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  1. It’s sad because we almost have to see what the other team gets away with before we start pushing
  2. The only problem with playing that way is you tend to get a little to into the game and then you push someone and hurt their feelings and get a penalty for what used to be a hockey play
  3. Shot on net and not in the goalies chest!
  4. Im sure they’re all going to be on their way to Europe eventually
  5. Well Colorado is a blue state. Dont colleges in blue states have a degree in victimhood? :)
  6. i was wondering looking at this picture, is the score board going to obstruct the view for the upper seats, will they be able to see across the ice?
  7. From the way JBD played last year, it’s only going to be 2 more years if we’re lucky.
  8. It’s really fun to watch the Hawkzi crowd project on the Sioux4ever crowd!
  9. I don’t think they picked captains yet because I check this site every day and I haven’t seen anything
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