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  1. That's a solid move for him. Will get a good shot at a lot of minutes.
  2. When was this? All of the old hockey videos I've seen show players beating each other into oblivion lol.
  3. My favorite is any form of "what time is the game" or "what channel is the game on" .... You have a literal super computer in your hand. Google it.
  4. Awful takes about the team and consistent whining from wholly uneducated fans. But, some of the stuff sold on there is cool.
  5. Yep. Agreed. And because of the size of our fanbase, up goes the amount of lack of knowledge and the amount of bad apples. Big reason why most other schools hate us.
  6. Absolutely! Was just talking about this last night with a buddy. Losing Scheel felt like a death knell on 2021-22. Then, Weatherby comes back, Sandy comes back, Ford and Driscoll come in and I'm feeling MUCH more confident. Center went from a big, big, big question mark if Jasper left, to being an absolute position of strength. \ I think we'll get Jandric. Good stabilizing force.
  7. Trashed you for NOT cheering for UMD? Has that person not been watching for the past, well, decade plus? Goodness. I despise Duluth. They are very successful, and while I earned some respect back after the class the showed after the 5OT game, they are still a large group of divers and exaggerators. Their fanbase is gross. As for Clown, they've basically been irrelevant forever yet their fanbase believes they're not. I do not want them having a legit banner for the first time. Both of those teams are our rivals. I'll only cheer for them if it directly benefits UND. Screw "confer
  8. I just don't understand why anyone would want our rival to win a title. We all know the NCHC is the best conference, whether they'd like to admit it or not. It's just not close. Definitely cheering for UMass.
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