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  1. Ok. Have to clarify. What exactly did Berry say about JBD?
  2. The bottleneck happened because the flights from Europe were funnelled into certain airports. Predictable, really.
  3. Correct. The argument against masks is that they wouldn’t protect the wearer from the virus. Which shouldn’t have been the goal. It should’ve been to protect others in the community if all of us were unknowingly carrying it. Now we know and are really behind.
  4. If you have access, read the article in The Athletic about Wisconsin's drafted guys. Pretty telling.
  5. Wisconsin is a mess.
  6. Not a major, but sure liked the embellishment call against WMU last weekend. That's gotta be embarrassing. May be a deterrent to some of the shenanigans you refer to.
  7. He is really fun to watch. Hope we keep him one more year.
  8. This one's easy: 1. Duluth 2. Duluth 3. Duluth
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