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  1. Because it’s always been about control!
  2. Maybe he can use some of that money to help that joke of a movement blm
  3. I think Toews is Blackhawks lifer
  4. So the play wasn’t offsides becaus the cloud touched the puck, all right, fair enough
  5. They got hosed twice because I guess now you can throw the puck
  6. I think the announcer said the goalie was being too aggressive
  7. How did the goalie not stop that? how did you not see that coming???
  8. So LaFontaine won the Richter Award........ Ok then :/
  9. YES, Duluth did not deserve to win that game!
  10. I would think Thome would stay after we lost Scheel. What goalies do we have coming in? I can’t remember
  11. I suppose I can like Dallas now that Jim Montgomery isnt head coach anymore. Their colors are awesome though
  12. I say our top defensive pair next year is Sanderson and Kleven, Frisch still scares me for some reason when he has the puck
  13. We can’t get a clean shot on net
  14. I thought that was a delay of game
  15. Laying on the puck but just moving enough not to get a penalty
  16. I was told Senden has a broken arm
  17. I could definitely see them do that, keep their gophers a safe path to the frozen 4
  18. What difference does it make? Maybe he’s a Sioux fan
  19. Well they are still the Sioux to true fans
  20. He got injured, he got a stick to the groin hard and had to get surgery for a hernia I think and it’s like an 8 week healing process. I think he’s on the third or fourth week
  21. Dude seriously just stop, You drive the net then you get pushed. The Denver guy pushed Hains legs into the goalie the last time
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