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  1. Darcy's, the Cay, China Garden, the Hub. Toasted Frog, Blue Moose, Ely's Ivy, Skys
  2. I like Ely's Ivy. I think they tried to be way too cute with their menu when they first opened, but it has gotten a lot better. Appreciate that it changes with availability of fresh ingredients. Have been there for lunch a couple times this summer-good fresh fish specials both times and sat outside on their patio (or is it a park?) next to it.
  3. There's gotta be some info. out there on the assistant coaching hire. Anyone?
  4. This is in jest, right?
  5. I couldn't agree more. I used to cheer for UMD/Sandelin because of his UND connections, but teams are a reflection of their coach, so those days are done.
  6. Yes, it is about Sandelin, and his players' antics, and their media. Anybody but Duluth.
  7. I hate this time of year. Watching Schlossman's twitter and this site for news on Poolman. Really hope he stays. It's easy to lead when things are easy. but I think the leadership group did a great job of keeping the team pulling in the same direction this year.
  8. I'm guessing there were three early departures that weren't planned for: Keaton Thompson, Shane Gersich, and Tyson Jost(1 year early).
  9. hky

    UND Budget Cuts

    Huge loss for the University and community. Awesome family too. (Wife is a physician)
  10. CC is playing really well. But so are we. Get Nick Jones back, I think we'll be in good shape to make a run. Just gotta in somehow!
  11. 16? Would help if Minnesota, Wisconsin and Bemidji win.
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