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  1. I really hope all athletes are getting vaccinated at UND. I know plenty of them already had covid, but with new strains, that's no guarantee not to get infected. I'd hate for an outbreak to ruin a season or postseason.
  2. Yes. Any QB has to run at least enough for the defense to think he might.
  3. NCAA made the call on no band, cheerleaders, and I'm assuming mascot.
  4. I think it was for spinning the ball on the ground. ?
  5. Agreed. If freshmen don't play and prospects stack up at the junior level, that has consequences. For the record, Cates is a junior returning for his senior season, similar to what UND's juniors did last year.
  6. There’s gotta be some info out there on the Cruikshank situation. Anyone? Did he go to the portal before the new hire there? Does that enter into things?
  7. What the heck. I would like to think that if we had a losing spring season that we wouldn't just quit. Teams had the option of opting in or out at the beginning. But once they made the commitment to play shouldn't they just play? Or am I missing something.
  8. I like Western's style of play. And Andy Murray.
  9. Is there a team plus Miami that the CCHA could add so we could get Mankato?
  10. What did Michigan's coaches do?
  11. I was wrong about Weatherby and I couldn’t be happier!!!
  12. None of these departures are a surprise including Scheel and Weatherby if he signs with the Sharks. Coaches knew this team was loaded and guys would leave. They know what they have, who’s coming in, and what’s out there. The extra year because of covid changes things a bit but they are always thinking a year or 2 or 3 ahead.
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