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  1. Arizona St. might be a good fit, they are improving. Michigan my 2nd choice, since Arz. is next door. We need to play these teams in the near future outside a playoff game.
  2. Not so fast lefty, we have a right and tradition to maintain success. Not being foxy, but in a sensible way, we still need to guard the hen house.
  3. They never had half of the fans watching the puck at the same time. Falcons and CC had over 7,000 fans yesterday.
  4. Throw dangerous UND in the group as sharing the same soil, at least at the bottom of the Red River. Five worthy teams, but take heed to the past teammates: Sandelin & Berry.
  5. Or, it's about maintaining championships? Looking ahead, being smart. Costs, coaches salaries, transportation, and etc. do go up. We're still in the Division II era with our student section (now mostly empty) at midfield. The Goofs, Griz, Bobcats, Coyotes, Rabbits, & Bison all slid their students towards the goal posts. Why is this so hard for us to figure out? To a more user friendly way, hockey needs to get this right, no way we should of had all those no butts in the upper seats in the student section this last weekend for best ticket of the season.
  6. Tickets for sale. The first round of the playoffs will be played on March 13-15 in Ralph Engelstad Arena. UND's opponent is yet to be decided. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/4956582-UND-hockey-playoff-tickets-go-on-sale-Tuesday-morning
  7. Al Michaels got the Miracle on Ice assignment because of his hockey experience. One game. https://www.twincities.com/2020/02/16/al-michaels-got-the-miracle-on-ice-assignment-because-of-his-hockey-experience-one-game/
  8. Peter Thome helps keep teammates out of penalty box during UND's sweep of Denver https://www.thedickinsonpress.com/sports/hockey/4957187-Peter-Thome-helps-keep-teammates-out-of-penalty-box-during-UNDs-sweep-of-Denver "I think it's just about wanting to play five-on-five, knowing that's the strength of our team"
  9. Don't know where you are going there, but Mankato has a pretty capable team. Would consider them a close game if played today. Mankato is #3 in USCHO poll. Mankato is #2 in PairWise. PW common opponents is very close, 8-1 verses 8-2.
  10. Our RPI is gaining momentum, the drvier in the PW equation with it's tie breaker clout.
  11. These used to be handing in many businesses around town, in fact some still are.
  12. Duluth has an UND alum leading the way and going for a 3-peat?
  13. Yes, but when they announced it was 2 minutes, there was life.
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