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  1. Would of, should of, could of. Would of been nice to win last Saturday and do it again tonight?
  2. One and done is going to be with us for a long time. With full time athletes, professional sports has the time to play multiple games with the same team.
  3. If much more of this happens, there will be no NCAA tourney again. Teams need to play.
  4. Follow the science, too many vs. too many? Too many people eating(& or living around) too many different kings of animals.
  5. Hardly. Notre Dam gave us a friendly call at that time to stop using the interlocked ND logo. Being they had the rights to it registered, we said sure. End of story.
  6. Reminds me of growing up on the farm. Hoed many miles of trees planted as shelterbelts around the farm on north thereof, and yes to the rocks.
  7. I would imagine it depends on how fast these 40 sell?
  8. Thinking they'll be gone before the week ends. All the complainers on here about not being able to stand there this season and how great it is to watch the game from there should just devour them ????
  9. Have you ever gone to a game in the Winter Sports Center on 2nd Ave N ?
  10. Alerus Center announces the opening of new Peterson Porch premium seating section The Peterson Porch is a new seating area located on the second-floor bridge running along the south wall of the arena. The porch will be available in different capacities for sporting events, concerts and everything in between. The Alerus Center will host a ribbon-cutting at 10 a.m. Sept. 15, and it is expected to make its debut for the Luke Combs concert on Sept. 17. https://www.grandforksherald.com/newsmd/alerus-center-announces-the-opening-of-new-peterson-porch-premium-seating-section
  11. Don't know, but they were calling them the Peterson Porch last season.
  12. There are only 40 seats available for the 2022 season and they are $800 apiece for the season. Fan are eligible to purchase sets of 2 or 4 seats and all sales will be determined by the North Dakota Champions Club Priority Point System. All seats are sold as season tickets only. From: tickets@TheRalph.com
  13. During the 2021 UND Football season the Alerus Center showcased a new seating opportunity. Those tickets are NOW ON-SALE! The Peterson Porch is an exclusive section located on the concourse level on the south bridge deck. These seats are often referred to as “the best seats in the house” and now they can be secured for the entire season. The Peterson Porch seating provides: A unique view of the field Counter height stool with a back Drink rail for your food and beverage
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