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  1. Hahaha yes! Totally forgot about that. My favorite was actually #HireHak .... That always made me laugh.
  2. McLaughlin's stock went way up this season and I think it would be silly for him to jump that early. Everything I heard about him when he committed to UND was we got a steal because had he not gotten picked last year, he would have been an early rounder this year. Feels like Philly is nervous he's gonna keep blowing up and walk in three years. I'd be surprised if he goes seeing that he's a 7th rounder and would almost certainly not sniff the NHL for a long time.
  3. We have a nice mix of impact veterans, transfers, and rookies this season. Definitely looking forward to it.
  4. All four are very, very solid players. Strinden likely won't produce big time numbers for a couple of years, but the other three should pitch in right away as they could all three be sprinkled in for good minutes right away. From what I was told and heard was that James was initially going to be held out for one more year, but blossomed really nicely this season and was given the option to come in next year, so he's very likely to be coming. Blake is super dynamic and could be a game-breaker for us if he continues his growth. Needs to bulk up a little bit, but he's a heckuva playmaker with some big-time scoring touch. James is quick, good skater and gets a lot of his goals from being in the right place and playing smart. Big time nose for the net. McLaughlin is a solid, responsible center that will slot into a big position of need. Very good playmaker. Strinden has nice size and skates well from what I've seen with that size. Should be a very nice class for us.
  5. Why couldn't we just push him back one more year to keep Spicer? KIDDING!
  6. Whatever anyone says about Grand Forks, UND, our fanbase, etc., doesn't matter. This is impressive.
  7. Dude... this guy is just way too smart lololol.
  8. GOT EM! Hahaha that was solid. Yeah, 6 would be A LOT, but I didn't have a problem with 5, IMO.
  9. So, I'm bored and I'm curious.... who in the heck is wearing letters this year??? I highly doubt they'd take the letters off of Sendo or Hain. Have we ever had a co-captain? I think that'd be weird. Frisch could/should absolutely wear a C, but I don't think they'd take it off of Sendo. Doesn't bother me to have a lot of letters. Depth and leadership will be a big part of this team. I'll say this: C - Senden A - Hain A - Frisch A - Gaber A - Jammer A - Judd And dare I say .... Kleven, to me, deserves a letter ... Maybe remove Juddy and add Kleven? Or.... go real nutty in the COVID nutty era and go with 6 As lol.
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