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  1. Hakstol returns to Philadelphia tonight. https://www.nhl.com/news/kraken-coach-dave-hakstol-faces-former-team-in-philadelphia/c-326952210
  2. Carter Savoie with a 5 point night, halfway through its Denver 5 Air Force 0.
  3. You're not the only ones looking for new stats source. https://www.collegehockeynews.com/news/2021/10/08_A-Few-Words-About-Statistics.php
  4. Had that game on - not always paying full attention what with UND on at same time - but I think it was a broken stick he didn't drop right away.
  5. Friday night was an awful night for Hockey East. 1 Win - 5 Losses in nonconference play. (Only UMass toughed it out over American International.) Perhaps the worst loss was Sacred Heart over BU 3-2. Not a great night for NCHC either, just 4-3, with Omaha needing OT to get the win over Alaska.
  6. Their Captain of all people. In a critical Pairwise game.
  7. Providence and Mankato in the early game in Duluth. 1-1 late 1st. on NCHC.TV for Fans.
  8. I think we will need Driscoll to bail us out a little too often - against top quality opponents especially - until the team defense in our own zone tightens up. Hope Karl can transfer knowledge quickly.
  9. Upset Alert Air Force 3 Michigan State 2 Final in OT
  10. Upset Alert Bentley 2 tOSU 1 late 3rd edit: ow showing as final.
  11. So by adding mens ice hockey and women's lacrosse, Augie is up to sponsoring 23 sports. Seems too much like a house of cards to stand for long.
  12. MSU Mankato with a sweet sweep of the defending national championships. Now #1, deservedly, in this week's USCHO poll https://www.uscho.com/rankings/d-i-mens-poll/ This upcoming weekend is a fairly rare #1 vs #2 with the Mavs hosting St Cloud State.
  13. Ditto. Gave half a thought to leaving after two, but then said to myself "it might be the greatest comeback in WCHA FF history". (True story.)
  14. I like the part where Wright makes the first down signal, while standing in the middle of the Bison sideline. Love the attitude.
  15. Here is wishing Peter Thome success vs. St Cloud St. Hoping to find a stream of that UMass vs Mankato game. Should be a good one.
  16. A lot depends on ranking criteria, but yes I would put Commodore in that Top Four to wear #8. His presence kept UND's small and speedy guys from taking cheap shots (Alex Brooks from Wisconsin paid the biggest price/damage in that regard!), and his ability to play a strong and keep-it-simple game in his own zone was key to UND success and got him many years in the NHL. He also played 3 years at UND, one more than either Tippett or Schmaltz. And he won an NCAA title (as did Smail, Tippett, Hoogsteen and Schmaltz).
  17. Back when Mickey Krampotich wore #8 (83-87), he talked about living up to the reputation of #8 - the last 2 jersey wearers, Dave Tippett and Doug Smail had both made it to the NHL AND been major contributors at UND. He even went back to the '60's when Merrifield and Kell wore it. So yeah, I would have put Doug Smail on my Mount Rushmore of jersey wearers for #8.
  18. Scheffler has also been impressive. Almost there win a win over the world #1, Jon Rahm. He is so calm.
  19. Yeah its hard to believe he's only 32.
  20. Shocker is that he only got 13 votes ... some people just not paying attention.
  21. I liked the goal review change , and I like this change. both should have happened earlier, for competition integrity. But selfishly I like the new schedule which should allow watching all the games on TV.
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