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  1. No he wasn't, he was with little jony who got the booth again. SD thread blew up on Friday.
  2. Congratulations Isaiah In a loss and injured with potential for some games to be missed.
  3. Need to beat out some of the following: SCHOOL MVFC ALL Southern Illinois 4-0 6-1 North Dakota State 3-0 6-0 South Dakota 3-1 5-2 Missouri State 3-1 4-2 South Dakota State 2-1 5-1
  4. Southern Illinois Saluki Stadium Attendance: 10,644 Duration: 3:12 Sunny
  5. With these last 3 moral victories, all we need is to win out and we are in. Pollsters believe in us.
  6. Hoping you do expect the W. Never know on this board if posts are serious or purple. Lot of negative arrows being shot at the home team recently. I'm thinking we are over our Herd letdown in SD. The Salukis likely be a little over confident. We lost by 6 & 7 in the Valley, remember the MVFC reputation. Pollsters haven't given up on us yet. Plenty of Hawk fans be cheering on Saturday. The unpredictables happen, look at last week.
  7. Bubba has been is this house many times, we do have a Puncher's Chance!
  8. CARBONDALE — Two West Coast road trips, and two top-25 opponents to open Missouri Valley Football Conference play was tough enough for North Dakota's football team. "Well I think we're disappointed overall, but I do believe our guys will really fight, and we have a really big opportunity in front of us on Saturday, which is what we need at this point," said UND coach Kyle "Bubba" Schweigert, a former defensive coordinator at SIU under Dale Lennon from 2008-13. "We lost to North Dakota State, who's 2-0 in the league, and South Dakota, who we knew was going to be a very tough opponent on the road, and so you're 0-2 and you really gotta stay in the moment, is what we're preaching to our guys. And I know our guys are talking amongst ourselves, and when we talk to our leadership we understand that this is a really pivotal game and we've gotta get on the win side in the conference race. For our season, that would give us a big boost to go down and get a big win on the road." https://thesouthern.com/sports/college/salukimania/siu-football-fighting-hawks-struggling-to-finish-off-drives/article_568c29bd-a7a6-520c-a362-4716a0c9cb35.html
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