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  1. Have fun hanging that participation banner buddy. You’re really butt hurt about a lot of things, sad to say that you’re going to stay that way.
  2. Well it’s sad to know that that’s the only way the St. Cloud pansies can win. One day they’re really going to get hurt and no one’s going to feel sorry for them. I’d be embarrassed if my team played that way. You’re just one of those sorry excuse of a fan.
  3. I love the diving your team does to. do they take acting classes?
  4. Minnesota, the State of snowflake hockey. If you’re going to school with a hockey scholarship you have to take an acting class. There’s acting classes high school students can take to to get ready for college
  5. The sad thing about this it’s no longer keep your head up or you’re gonna get smoked now it’s keep your head down so when they hit you lay on the ground act really hurt, hold your head and maybe they’ll get a major
  6. This is the reason why I don’t care for Miss Coach Sandy anymore. The Bulldogs are the gophers of the NCHC
  7. I just watch the highlights and Nick gets hit and sells it well and puts his head on the ice, looks up when they score and put his head back down, I don’t even know what to say about that. I’m getting sick off this shyt. Get hit and lay down like you’re hurt. I almost wish our guys would do that, but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do.
  8. I don’t really care after that crap major
  9. Looks like UND is slowing down a little bit
  10. I think he’s playing a lot better because subconsciously he knows he could get replaced by Scheel with one or two bad games, and same goes for Scheel to Thome. Pretty good for the team to have that problem! GO SIOUX!!!
  11. UMD have basically become the Minnesota of the NCHC
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