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  1. The Flickertails were a "copy cat" of the Gophers, MN still doesn't realize what a goph they are. Bison were run over the cliff of death by the chase of Standing Rock. Standing Rock blessed UND's Sioux nickname. UND's Sioux nickname ran into American political correctness before it took the arrow from Standing Rock. American oil run it under the river against the wishes of Standing Rock. Heidi is smart enough to never ask Standing Rock to take that arrow back.
  2. Butter? Does the profit from putting butter on my popcorn go towards paying for a new scoreboard? vs. something like a raise to an assistance BB coach? Does the profit from my buying a Hawks cap go towards the effort to keeping the Hawks logo off of the hard wood or ice? vs. to some FB support?
  3. I like this coach you're talking about. How do we keep him, maybe a long contract with a substantial financial penalty for an early leave?
  4. Also agree. Like your enthusiasm! I would love to see the Coyotes on the ice! Gather up your Yote friends for a fund raiser. Then, make ice under a roof, hire a coach, recruit, gather some sticks/skates/pads/pucks, & watch the action.
  5. From Kennedy's response to the NDUS chancellor's acceptance of the “de facto notice of resignation,” did Kennedy actually put his resignation in like he said he would if he takes the job in CO? “This letter confirms that I have not resigned my position as the president of the University of North Dakota,” Kennedy wrote. “If I were to resign at some point in the future, I will provide you with written notice of my resignation.”
  6. First Impression, she's a proud Hawk!
  7. I don't know what it is, but for many years now, the Twins just know how to roll over and play dead against the Yankees. Hopefully they can turn that around.
  8. Best case scenario for UND and Kennedy, let's move on. Otherwise the circus would of continued in ND. Let's find 3 great replacements from recent openings .
  9. Wish Jones the best. Did leave some good memories.
  10. Feedback on CU presidential candidate Mark Kennedy not positive The Board of Regents will vote at 1 p.m. Thursday at Anschutz Medical Campus https://www.denverpost.com/2019/04/30/cu-presidential-candidate-feedback-not-positive/
  11. Mark Kennedy's Quest For CU President May Seem Uniquely Turbulent, But To University Search Insiders That's The Norm https://www.cpr.org/news/story/mark-kennedys-campaign-to-be-cu-president-may-seem-uniquely-turbulent-but-to-university
  12. If Kennedy gets the job because of political supporters, verses his qualifications, is that petty?
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