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  1. I did not, this time. Maybe back in January. My bad!
  2. Why not? Because you don't want it to be? The old video screens are being used. EDIT: Disregard. UNDBIZ provided me some context.
  3. It's also going to have pictures on it haha. It's unimpressive right now because it's just blank.
  4. AGAIN, with this? THIS is why people argue. By saying that people on the "Sioux Forever" side don't accept reality immediately demonizes them and the walls are put up and the discussion is over. It's just so simple and I don't get why you keep stating that people don't understand it -- this side understands that FH is the logo/nickname. You've decided to stop your resistance against it, but many, many others haven't. I disagree with you that there is only one way to "solve" this. The other, just move on. Cheer for UND and let time take its course just like it did for CHS, Stanford, St. John's and dozens of others schools. I stand by my premise that this whole thing is incredibly overblown.
  5. I'll tell you what, I'll start stick up for you and people that post about the Hawks on social media and see if we can help bring it all together!
  6. Honestly, it really can be, but it'll take a lot of people stopping constantly being mad about how the other person feels about this "debate"... just know we are all saying "Go UND" when we say "Go Hawks" or "Go Sioux."
  7. Sorry that happens to you, man. It's stupid and childish.
  8. Again, people (well, most... I'm sure a few nutjobs haven't haha) have fully accepted it. Not sure what I can do to explain that further. Dividing the fanbase? I mean, other than us discussing this on forums, social media, etc., are the athletic programs suffering? Sure doesn't feel like it. Resting blame directly on one side certainly won't help stop the problem. Both sides have entrenched people that overreact. Overall, I think the overwhelming majority of fans do and are going to continue to support UND regardless of where they fall on this "debate".
  9. Yet the team wears the logo and all official things come out with the name and logo on it. It's a clear distinction.
  10. I'm sorry, but the athletic program is not doing anything, individuals are stating their feelings about it. And yes, that is 100% ok.
  11. Right, why should they? They don't have to support the name. The program is doing just fine. Football embraces the logo/nickname more. Totally agree. I'm wondering why it matters.
  12. Certainly don't disagree. Feel like the hockey team always had the name/logo more ingrained than any other sport.
  13. Read my post before this one. I'm being 100% serious. Are you implying that the team/program has gotten together, as a whole and directed people to protest the name/logo? If so, I'd love to see some proof of this. Again, individuals speaking their opinions on the matter and you don't like it. It is what it is.
  14. Yes, I do know exactly what is going on -- people don't like the nickname/logo and are not supporting it. They are all speaking their individual opinions. You don't like that, but that doesn't matter. The team, as an entity, hasn't done this one time. Regardless of how you feel about that, that's what is happening.
  15. Being prodded by the hockey program to not support the Hawks name/logo? Are you saying that the team -- as an entity -- is coming out and telling people not to call the team Fighting Hawks? I've not seen that one time. Players, coaches, alumni have every right to support or not support the logo/name. I've seen many current players wearing Hawks gear.
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