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  1. I don't pretend to know all that went into scheduling the second half. But it appears that having any team so reliant on one other team's Covid status was a mistake.
  2. Toews out with illness, won't be starting the season with the BHawks.
  3. Any way to schedule with someone else? Short notice, yes, but there has got to be someone else looking for games.
  4. CC is doing a lot of little things right. Short passes, chipping pucks out, getting pucks deep. Mostly 5 on 5 hockey too.
  5. Tim just said he's in the stands. Hurt.
  6. Kierstad, L and JBD, R Frisch, will have to play L, Rieger, R Moore, L and Bast,R Kietstad JBD and Frisch are going to get a lot of shifts
  7. Stecher is part of this cool trip. https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-players-share-photos-of-pickup-hockey-on-mountain/c-319730372?tid=281396148
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