few years with the Hartford Wolf Pack after the WHL. One year in Hartford he was a fantastic -34 in the plus minus category. All told he was minus 53 in his AHL career. Not that he played on any good teams though, Hartford had their struggles while he was there.
  4. Okay, so Denver figured out Covid, and we're back down to Colorado for some games at Magness with no Denver fans there (what else is new). They're probably happy they won't have the crowd cheering against them on their home ice when they play North Dakota. Sunday-Monday new hockey days.....will Midco pick up the games???? Please? Or will amazing fans like @SiouxFanatic carry the mail for us non subscribers? Played kind of average last week, but got 6 points which puts them in a great spot being 5 points ahead of Duluth with a game in hand. Denver is 11 points back of UND with the sa
  5. So is she living in the dorm or attacking it from home? Do they do zoom for the classes or just send out a syllabus of what the kids have to get done for the classes? I would have epically failed at the no in person classes. Its what kept me from not drinking the entire time at UND.
  6. Went to my first high school hockey game this season last night between Williston and Minot. One of the best high school games I've ever watched in person. Williston has former Bemidji State player Tyler Jundt and former MSU Maverick Jordan Nelson coaching them and man did they battle. When I was coaching the state always hinted at a shootout after OT and I was never for it, so I'm not sure if the state made the move to go to a shootout or it was the coaches. Either way, 2-2 OT tie, Minot won the shootout. Kids just gassed after the game from playing tons of minutes. A name to pay attent
  7. I'm telling you. We are going to get down to the goalies.
  8. Round 14.....Wilbur picks (looks through roster....) Blaisdell
  9. Congrats to those guys. Is Bradbury a student manager?
  10. Performance left a bit to be desired. Now I guess we wait to see if Denver has Covid issues.
  11. Woof....that period sucked. CC the better team that played with more fire that period. Be glad its 1-1.
  12. Is there a college football game on tonight I'm missing?
  13. Little crisper tonight offensively. Think its just a matter of time here before one falls.
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