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  1. First P debate tomorrow night. By Lowering the Debate Bar for Biden, Has Trump Set a Trap for Himself? WASHINGTON — President Trump has framed the first general election debate as a test for his opponent, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. Yet he has simultaneously set the bar so low for so long that many of his supporters — having watched unflattering, often manipulated clips of Mr. Biden in Trump campaign advertisements or on Fox News — are now expecting the president to mop the floor with an incoherent opponent in something resembling a W.W.E. match. Democrats — and even some Republicans — believe that is not likely to happen.
  2. Wow, October ball is here. Twins and MLB made it through the shortened season.
  3. I hope we don't have an explosion. Talk about being perinoid. I was using a comparison Fauci used, makeing the point we are in the first wave, not that there is going to be an explosion. Seems like you and your & Puttin's buddy want the EXPLOSION. Let her rip, right?
  4. Never said it doesn't affect me, I said don't include me in your we.
  5. Fauci said yesterday we remain in the first wave since cases never declined significantly to a good baseline. 1918 cases broke out in the spring, then literally disappeared in the summer, and then an explosion of cases in the fall
  6. Woodward: Trump rooting for 'quadruple trainwreck on Nov. 3' Journalist Bob Woodward on Thursday said that President Trump declining to engage in a peaceful transition of power if he loses the election would be "putting a dagger in the Constitution," adding that he thinks that the president is "almost wishing for a quadruple trainwreck on Nov. 3" in regards to mail-in voting. © Getty Images Woodward: Trump rooting for 'quadruple trainwreck on Nov. 3' "We have a president who has forsaken his basic duty to protect the country, to tell the truth and organize and plan, have some theory of the case what is he going to do as president," Woodward said in an appearance on MSNBC's "Deadline: White House." https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/woodward-trump-rooting-for-quadruple-trainwreck-on-nov-3/ar-BB19q3Vr?ocid=msedgdhp&fullscreen=true#image=1
  7. Is T doing that too? I know Bloomberg spent some money in Flordia.
  8. Today T said many Seniors on Medicare will soon receive $200 card in the mail for prescription drugs. Sound political with voting already going on? "Nobody's seen this before. These cards are incredible," Trump said
  9. Bingo Also, no home games during the flood.
  10. Donald Trump's election threat is actually worse than it at far appears Add it all up and we have a President who is now on record saying: a) he won't commit to a peaceful transition of power unless b) all mail-in ballots are eliminated because c) that would mean he would win again and d) has repeatedly raised the possibility of staying on beyond even the eight-year term limit on the presidency. Here's the other thing: Trump knows that we can't "get rid of the ballots" (again, we are assuming he meant mail-in ballots). First of all, lots of mail-in ballots have already been cast -- early voting is underway in several states -- and they can't be, uh, un-cast. Second, there are lots and lots of people -- more Democrats than Republicans, if polling is to be believed -- who plan to vote by mail in order to avoid waiting in lines inside polling places amid the still-raging coronavirus pandemic. So, what Trump is doing is creating the perfect excuse to never concede: He is saying that the vote will be fair and he will agree to a peaceful transition of power if there are no mail-in votes. Which he knows literally cannot happen. And so, if he loses, he already has his fallback plan in place: The acceptance of mail-in ballots means the entire election was a hoax and a fraud. And why should he admit he lost an election that was rigged against him? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/donald-trumps-election-threat-is-actually-worse-than-it-at-far-appears/ar-BB19nF6e?ocid=msedgdhp
  11. Trump is refusing to promise a peaceful transfer of power if he loses. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/time-for-democrats-to-call-trump-s-bluff/ar-BB19oEaI?ocid=msedgdhp What makes Trump’s most recent statements so fretful is that as president and leader of his party, he possesses powers he didn’t have in 2016 to dispute the tally. As Barton Gellman reports in a new and frightful Atlantic feature, plans are afoot for Trump to set aside the voting results in six swing states controlled by Republicans, and have their legislatures cast their states’ Electoral College ballots for Trump. “If [Trump] throws the decision to Congress, which he can do almost at will, the law is a labyrinth full of dead ends when it comes to how that’s resolved. Experts tell me that the Electoral Count Act is so garbled and full of logic bombs that it can easily lead to deadlock,” said Gellman in an in-house interview. So nobody should discount Trump’s avowal, especially now that he actually serves as president and seems bent on delegitimizing the election. But you don’t have to be a Trump fan to concede his right to challenge ballot results, especially in a tight state contest. Al Gore’s campaign did that in 2000, protesting “illegal votes” and “legal votes that were improperly rejected” in Florida in a dispute that went to the Supreme Court for resolution, without permanently soiling the fabric of democracy. We should mention, of course, that Gore ultimately conceded defeat after the Supreme Court decision and made no move to enlist a pitchfork brigade in overturning the Supremes. But will Trump follow through on his disturbing threats? Flipping through the news clips of his presidency, one can’t help but notice his penchant for issuing of ground-scorching threats that end in flounder and retreat. He not only loves to bluff, but he loves to bluff big. He made nuclear war noises against North Korea and then cuddled with Kim Jong-un in a pair of summits. He vowed to jail Hillary Clinton but folded. He laid the rhetorical groundwork for invading Venezuela but then backed down. He threatened to close the border with Mexico, demanded that General Motors reopen its Lordstown plant, promised to end birthright citizenship, said he would strip California of federal funds, pledged to adjourn Congress, and bragged of holding “absolute“ power over the states that he would use to reopen them. He even thought he could bluff the pandemic into submission by claiming that it would disappear soon.
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