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  1. Enjoying downtown Smashville. Had some great beef brisket. Back to our rooms, regrouping. Soon heading back out for the night bite!
  2. Last month, I went to a rental place in GF to rent and enclosed trailer for a month - $900. They wouldn't take a check or cash. Had to put it on a credit card or leave with no extra wheels.
  3. UND home team on all three games.
  4. Absolutely, and will be watching the W somewhere. In Lost Wages, they put up a big screen outside in the parking lot where the hockey pregame party was.
  5. Their next will probably be by us showing up at the Dome.
  6. Leaving GF in a few hours. Going to get ahead of this potential rain Thursday Friday Saturdy in (take from @Fader) Smashville.
  7. Smashville = UND knocks down the Penns. I'd be interested since we are not going to the horse barn or whatever that gathering is called.
  8. I hope someone can post a good site to watch the FB game. This game is on my prior to the Hockey Game to do list.
  9. Attendance has not been great for either school this year. Next year you play us at home, so you can count your chickens for that game.
  10. NDSU had just over 15,000 in 3 of their 4 home games this season.
  11. So what you are saying is that if others have a student section, we should reconsider? ??????????
  12. ND at Missouri State Bears Oct 30th 2:00 PM Public university in Springfield, Missouri enrollment of 23,500. Bobby Petrino Head FB Coach 4-3 Plaster Stadium 17,500-seats
  13. It was probably even worse than embarrassing. I used the attendance number from the game stat sheet. Attendance shows tickets sold, not butts in seats. Many empty seats scattered through out the central season tickets holder sections.
  14. Over a couple years, I've sent emails and a letter showing concerns friends and I had of having students sit at mid-field. A few reasons came to mind, but the biggest was; No other Div I football team in the adjacent state area had a student section at mid-field (Montana, Montana St, SD, SDstate, NDSU, & Min). All had them at the 30 yard line and towards the end zone and/or behind the end zone.
  15. The other side of the field didn't look much better. A lot of no shows today.
  16. Takes the Doom & Gloom fan chat away from the Nashville game.
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