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  1. Another reason they have to find a chair for Bubba within the U. That potential scene should be coached down before it ever happens.
  2. The only way Bubba is not a coach next year is if they move him into the U, athletic department offices, or alumni office.
  3. Seemed like a team that couldn't play outside in the wind
  4. Another defensive pass interference on Nicholls
  5. 3:00 PM SAT Partly Cloudy 78° 5% rain 72% humidity SSW 15 mph Artificial turf
  6. Basically a pick it game with UND the visitor, I like what the odds makers are thinking! Shoud be a great day.
  7. Potunly not feeling very good this morning. Motzko has a head ache on top of not feeling good.
  8. You have your wish - sweep in MN, should have all high spirited fans tomorrow for the FB game.
  9. Did not know that there was, how big of a discrepancy? I know they lead the series, but we just tightened it up by two games.
  10. Hire Berry. After all of last nights noise, all we had to do today was win by one. Job well done.
  11. MN timeout. Motzko directing an attach, can we hold them.
  12. Nail bitter the rest of the way, slight change from last night.
  13. NCAA pays for the rooms and flight, just another reason to try and get home games. Luckily the weather didn't factor in, all should be good.
  14. Hopefully landed safe and will be mentally ready to do battle.
  15. This ^ ^ ^ , is a prerequisite to tomorrows game.
  16. The after last night is what makes this a coaches challenge.
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