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  1. Hey man, sounds good to me. Definitely confident in the transfers and I think a couple of the freshmen are going to play big time roles.
  2. Incoming freshies: F: Schmaltz, Kunz, Constantini, Portz D: Bast, Johnson G: Hellsten, Johnson Holy moley, we've got 13 new faces....
  3. When I say offers, I meant opportunities to play elsewhere. My guess is pretty much what you're saying, that he was ready to be done with Junior.
  4. Other thought process here... he didn't have outstanding numbers. They weren't bad, but not outstanding. Maybe he wasn't getting great offers anywhere? When UND, his hometown team, gives him the opportunity to develop in a program he assuredly loves and knows he'll get the best possible grooming at, maybe he just couldn't pass it up?
  5. Central Scouting put out their final list today. For North American skaters: #38 -- Brent Johnson #39 -- Scott Morrow Quite the rise for Johnson.
  6. Been some great positive momentum, but seeing this so not cool. Makes me sad.
  7. Definitely think it's unlikely. I'd assume all of the transfers will be in GF very soon, probably for summer session and offseason skates. Will be incredibly vital to get them in and get used to the UND way. If Ford or Calder can make a quick impact/impression on the team, you never know.
  8. I thought about Ford, too. I wouldn't hate that at all. If he gets an A (or Calder for that matter), that would show A LOT about them.
  9. I feel like Juddy and Frisch should get some thoughts for it and I think I had Frisch in my guesses before simply because of wanting another D-man, but I think the list above feels pretty cut and dried.
  10. Expecting our roster to be finished up in the next couple of weeks, but since it's a slow Monday for me, anyone want to discuss the captains this year? This is what I'm going with: Sendo - C Jasper - A Sanderson - A Hainer - A
  11. If you have Facebook, join the "All things Fighting Sioux" group and put this there. I guarantee someone will take it.
  12. Nashville is back and in full force. CANNOT wait.
  13. Ugh. Love all the positive moves college hockey is making, but this is not one of those.
  14. Big fan of Johnson and I hope it's the right move and trust that it is.
  15. Here's a better break down: Aside from playing for Shattuck, he played in two USHL games last season with the Youngstown Phantoms. Since last season, his USHL rights have transferred a few times. He was dealt to the Sioux City Musketeers initially and then the Musketeers flipped his right to the Fargo Force. But, with that being said, there is no indication that Morrow will move to the USHL full-time. In May, Morrow sat down with Brian Elliott Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald and the 2021 NHL Draft eligible prospect indicated that “if the season starts on time, he’ll be in Fargo”. Unf
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