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  1. Cmon, man. Even had we lost tonight, we'd still be leading the NCHC and likely a Top 3 in the PWR. Why do we all overreact so hard?!
  2. Trying to get game for him

  3. My father is 85 says it’s not on nchc tv is this the case

  4. First 40 was fine. We won the first half of both the first and second, IMO. Wheels fell off in the third as we got desperate and out of position. I believe in the team and the skill we have. I believe we'll see a good bounce back.
  5. Ugh. I just don't see it with Thome. He's just not very good positionally nor moving side to side. Against the pace of UMD, this not a good thing. I want Scheel back in there.
  6. 100% agree with this. We absolutely dominated that first 10 minutes of the second. It was a big time let down.
  7. Brad could have left GF several times for much more lucrative ventures. He just loves what he does.
  8. I'll push back on that a little bit. He made a couple really big saves last night. But frankly, we can't expect him to stop ALL what I think was 5 breakaways last night. He'll definitely want back a couple of goals last night, but, the dude has it in him. All mental, at this point.
  9. Alright, again, let's turn the page. Get the split and all is well, IMO. Very, very interested to see who starts in net. 5-3 UND
  10. Frisch has been way, way more consistent defensively than Johnny, IMO.
  11. He's been too inconsistent. Simple as that, IMO.
  12. I mean, UND scores 4 goals per game and UMD is clipping at 27% on the PP. You sure? lol.
  13. You kidding? We'll be back-to-back champs and people will be pissed if we don't get the third
  14. My guess is that team that drafts him sees that UND knows what they are doing because we have 5 proven NCAA defensemen and his NTDP teammate in front of him.
  15. Spot on. Again, Ryder Donovan would be in a suit nearly every night this season. He made his choice and I wish him luck.
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