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  1. Good luck, buddy! Let's hope they all score and that means we've put some Ws
  2. And for some additional wow... Perron is 16.
  3. Remember the outrage around here about losing him? Pepperidge Farms remembers...
  4. Totally fair and he's due some, no doubt. With that said, is it real and honest criticism or just frustration with this season? I think this team is product of us losing 14 players (think of that number) from a loaded team and replacing with that we had to work with at the time. For me, I don't know how I can pin that on Berry. From what I heard about Morrow, I still peg that choice as a good call and I don't care if he wins a Hobey. He didn't sound like he would fit in here. To each, their own. Hindsight is 20/20 on Rizzo, at this point. Seems like a miss there. We absolutely have not moved away from recruiting the top players and we're still very much in on Cooley and have guys like Perron in our pipeline.
  5. I think maybe people's expectations on players need to be checked before they come in. Having that idea that they will be an instant factor scoring right where they did in juniors just doesn't happen very often for any player. I think we can all agree that some players come in here with high expectations and under perform, but can't the same be said for kids that come in here with us having high hopes for them and they become better than we ever expected?
  6. Yeah, or, let them develop. There aren't a lot of kids that jump right into college and blow up like they did in juniors.
  7. I try to keep my mouth shut, I really do. It's just in every thread and I stupidly feel the need to defend.
  8. You're somehow reading the future of a kid who's playing his freshman season. It's just you overreacting. If you think our pipeline has no high end players, you just haven't been paying attention, man. I'm sorry.
  9. I guess that would mean you'd need to define "only able to do anything good" because the 2019-2020 was pretty dominant before COVID with a bunch of players who.... wait for it, wait for it.... DEVELOPED... into a really good team. Collin Adams, Jordan Kawaguchi, Kierstad, Mismash all feel like guys who developed really well in their time here. I'd say two league titles and a conference tournament title are things that are "anything good". That group of kids developed over time and became an incredible team. Add in a few big studs, you got a pretty magical team. Give these kids time. It's insane how hard this fanbase swings. Absolutely blows my mind.
  10. Basically the past two pages of this thread. Dude's on here taking shots on a keyboard with little to no actually insight on the situation.
  11. None. He was fine tonight. This one is squarely on our lack of finishing.
  12. We've had one Saturday game that counts. I hate saying this, but we should have won that game tonight. Simply put, we can't bury the puck right now. It's hard to watch. Lack of forward depth is bearing fruit. Hopefully the do the 2021 Saturday bit tomorrow.
  13. You think that team isn't trying? Man, just have a frickin cocktail or take a nap or something. Sheesh.
  14. I have an idea... Saturday/Saturday regional. Frozen Four is Thursday/Saturday. Natty time
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