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  1. Or, they are enthusiastic about selling to both UND and NDSU fans because they know they can make a really good chunk of money on it.
  2. I actually don't know if that is haha. Sorry. However, I do know UND vs. NDSU is
  3. Again... apples... meet oranges.
  4. Beat me to it... UND vs. NDSU is incredibly different in terms of scale than UGA vs. ND, but it's still No. 4... that says the demand is insane.
  5. Hahaha sure? Because I drop one meme trying to calm down a troll? Do I really need to explain how memes work? That's ADORABLE! You do you, boo boo. *Pats SlowHand on head*
  6. Lol I was 100% kidding, hence why I dropped the meme. Mainly just trolling that troll as best as I can. Didn't look into it even for a millisecond.
  7. Queue gf... start comparing W2s.
  8. Him being on Langley's roster keeps his NCAA eligibility, so until he commits elsewhere, yes.
  9. It's Wednesday. Sorry, man
  10. I feel like the WHL makes assumptions, or at least, they write up PR spots too soon. I'd like to hear it from the kid's mouth.
  11. Foundations of the program is very important. To know where we're going, we have to see where we've been. UND vs. NDSU is a massive part of each team's history and ignoring that would suggest blindness to that type of history. Thus, the player would be ignoring something that is really special to a super-majority of the fanbase.
  12. The players hear it from the fans. If they are blind the the history of UND vs. NDSU, I guess, I'm not sure I'd want that player on my team.
  13. If I could roll my eyes any harder, they'd pop out of my head. These PC warriors need a frickin' hobby.
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