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  1. There may be other reasons for cancelling the Nashville game, but budget reasons isn't going to be one for UND or Penn State.
  2. Where can I find an updated list of committed recruits?
  3. Story on Stech: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/canucks-stecher-reflects-bumpy-season-uncertain-contract-status/
  4. Thanks for this perspective. When major health providers are losing millions of dollars and laying off people (like Avera), it's easy to forget that the entire country is connected to the same supply chains. By the way, keep posting. I appreciate your view from the front lines, and when your name comes up we know you're doing OK.
  5. Omaha???? Not sure about that coach. Hope it works out for him, liked JT.
  6. August 1 has been the cut off date to start school for a few years now. So some June and many July kids wait.
  7. Yes, Parrot's Cay is doing takeout.
  8. hky

    Hobey Baker

    What is it with Duluth? Four players on the first and second All-American west teams. Four??????
  9. Ok. Have to clarify. What exactly did Berry say about JBD?
  10. The bottleneck happened because the flights from Europe were funnelled into certain airports. Predictable, really.
  11. Correct. The argument against masks is that they wouldn’t protect the wearer from the virus. Which shouldn’t have been the goal. It should’ve been to protect others in the community if all of us were unknowingly carrying it. Now we know and are really behind.
  12. If you have access, read the article in The Athletic about Wisconsin's drafted guys. Pretty telling.
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