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  1. 2020-21 NCAA FCS Championship Quarterfinal - North Dakota vs James Madison FULL GAME
  2. 2020-21 NCAA FCS Championship First Round - Missouri State vs North Dakota FULL GAME
  3. The locals called that part of the roof a helicopter pad!
  4. I've been in the home that was there. I believe the owner donated it to UND. He wanted it to go to UND, but Human Nutrition Lab may have been involved somehow. GF County has Deed holder as: NORTH DAKOTA STATE BOARD OF HIGHER EDUCATION Building was demolished last fall.
  5. Have you seen a full game video of JM game anywhere?
    Be nice to have that on this thread.

  6. And, most of the neighbor trolls are getting the disease. RIVALRY
  7. I like this discussion! The message I'm getting from SS posters; mediocracy isn't in the conversation and the hunger by all to be in the top tier of FCS is here. We need that appetite to spread through out our fan base. The FB team made many improvements from the prior season and hopefully will continue to do the same. We've made it through our first season in the MVFC.
  8. UND at James Madison May 2nd ATTENDANCE: 5,854 Duration 2:55 Temp in 70's clear / wind 5-10 mph
  9. Mid 2nd quarter, Wabbits down by 10
  10. Good call. Very appropriate after reading this weeks posts, a couple times this joint reminded me of Bozovill.
  11. My feet were the first to get cold. Wore gloves and still periodically put my hands inside my coat pockets.
  12. A post like that has to come from a great fan! Also, you drove many miles and Saturday to watch this game - hope you come back again.
  13. I believe the NCAA's rule of 25% ofthe seats is still in place for the 1/4er final round?
  14. 2nd round of NCAA's at James Madison U. DUKES Public research university with over 22,000 students. Harrisonburg, Virginia Bridgeforth Stadium Built in 1975 and had a capacity of approximately 5,200 In 1981 expanded to 12,000 seats 2011, seating capacity raised to 24,877
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