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  1. Watching on ESPN2, raining at Weber State.
  2. We ended up in 2nd level - where UND defends twice. 223, I think. Thoughts on those?
  3. Was able to get most, but not all, of the tickets needed for our group. Hoping that not everyone who bought 8 plans on using them all.
  4. Any feedback from those who have bought tickets so far?
  5. Pinto on preliminary US World Juniors roster
  6. I did, and was wondering if there are videos of the hits he's referring to? First 5 was on the Michaud hit. 5 but not a game? Didn't see the second one at all, the 5 and a game. Was Josh Fenton in Kalamazoo this weekend? Anyone who was there want to comment?
  7. Espn3 on midco or streaming only?
  8. Didn't get to watch - anyone have video of the plays called for 5 minute majors?
  9. Yep. Among other ridiculous things.
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