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  1. It seemed clean to me, I think Gavins head was down
  2. The Sioux sure like hitting the Huskies with the puck :/
  3. Reis Gaber: Let me just stop right here on the doorstep and put this puck in the net lol
  4. I think it’s too close to call, I think it’ll be a no go
  5. I never really expect to much from Mismash to be honest, he’s more of a 4th line checker in my opinion
  6. They keep playing like this, they’re not gonna score any goals
  7. Boys are looking a little slow, 1-0 Denver
  8. The boys look kind of messy right now
  9. JBD. If they both do it then they could’ve just as well left last year I don’t care, screw them both!
  10. Why the Senators, I don’t like their colors or the logo
  11. Yes, I would like to see them play Mankato again. When played them last year, Mankato played great and didn’t play that diving shyt
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