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  1. Yeah, I just realized Hain is back. Now I get it. CJ and Yon were both really, really good last weekend and Keane was good on Friday.
  2. I understand the amount of players allowed to dress. I just think he should be one of the players.
  3. So, they just flat out left him home? That's really weird.
  4. Healthy scratch, but didn't make the trip? That's weird. He's gotta be knicked up.
  5. Keep it rolling. Do we see Scheel or Thome? I think Scheel Friday to kind of exorcise the demons from earlier this season. Get the win and don't let those dirty dogs a finger on our Cup. 5-2 UND Guchi, Mismash, Smith, Michaud, Yon
  6. One of the Middelstadt's scored in the first period and came out of the group celly holding his shoulder. Made me laugh and think of the pull-ups. *Cough* Pu$$y *cough*
  7. Awesome stuff. Love this team. Give Keaner an A next year. That's what I want in a leader.
  8. Take them seriously in terms of their team, of course. I still don't see them as a rival. I get that we play in the same conference, I just don't have a desire to beat them like I do many other teams. I mean, I want them to win all games, but, I think you know where I'm coming from lol.
  9. It's adorable Are they even in our Top 10 of rivals? I'd say a hard no.
  10. There are a few more, too haha. Yes, he's one of em that is very consistent.... ly annoying
  11. Yeah, I feel like it's a kid brother complex. Like, for some reason, they hate us because they really can't get over the hump against us and then they whinneeeeeee a lot on Twitter haha.
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