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  1. The summation of this entire thread.... Not a shot at you, @jdub27, at all. We've all been going in circles for nearly 2 full days.
  2. Oh, you were being serious. Football moved their season, though. I don't think I've heard anything about winter athletes keeping eligibility. I could be wrong. EDIT: Simple Google search. Looks like all winter athletes get another year. Interesting.
  3. So, we get everyone back? Sweet!
  4. Adams is a senior. Wish he could stay tho lol.
  5. I'm not necessarily talking impact in the game, but just how good of a player he is. Sorry, I could have elaborated. His impact yesterday was all about transition out of the zone and his speed, in general.
  6. I thought the top line looked rusty, but definitely had three or four shifts where they looked like they did last season. Sanderson may be the best freshman skater I've ever seen and may be the best skater on this team, already. So incredibly agile. Gaber was so much fun last night. If he's here four years, he'll finish as a UND legend. Gotta role with Scheeler on a shutty. DU will play a little angry after losing a game they should have won, but I believe we're better. 4-2 UND
  7. Can we just move on? Just the same argument over and over and over. Both sides of the aisle are understood. We've even lost some fans, apparently. Move on, shall we?
  8. I thought we were dominant defensively and that's the backbone of a title. All zones. Scoring will come, no doubt in my mind.
  9. He was absolutely incredible in the first period, but quiet midway through. He made an unreal, backhanded sauce pass from the corner leading up to an odd-man rush right after Gaber's goal. I was very happy with him. Never got out of position and was eager to enter the rush especially in the first. Such a smooth skater. Incredible feet.
  10. "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
  11. Awesome job. God d@mn that song wails. Ready to run through a freakin' wall hahaha.
  12. I'd love to see Keane get that role, but not sure he has that size. Rieger isn't fast enough, IMO.
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