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  1. Completely fine with being the "underdog" here. Hopefully they overlook us like LGD did.
  2. I'd be willing to bet it would change if the B1G brought UND in. They know how we travel.
  3. Yeah, Costello never really took off, eh? Randklev, I feel bad for. I think he'll be a good player if he can stay healthy. Definitely would like to see a couple higher end forwards coming in, soon, however.
  4. Which ones are you worried about, most? Randklev?
  5. Not necessarily a comment on any one recruit, honestly. Just overall. I'm one to trust the process because I do believe our coaches can recruit well.
  6. Remember.... everyone thought Pinto was a meh recruit, initially...
  7. That was awful. Not even remotely funny. They've done much better in the past, as this was not even smile worthy.
  8. Been a great start to the season for our boys. Very interested to see how we compare. I think DU is good, but a lot of people are talking that they are dominant. Like I said in another thread, unless they took a MASSIVE jump from last year, that'd be hard to believe. We lacked talent in key areas last season and we could have easily stolen a couple from them last season. I'll gladly take a split, but, I have a hunch. Nay... a feeling... we sweep this weekend
  9. Same lines as last night. Good stuff. Get it done, boys.
  10. Woulda been sold sooner had the opponent been Notre Dame. Sorry.... I had to
  11. Not to mention free (some charge, but give perks to do so) shuttles all over the city.
  12. UND didn't have "attendance problems" at that point in their history, correct? So, sure, not proof, but since we sold out games nearly every season during that run, it seems like a pretty solid assumption. 75" TVs (referring, in general to large TVs) are much more common now, man. The comforts of home are higher now than 10 years ago. Just another overall discussion point as to why less people come to games. However, UND fans come to see teams win games. Back in 2009, we were on an unprecedented run of success. People came to watch them. I don't know how much more I can say about that. We sold out the barn to watch Michigan Tech back when they were garbage year in and year out. I don't recall seeing a game with over 4,000 empty seats for a UND hockey game ever, including last year. That is over 25% of the arena. *sigh* alright, man. This is just gonna keep going in circles. I'll continue to wholly disagree that Notre Dame would have filled that arena last night. And, even if they would have, that's still not an indication that we should leave the NCHC. Overall... win more games and the fans will stay, in general.
  13. You have no proof of this. None. Notre Dame is not our rival. Notre Dame is not a marquee college hockey team. I don't understand the infatuation. It baffles me that you think Notre Dame would drive an additional 3,000-5,000 people to a game. Especially on deer opener weekend. Also, when is the last time we had 7,000 at a game at the new REA? I'll be waiting for the answer.
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