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  1. USA Today, Staying Healthy. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/more-than-1000-in-us-die-in-a-single-day-from-coronavirus-doubling-the-worst-daily-death-toll-of-the-flu/ar-BB122UBy?ocid=spartandhp The U.S. topped 1,000 coronavirus deaths in a single day for the first time Wednesday. This year's flu season has recorded an average of 383 deaths per day, CDC figures show.
  2. Ejected, George Gwozdecky jumps onto the ice and walks across the ice thinking he had to leave going through the penalty box instead of right behind his own bench. Crowd went crazy.
  3. You do understand he accepted an offer from the Flagship!
  4. Sold a rental property today, not a good time to be a landlord with all that's going on. Had sump pump in another property start up an hour ago.
  5. What will most likely be biggest concern in GF, aside from this virus: Water table rising Seepage Sump pump failure Possible sewer backups Storm drains My sump pump started pumping today.
  6. Drove over Kennedy Bridge (Hwy#2) and Point Bridge today, water coming up with lots of ice. Sorlie Bridge (Downtown) is blocked by city from traffic, some sand bags on trucks, maybe going to put The Wall up? Overall should be manageable. Rain already started, turning to 4" to 6" snow next couple days. Could have an impact? Your definitely right with the preoccupied.
  7. Does Social Distancing needs to be in this equation? UM hockey fans has been practicing this for 1/2 a dozen years already.
  8. They'll be coming to the Alerus now.
  9. I went to 4-H with his Grandfather, great family. Welcome Sam.
  10. Well with most things we usually follow Minnesota, except attendance at hockey games. I guess, just have to watch DL youtube fishing vids this summer.
  11. I, I, I am now worried. Will it get that bad here?
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