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  1. hky

    2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Great read - especially the links to all of the different stories out there. Hahahaha
  2. hky

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Maybe this has been posted already, but just read an article on The Athletic about the World Junior Showcase. The writer (Pronman, I think?) has Mismash and Jacob Bernard Docker on his projected rosters for the USA and Canada.
  3. hky


    Not even close.
  4. hky

    Alerus Center Events

    All of the concerts at the NDMOA are enjoyable. Brevet was amazing. Wow.
  5. hky

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    I don't care what they're called, what class they're in, or who gets the credit/blame. Just please, please, please...someone, anyone...someone has got to put the puck in the net.
  6. hky

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Congrats to JBD! Awesome to hear the commentators say such nice things about him, UND, and Brad Berry.
  7. hky

    2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    No, they were in suits.
  8. hky

    former players

    I think he will.
  9. hky

    2018 Season

    "There was more pre-season buzz last year than I have seen in a long time. Time to recapture that." Agree. We bought more season tickets, invited friends out to tailgate, really talked up the team, the program, Bubba, etc. to anyone who would listen. That blow out at USD was bad. Then more injuries and the season was lost. So was that buzz around the community. I think (hope) it'll be back once the team has some success.
  10. hky

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Wow. Great news.
  11. There's a difference between eventually transitioning to a logo and having it shoved down your throat. Is it really that important to have it at center court? Really? A quick google image search turns up many courts with the school name or initial(s) rather than their nickname/logo: Duke, Denver, Minnesota, Michigan, SDSU...
  12. hky

    Things to do in GF

    We went and had a blast. Hairball was awesome. Lots of security and porta potties. Did a nice job on social media of directing people to available parking. I saw 2 food vendors-Rhombus Pizza and Ground Round. Maybe there were more and we just didn't see them. It was very crowded on the block where the stage was set up. There were families and others hanging out in the back where there was more room.
  13. hky

    Saskatchewan Junior Team in Horrible Accident

    Better shot of the Jets game
  14. hky

    Saskatchewan Junior Team in Horrible Accident

    Moment of silence by Jets/Hawks