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  1. hky


    This is tough to watch. Two bad football teams.
  2. hky


    Yep. Not surprised after his antics last week.
  3. Me neither. I'd hate to lose our end seats.
  4. hky

    2019 Attendance

    This topic is moot until the play on the field improves. Yesterday's game was a buzzkill for sure. We are longtime season ticket holders, but I can tell you there is concern in GF that UND football is not turning it around any time soon.
  5. hky

    SH Game Day

    Why can’t we make that adjustment.
  6. Darcy's, the Cay, China Garden, the Hub. Toasted Frog, Blue Moose, Ely's Ivy, Skys
  7. I like Ely's Ivy. I think they tried to be way too cute with their menu when they first opened, but it has gotten a lot better. Appreciate that it changes with availability of fresh ingredients. Have been there for lunch a couple times this summer-good fresh fish specials both times and sat outside on their patio (or is it a park?) next to it.
  8. There's gotta be some info. out there on the assistant coaching hire. Anyone?
  9. This is in jest, right?
  10. I couldn't agree more. I used to cheer for UMD/Sandelin because of his UND connections, but teams are a reflection of their coach, so those days are done.
  11. Yes, it is about Sandelin, and his players' antics, and their media. Anybody but Duluth.
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