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  1. Been thinking the very same thing, Lost Wages was great.
  2. Wrestling background makes you a better lineman, your hands work smarter!
  3. My grandson said he is going to play football at UND. My granddaughter said she is going to play hockey at UND. I smiled!
  4. Scott Sandelin seems to be making a mark, and he seems like a good dude - UND '86. .
  5. Engelstad Foundation is a big pot, around $800M & growing. That would be the pot she referred to. Maybe she doesn't consider this as giving to UND.
  6. She's generous with the $4M for 2/3 of the scoreboard.
  7. More like: $1 out of each ticket went to support women's hockey. The balance of $49 per ticket and an average of $18 per attendee towards concessions, parking, Badger gear, gaming, etc brought in over $1M that day. $49+$18=$67*15,359 tickets=$1,029,053
  8. I would agree at The Ralph, not winning as much has it's lower fan enthusiasm side effects. Top 5 team should help butts in seats numbers to be close to attendance and keep attendance close to a full house. And, on the flip side, what about butts in seats if we are a top 25 team midway through the season? At the end of the season that would be like 10 spots from making the NCAA tourney cut because of auto bid/s. Reminder: Attendance #'s in box score are tickets sold, butts in seats #'s are tickets scanned at the gate and not generally made public.
  9. Longest game ever at Target Field. Kepler pulled out a 4-3 victory over Boston in 17 innings. In the bottom of the 13th, Kepler tied the game with a home run and then in the 17th he won it with a ground ball down the right field line with bases-loaded.
  10. I'll agree Fridays have been pretty weak at Mariucci. I sit by the press box above the Hawks bench, get a good view of butts in seats; usually less than the attendance numbers. I've posted some game pics of butts in seats here. The Ralph had a lot of no shows itself this year. Mostly in upper sections and then the student section is failing us. Need to move them to a corner instead of the middle of the rink. I dropped some of my season tickets because they were difficult to sell even at reduced prices this last season - when we couldn't make games. Gave away some weekends of tickets.
  11. DATE: 2/9/2019 START: 7:17 pm TIME: 2:28 ATTENDANCE: 15,359 LOCATION: at Madison, Wis. vs. Ohio State OFFICIALS: Referee: Brian Aaron; Linesman: David Marcotte; Linesman: Nicholas Bradshaw; Goal
  12. BTN - Hockey is televised by the B1G, creates revenue for it's members.
  13. I just get the feeling attendance is much better than people on here realize and do understand the difference in tickets sold and how many actually show up at the games. Wisconsin did have 15,000 for a Ohio State game (no pics of that on here). The tickets sold bring in revenue. Now, how about the Double Whammy? The B1G catches some of these fans that bought tickets, didn't show up at the game, and then watched/listened to the games through the various media outlets. These fans paid for the tickets, had no butt in their seat, and then contributed to viewership ratings.
  14. Reading posts on here would would make one think that only parents and siblings show up for games in the B1G. Good to see the Hawks stay on top. All 7 B1G teams in top 11. Take N. Dak. out of there and what do you have? Wisconsin is rebuilding their fan base and could pass us next season in attendance with a few more wins. The B1G does pretty well with attendance and viewership during the season. Any conference would take those numbers.
  15. Ya, need more exclamation points; and doesn't realize we are not in a conference. Do like the enthusiasm though!!!! I'd say this early in the summer he has first place all by himself?
  16. One of the better coaches in college hockey, contract pretty close to Berry's. Good for Sandelin! He's brought the Bulldogs a long ways in his time at Duluth. They'll be a team to reckon with for years to come.
  17. Would be good for SU if they seen some of that down the road? The potential is there.
  18. One of the better posts on here this year!
  19. Being there are the Gophers in Mn, that kind of ruins it for me as for the present. Although, having the Flickertails as our 1st nickname is great. And, having the Sioux as our 2nd nickname is a grand slam. Time will only tell what my grandson may post on here regarding the nicknames, he graduated from kindergarten today?
  20. What a highlight reel today. I'm slowly putting more man hours each week into this effort! Cleveland loses, Twins up by 8 games.
  21. Sure, lower level hockey to start? Crookston dropped hockey a few years ago and had some club hockey since. No sarcasm, this committee is already being formed. Lots to debate in this committee, only thing for sure is to talk about hockey.
  22. Right, we tried, Michigan never wanted to play us. Michigan was upset with Denver, CC, and us when they left the WCHA and never really got over it. Some of it could of been complaints about these 3 schools' rough Canadian hockey players.
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