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  1. Why the Senators, I don’t like their colors or the logo
  2. Yes, I would like to see them play Mankato again. When played them last year, Mankato played great and didn’t play that diving shyt
  3. Every time I think of a big hit from Oshie, this is the one I think of. I think my nephew and I were at this game and saw that hit and we were both like HOLY SHYT
  4. SCSU won a national championship?
  5. Was he the one that hit Pinto that didn’t get suspended?
  6. Don’t need to watch that anymore
  7. Didn’t people say that he got suspended a few times for something?
  8. Right?! Four Minnesota Duluth players on the first team? Right, ok!
  9. Guch is not even close to being ready to go yet. It took him three seasons to have a stand out season, he needs at least another one to even be ready for the AHL
  10. I wouldn’t call a certain team proud that likes to dive but that’s just my opinion
  11. We’ll know how in Minnesota fans feel now watching an empty arena.
  12. So who did he pick to finish 6th in the NCHC and who finished 6th in the NCHC? :):):)
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