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  1. That's fine, my daughter was also at the same game, she sent me a couple pictures. She works for Dr. Wynne at the Med School, thinks he's great. Sounds like you had a good time!!!
  2. Three homers for the twins to come from behind with the win, 6-3.
  3. Any pic of the game would be appreciated.
  4. You do have a Pharmacy School and wide spread in the locker room - trusted staff
  5. Beating them in the Pharmacy Bowl at the Manure Pit in 51 days will have to do. Anyone hear when these tickets go on sale, UND AD gets 500 seats as part of the deal, which includes keeping the proceeds.
  6. This would be the entrance to the UND campus as coming from the east down University Ave. Much more an intro to the U than a part of a softball field, very impressive. East of left field is the Human Nutrition Lab. East of home plate is the so called Helicopter Pad Home owned by a friend of mine. Intersection by home plate is University Ave and N 25th St. NE of intersection is University Park North of right field is the East end of Greek Rho. West of right field would be the proposed addition of Greek Housing. SW of center field is the outdoor FB/track field. South of left field is HPC.
  7. One could look at this as Div I hockey is offered at two U's, that one hockey program is done, if not both?
  8. Mary Holz-Clause, Ph.D., began her tenure as chancellor of the University of Minnesota Crookston on June 30, 2017. She is behind this recommendation and is forming the local hockey committee. She would be willing to hire a hockey coach/s this fall, when/if to field a team/s would be on the committee's table. This post is from another SS thread back in May. The Committee recently agreed to hire a coach.
  9. Not Div I hockey at this time. UM Crookston already has club hockey. https://www.facebook.com/umcclubhockey/
  10. This time BB Mama's accusations never got questioned, just publicly denied by Matt your AD. Junior was thrown under the bus and Mama's dirt was swept under the carpet. trusted staff member - wide spread through out the locker room Next time maybe another Junior's Mama doesn't throw the towel in after making such accusations and the coaching staff goes down - athletic department is liable to some degree - and so on???? Keep Cheatin ha? Simple question, does your Mama trust you?
  11. Understand, my question would be did The Ralph make this move on their own? If so, my hats off to them?
  12. Who's to say the athletic department didn't have some input? It's not like The Ralph to remove Sioux Logos without a push?
  13. Crookston is very close to jumping back into college hockey for the 2020-21 season. The plan, schools general fund will pay for hockey the first few years. No fund raising at this point, that will start some time down the road after hockey is officially announced - head coach hiring process will start soon.
  14. Know a few guys that road on top of a couple box cars on the Soo Line from Lankin to Fordville in the 60's.
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