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  1. Western Illinois Leathernecks Macomb, IL established 1899 with presently ~7500 students. Mar 13 (Sat) Noon ESPN3 or ESPN+ / Home of Economy Radio Network Leathernecks FB roster https://goleathernecks.com/sports/football/roster Hanson Field is a 16,368-seat multi-purpose stadium in Macomb, Illinois, which opened in 1950.
  2. 6 of last 8 games with Omaha, last season game. https://indd.adobe.com/view/8753e947-fba1-4ff4-910b-21a26a24dfa0
  3. Great story - thanks for sharing and what you do, many fans love the Sack City sign. TV cameras find a way of giving it's credit due. Thanks again. Hope to C U tailgating in the fall!
  4. Great Thread, on a big game. Many good posts. 36 years and counting for a SD win in GF, that's actually pretty big.
  5. 21 - 10 final Chicken Dinner @homer 24 - 14 Winner Winner by 7 points. Lower score than predictors taught.
  6. This is Siouxperman8 's. Official as it gets, just wasn't at the crime scene. I'll let the author expound?
  7. Enjoy it all today, back to humble tomorrow. Go Hawks!
  8. Hawks 21 - Coyotes 10 3-4-2021 ATTENDANCE: 3491 KICKOFF TIME: 5:05 pm DURATION: 2:50
  9. lost the turnovers 2 - 1 but, still played a good game. Point is we didn't need a turnover advantage to win.
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