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  1. If it was my pick I'd sign Big Mike, and Ode after Berrios gets his pay day. The club has a 500,000 buyout on Perez's last year. It's that or pay him 7.5 million, which goes up to 8.5 if he pitches 170 plus innings. I'd like to see the club decide on Thorpe or Smelter as a starter and make one into a lefty specialist reliever.
  2. A few more months, then goodbye Gibby......Odorizzi probably too. Both are going to get overpaid to pitch poorly next year
  3. Trevor Hildenberger also got back on the mound down in Rochester throwing a scoreless inning and recording a save, but I wouldn't bet on seeing him again in Minnesota this season.
  4. Agreed on the Sox, they'll only get better with the young core and pitching prospects they have.
  5. Graterol with two scoreless innings tonight in his debut for Rochester. Touched 100 mph a couple times but the gun in Rochester rounds up I'm told. Threw his slider 91. Alcala touched 97 yesterday, and it sounds like he will be the one they bring up before Graterol.
  6. Giolito does his thing....surprise.... METS WIN!!!!! Love following other teams when your team is in contention.
  7. Giolitto goes tomorrow so they'll have their work cut out for them. Big spot for Ode to get a series win before a day off and then Detroit for the weekend.
  8. Duffy has been great the past few weeks. Pitching ahead and throwing his offspeed better than he ever has in his career.
  9. Big Mike with 7 good innings. Rolling along....only 87 pitches. Bully is rested......maybe let him start the 8th Rocco??? Maybe????
  10. Nelson Cruz is the biggest Twins free agent signing in years..... I mean going back to.....Jack Morris?
  11. Said the same thing. Put him on and go after the guy hitting .240....
  12. Sano up with a chance.....
  13. Yup. I think they win the challenge too. Plate was blocked before he had the ball. Another case of review guy not doing his job.
  14. Wilbur

    2019 Season

    Remember when Bubba was coaching Duluth in the D2 days and they played us in the postseason I think and they threw the ball every bleeping play and spread us out the entire game? Think it may have been Danny Gagner's senior year. What happened to that Bubba ball?
  15. Gibby owes the club at least 7. Buckle down, throw 110 plus pitches, and give some arms a break.
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