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  1. This one's easy: 1. Duluth 2. Duluth 3. Duluth
  2. Yep, best defenseman on the ice tonight was not wearing green.
  3. Shorty on the ice scored on 26, 11, 29, 22 and 2. Bast the only D
  4. Sanderson named MVP of the top prospects game tonight.
  5. Their penalty in OT was suspect too.
  6. I thought they protected him a bit as far as ice time and situations and he still didn't look comfortable. He'll get it back, just might take a couple of games.
  7. Not to be a party pooper, but hard no from me. Been there, done that in Omaha. Let's not do the Goofers any favors. Why give up a home game at the best arena in college hockey to play in a baseball stadium. 15,000 plus will travel to any NHL city/rink. And on New Year's, I hope we are missing guys for World Juniors.
  8. Pinto one of top 3 players for USA
  9. That move and ability to get that shot through is special.
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