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  1. Perfect example was Andrew Kozek. Koz probably had the hardest wrist shot I have ever seen in college hockey, but didn't score nearly as much as Dunc and played a lot with Oshie. Dunc just found a way.
  2. No doubt, but he still buried. Kid could snipe.
  3. Obviously he was helped majorly by his linemates, but people often forget that Dunc could flat out beat a goalie from all over the ice. He was a helluva player.
  4. Exactly what I was saying. Which is why I think having Weatherby at his natural position, even if it's in a bottom six role, is big for this team.
  5. I never said that, though lol. "Rolling four lines" to me, means having the depth to not have to play only the Top 6 players. Keeping players fresh and not losing much in terms of scoring punch from top to bottom.
  6. I definitely disagree with it being situational. Teams with strong depth play all four lines more evenly than those with less depth. By matching lines, you can keep your team fresh and not lose scoring opportunities with whomever is in the ice. Our best teams had tremendous depth and evened out playing time as much as possible. Being able to have a guy like Weatherby centering the fourth line late in a game against a team's top line who is gassed or their less talented fourth line is a clear advantage to us.
  7. Rarely? I'd argue our best teams in recent history rolled four lines all game long. We'd be more likely to pull players out of position if we didn't have depth, but this team will be very deep.
  8. I feel like the writing was on the wall at the end of last year unless he took a big step. He was behind Bast and Frisch. He was going to be battling for the 5/6 slot. Agreed with the PP time.
  9. So move two players from their best position? Why not just slot them as four centers and roll four lines? Depth is always a good thing.
  10. I just can't see Weatherby playing wing. He's too good in the middle.
  11. Definitely. Jonny wants top 2 pairing minutes and that is no where near certain.
  12. I've seen a couple with him top 6, but I guess I was thinking most aren't seeing him that way. If that's the case, I've read it wrong.
  13. Here's my thoughts from what I've been hearing. Mismash - Adams - Guchi Gaber - Pinto - Caulfield Blaisdell - Weatherby - Budy Hain - Senden - Ness Keane - Rizzo - Albrecht Think we here at SS are a little high on Rizzo. Could be in a suit for a bit. Definitely low on Gaber. Been told that he's gonna be a big-time contributor. Explosive skater. Ness will need a spot, too. Maybe try Blaisdell on the second line, but Gaber has the skill. Maybe flip Keane and Budy. Judd is going to have a season, IMO.
  14. Yup. Kierstad, Senden and JBD should get As. Keane is my wildcard for an A.
  15. Definitely. Kierstad, JBD, Sanderson, Frisch, Bast, Kleven, Moore, Reiger... That's a loaded back end. He definitely saw he'd be battling for ice and that's a tough spot for a junior second round pick. I wish him the best. Seems like a great kid. Very happy it's Omaha and not UMD or DU.
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