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  1. Well said.....Joe Finely.....or Troy Stecher......I think we know how that turned out.
  2. You or I could have coached that group to a medal. Best top six in program history.
  3. Don't know if it's been posted, but Pinto headed to World Junior showcase this summer too. Think we may have a player......
  4. This x3. Terrible baserunning....terrible in the field.....horrible at bats in big moments.... The bullpen throws 11 innings tonight and gives up 2 runs to the Red Sox. Hats off to them. Win tomorrow and that's four series wins in a row.
  5. Can you imagine the Miller legal team waiting in the wings to fire another lawsuit at the school if Sandy got paid what he is worth?
  6. If the bullpen holds against the Brewers and the Indians that record is 7-2. Should have swept the Crew and they have to win the 2nd game in Cleveland with a 7-5 lead late. What would it cost to get Liriano from Pittsburgh or Smith from the Giants?
  7. When he is in a groove he is fun to watch.
  8. Good call idiot. At least you broke him out of his slump.
  9. Other than Rogers, who can be trusted out of the bullpen? Harper, Duffy, Magill, Morin, May...... It's a marathon, not a sprint, but if they get to the postseason they won't score ten runs a game. It's got to get addressed. I'd be up for sending Kepler to AAA for a wake up call.
  10. Didn't work out on Fargo, didn't work out in Minneapolis.....anybody want a head case hockey player from Edina?
  11. Karl had the job of literally breaking down video of thousands of professional games. And as we know there is a huge emphasis on special teams play in film analysis. Hopefully he can bring some of that with him. If you've ever met Karl the guy is down to earth and extremely intelligent. I think he will help with recruiting, and I see our goaltending taking a step forward this season. Not kidding when I say he could be the head coach in 10 years.
  12. KG is back in GF. One of my favorite players of all time to wear the green and I believe an academic all American to go with it. We know he can coach goaltenders, can he coach a power play??
  13. Both programs now! The UCONN of womens hockey and the North Dakota of mens hockey!
  14. Wonder why the two schools don't work out a home and home. Seems like UND has played all the old school programs over the years (BU, BC, Sparty, NH, Maine, LSSU, Cornell).....but not Michigan in a series at Yost or the Ralph. Obviously met in the NCAA's a few times. Some good, some.....not so good.....
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