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  1. At first I taught it was a mistake not playing the 12th game, but now agree a rest my be in the best interest with our risk of injuries in recent past.
  2. I've used 3 browsers, 2 search engines, on a desk top & laptop; energized the rapid search and turbo chargers on my wifi router & here's the results for a xBizon guy that turned a new leaf going Fhawking Irish and that left Fargo, moved to GF, then Flauwda, and now in a place the artist claims no one will find out. Many years ago the Lepricon married a widow who had an 18-year-old daughter.After the wedding, the father, a widower, came to visit and fell in love with the step-daughter, marrying her without any authorization.As a result the step-daughter became a step-mother and the father became a son-in-law.The father's wife (also a step-daughter) and step-mother, gave birth to a son who is a grandchild because as the husband of step-daughter's mother.This boy is also a brother, as the son of father.So the wife became a grandmother, because she is the mother of father's wife.A short time after, the wife gave birth to a son, who became father's brother-in-law, the step-son of father's wife, and a uncle.Son is also step-mother's brother, and through the step-mother, wife has become a grandmother/ and Lepricon become his own grandfather. Does son, who is also a uncle, father's son-in-law and step mother's brother have any trolling potential?
  3. And there are Bizon trolls as season tickets holders in denial, use the excuse - can't hear it = doesn't happen. Forest Mentality. But, they get their shorts all bunched up in a knot when they see a sign to play hockey? Droolers!
  4. I like your name, could have used your help trolling last week. Wait, which definition are you associating yourself with? one bad apple can spoil the whole basket or someone who creates problems or causes trouble for others
  5. That's a pretty good advantage, hopefully game plays out as well.
  6. You're the one whining about the hockey sign, I was showing how this hockey sign is small change when compared. Go to Bozoville, they'll help you out.
  7. Typical Bizon little johny, and you come on here a few posts back to post about our Mascot with a sign about play us in hockey in how it is showed up on your social media.
  8. Typical Bison fan, whatever Bison do is OK: I never heard it, it was only too many cups of coffee, the Queen the week before was a packer fan, on and on. "My point is this stuff is much worse than a poster held by our mascot that reads "Play us in hockey". Verses tjBison is correct in that there are many things the UND staff needs to worry about before a Mascot with a hockey sign first.
  9. Hope our team is also, we need a win here to help build this program. This could be a very good game to watch, should be a good turnout with the crowd.
  10. Would agree, we have a future interest.
  11. Yes it slightly irritated me, but mostly got over it. Much worse stuff at that game. The chant "Sioux Suck Sh!T" is alive at the Dome. "F'hawks" {and variations thereof) is alive at the game and on Bison social media. The Sioux Suck chant over the years did us no good with the NCAA, even though is wasn't us saying it. This hockey poster doesn't even make the NCAA radar!
  12. How about we just start by removing the word "Fighting" from our nickname, that's hostile and could become abusive. I can live with the logo for a while. UND Hawks! The chant "Sioux Suck Sh!T" is alive at the Dome. "F'hawks" {and variations thereof) is alive on Bison social media. This picture of our mascot holding a hockey message in front of their fan base that is hostile and abusive is microscopic as compared to the just mentioned.
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