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  1. Why are they leaning towards relocating the NCHC headquarters from Colorado to Minnesota? Was that a condition put in place by the incoming commissioner?
  2. So will Sidorski be required to take classes? Sounds like he’s graduating with a double major from Union so curious to know what the academic rules are for 5th year seniors?
  3. 18?!?! Holy moly, didn’t realize he was that high in demand!
  4. I suffer from ear fatigue from certain bands/songs (AC/DC, Journey, etc).
  5. I don’t miss his mom at games. She screams and rings her cowbell nonstop. Was kinda embarrassing when we traveled to ASU a few years ago.
  6. Thanks! Likely hanging in the garage! But that’s okay-I have some smaller UND banners I plan on hanging out there too.
  7. A dear friend of mine who works for the CC hockey program gave me the UND banner that hung in the Broadmoor World Arena for over twenty seasons of Tiger hockey! I was and am so appreciative! Now, if I could convince my wife to let me hang it in our master bedroom…
  8. So Cruikshank leaves CC for presumably a better, more talented program in Minnesota. The gophers make it to the FF and now he enters the transfer portal??? To me, this is getting a little ridiculous. What could he possibly be unhappy about?
  9. Mankato appeared to become unnerved after DU tied it but it felt like DU was gradually getter by zone time and pressure starting late in the 2nd and continuing into the 3rd.
  10. I wonder, what is the current level of patience among Omaha Mavericks faithful with Gabinet? Does he still deserve more time? Or has he had enough time where he and the team should’ve been making more improvement by now? Just wondering if after next year, if Omaha finishes bottom half again, could it be curtains for Gabinet and would they reach out to Hastings?
  11. And what about Hastings? He seems very content at Mankato but could he be lured away??
  12. A guy on my team is an MSU alum and huge supporter of the hockey program. I sent him this text this morning as I know he’s pretty bummed out. Didn’t want to send it last night as I’m sure the sting was pretty bad at the moment they lost… “Dude, sorry about Mankato. Damn. That one hurt. I felt terrible for the Mavericks players and coaches and fans last night. Seems like the program however is in a permanent position for national success. Lot to be proud of as a Maverick fan!”
  13. Hindsight being what it is, I wonder if Hastings should have considered using his timeout as soon as DU tied it. Seems like Mankato’s body language permanently changed for the worst after that tying goal. No panic in DU’s approach despite being shut down for the first 45 minutes. The grind of the NCHC compared to the CCHA seemed to be the difference maker. Playing teams like Duluth down the stretch seemed to help DU’s moxie.
  14. DU fans will be even more insufferable next season and I’ll get a double dose of it as I’ll be there at Magness for both the CC and UND series.
  15. If it makes us feel any better, The Nature Boy Ric Flair still has more titles than DU! Woooo!
  16. I could think of one team in particular where he’d be guaranteed top six minutes! Lol.
  17. There was a good three-part series on Letsgodu! page about the history of Pios hockey and in part I, they talked about Mariucci and how he wouldn’t or didn’t want to play Denver because of all their big, “rough and tumble” Canadian men and that it wasn’t fair to all his American “boys.” “The rough and tumble players from Thunder Bay!”
  18. Well, yah, I guess that’s one possible explanation! LOL
  19. I lurked a bit last night. I read some-not a lot, but some-comments from Gopher fans complaining about the average age of the Mankato players. To my knowledge, MSU hasn’t violated any recruiting rules or NCAA rules and the Gophers are free to recruit and retain the same types of players as the Mavericks do so I ask myself, why do they have a beef with who’s on the MSU roster?
  20. After Mankato scored, they were skating by the Gopher player and it looked like some chirping initiated by the Mavericks players.
  21. I felt like Michigan was playing fast and loose in their own zone all night long. Making plays and dangerous passes, and getting away with it. What was it, at least two maybe three Michigan players over skated that loose puck in the OT that led to the winning goal?
  22. Love hearing Iron Maiden during the timeout! Devil horns to the sky!!!
  23. I am amazed how many outlet passes Michigan makes to guys right in front of their own net in the slot.
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