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  1. Wilbur


    Glaring Issues that I see: 1. Strength and conditioning. 2. Recruiting. 3. Specialists. 4. Offensive line. 5. Penalties/discipline. The list gets longer. But that's what concerns me the most.
  2. Wilbur


    I've always been a Schmidt guy, buy you are absolutely right. Giving up 55 and making their QB look like a Heisman candidate can't happen.
  3. Wilbur


    Literally, exactly what will happen. And as long as Lowell is around it wouldn't surprise me if 5-6 got him another season.
  4. Didn't see goal number 8 until I just watched the replay. What a play by Caufield.....you can tell he has had some coaching in his lifetime. Choking up on the stick to catch the saucer pass from Hain, settling the puck, then getting the goalie to move to his right and passing it back against the grain for the open net.
  5. It helps that the Griffs are terrible as our guys slept through the first 20 minutes tonight.
  6. Basically the same type of series as in Buffalo, except we scored this time. Canisius with maybe two grade A chances the whole game and scored on one of them. Weekend MVP: Michaud/JBD Who surprised me: Tychonik was a beast on Friday. Flew under the radar: Peski
  7. Wilbur


    If I'm UND I hold a kicking camp for high school seniors across the upper midwest. Or send a coach to every high school soccer team in the upper midwest to find a kid with a leg that can be made into a kicker.
  8. Wilbur


    24-7 in the 2nd quarter. You'd better score before the 2nd half.
  9. Wilbur

    ISU Predictions

    Plane just touched down in Idaho, hopefully a good night sleep can be had. Crazy travel day. UND 42 ISU 28.
  10. Thoughts: -Scheel quietly pretty good. Composed throughout on limited chances. -Hain and Michaud are meant to play together. Not sure if Mismash is the guy that is meant for them, but they brought a ton of energy. -Coaches have to let Mismash know that he can't force looks on the power play. Don't be the guy that ends each possession with a shot or cross ice feed through traffic. -Nice not to see #22 take a bad penalty. Looks like he slimmed down and is a different player this year. Tied his goal output from last year too. -Traditional circle of sticks tomorrow.
  11. JBD and Smith alone vs. 5 guys for the Griffs and they sit back and let us get the puck to the net while three of our guys change.
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