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  1. Last night I watched both games (gone deer hunting), thanks to the Minot (SiouxFanatic), TY! Watching 2 weekend games after you know the final scores is kind of different, but one might look at all the aspects of the game a little more and replay some. Killing those penalties!!! Those road games I'll call HUGE for our season, and I know it's early; but we played UND OLD TIME hockey. Denver has to be licking their wounds. There were spurts of greatness in the last two years, but things fizzeled out near the end with finishing just under the bubble. This could be a team to watch and enjoy, what a jack rabbit start! Since The Ralph was built we were heavy on the success of the last half of the season. If we can regain that play and continue with what we started this season; the 2 year NCAA's absense will be stopped.
  2. Southern Utah @ UND Nov 23 (Sat) 1:00 PM at Alerus Senior Recognition Day
  3. UNC at UND ATTENDANCE: 7,732 DURATION: 3:19 I was deer hunting all weekend, first game I missed this season. How full were the seson ticket sections? We need a good showing for this last game, pretty low attendance numbers as compared to last few years.
  4. Now I've posted all Div I schools' FB seating charts from the 3 states surrounding ND and ND. Mn of course is the only FBS U. Student Section is the purple behind the right end zone. None of these U's have their student section at midfield like we do. Chaves you have your eyes on?
  5. The student section is always blanked out as is the visiting teams seats, being they are not available for sale to the public. Does not at all mean they are taken.
  6. Already shoveled, we are not going to be 3-8, just under the Bubble, fighting for a playoff spot. If we can get in, we do have a realistic chance of winning a game or two in the playoffs, that would be huge for this FB program. Then, next year, build on that.
  7. Weber State ATTENDANCE last week: 9,622 Game Time: 2:55 That Ticketmaster chart a couple posts back is still pretty close to tickets left for sale for UNC game. Now 3 days to game day, attendance is not looking good.
  8. Jones brought some talented two steppers to the ballroom, wore his Sunday's best while keeping the wax on his sideline shinning, and did take us to the DANCE. In a good way, he will come back to visit some day. Wish you the best JONES.
  9. So with these potential scenarios, we would need to have the NCAA's tournament committee place us in 21st place on their list to make the playoffs? Because the 22nd, 23rd, & 24th place ranked teams would be knocked out by these auto bids?
  10. Thanks for the stream, pretty good picture.
  11. The B1G led attendance over any conference. Their rinks are large. UND led attendance over any team.
  12. Yes I'll take all the B1G teams over all the NCHC teams. Minnesota be better than Duluth, and Wisco be better than Denver, and Mich be better than Clowns, and Mich St. be better than W. Mich and so on. There is at least one team in the B1G for every one NCHC team that would make a better rival for us.
  13. No, I chose Wisconsin over Denver I chose 1 team from B1G for 1 NCHC team to challenge as a better rival for us.
  14. The Wisco games were bloodier. Big physical rivalry. More badger fans show up in GF than any team's fans today. Michigan still won't play us today for how bad they hated us. Nt Dam always drew in GF. Clean rivalry if there could be such a thing. The Spartans would continually complain about our Canadian studs, not fair to go up N and get them, soon Mich joined in. The Goofs (location location location), #1 Rival, brought fans. Large ND alumni contingency in TC. I've posted this in years past. I would take all 7 of B1G hockey teams in a conference over the 7 we have now. NORTH DAKOTA with: Mn over Duluth Wis over Denver Mich over St. Cloud Mich St over W. Mich Nt Dam over Omaha Penn St over CC Ohio St over Miami, Oh Lots of hardware in top 4 teams to left plus NDak.
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