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  1. You forgot Constantini, or did something happen that I don’t know about
  2. I could see Gaber getting the C for the next 2 season and then Frisch with the A, but if not Gaber definitely Frisch, then Gaber with the C the following season
  3. Didn’t look like the guys skates were in the blue paint on that first goal
  4. The irritating part about it is we know how good they can be if they play well
  5. Agree, Senden is as a solid shutdown energy guy, a must for a 3rd or 4th liner
  6. I don’t see this bracket happening because I don’t think the NCAA wants to take a chance at an all NCHC frozen four
  7. I don’t think either of those will happen, I don’t think they’ll chance an all NCHC frozen four
  8. I want to see this hit, I missed it
  9. That’s what I thought, he didn’t throw it in, just happen to go off his hand
  10. Where’s the team that played Western Michigan last weekend?!?!?
  11. Right now it seems like the Sioux are okay with sharing with Denver
  12. Did anyone catch that Tychonic used to play for North Dakota?
  13. Yea they did, they “missed” a few calls
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